16 Hobbies for Men that Girls Find Most Attractive! (2021 Edition)

Hey Guys, I hope you all are doing well. Today, I bring you the 16 hobbies for men that girls find most attractive. The inspiration for this post came from a thought yesterday morning. So basically I was reading an article talking about the cool list of new hobbies for men. So from there, I thought why not take on this one? I mean, sure that there is a lot of things a man can do in his free time. So let’s are real, what most guys do in their leisure time?

You will either find them masturbating or sleeping or gaming, right? Do girls find any of these attractive? Definitely not! Is any of these three things, productive? Not at all. Well, I agree that If you are completing your 8 hours of the sleeping period then you are indirectly increasing your productivity but if you are just laying around and sleeping the entire day then you are definitely not doing any good to yourself.

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What if I told you that in today’s article I have for you a list of 16 golden habits/hobbies that you can adopt to impress more girls. And no, I am not talking about just the regular attraction thing. I am talking about becoming the chick magnet. Ok, so before I reveal the list I want you to take some time out and check out my Pinterest account that I created just about a week ago. You can expect to find the latest fashion trends, men hairstyles, dressing guides/grids, and other men-style related stuff. So don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest (It’s completely free!)

One last thing! I hope you already know that all of these hobbies require you to take action. I mean, you can’t expect to just read this article and become super attractive. It happens nowhere. You need to pick, like 5 or 6 hobbies (or maybe all of them if you want to reach the pro level of attractiveness), once picked, what you gonna do is that you wanna take some time out of your daily routine and actually learn what’s required to become a pro at these hobbies.

Because nobody wants to listen to a person playing guitar who doesn’t know how to play the guitar. You can’t be an amateur if you want to impress the ladies. With that being, let’s hop into today’s topic, “16 Hobbies For Men that Girls Find Most Attractive (2021 Edition)

1: Playing an Instrument!

girls like men who can play instruments

I don’t care who you are but if you know how to play drums then I instantly perceive you as a more attractive candidate according to ladies. Its because I know a lot of girls and almost all of them are attracted to guys who know how to play drums and if you are a pro drummer, then my man, shake my hand because I know that a lot of girls are gonna listen to you very carefully.

A lot of men ask this question, “Brian is so ugly, why are all the girls attracted towards him. The only thing he got is his dab hand in playing drums and that shitty guitar thing”. Hold Up, Gentlemen! I am getting a strong jealousy vibe from you. But Hey! on a serious note. Brian has got the talent and on the basis of that, his hobby of playing guitar and drums, he has been able to become the center of attraction.

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Aren’t you a fan of music and playing instruments? I am sure you are. Then why can’t you take some time out of your daily life to learn those guitar strings? Guys, trust me, it’s so easy and you don’t need to pay tons of money for that. What if I told you about a secret resource, from where you can learn to play guitar, drums and tons of other instruments for free? Its Youtube! You just need to tune in “Youtube.com” in your browser and search for something like, “Learn Guitar” or “Learn Musical instruments” and Bang! You have the list of videos, original creators, The real-life music gurus, who can teach you how to play musical instruments, 100% FREE!

So, Guys, 2021 is already here. Learn To Play Musical Instruments because it is for-sure a hobby that Girls find very Attractive!

2: Staying Fit and Saving Lives

What comes in your mind when you look at a guy who is buffed, chiseled jawline, perfect chest cleavage, sexy biceps, and veins popping out from the neck, arms and legs? Please don’t be bias here. I know that you are immediately gonna think about that guy, as the most attractive/sexy person in the room, right? And girls LOVE it! Girls love a guy who takes care of himself, his body and his looks. Going to the gym or staying fit is not just a need, its a lifestyle, its a hobby! And definitely, it’s a hobby that most girls find very attractive.

swimming and Gym is very sexy

The reason, I just told you earlier, it makes you look good, makes your face better looking, improves the health of your skin and hair too. Exercising makes you internally strong as well, makes you disciplined, more organized and last but not the least, gives you the opportunity to put on every freaking clothing piece you want to rock and look good in it!

