15 Tips to Stay Calm, Confident, and Attractive Under Pressure

Today we will Try to Discuss some Powerful Tips to Stay Calm Under Extreme Pressure. Guys, Do you want to:

  • Stay Confident Under Stress?
  • Make sure that You Stay Confident Under Pressure?
  • Stay Calm under Stress?
  • Look Attractive even in the Most Stressful Situations?

If the answer to the above-mentioned questions is “YES” then you are at the Right Place. First Thing First:

Who can Benefit from this Article?

1: John. He is Under Extreme Pressure these Days. Something Bad has Just happened to Him But he has to live His Life (with that Stressful Incident in his Mind).

2: Ali. My Man is a Very Brave Dude. Ali has just joined this New Office where things are Sort of Difficult for him. Maybe its because he is Just getting Started. He is a very Confident Guy. But Will he Stay Confident Under these Stressful Situations?

3: Ahmed. Everything is New for Him. Basically, He is new in the Town and has to Live All Alone. There are Countless Problems in the List, that He has to Face (Alone).

With that Being Said, Anyone who feels Like he has been Exposed to a Lot of Pressure / Stress recently, can benefit from this Article.

Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure / Stay Confident Under Pressure:

Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure  Stay Confident Under Pressure

Guys! Below is the List of 15 Powerful Tips that are easy to Implement and will definitely Bring Extraordinary Results.

  • Its OK If you Fail (Especially if its the Start)
  • Put Yourself Under Pressure (Willingly)
  • Their Sympathy isn’t Your Win (So Stay Strong)
  • Sit & Stand Openly and Move Freely
  • Note That: You are Going to be Fine Anyways!
  • Being Non-Reactive is Cool
  • Breathe in and Breathe Out
  • Give Yourself a Guideline (Divide and Rule)
  • Change Your Perception (Consider yourself a Video Game Hero)
  • Just Do it. Stop Thinking!
  • Dress Well (and Groom yourself) No Matter What!
  • Become Less Toxic (Stop Playing the Victim Card, Let Things Go, Stop Creating the Drama)
  • Relax and Take Your Time (Don’t Make Quick Decisions)
  • Ask for Help (It’s always a Good Idea)
  • Some Body language Hacks to Stay Confident and Calm Under Pressure / Stress

Now Let’s Get into each one of these Tips in detail. Gentlemen, Under the title, “15 Tips to Stay Calm, Confident, and Attractive Under Pressure”. So without any further Ado, let’s Get Straight into it.

1: Its OK If You Fail (Especially in the Start)

Look, I don’t want to Make this a Motivational Article But Guys, it is what it is. You need to Understand that No matter How Strong you can Be, You just can’t utilize your Full potential from the Very Beginning!

Let’s Say You’ve Just been exposed to the Tough times. Maybe Someone very Dear to You has Left you.

And You, My Friend, are Trying your best to Fight this Situation. You have been Trying to Fake Happiness and What Not.

But You Fail. I Know that You find it very hard to pretend to be happy when you are Actually Not. Your Calmness and Confidence is shaking Up under this Extreme Pressure.

But You were Supposed to Stay Strong. Right? Well, Yes. But Guess what? You need to let yourself cry it out or Get Weak, in order to gain Your Strength back later.

Understand that, Your Brain (and Body) needs time to adapt to a Certain Pressure Situation. Forcing it too much to Stay NORMAL (Confident and Calm) is only going to make things worse.

Instead, I would recommend you to Let it Go. Do you want to Cry? Cry it out. Think whatever your Brain wants you to think. Stopping and resisting is only Going to make things difficult for you.

2: Test Drive Will Help (Practice Under Pressure)

Test Drive Will Help (Practice Under Pressure)

Next Up in the List of Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure / Stay Confident Under Pressure (Look Attractive Under Pressure) is “Test Driving”

What If you haven’t Been Through the Extreme Tough times Before? I mean, You see it Coming. Maybe, It’s the event that You have to Attend as a Public Speaker (in front of a Crowd of 2000 People).

Look, it could be anything. I know that you fadeOut just when you even think of that Time. But You need to Relax.

