15 Weird Things Guys do that Make them Look Creepy!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about some of the ugly habits/things guys do that make them look Creepy! These are the things that you do unknowingly but they are ruining your image, making you look like a creep!

But before going into that, I want you to check out this article that I had written not long ago. It was all about the Guys’ Habits that Girls Find EXTREMELY Annoying in 2021!

Alright… So we are talking about creepy things. Right? What according to you is creepy?

  • Things that make you look weird
  • Looking different from Normal people.
  • Doing stuff that differentiates you from the Good (sensible and likable) people.
  • things that make you look like a pervert.

With that being said, Have you ever observed someone around you doing such things? Chances are that you’ve been around people who have weird hobbies, people who do very odd stuff that might creep anyone out… We are going to talk about such men, in today’s article.

Obviously, this is bad. You should never idealize a person who is creepy because by doing that you are taking your attractiveness and pushing it down by 5 points. I can’t see that happening to you.

I can’t see you being labeled as a “Creep”, and for that reason I want you to pay close attention to the list of weird things guys do that make them look like a creep.

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into it. Shall we?

Weird Things Guys do that Make them Look Creepy!

  • Holding a smile way too long.
  • Laughing at things that aren’t funny.
  • Standing way too close to people.
  • Overreacting.
  • Doing “this” in pictures.
  • Staying Serious almost all the time.
  • Complementing somebody each and every day.
  • Telling people facts about them.
  • “Delete for Everyone”.
  • Not taking care of yourself.
  • Talking Big stuff (Lying).
  • Weird Hobbies.
  • Asking Person & Weird Questions from people who you’ve just met.
  • Giving Advice to People (all the time).
  • Following a specific genre only.

That’s it. This in front of you is the list of weird things guys do that make them look like a creep. Yeah, this list can be labeled as “Characteristics of a Creepy Person” too, so yeah, without any further ado, let’s hop straight into each one of these habits/characteristics, to discuss them in detail. Shall we?

1: Holding a smile way too long

First one in the list is “Holding a smile way too long”.

This is one of the most creepiest thing a person can ever do!

Imagine standing next to a person who is smiling while looking at you. Well, that sounds ok. It is a friendly gesture, showing that this person is easygoing. Cool.

But why is this person continuously smiling and most importantly why isn’t he going back to the normal mode? What is the normal mode? Relaxed mode is what I am talking about gentlemen. This person is continuously smiling while looking at you… He has been holding the smile way too long!

And that’s very creepy.

Isn’t it?

Guys! chances are that this person is thinking about something that is making him smile, maybe it is something related to his own self. But at the end of the day, one should never hold a smile way too long while looking at somebody because it is definitely one of the things that make you look very creepy. This is definitely going to make people uncomfortable and they will maintain a distance of at least 3 miles from you.

2: Laughing at things that aren’t funny.

Ok, so the next one in the list of things guys do that make them look creepy/habits that make you look like a creep is, “laughing at things that aren’t funny”.

Ah. We all know that person who laughs at things that aren’t that funny. Chances are that this dude is laughing because his professor has cracked this not-so-funny joke and he just wants to impress the professor, and for that person, he is laughing.

In that case, it makes sense.

But if you are somebody who laughs at jokes for way too long, or if you laugh at jokes or at the occasions where almost nobody laughs, then chances are that there is something suspiciously different about you.

It shows that you have something going on in your head and most people believe that this “something” isn’t good. You, laughing at unfunny jokes while trying to impress somebody (maybe this girl that you really like), makes sense. But you, doing for no apparent reason, makes you look like a creep.

3: Standing way too close to people.

Guys! This one is creepy, weird, and awkward, all at the same time.

Imagine standing next to a person who stands way close to people. You are able to see all his skincare mistakes and the mistakes that this guy makes when it comes to hair care.

And this has been made possible by this dude’s habit to stand very close to people.

Ahh, come on my man. I recommend each and every one of you never stand too close to people because it makes you look like a creep, a weirdo. Standing too close to people can also be labeled as disrespect to someone’s private space. And you should never invade someone’s personal space.

Alright, now I am not saying that standing way close to people means that you have something wrong going on inside your head. Chances are that you have developed this habit and now you are just following it unknowingly.

But at the end of the day, what’s weird is weird. You can’t the nature of the action by saying that “I do it unknowingly”. Guys! You need to fix this habit of yours. Standing way close to people is something that is going to push people away from you. They will start to think negative things about you.

And that, I can see happening. I can’t see you being labeled as a weirdo or a freak. Because of that, I recommend you to control yourself and please learn to respect their personal space.

4: Overreacting/Being emotional (way too much)

Overreacting/Being emotional (way too much)

So the next thing that I want to talk about under the title of “Weird things guys do that make them look creepy” is “Overreacting and being emotional”.