Now let’s talk about the second part of it, swimming. Ok, so I want to share a story, an incident that I witnessed from my own eyes. So it happened last year actually, a friend of mine, Ali used to go to our campus gym and after that, he used to swim for about 30 minutes. One of my friend, Alisha, she was always like, “He is so hot, Nyazi. He does the gym and then swimming. Damn!” For the most obvious reasons, I know that girls find guys who know how to swim attractive because almost all swimmers are lean and fit. And we all know that girls love fit men! Some other benefits that come with this hobby are:

  • It’s a whole-body workout, so it helps enhance fitness and improves strength.
  • Builds cardiovascular strength.
  • Great for people with some sort of disabilities or injuries.
  • Improves your sleep (Indirectly improves your Skin, hair and increases your testosterone levels as well)
  • It helps in managing stress.

So with a list of benefits that come with swimming, what excuse do you have for not opting for this hobby? I am sure you will not bring up your laziness as a competitor because you are not gonna find something that has so many benefits and is very cheap to pursue.

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3: Hobbies Girls Find Attractive: (Cooking)

Girls love Men who know how to Cook

Ladies love men who know how to cook. Why? Well, it’s pretty obvious. I have written about this thing in one of my previous posts as well (22 Weird Things Girls Find Very Attractive). Do you know what girls find most attractive about this? Its that you are gonna cook them breakfast when they will be angry with you or like sometimes you know the dinner dates where man cooks food for his girl. So cute, right? Yeah, that’s what I am talking about. But unfortunately, girls don’t always want to eat eggs cooked by you. Sometimes, they want pasta or maybe her taste buds want to taste some cuisine.

And there you are. A man who doesn’t know how to cook anything except for the eggs. Now don’t come at me saying, “Hey Nyazi, Cooking is such a feminine thing to do” Hell, no! My friend. I am not gonna agree with you at this point because I’ve known some army officers as well who know how to cook. In fact, they can cook better than most of the ladies out there. Will you call Army officers, feminine? Not at all. Come on, dude, don’t judge things on the basis of masculinity. The only thing that matters is, whether if you are able to help somebody with what you are doing, or not? If yes, then go for it!

So, yeah! Learn to cook various things. There are tons of channels on Youtube where creators teach you to cook everything from hard-boiled eggs to the most complex dish ever, you name it and you are gonna find Recipe along with the most delicious method to cook that dish in seconds! Again, if you’ve got some spare time and you are looking for some cool hobby to grab then I would definitely recommend you to go for cooking because it is no doubt included in the list of hobbies that girls find very attractive!

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4: Competitive Sports

playing Football, Basketball, etc is sexy

Here I want to quote the example of my proofreader. My man knows how to play guitar and he is a state-level chess champion and almost all the girls in our class ask him to show them how to play chess. Trust me, my friend, girls find him very attractive just because of this single hobby that he has. My point is, girls, find sports and guys who play sports, very attractive, especially football! I don’t know but girls love men who play football. Maybe because whenever they think about football and footballers, they think about Christiano Ronaldo and Messi, etc. Well, I haven’t seen football and unattractive both together at the same time.

And not just chess and football, you could be playing any sports and you will see ladies watching you spread your sweat everywhere. You know what? People who are associated with some kind of sports, most of the time, are fit, active, patient and more challenging than other dudes. No doubt that girls love all these traits in a man. So the next time when you have 1-2 months of free time, maybe it’s an off from the semester or whatever, I recommend you to join football, basketball, cricket or rugby classes because you already know by now that girls find this hobby very attractive!

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5: Hobbies Girls Find Attractive: (Travelling)

travelling is sexy

I don’t think I need to tell you that girls love adventure. You ask this question from all the girls on this whole planet and almost 95% of them will say “Yes” to it. Girls want to explore different places, they want to eat different kinds of food. They want to know more about different traditions. They always prefer dinner at some other place than their home from time to time. Because they are always looking for some sort of adventure. Well, that’s how most girls are and that’s exactly what I want you to realize because you, my friend, need to take this hobby in your daily life to win the Ultimate Chick Choice award.