And Now Let’s Make a Plan

  • You need to Make a Dummy Setup
  • And then Practice (Under Similar Pressure Situation)

It Could be Anything. You might want to search YouTube for Practices. And I am not talking about Practicing in front of the Mirror and Stuff Like that. You need to be a Little More real in order to handle the Extreme Stress / Pressure that you will have to face on that Day.

So Try Doing (Similar) Challenging Stuff. Going out of Your Comfort Zone is another Keyword here, that You should be focusing on.

The Key to Normalising even the Most Stressful Situations is “Practice”. You need to practice (Under Pressure) Enough So that the Subjective Act feels just like You Walking or Talking.

What Happens is that When we think about Something way too much, our chances of Doing that thing (Right Way) Decreases. And Our chances of Making mistakes Increase.

But On the Other Hand, if you practice enough (Under a Similar Stress Environment), the thing becomes easy for you. And you will Start Doing it almost unconsciously (Just Like Walking or Talking).

3: Understand that their Sympathy isn’t YOUR Win

Next Up in the List of Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure / Stay Confident Under Pressure (Look Attractive Under Pressure) is “Surrendering (In the HOPE for Winning)”

Let’s Say, you are negotiating with someone. Maybe its Your Boss who you are negotiating with, to get a Raise.

Or maybe it’s a friend of yours who you are Negotiating with, for any particular reason. Alright, But Let me tell you something that will help you to Stay Confident Under Pressure. THEY DO NOT CARE!

Guys! Everybody is there for their own benefit. Considering that You Bowing in front of them or You Crying or Being Weak equals you Winning, is Wrong.

I mean, Negotiation sees No Emotions.

Let’s Say …

You want to Sell your Ring Light. And for that purpose you’ve visited the Nearby Electronic Plaza.

You Started Negotiating (Like an Amateur). But He seems like winning the Argument (Obviously). You’ve already sensed your Loss. And Not to mention, you can’t handle all that pressure.

So You Gave Up. You Started Requesting him and Stuff Like that. But He seems Stiff as If he is heartless. Now, If I ask my heart then Definitely he is Doing a Cruel Thing.

But It is what it is. You need to Stay Confident (and Calm) under Pressure if you really want to Win the Argument or Negotiation.

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You’ve already lost this one. But I want you to take this one thing away from this Incident. Its all about Learning Tricks to Win the Game.

Being Weak and Showing Emotions is Not going to help you everywhere. Instead, Staying Calm, being Confident and Stating facts is what’s Going to help you bring the Trophy home (All the time)

4: Sit & Stand Openly and Move Freely

Sit & Stand Openly and Move Freely

Next Up in the List of Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure / Stay Confident Under Pressure (Look Attractive Under Pressure) is “Sit, Stand and Move Freely”.

Your Body Reflects what you are feeling from inside. Usually, When a Person is Stressed, He tries to Sit Closely, Stays at Home, Walks Slowly, or Fast (Fight and Flight Reaction). His Walking Style Clearly Shows that He is Stressed.

But What If I told you that In order to look Attractive Under pressure and Kind of Feel Confident From inside even in the Most Stressful Situation, All you need to do is to “Sit, Stand and Move Openly”.

Its Kinda Weird but it works. Your Body language and Posture have a Clear Effect on your State of Mind. Moving Freely and Sitting Openly (Standing with a Little Extra Distance between your Legs) is Going to let others Know that You are One CONFIDENT Manly MAN!

You will Immediately Start Seeing a change in their Expression. And this Body language will also calm your brain down. So Yeah, Next time When you are Feeling Super Stressed, Do the opposite of what your brain wants you to do (Sit, Stand and Move Freely). It Really Helps!

5: “You are Going to be Fine Both Ways”

Why Do we actually Feel Stressed? Gentlemen! Have you ever thought Why do some people Take Stress / Pressure Seriously, While others Stay Calm?

Its not that Former Group isn’t Feeling that Pressure, It’s just that They Have Let themselves Go.

They Have already prepared themselves for both the Situations. There could be 2 possibilities actually:

  • They are Prepared AF
  • They are ready for whatever is about to Happen

First One requires Practice but at the end of the Day, We all must be able to keep the second one in our Inventory. Why?

You never know what time has stored for you. Maybe something better is about to happen to you and in order for that to happen, something that You already had, Needed to go.

