17 Essential Upgrades Every Man NEEDS to Make in 2021

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing good. So in today’s article, we will talk about the most essential upgrades that every man needs to make in 2021 to make his life healthier, more successful, and, more good-looking!

But before that, I want you to this article that I had written just recently. It was all about the Differentiating habits of highly attractive men. Check that out if you really want to become a highly attractive man. All you need to do is to copy all those habits and paste them into your life. Thats it.

That said, Let’s talk about the Essential Upgrades that every man needs to make in his life in 2021. Shall we?

Essential Upgrades every man needs to make in 2021

  • Upgrade your Wallet
  • Separate your WorkSpace from your Rest Place
  • You Need Sneakers
  • You got to have your Bedroom Organised
  • Get yourself an Alarm Clock
  • Look Good in the Gym
  • Upgrade your “Details” Game
  • Your Suit Game needs an Upgrade as well
  • Upgrade your Friends
  • Upgrade your Cologne
  • You need to Upgrade your “Thing Telling” Game (Very Important)
  • Take care of your Morning & Nighttime Skincare Routine
  • Your “Shades” Game. What about that?
  • And your Reactions need an upgrade too
  • Your Clothing Quality Deserve a Raise
  • “Forget the Past and Move on”
  • Be Mentally Happy

And thats it. You, my friend, now have the list of 17 Essential Upgrades that are going to change your life for the better! In case you are looking for some tips to make your 2021, the best year of your life to date, then look no further because your brother has got you covered.

It’s Simple from the hereafter. All you need to do is to copy-paste these 17 upgrades into your Life and you should be all set. What will the results?

  • Your Life will become Better (more successful, much healthier)
  • You will start looking more Handsome (Your Looks will improve for sure)

What else you want in Life? So without any further ado, let’s hop into each of these Essential Upgrades and find out what they have stored for us.

1: Upgrade your Wallet

Upgrade your Wallet

And you want to change the world but what you have in your pocket is that ugly looking, already worn out, piece of Rexine. Nah, this ain’t going to work like that.

You just can’t have that class, the power that you are looking for, and that key (to success), while living in the world where you own that wallet.

That needs to be upgraded ASAP.

Suggestions?… Well, I have a couple of suggestions for you. Not Specifically in terms of the product. But Yeah, I can for sure recommend you a couple of elements, on the basis of which you can judge whether the wallet that you are going to purchase is worth it or not.

The Best Wallet for you

  • Minimalism
  • The Build Quality
  • Usability

Your Wallet must not have those crazy designs and the big logos on it. You might want to get your signature engraved because that looks classy. And if you don’t want to do that, Don’t worry. That is completely alright.

Talking about the build quality, then yeah, you got to make sure that the build quality of your wallet has to be “A Class”.

Avoid buying a Cheap-made wallet. Spend a few extra Bucks as in return you are getting something that is going to determine the amount of class & character that you possess.

Usability matters a lot as well. You don’t want to purchase a wallet that has 100 pockets, because, 1: it is going to be bulky and, 2: It is going to look ugly and not so aesthetically pleasing.

Purchase the wallet that best suits your needs. Only get those “excessive card slots” if you actually have that many cards. Purchase something that can fit your needs because, at the end of the day, we can’t neglect the fact that the primary goal of your wallet is to store your monetary components.

2: Separate your Workspace from your Rest Space

Next in the list of Essential upgrades, every man needs to make in his life in 2021 is “Separate your workspace from your rest space”.

And why do you want to do that?

You can’t just focus as much as you can while sitting on a Desk that is designed specifically for work purposes.

The fact is, the reason people spend tons and tons of cash in designing an ergonomic desk setup is that they want to make their work time really productive.

You just can’t expect to perform at your highest potential given that you are working while sitting on your couch, the same exact couch where you will be watching Netflix Documentaries after an hour or so. Nah, things just don’t work like that.

Do this Instead

Don’t worry. We can fix all of this mess!

All you need to do is to get yourself a work table. Place it in your bedroom in a corner maybe. Also, make sure that it is not that wide. Get one that best suits your needs. And while you are at the store, buying a chair with back support won’t bother you much. Right?

Trust me, this decision of yours is going to bring a tons of positivity in your life.