What will you say to her when she will be like, “Hey Ahmed, I want to go to Naran Kaghan these winters. Please take me there :)” What will you say to her? “No, my love, You know that I don’t like traveling”. Are you gonna say that to her? Ahh, Come on! Don’t be a Pus#y now. You can definitely do better than this. Man up, Gentlemen, and develop this hobby/habit in yourself because it’s just for one person, its gonna make you more friendly, more likable and more relaxed and chilling.

And travelers are perceived to more patient and it is believed that travelers get less angry and they are more towards the accepting side of life. I mean most travelers are perceived to be open-minded and understanding. Yaaas! Girls definitely dig all of these traits in a man.

6: Yoga

Yoga keeps you fit

It’s all because of the movies (and that’s 100% true as well). Whenever do you see a guy who has given the role of a yoga instructor, what are the top qualities highlighted about them? It is shown that they are more flexible, simple, very calm (than most of the other men), more intelligent and understanding. They have anger management problems sorted and that’s pretty much it. Now I want you to ask any female friend of yours about this. Ask her whether she dig all these qualities in a man or not

And I am 1005% sure that she will be like, “OMG! Yes”. So there is the answer to your question and the reason why I included yoga in the list of hobbies that girls find attractive. It’s all because of the effects yoga has on a person’s mind and overall personality. Girls are fully aware of this and for that reason whenever a guy says that he does yoga every day, she gets attracted to that guy and wants him to speak more about himself and you know other things happening in his life. Who gave this conversation a kick start? Guys, the practice of yoga every single day is a great way to kick off your 2021!

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7: Painting and Drawing

Girls love painters and drawing men

I have mentioned this in one of my previous posts as well that girls like to listen to stories. They want to get lost in someone’s story. Artists are the best storytellers! Talking about paintings, you can see plenty of artists who have drawn tremendous paintings that had a deep meaning to it, meaning so deep that any girl would love to drown in it. Now some of you might be thinking that “Drawing is a very hard thing to do. Art is not a cup of tea”.

Why? We all have a story inside. Art is just about taking that story out without exposing the owner of that story. Take that brush and start drawing and painting because I have a firm belief in you and your talent. I know that once you are determined to do anything, no matter how hard it is, you nail the shit out of it. Gentlemen! Another reason what I think, that makes the hobby of painting, so incredibly attractive near girls is that they want to see their portraits drawn.

So there is this friend of mine who can draw anybody’s face and he is quite good at it. And every time he draws someone’s face, the one whose portrait is drawn, gets super happy and if that’s a girl, she will be almost amazed to see her face drawn on the canvas. Weird, for sure, but drawing/painting is a hobby that almost every girl find super attractive.

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8: Knowing About the Vehicle

So picture this, you are out on a road with your girl and suddenly your car stops. Unfortunately, it isn’t turning on and you are so freaking exhausted right now. You don’t know what to do. And suddenly, a dude comes to you and says, “Bro, need some help?” and you are like, “For sure, man. Can you help me? my car isn’t turning on”, He goes, “Sure! I can definitely fix it”, He adds, “Man, do you have a tool kit in your car?”, You are like, “Ahh, No, I am sorry, I don’t know more about cars”, he replies, “Don’t worry buddy. I’ve got you. I have one in my car. Let me go get it”. He gets the toolkit and starts fixing your car.

And within 10 minutes, he gives you a fully working car and you are like, “Thanks, mate!” and He replies, “No problem, buddy!, Ok, So I got to go. See you someday”. Trust me, my friend, you may or may not but your girl is definitely impressed by him, his skills and his talent and his problem-solving knowledge. That person could be you as well but you don’t have time to learn about your vehicle and how to fix some general problems that might occur when you are on the road. Gentlemen! I want all of you to grab this hobby by the neck and make it a part of you because almost every girl out there finds it very attractive!

9: Knowing Multiple Languages

learn multiple languages

You know what? It’s just too boring to know just one language. You must have the knowledge of 4 languages other than your native language, Why? Because obviously it is a hobby that is gonna make you instantly more attractive according to girls. Now you all might be wondering what? “How under God’s sky does having the knowledge of multiple languages make you attractive?”

Well, the answer to this question is very simple. Girls find out men (who know multiple languages) more intelligent because Hey! It isn’t an easy task to learn a language. It requires the brain and spare time to do so. Girls do realize this, making you an intelligent candidate in her opinion.