For Example

Alisha Left you. And you are super heartbroken at the Moment. These are very Stressful days and You want to Stay Confident (But it is so freaking Hard). How to get yourself out of this Situation?

Say to yourself: "I am Ok without her"

Alisha has Left you because She was not good Enough. Amna is On her way to Fill up the Space that Alisha has left. And I Swear She is 100 times better than Alisha.

All you want to do is to Be Prepared for all the Possible Outcomes. That will help you Focus on the Goal and not on the Problem. Which then increases the chances of you Not Losing. So its Kinda interlinked in a Certain Way.

If you have to Do Something in order to Win the Chance to Marry Alisha. First of All, Say to yourself that, “It’s Ok If I Fail. This isn’t the end of the World”.

And then Focus on what you want to Do to Win her Over. This is a Powerful way to Focus on what is needed to be done, instead of wasting your time thinking about negative outcomes.

6: Try to Stay Non-Reactive (Warning: Attractiveness Alert)

Try to Stay Non-Reactive (Warning Attractiveness Alert)

Next Up in the List of Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure / Stay Confident Under Pressure (Look Attractive Under Pressure) is “Try to Stay Non-Reactive”.

It’s Not Basically a Tip. Call it a Suggestion or Whatever But it is definitely Going to change your Life (for Good).

Let’s Say you have somehow Trapped yourself in a Very Worse Situation. This is the Kind of Situation in which most Men Would Start Crying and Give Up. But You, My Friend, need to Do something else.

You want to Stay Calm and Confident. But Why? I mean, I know that it is super hard to do But Why Staying Confident under Pressure is a Good Idea?

  • Staying Non-reactive Helps you Be the Mystery
  • They Won’t Know How you are feeling from inside
  • Which will shake them from inside
  • And You Now have time to Think about the SOLUTION rather than sitting and Crying over Things

And thats exactly what I want you to Do. Stay Non-reactive. I know that it is painful But at the end of the Day, if you stayed Non-reactive, Kept Smiling, and Tackled the Situation like a BOSS then you will come out of all of this, being an ALPHA (Super Attractive, Confident and Calm).

7: Breathe in – Breathe Out

And Now Let’s Talk About one of the Most Important (Immediate) Ways to Increase your Calmness level.

So you are Under Pressure. Things aren’t Going the way you wanted them to Go. And I am sure you are Looking for Ways to Stay Confident, Calm, and Attractive Under Pressure / Stress. I respect & Understand your Feelings.

And for that reason, I’ve done My research. There is this simple 2 Minute Technique that can Reset your Brain (and help release most of your Stress).

2 Minute Technique to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Below are the Steps Involved:

  • Make sure you are Sitting in a Comfortable State
  • Now Use your Nose to Breathe in. Take in as much air as you can up till 5 Seconds
  • Now Let it Stay there for about 2 Seconds.
  • Slowly Exhale the Air from your Nose. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Take it Out Slow in 5 Seconds.

Repeat the Above mentioned steps for about 5-6 times. And that’s it.

When we are Stressed / Under Pressure, Our brain gives us Signals to Start Breathing Faster. This not only Makes us Look Bad But also keeps our Brain from Focusing on the SOLUTION.

Using the above given 2 Minutes Technique quickly resets your State of Mind. Which then lets you Think Better and Feel More Relaxed.

8: Give Yourself a Guideline (Divide and Rule)

Give Yourself a Guideline (Divide and Rule)

Next Up in the List of Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure / Stay Confident Under Pressure (Look Attractive Under Pressure) is “Divide and Rule”.

I am sure you have heard about “Divide and Rule Before” as well. So what is it?

It’s Basically, Dividing Forces or Any particular Big Problem into Smaller (MUCH easier) Parts. And then Focusing on each of these Parts, and Slowly Conquering the Entire Problem.

Nah! This is a Gold, My Friend. This single Technique can Help you get on top of the World (If you want). But for the sake of this Article, let’s Stick to “Staying Confident / Calm under Pressure” only.

So Let’s say you’ve been given this Very difficult Assignment. Or You have to Present this Topic in front of the Class in just 2 Days. You know nothing about the Topic and It feels like someone has Thrown a Pile of Load on your Shoulders. Its a Lot of Pressure for a Guy, Like You.