  • Your work hours will be spent more productively
  • You will be able to do a lot in very little time
  • Not just your productivity but your work quality will improve as well
  • You will be able to complete your work in less time. All of the spare time can then spent on gaming or watching your favorite show.

3: You need Sneakers

The next Upgrade that we are going to talk about is related to your Shoes. We are talking about the Sneakers, Baby!

Wait a minute!

I know that most of the stylish guys (including you) believe that wearing sneakers won’t make you look classy. And because of that reason, whenever you want to look dapper, you choose to wear either your formal shoes or loafers maybe.

Let me tell you something, you can wear sneakers and look classy as heck. The only thing that you need to take care of is the color and outfit genre matching. Thats it.

I recommend you purchase different kinds of sneakers. Get those High Top Sneakers, White Sneakers? Yes Please!, Purchase them in different colors (while keeping in mind the clothing items that you already have), Purchase those Hydro-dyed ones as well.

And once you’ve purchased them all, the next step is to wear them with confidence. Look at me, Brother! You’ve matched these badass sneakers with your outfit (and you’ve done a great job). Now is the time to Hit the world up with the “Fatality” move of yours.

Confidence is what I am talking about. I want you to wear your sneakers with an immense amount of confidence as thats what’s going to complete that remaining 20% to make your #ootd 10/10, on the scale of class.

4: Organize your Bedroom

Organize your Bedroom

Next in the list of essential upgrades every man needs in life in 2021 is, “An Organized Bedroom”.

Your Bedroom, I mean, just look at it yourself. Everything is messed up. Hey! You’ve 4 cupboards in total. 1 for the clothes and the rest of them are there for their respective purposes.

Why the heck do you still put your clothing items in that 3rd cupboard?

And what about the essential items that you need every day. Ahh! You’ve lost them again, don’t you? You must have placed them somewhere and now you are unable to find them. Right?

These things represent immaturity and irresponsibility at your end. You got to understand this one thing brother, the key to a peaceful life is to have your things placed in an organized manner.

And the same goes for your bedroom as well. It needs to be organized and clutter-free. Doing that is definitely going to relieve a lot of your un-needed stress, making your life better than before.

5: Get Yourself an Alarm Clock

Wait a Minute Boy. Since we are standing in your bedroom, let’s just talk about one very important thing that we all seem to ignore these days. Shall we?

I understand that it is 2021 already and we all have an alarm clock set up on our phones. But guess what? The Physical Alarm Clock is 10 times better (if not 100 times) than the app that you have on your mobile phone for the exact same purpose. Reason?

With an Alarm Clock in your phone, you are eventually going to grab your cellphone to switch off the alarm. Right? And while doing that, there are very bright chances of you checking the notifications.

Once you’ve started scrolling through the notifications, you’ve already lost the game. 20-30 minutes of your time are already wasted!

Imagine waking up and the first thing you are doing is wasting your time. Ahh. How can you expect to have a productive day ahead, Hah?

Don’t worry! You can deal with all of these problems by just purchasing an Alarm Clock. Set it up, put it on the side table, and thats it. You are all set.

6: Look Good in the Gym

Is Looking good in the Gym, overrated? I don’t think so. Gentlemen! You take care of your dressing almost all the time.

You make sure that you are looking good while going out and your friend just told me that you try to look your best even when you are with your homies (doing stupid things).

Ahh.. What happened to you in the Gym then?

I’ve seen your pictures that Ali captured. And in those pictures, you were looking weird. Not because your beard or hair was not looking good. But because of your Gym clothes.

Gentlemen! One of the very important essential upgrades that every man needs to make in his life in 2021 is to gift himself 3-4 pairs of the Gym Outfits (and the sneakers as well).

Make sure that they fit your body properly. You don’t want to look like a sausage. Fitted, yet comfortable and classy looking is what you should aim for while getting yourself your gym clothes.

More Items that you need to add into your list are:

  • A Gym Bag to store all your related stuff (Please don’t hold everything in your hands)
  • A Water Bottle (very important)
  • Gym Gear (Pads, Grips, Gloves, etc)

And thats it. Having all these items along with your gym clothes (that look great on you), you’ve already upgraded a portion of your life. Congratulations!

7: Upgrade your Details Game

Upgrade your Details Game

Next in the list of essential upgrades, every man needs to make in his life in 2021 is related to the Details.

No matter what the big idea is. It can be Hygiene or maybe your skin. Pick any random topic, and you can’t cover it until &unless you’ve taken care of the details.