Yes, I am talking about Bilal. You guys have seen him overreacting all the time. That day when this dude accidentally touched him, Bilal started shouting at him. The anger in his eyes was terrifying and do you want to know what was more terrifying than him shouting at that guy? It was this reaction of Bilal.

Why did he do that? Chances are that he has something going on inside his head… That’s creepy. Isn’t it? Bilal seems to do this all the time. He exaggerates almost everything, anger, sadness, etc. All his emotions are exaggerated and the same goes for his reactions as well.

This habit of Bilal makes him look very creepy and a freak as well.

Let’s talk about being overly emotional now. Shall we? Let’s take the example of Josh here. He is a nice guy but there is this one thing about him that I believe is very creepy.

He gets emotional way too quickly. You are going to see him going from 🙂 to 🙁 real quick. And his reasons will make you think about his whole thing deeply. Yeah, his reasons make no sense… And sometimes he seems to exaggerate the issue way too much to kinda seek attention and make a big deal out of it.

That’s creepy too. It shows that you have a goal in your mind that you are planning to achieve by pretending to be “sad” or “helpless”.

5: Doing “this” in pictures.

What is “this”?

Forget about that. Just show me the pictures that you love to post….

*Checks your gallery and finds out the following pictures in there*

  • Shirtless photos/Progress & transformation pics (they are already posted on your profile).
  • You doing weird poses, touching your face, biting your lips, closing your eyes, and looking up weirdly.

*throws your phone away*.

Just stop it! I mean, ok, I get it. I know that you want to show people the progress, and I am super sure that you pretty self-aware and you love to take care of yourself as well. All of these things are great but what If I told you that you posting shirtless pictures makes you look like a creep?

In my opinion, it’s way better to wear a damn good outfit and post a picture while wearing that, instead of just posting a picture of yourself while wearing nothing on your upper body.

What about the weird poses?

It was super uncomfortable for me to see all those photos of yours. What were you thinking when you said yes to lifting your hand and putting it right below your lips, and then saying your photographer to click a picture?

The same goes for that “Biting the lips” pose and all the other weird poses that I don’t know from where you learned and now you are trying it for yourself… Guys! You don’t need to replicate every other pose that you see on the internet.

All such poses make you look like a creep.

Here comes a question. “How can a person look good in the photos?”… I know that you are thinking about that. Don’t you? Don’t worry boys because your boy has got covered!

Following are a few tips that are going to help you in your goal to look good in photos.

1: Identify your angles

1: Alright, So First Thing First. Let’s Say Today is Monday and Your goal today is to Identify your Angles. Make sure that You are Dressed Up Nice. Put on Some Basic Nice Fitted Clothes that You believe Look Great on You. Thats it.

2: Stand in Front of a Clear Mirror. You can also take help from a Friend of Yours for this Part. All he has to do is to take photos of yours continuously. Your Job here is to keep changing the Profiles and Directions. Look Left, then Right, Face the Sky, Look Downwards, Smile, Lift your Leg Up in a Photo, Smile a Little more, Maybe Look towards the Left a Little More, Turn your Body in the Left direction as well. Do whatever comes to your mind and make sure that your Friend is capturing every single moment.

3: Now that You have enough Data of yours. Greet your Friend. Maybe offer him a Cup of Tea or Coffee. Have Fun together.

4: Assuming that he is gone, Your Job Now is to take Notes. Look at all the Photos and Create Notes on your Phone. You can favorite those Photos as well. Photos that made you look good as compared to the rest of the Photos. These are your Angles. Congratulations!

2: Look for the Poses

1: It’s Monday. Don’t worry, it’s the same day. You’ve already Gathered your Angles. Now What? It’s Time to Charge your Cell Phone or Laptop, whatever it is that you are most comfortable working on.

2: Now Open Instagram and Search using terms Like #Malemodels, #InstaFashion, #MaleFashion. You are gonna find a Lot of Male Models. Filter the Top Ones who you think are Doing Great in terms of Poses. Do Not Mark those who have Just the same Pose Portrait Shots.

3: Check their Profiles and Take Screenshots of All the Different Poses that Look Aesthetically Pleasing. My Suggestion would be Not filtered at this Stage. Just take Screenshots of As many Different Poses as you can. You are gonna need them all Later.

4: Open Your Notes App Again. Insert all of the Poses Pictures in the Notes and give it the title, “Poses for My Shoot”.

But again, as we discussed earlier as well, you don’t have to choose the weird lip biting and other similar poses. Go for the ones that enhance your manliness (more on that in some other article) and not the ones that make you look like a creep or a weirdo.

Thats it. Congratulations! You Now Have a List of Poses that You can use in your Future Shoots. No, You are never gonna run out of the Poses ever again. Enjoy.