First of All, Relax. Remember, It’s going to be Alright. But How? Let’s Divide your Problem into different (Easier) parts:

Dividing the Problem

  • Research about the Most Difficult Topic First.
  • Now Cover all the Smaller, easier Topics.
  • Do Take a Break in between and do whatever you want to do in those Breaks.
  • Now Make the Slides. Wait? You don’t want to Do it Now? It’s Ok. But Please Complete the Research Work by tonight.
  • Its the Next day. Complete the Slides today.

And thats How to Do a Big, Difficult Task by dividing it into smaller proportions. And the same is the case with any particular thing.

You can divide your Big Problem into as many parts as you want (Until each one of those become easy for you). But Do Not Make so many parts as this Might Make you Procrastinate. Or Frustrate you by looking at so many Mini-portions of One Big task.

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9: Change your Perception about Yourself (Favorite✨)

Next Up in the List of Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure / Stay Confident Under Pressure (Look Attractive Under Pressure) is “Be the HERO”.

And this one has to be My Favourite. Guys! I am sure you are Under a Lot of Pressure. It is hard for you to Look Confident (Attractive) and Calm. But is there anything that can you can do to get out of this situation like a Boss?

You NEED to think of yourself as a Boss in order to tackle situations like a Boss. Makes Sense?


Who is your Favourite Super Hero? Or Which Player in any Video Game is your Ideal? Is their any Player who you consider super attractive and Brave?

Have you Noticed How hard it is for that Character to Face all those Problems? Sure it is super hard. And Do you notice those Small details in which your favorite character smiles EVEN in the toughest Times?

He is Loved by you and Millions of others just because of this ability. Its because they never give up. Its because they Know How to Look Attractive, Confident, and Calm under Extreme Pressure.

Now ask yourself. Do you have what it takes to become Like your Favourite Super Hero? Trust me It takes nothing More than Honesty, Kindness, and Consistence to the Level of Extreme to become whoever you want to Become.

10: Just Do It!

Just Do It!

Point Number 8 is Very Important.

However, I for a Fact Know that Some of you Have this Habit of Spending More time in thinking rather than Actually Doing the Thing.

Its the Reason Motivational Videos are VIEWED the Most but Still very Less amount of People are actually motivated enough to achieve their Goal.

People want to make plans, see other people’s results and Feel Sorry about themselves. Where in reality Things would have been much easier if you Just Skipped Everything and get Straight into it.

It has happened countless of times When I thought that this Particular Thing is very hard and I must Divide it into many pieces, pick one piece at a Time and take it this way.

But that thinking Process was the only fun part. I procrastinated every time I wanted to actually get into it. The Pressure and Stress used to Hit me whenever I wanted to Move towards the Solution. The research part was Cool but the action part was VERY DIFFICULT.

How to Solve this Problem?

It’s Very Simple. All you need to do is to stop thinking about How Big or Small the Problem is. And How should you Solve it?

And Just Do it. Gentlemen! Just get straight into it. No Ifs and Buts. It’s you and the Problem. Stay Confident, Believe in yourself, and Ride it Like a Master Polo Player and Come out victorious. I will doe the Preparations for the Party until then.

11: Dress Better and Groom Yourself

Next Up in the List of Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure / Stay Confident Under Pressure (Look Attractive Under Pressure) is “Dress Well and Take Care of Yourself”.

You, my friend, are too Gorgeous. All you need to do is to Remove that Dust off of yourself. I know that this article is Not About:

However, You need to Understand that Looking Good and Feeling Good has a Deep relationship with each other. You can’t Look Good if you are Not Feeling Alright and You Just can’t Feel Bad When you are Looking too Good to be True.

Both are Interlinked. All you need to Do is to Dress Like a Boss, Groom yourself, Take care of your beard, Hair, and Skin. Doing that Will bring you More compliments, Make you More Like-able, Bring in More External Help, and many other benefits.

And all of these things are definitely Going to Help you in your Mission of Staying Confident / Calm Under Pressure. You Don’t Trust me? Alright. Do it for yourself. And Do let me know about the results over at my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi).