Details matter a lot brother. Let’s just say you want to improve the health of your skin. That is great. How are you going to upgrade from 9.5/10 to 10/10 without looking closely into the mirror to fix that last 0.5 worth of issues that you are having?

Dark Circles, Blemishes, Acne, etc. Whatever it is. Or let’s change the Genre, let’s pick the hygiene now. Shall we?

You want to look presentable. Right?

What about your Nails? They are cut properly but what about the dust that is stuck in your nails. It needs to go as well. How are you going to notice this dust in the first place? By Focusing on the Details.

If you want to have a better-looking face then I would recommend you all to check out one of the articles that I had written last year. In that article, I tried to focus on the details of the face of a Man. All of the research is already done and the only thing you have to do is to go there and collect the gems from within.

Checkout: 8 Easy Steps For Guys to Get a Better Looking Face

8: Let’s Talk about the Suit. Shall we?

Suit helps you with your goal to look Dapper AF.

However, Nah, That isn’t a suit.

I am talking to you boy. This Suit Jacket paired with a T-Shirt and formal pants, along with the sneakers, isn’t a suit. For this to become a suit you need to design it properly.

Let’s Design a Suit

  • You need a Suit Jacket
  • Some Matching Pants
  • A Vase Coat to add even more class
  • A Sexy Looking Tie or a Bow Tight
  • Plain Shirt that looks super sexy
  • Formal Trousers, Slacks, or Formal Pants with same, similar, or aesthetically matching patterns as we have in the suit jacket
  • Formal Shoes. Loafers can work too, given that things are not going towards the casual side

But Wait

Do you already have all the components that we need to build a suit but is this suit for you? Guess what? Let’s find out.

Skip that though. Why testing when you can get it tailored to your body and make it built especially for you?

Alright, so before wearing this brand new suit of yours, you got to visit your Tailor. He will do certain fixes. Once thats did, you are good to go.

9: Upgrade your Friends

Next in the list of Essential Upgrades, every man needs to make in his life in 2021 is to change his friends.

I’ve talked about this in one of my previous articles as well. Your Company determines:

  • your attractiveness
  • handsomeness
  • how successful you are going to be
  • and how poised, and elegant you will be in the coming months or years

Let’s see what the previous article has for us, related to this topic:

So, why do the highly attractive men think before picking up their friends? Because your company (a group of friends) determines your future.

Change your Company to Increase your Self Confidence

Guys! I know that you have promised yourself that you will do the following things:

  • Imagine yourself there (Step number 2)
  • Forgive your past (Step Number 1)
  • Go Out there and Do It (Step 3)
  • Ignore your thoughts and outside environment (Step 4)

But what if I told you that the people who are close to you are one of the main factors involved in you, not becoming self-confident?

Look! We are discussing steps to increase or improve your self-confidence. Right? And the above-given steps were kind of helping you get back on track.

But imagine talking to your friends every single day about it. And Nah! You thought they were supporting you? They are not.

Imagine them being one of those who laugh at you. Imagine them one of those who think that what you are doing is really stupid.

Guess what? If you have such kind of people close to you then your chances of getting on the top and becoming self-confident are very less!

The thing is people who surround us and stay close to us, kinda determine what our future is going to be. You can’t be a successful person being with those who think that every successful person is a gonna go to Hell.

Your Company Determines how your Current year is going to be (on the basis of Performance)

I’ve been talking about this a lot lately. And the reason behind this is the impact that this one thing can have on both your present and future. Let me explain.

So.. you usually hang out with Ali and James. Cool. But are they really worth it? I mean, I have seen both of them doing drugs and being suck a non-serious person all the time.

Look! I am not against “non-serious behavior”. In fact, I’ve witnessed men who were really non-serious, achieving a lot in their life. I understand thats something that’s a part of someone’s nature.

But guess what? You need to get serious as well, at times. You just can’t expect to stay non-serious and then expect life to do wonders. All you get is what you work for.

And even if that isn’t a concern, still, these 2 guys are very spoiled. It’s kinda toxic as they won’t do anything thats positive.

The Problem with your Company

  • They don’t want to work hard or achieve anything in life
  • They stop each other whenever one of them is trying to do something great (monetarily or lifestyle-wise)
  • It’s the bad habits they have that will stop them (and yourself as well) from making it big

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Choose your side once and for all. Do you want to hang out with these people and ruin both your present and future or will you do yourself a huge favor and change your company?