3: Try Taking Lifestyle/Candid Photos

1: Setup is Probably the Most Important Point Here. Create an Idea and Write it Down somewhere. Maybe you want to Create a Kitchen Setting or a Sports Match setting or whatever.

2: Get your Props Ready. Grab something in your Hand that Shows you Being involved in that particular lifestyle activity. It could be a Basketball bat or a Frying Pan. It all depends on the Settings.

3: Try to Get into that Activity, whatever it is. Try to add as many elements as you can to make it Look Real.

4: Capture a Lot of Photos. And Try to incorporate your Signature Angles and Poses in it. You can also try doing something entirely Different and that May also get you some unexpected yet great Photos. Do Not Hesitate to trying New things.

4: Do not Over-Edit!

I Myself Have have tried a Lot of Editing Apps. And When I am Not Satisfied with 1 Editing App, I use 2 of them at the same time. Editing a Photo in One App and then Finalising using another App. And in rare cases, there is a Third App as well that I used for editing (Instagram’s In-Built Editor).

So What’s the Point About Editing Then? How Much is considered as Too Much? Ok, Keep in mind that Editing is Done to Enhance your Photos. Or to Clear Up any Colour related Error. Sometimes to remove Acne or any apparent Imperfection. But You should Never use your Editing App to change your Appearance as in Whole.

You might have seen those Photoshop Guys who add Shining in their Photos. And then comes that Guy who brightens his Photos or Tans it to the Stage that It starts Looking Fake. At the end of the Day it All comes to the Aesthetic Sense and knowing when to Stop.

It’s not just about Changing the Colours or making Little changes. Chances are that you are perfecting your imperfections (Acne, Dark Spots, etc) to the level that it has started Looking Fake.

Remember Guys, Editing is very important and I recommend You All to Never Post a Picture without editing it. You’ve done your homework well. Background? All Set! Angle? Perfect! Pose? Like a Pro! Then Why Not Editing? Just don’t Overdo it and the rest is all Fine.

5: Lighting Plays a very important role

What Do you think about the Lighting? Is it Just a Tool to Brighten your Photo or Maybe reduce the Light in the Frame? No. There is a lot more to it and that’s exactly what I want you to Focus on.

Look for the Photos that You saved earlier, Male Models Posing. Look for the Comments of People saying, “This is So Aesthetically pleasing”. What do you think, What are the elements that Make a Photo aesthetically Pleasing?

Is it the Object?, Camera Angle?, Background Settings?, Or Lighting? It’s all of these things combined that make a Photo Aesthetically Pleasing. So Yeah, While Editing, Do Not just focus on brightening a Photo or Increasing the Contract + Lowering the Highlights. Focus on the end goal.

And for that, You got to have a clear Perspective on What You are planning to Do. Understand the Perfect Lighting Situations for the Kind of Shot that you are Planning to Get. What works well with a Kitchen Setting is entirely different from What lighting conditions you need for an Outdoor Shoot.

Understand that Warm light is a thing and so Does the Cold Light. Play with the Temperature and Get Sun to Stay on your Back in some of your Photos to create a Flare. Thats How You end up getting Aesthetically Pleasing Photos. And that My Friend is How Guys Look good in Photos!

For 10 more tips on how to look good in photos 2021, checkout: 15 Tips for Guys to Look Good in Photos in 2021 (Be More Photogenic).

6: Staying Serious almost all the time.

This is something that makes you look super creepy.

Alright, Imagine being around a person who stays super serious all the time. What are you going to think about him?

Following are a few option:

  • There is something very serious or sad going on in this person’s life.
  • He has some attitude or mental issues.
  • This guy is indifferent, a serial killer, or a freak/creepy.

I am sorry I exaggerated the last point but trust me boys, freak and creepy somehow mean serial killer as well. The vibes are almost the same.

Look, I understand that you’ve been told to stay serious for most of the time because laughing for no reason takes away the charm and sexiness yours but at the end of the day, you need to appreciate the power of smiling and how just by smiling and staying friends, you can make a lot of new friends.

On the flip side if you stay serious and keep just emotion on your face (serious-ness) then you are going to end up being labeled as a “Creep” or a “Freak”.

7: Complementing somebody each and every day.

Complementing somebody each and every day.

The next thing in the list of weird things guys do that make them look creepy/habits that make you look like a creep is to complement somebody each and every day.

You should definitely not be doing this.

Nah Nah.. Don’t try to justice this act of yours. I mean, seriously? Like, why would you do that? Why would you complement somebody each and every day over the same, in fact over different things?

This shows that you are super desperate! So let’s say you have been told to compliment people because it makes them feel good about themselves.

Due to that, you’ve started complimenting people left and right. That’s perfect (I guess). But complementing the same person every single day is something that only a “CREEP” can do.

No normal human being would be willing to do such thing, no matter what.

8: Telling people facts about them.

Are you somebody who check’s a person’s social profiles out and then lets them know about the details that they already know about themselves? If yes then you, my friend, are a creep.