12: Become Less Toxic

Become Less Toxic

Toxicity isn’t Cool. And guess what? Being Toxic is going to prevent you from Staying Strong, Confident, and Calm under Pressure. How? Below are Some of the Traits of Toxic People:

So Guys, What Do you think about a person who has the Above Mentioned Traits? Let’s Say He gets Stuck in a High-Pressure Situation. Do you want to know what’s the First thing that He will do?

Create a Drama Out of it. He will make it 10 times bigger!

And then you will See Him Complaining and Blaming others for what’s Going on with him. And trust me, Blaming others is the Number #1 Way of Wasting time. Instead, One should take responsibility and Look for means to Get to the Solution.

If you have these Traits then Guys, I want you to Skip these Because these are Going to take you Nowhere. Hah! You want to Look Attractive, Confident, and Calm, Under Pressure? Hah, You can’t Do that. It’s Because of these Negative and Toxic Traits.

Plus these traits will repel people so you will be left alone. Which means that External help is canceled for you. You will eventually see yourself getting more deep into the Problem and the Only thing that will come to you will be even worse.

13: Take Your Time

Bringing me Back to the Point Number 1.

You need to Realize that You are Not the Most Perfect Being even after several successful missions.

Let’s say you have Succeeded in Staying Confident under a Lot of Extreme Pressure Situation. Kudos to You But that does not mean that You will be Successful in the Next one as well. You never know when Failure is waiting for you.

And that’s the reason Why I listed Point Number 5 in this List.

But Let me tell you Something that Will reduce your Chances of Failure Drastically. What Happens is that We Start Dividing and Ruling too quickly.

However, What I Recommend you Guys is to Wait. Relax. Give your brain enough time to be Free and think about the Matter in a relaxed state.

You can’t force your brain to give you perfect solutions in the Most Extreme situation. Yes, it is possible to do but that requires a Lot of Practice. What you usually see are the results, what you don’t see is the months and Years of Practice behind it.

I know that this formula can’t be used when you have to give your presentation a day after tomorrow. But Skip this One. Take your Time and Throw yourself under Test Pressure Situations (Point Number 2).

And with the passage of time, your brain’s Ease Time will reduce and You will be able to calm your Brain down and come up with a perfect solution for the given Problem!

14: Ask for HELP

Ask for HELP

Next Up in the List of Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure / Stay Confident Under Pressure (Look Attractive Under Pressure) is “Ask for HELP”.

Sometimes You make Huge Stories in your Head out of Nowhere. Trust me, the matter isn’t as big as you have made it. In Point number 13, I Told you to Let your Brain Think in a Relaxed State.

I recommend you to Take help from a Fellow Brain. You can ask your Best Friend or maybe some Guy who is always Hardcore and Stays Confident in almost all sorts of Situations. He can definitely give you some GOD-tier Advises.

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15: Some Body Language Hacks to Stay Confident / Calm Under Pressure

Last But Not the Least, Probably One of the Most Important Hacks / Tip to Stay Attractive, Confident, and Calm under Extreme Pressure, is to Use your Body Language.

Gentlemen! Your Second language, your Body language, Speaks much louder than your words. And Just Like you Dressing Up Good, there are Some Specific Body language Hints that can Project Confidence, Making you Feel Confident Inside out. Below is what you need to do:

Body Language Hacks:

  • Maintain Eye Contain. If you are Constantly Breaking the eye contact it can possibly mean that You are Hiding something. And we don’t want to Give off that Message.
  • Sit Openly. Just as I talked about Before as well. You want to Spread out a Little Bit. It’s Ok if your Hands and Legs are occupying some space. Throw your Leg up if you want to. It’s Completely Alright (Do it all but don’t overdo. Modesty must be there in each of your moves)
  • Your Steps Should not be Too Distant or Too Near. Walk-in a Medium Pace, Not too slow, not too fast. Again, Romance with the Floor (Slow But not too slow).
  • Shake Hands Like a Man. Do Not Just go in there and say, “Hey Ali”, Followed By a Feminine Hand Shake. Guys! You want to Shake His hands in such a way that it gives off the Vibe that You are the Real BOSS in the Room. The grip should be a Bit Tighter, so should your hold as well.

And with that Being Said, I want to conclude the Article. So what are your Thoughts about today’s topic? Should I write about More such topics? Do send off your suggestions and Recommendations over at my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi). And I will see you Guys in another one,


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