Alright. You don’t want to leave them? Just don’t. All I want you to do is to get close to people who are hustlers. I am talking about visionary people. Spend more time with them as compared to these 2. Yes, you can spend some time with them as well but just change your majors (trust me.. you will thank yourself for this decision of yours in the later years).

Conclusion (Fix your Company to look Better and have a great year ahead)

All in All, I recommend you all to make sure that the people who you hang out with are supportive. I know that you want to make sure that your clothes look good all the time plus your skin & hair look good too.

But you for sure can’t do that as long as you are not changing your company. Why? Because all of them are addicts. At least they love to eat unhealthy on the daily basis. Plus Men’s self-care is still Taboo for them. So don’t. Please don’t do this to yourself.

Spend your time with people who:

  • are really motivated
  • want to change themselves for the better
  • want to look good (clothing, self-care)
  • aim to achieve mental peace
  • are super supportive
  • have a positive mindset towards the life

10: Upgrade your Cologne Game

Upgrade your Cologne Game

Next on the List of Essential upgrades, every man needs to make in his life in 2021 is to upgrade his cologne game.

Let me guess..

Are you the one who applies any cologne that he finds placed on the dressing table?


Then you definitely are that dude who always wears this same exact fragrance because he thinks this fragrance is associated with his image and personality. Right?

Guess what? You are partially correct and partially incorrect.

Every Man needs to upgrade his Fragrance Game once in a while. And I am not talking about purchasing expensive ones during every upgrade. We are talking about the quality upgrade.

I’ve written an article talking about Fragrances before as well in which we discussed the right way to apply the fragrance and much more. Make sure to check that out as well.

Fragrance Related Article: The Only 15 Fragrance Tips a Guy Would Ever Need!

Gentlemen! I want you to never end your research when it comes to the different colognes that you can apply to smell better.

I am not going to name a few (get personal recommendations by contacting me over at my Instagram) but what I can say is that, get one that stays a little longer and smells great for the most noses. Plus it must be according to your weather conditions.

11: Upgrade your Thing Telling Game

Next in the list of essential upgrades, every man needs to make in his life is to upgrade the thing telling game.

This is less of an upgrade and more of a “YOU MUST DO THIS ASAP“.

Do not just start taking suggestions from any random person and then expect him to not make things toxic for you. It happens and it is definitely going to happen in your case as well.

Not everyone has the same perspective about things. Your beliefs and those of Bilal, are entirely different. Sharing this thing with him and then expecting him to take things positively is just like you playing the guessing game.

I recommend you guys to think a lot before sharing anything with anybody. Even if it isn’t a secret, still you don’t want to indulge in something which isn’t productive, rather it turns out to be your most toxic talk of the day.

12: Morning & Nighttime Skincare Routine

Every Gentleman needs to upgrade his Morning & Nighttime Skincare Routine and that’s the reason I included this in the list of “Essential upgrades every man needs to make in 2021”. And I’ve got you covered with this one as well.

Below is what our archive has for us with respect to “Morning & Nighttime Skincare Routine”.

Morning Skincare Routine for Men:

You wanna Grab 5 Products from the Store. The first one has to be the Cleanser. The function of a Cleanser is to Go into your Pores and Clean all the Dirt and Excess Oil. It’s essential to have Fresh Looking Skin.

Once you are Done Cleansing (Make sure that you Do it gently in circular Motion), You wanna Use a Towel or a Soft Piece of Cloth to Clean your Face. Now is the Time to Apply Moisturiser.

Again, you wanna Grab a Moisturiser according to Your Skin Type. Our Goal with Moisturising is to Give back the Water and Useful Stuff. The final goal is to Get Glowing Skin.

Now is the Right Time to Apply a Good Quality UVA and UVB protecting Sun Block. Sun throws off 2 kinds of rays that are harmful to your skin. One is UVA and the Other one is UVB. These rays are responsible for damages like Ageing and Tanning.

So you wanna make sure that the Sun Block you are Getting is best suitable for your Environment. And It should be able to protect you from both the UVA and UVB rays.