They also perceive you as if you are more like an outgoing person who knows about the culture of the language as well along with the language itself. For instance, you have learned Spanish but originally you are an Urdu Speaker. One day you meet a Spanish senorita somewhere and you start talking to her. You know what? Chances are that she is gonna find you more attractive than Spanish men because you originally belong to some other culture. But here you are standing in front of speaking Spanish fluently which is a plus point for you. She will instantly find you more intelligent.

Last but not least, when you know some other language, girls will be interested in listening and learning from you. They will stay in contact with you to learn that language. And meanwhile, you will have more time to impress her and show her that you are the man she needs to have in her life.

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10: Reading Books


Do you love reading books, novels and fictional/love stories? If yes, then, my friend, you already have a hobby that girls find very attractive. Now obviously people who read books are perceived to be more intelligent and smart but there is a lot more to it. I have seen girls talking about men who read books. They love to call such men, “Dreamy Boys”. Well, I am talking about guys who love to read love stories, novels, and poetry. Such men are believed to love more intensely, have an emotional nature and girls like both of these traits a lot.

Plus, when they see a guy reading a book, they see a man who is poised, elegant, calm and more put together than the rest of the dudes out there. It’s just how their psychology works my friend. And I have talked about reading books in one of my previous posts as well in which I talked about how reading books and having a great amount of knowledge sets you apart from other men and makes you stand out of the crowd. And Guys, everybody wants to stand out and become the guy who every girl dreams of. So yeah, your hobby of reading books is gonna take you one step closer to your goal.

11: Photography

girls find photography hobby sexy

Here, I want to divide this one into two parts, #1 We are talking about self-photography and general love for being photographed. All the girls love to get photographed but there are just a few men who capture themselves on a regular basis. And out of those few percentages of guys, very few love to be captured in a really good way. I am talking about aesthetically pleasing photos like those of male bloggers you see on Instagram.

So guys if you have a liking for such a thing, if that’s your hobby then she is definitely gonna stalk your Instagram which will slowly make her fall in love with you. I am sure you want that. Coming towards, #2 We here are talking about art photography. Guys who love to take photos of nature, animals, scenery, etc. You name any aesthetically pleasing view and photography of that particular thing falls under this category. Those guys are called “photographers”.

I am not talking about doing it for money (But if you earn extra cash doing it then that isn’t bad at all, but in the first place you need to have a genuine passion for photography to tick this point), But to satisfy your inner self. Guys, trust me, girls love such men. They just want to see those clicks and say “Wow, Amazing” while looking at the photos you click. So make sure that you work on editing and learn more about the camera angles because this hobby of yours is definitely something that girls find very attractive!

12: Writing a Diary/Blog

They say casual blogging is dead but I don’t think so. Well, I will come to this point a bit later but let me cover the diary part first. So what’s all the hype about guys who write a diary. In my opinion, girls find a hobby of diary writing attractive because guys who write diaries are perceived to be more genuine and kinda alone. Yeah, it’s very hard for me to put together in the form of words but a guy who writes a diary is very similar to the guy who loves reading books as well.

These things, most of the time, are found in the same bracket. And obviously a man who writes down everything he does throughout the day is considered as more responsible, caring and accountable. He’s like somebody who you can put your trust on and girls love responsible men way too much. They don’t want any childish dude in their life. Girls prefer guys with mature men and classy dressing sense way more than a young slob. Coming towards blogging, it is not a dead art at all.

I agree that most people have moved towards commercial blogging but still its a great hobby to have. Girls love bloggers because they find them in charge. They believe that a blogger writes his thoughts, which is one of the most difficult things to do in this world. People are hiding their real selves, they don’t want to teach others and among all such rotten pieces of shit, if you are a guy whose hobby is to write great blogs then you! my friend, are definitely very attractive according to her.