I mean, why would you do that? What do you think, does it makes you look like Sherlock Holmes? Definitely not. In the real world, such people are labeled as “Creeps”.

Please don’t kill your self-respect by telling this person his/her birth date or something personal about his/her life. Trust me, it isn’t impressive. It is just an act of stupidity and yes, it is definitely something that makes you look like a creep!

9: “Delete for Everyone”.

The next thing in the list of weird things guys do that make them look creepy/habits that make you look like a creep is “Delete for Everyone”.

Say thanks to WhatsApp for giving you the option of “Delete for Everyone”!

You can now delete the wrong documents that you sent to your colleague by mistake! But wait a minute, what are you doing at the moment?

Oh, so you are sending this message to this dude who you’ve just met a few days earlier. Maybe you are asking him to “hang out” and have fun. But why is this, “Delete for everyone” 5 times in the chat?

Oh… So you weren’t able to find the right words, maybe because you don’t know how to say things to people who you’ve just met. Right?

But have you ever thought about what this “5 times delete for everyone” will look like to that other dude? It will make him think about you as a creep. It makes you suspicious and mysterious, in a bad way.

Guys! Please do not make bad use of “Delete for Everyone”. It has been made to help you save yourself if you had made a mistake. Do not exploit it as by doing that you are going to ruin your image. And that I can’t see happening to you.

10: Not taking care of yourself.

Not taking care of yourself.

So you are somebody who never takes care of yourself. Hah? Well, guess what? You are doing it all wrong.

Guys who are unhygienic, who never dress well, have skin all messed up (same goes for the hair as well), are the ones who are viewed as:

  • unattractive.
  • weirdos
  • creeps.

You definitely don’t want that to happen to you. Right? Well, then check out the list of articles given because they are going to help you take your hygiene and attractiveness game to the next level.

11: Talking Big stuff (Lying).

The next thing in the list of weird things guys do that makes them look creepy/habits that make you look like a creep is “Talking Big stuff (lying)”.

But why would you do that? I mean, I know that you are spitting lies to impress her. Or maybe you want to become a part of this group where every dude is super-rich. For that reason, you’ve told them about a lot of things which you do not own, in reality.

What is going to happen when they will find out about the reality? They are going to hate you for being such a fake person. Plus they will label you as a creep who has bad intentions. That girl who you were lying to, all the time, will start thinking just negatively about you.

You do not want all of this to happen to you. Right? Then stop lying my boy. Be who you are, and show to them, just that only.

12: Weird Hobbies.

Hey! So you want to know how weird hobbies make you look like a creep. Hah?

Meet, Ahmed. Ahmed is a good guy (I guess) but today’s topic isn’t about his nature but about his hobbies only.

Great! So this dude loves to stalk people, collect data about them and that’s it. But why? Why would you collect the entire available information related to a person? It is super creepy and should never be done.

And the list goes. There are many people out there who have tons and tons of awkward hobbies. These hobbies make you look mentally disturbed and for sure they play an important role in taking your likability and throwing it inside a deep well.

13: Asking Person & Weird Questions from people who you’ve just met.

Asking Person & Weird Questions from people who you've just met.

The next thing in the list of weird things guys do that makes them look creepy/habits that make you look like a creep is, “Asking Person & Weird Questions from people who you’ve just met”.

“Where do you live?”
“What is your blood group again?”
“Have you ever thought about killing someone brutally?”

All of these people deserve to be loved and treated with care because they are mentally disturbed!

Nah! It ain’t happening again over here. I can’t see you doing such a creepy thing. Guys! You need to understand that asking personal questions from somebody you’ve just met is going to creep them out, and they won’t ever get comfortable with you.

14: Giving Advice to People (all the time).

I am talking about John here.

He knows a bit about cryptocurrency. But what’s worst about him is that he finds no shame in going to random people or to those who he already knows and there he starts teaching them about cryptocurrency.

The same goes for every other genre as well. You can’t just be the teacher/professor and start teaching people about things. Yes, if a topic in a regular conversation comes up, a topic that you know a lot about, then it is perfect to share your knowledge.

But please don’t push your knowledge in someone’s throat as it looks very ugly, annoying plus very creepy as well.

15: Following a specific genre only.

And last but not least probably one of the most important ones in the list of weird things guys do that makes them look creepy/habits that make you look like a creep is to follow a specific genre only.

What kind of specific genre a I talking about?

  • Anime genre
  • Emo guys genre
  • Following 90s fashion style.
  • Preferring things that belong to a specific genre only.
  • Wearing the same hairstyle forever.

All of these things make you look like a creep, somebody who has something suspicious going on inside his head.

And with that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of weird things guys do that make them look creepy/habits that make you look like a creep? Do let me know about your thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will come back to you ASAP,


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