Nighttime Skincare Routine

You Need are 4 Products. First thing First, It’s the Cleansing Time. You came Home after working Maybe 6-7 Hours. Chances are that your Skin Looks tired and there Could be Dirt inside your Pores. We must remove that.

And Cleansing is what we need for that. The Next Step is to Moisturise your Face with a High-Quality Moisturiser. Now Make sure that your PM moisturizer is Different from your AM moisturizer.

Guys, In the Morning your Skin has to Deal with Different Sorts of Problems. And for that purpose, you need somewhat Strong or More of a Different Kind of Functions. However, Nighttime is best for healing and you need such kind of Properties inside your moisturizer.

After You are Done Moisturising, You wanna Apply the Eye Cream just like you did in the Morning and The Final Step is to Apply the Vaseline. You don’t want to Apply Lip balm at this time because you are Not Going out so you don’t need protection against the Sun. Thats it.

13: Upgrade your Shades Game

Upgrade your Shades Game

Next on the list of essential upgrades, every man needs to make in his life in 2021 is “upgrade the shade game”.

I know that you, as well, are a fan of glasses. I’ve seen you wearing cool shades in the past. But there is one problem with them. Although they are very cool and I love them but they don’t look good on you.

Gentlemen! Every man has a face shape (obviously). And every man needs to wear stuff on his face based on that face shape. You just don’t want to wear shades that look good on some other dude who has a triangle-shaped face. Your Oval face needs something else.

Do the research on the internet, there are tons of videos that show you which glasses look good on which face shape. And once you’ve done your research, the next step is to visit the shop and put those glasses on your face and then take suggestions from different people over there. Only get the glasses if it passes the, “yes it looks good on you, said by everybody” test. And that’s it.

14: Upgrade your Reactions

The best gift that you can give to yourself is to stop reacting to everything that comes in front of you.

Trust me, you don’t want to react to every freaking things that comes up in front of you.

Learn to calm yourself down as that’s going to take you very far in the life.

Be it anger or some other emotion, you got to have the strength to control it for the sake of your own happiness. You don’t make things toxic for yourself and say sorry to people (who do not deserve it). Right?

So yeah, learn to be non-reactive and if you have to react then make sure that you stay subtle.

15: Upgrade your Clothing Quality

Next on the list of essential upgrades, every man needs to make in his life in 2021 is to upgrade the clothing quality.

I’ve talked about upgrading your wardrobe on a budget, before. Let me tell you something. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you really want to upgrade your life (in terms of clothing) in 2021.

Those few things are:

  • Never Buy Fake Branded Stuff. The only thing you are paying for while buying those fake branded clothing is to get that fake logo on your clothes.
  • Do not buy clothes in the bulk to have multiple clothes while compromising on quality. You don’t want to pile up a bulk of crap (always remember).
  • Do not just focus on the branded items. Buy Quality stuff, no matter from where you are getting it.
  • Always look for the discounts that your favorite brands are offering. You are definitely going to get a deal on their website or maybe sign up for their newsletter as it also proves to be very useful (They do always let you know when there is a discount going on).

16: Upgrade your, “Forget the Past and Move on” Game

Upgrade your, Forget the Past and Move on Game

And next in the list of essential upgrades every man needs to make in his life in 2021 is, “Forget the past and move on”.

What happened, happened. You can’t control it, can you? I am sure the answer to this question is going to a “No” from your side. If thats so, then why are you still stuck in your past?

Why are you letting your past come in the way of your success? Nah! Don’t do that.

You want to Upgrade your Life. Right? In order to do that, you need to upgrade your mindset. And one of the biggest upgrades one can make when it comes to the mindset is to “Forget the Past and Move on”. Trust me, Just do it as this is going to relieve a lot of your stress. And we all know that Stress kills your looks. You definitely don’t want to happen. Do you?

17: Upgrade your Mental Happiness

And last, but not least in the list of essential upgrades every man needs to make in his life in 2021 is “Upgrade your mental happiness”.

If you want to become Physically strong, then first you need to become mentally strong.

And the first step of becoming mentally strong is to become mentally happy.

And how can you do that? By not letting the little temporary things of life make you suffer. Stress is a big problem and you don’t want to get your hands in it.

You are a diamond and stress is like mud. Don’t let this mud suppress your shine. Do you want to know why? Because you deserve to shine!

Gentlemen! With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about it? Any suggestions, recommendations? Share it all over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will back to you ASAP.


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