13: Hobbies Girls Find Attractive: (Gardening)

What? Gardening is attractive? Yeah, Gentlemen! Gardening is super attractive. No, I am not sitting here joking with you. I have plenty of reasons to back up my point of view. Do you know why girls love guys who have a hobby of gardening? Its because not many men love to get their hands dirty to plant those seeds, Not many men wants to shed their sweat in planting a new tree which can prove very beneficial for the planet Earth, Not many men are aware of the harmful effects of pollution and the importance of planting trees to tackle the problem of global warming.

gardening is a hobby that girls find sexy

Yeah, Now you know what I am talking about, right? But wait, there is more to it. Gardeners are perceived to be more calm/ simple human beings and girls definitely realize that as well when there are choosing a dude to be her better half. Every quality counts, Gentlemen. Patience, being more loving and caring, passion for plants, vegetables, nature, flowers, and natural smell, that fresh, soothing and down to earth nature, all of these things count. These are the qualities of a gardener and if you have gardening as your hobby then I am gonna have to say that you! my friend is very attractive (according to girls)

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14: Hobbies Girls Find Attractive: (Hiking)

girls love hikers

Hiking isn’t the hobby of wannabe teens. Only the real men have “hiking” in their list of hobbies and girls for sure find it very attractive. Why? Girls believe that if you love hiking then obviously you are a person who loves to stay outdoor, learning and trying out new things and visiting more places as well. Hikers are perceived as men who are able to handle more challenges than regular dudes. They are more strong, both internally and externally as well, have better legs (overall body as well), They have more stamina too. Why wouldn’t a girl be attracted to such a person?

It’s pretty easy to learn, Gentlemen. It isn’t much expensive as well. You will learn how to climb mountains using an old school map which is gonna stimulate your brain muscles as well, ultimately making you more intelligent as well. You become a fighter (internally), so you never give up in any kind of situation and these are the gold level traits that girls surely dig. Plus, she will love to go hiking with you and learn a thing or two from you because as I mentioned earlier as well, “Girls love adventure and trying out new things”.

15: Hobbies Girls Find Attractive: (Learning Stuff!)

Are you the kind of guy who is always seeking knowledge and learning new stuff? If yes, then I am here to tell you good news, “My friend! Ladies love you”. Yeah, my boy, I am not sitting here joking with you, I am just stating the facts. Girls Love Men who never settle down to one thing. Guys who keep on researching and learn new skills on a regular basis are considered to be more attractive than the rest of the dudes out there who are just sitting and watching random Youtube videos all day.

For the obvious reasons, guys who love to learn new and better skills are more likely to make more money as well because as they say “skills = money”. And if you have more money then you can buy her gifts and a comfortable life as well which is obviously gonna make you more attractive! Secondly, a guy who is always in the search for knowledge is considered to be more productive and a hard worker too.

Girls see him as a guy who wants to become a better version of his own self every time. That’s something girls find very attractive. Don’t need to spend tons of money to learn new stuff. You can read blogs, watch Youtube videos and listen to podcasts to obtain the knowledge of new things. It’s easy to have a hobby that girls find attractive!

16: Hobbies Girls Find Attractive: (Learn Magic!)

How many of your group members know about magic? I am sure, none. How many dudes in your class know about any magic trick? I am sure, nobody! There are just a few men who know how to do those illusions and camera/hand tricks and all the rest of the dudes out there are standing there saying “WOW, How did you do that?” Look on your left side, Billy, because your senorita is also amazed and she is probably impressed by that magician friend of yours!

Guys, there is something about magic that makes it so incredibly attractive. The first thing for sure is its rarity. Not many dudes want to learn magic. Not many dudes can perform sleight of hands so perfectly. I mean I have seen some dudes trying those card tricks but 8/10 they’ve failed and as a result, everybody laughed at them. Now that one of the reasons why most guys won’t try learning magic because they don’t have self-belief strong enough.

They think that they will not be able to do that and they don’t want others to laugh at them, so instead of trying hard and learning it. They don’t even bother giving it a try. But Hey, you know what, as I told you earlier as well, I have seen girls getting AMAZED by magicians every single time and this could be the hobby that is gonna stand you apart and make you the most attractive one among your fellow group members.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s topic, “16 Hobbies for Men that Girls Find Most Attractive (2021 Edition)” So what about you? Do you know some more hobbies that in your opinion, are loved by women? Great! Let me know about them in the comments down below! 👇🏻


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