17 Worst Lifestyle Mistakes Men Make in their 20s (Damage Alert)

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing. In today’s article, we will talk about the worst lifestyle mistakes that guys make in their 20s! These are the mistakes that lead to big damages, and outcomes that they regret later in life.

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Alright, let’s get back to the topic of the day now. Shall we?

Gentlemen! You for sure want to know the worst lifestyle mistakes men make in their 20s that lead to big loss and regret. Right?

The wait is over. Let’s get straight into the list now. Shall we?

Worst Lifestyle Mistakes men make in their 20s/Biggest mistakes guys make in their 20s

  • Not learning the importance of a cleanroom.
  • Giving up too soon.
  • Comparing yourself with others.
  • Losing it to the addictions.
  • Not considering your body an investment.
  • Choosing the “HYPED” career.
  • Learning one skill only.
  • Underestimating “Short” savings.
  • “Young Life is the Fun Life”.
  • Trying too hard.
  • Judging yourself for every negative thing.
  • Not doing the research about self-care regimens.
  • Trying to act/look older or young than your age.
  • Getting inspiration from your surroundings.
  • Not planning your day.
  • They stop growing thinking that they’ve learned enough.
  • Watching the wrong content.

And that’s it. This in front of you is the list of lifestyle mistakes most men make in their 20s that bring a lot of damage in the long term.

So without any further ado, let’s get into the details of each one of these now. Shall we?

1: Not learning the importance of a cleanroom.

Not learning the importance of a cleanroom.

Every man deserves to have a clean bedroom. But wait a minute… You don’t seem to like this idea, I guess.

Look, it’s all about developing good habits. Why are you ok with living in a space that isn’t clean? I’ve seen your bedroom the other day and everything over there was messed up.

It looked like those pillow covers were there for ages, the mattress looked cluttered, everything else in the room, the decoration stuff, and all was totally messed up…

And the list of bad things goes on and on. Alright, I understand that you are the lazy kind, a person who makes little to no effort to fix his surroundings. But, Nah! You can’t take the load off of your shoulders by saying that, “I am lazy”.

Laziness = Destruction

Because it is all about the habits that we human beings develop off of the little things that we do on the daily basis. You, not caring about your bedroom equals = You not caring about the hygiene situations of your surroundings.

And this is going to get worst with the passage of time. You will soon forget about your own hygienic condition as well (or maybe you are already at that stage, who knows)… Fast forward a bit and you will be smelling bad, looking all messed up, and the worst part is that:

“You give not even a single Damn about your situation!”

  • Messed-up pillow covers will damage your skin.
  • Your hair will get affected.
  • And a lot of other problems come along too.

So what do you need to do? You need to start keeping an eye on your bedroom. Make sure that it looks nice and clean. Do make sure that everything is arranged, make your bed before leaving the room. Also, take care of every other thing that is in your bedroom, everything needs to be in its place. No dust at all!

2: Giving up too soon.

Next up in the list of worst lifestyle mistakes men make in their 20s is that they give up too soon.

Young men are very passionate about almost everything..

They look at a business idea, analyze it a little bit, and once they think that it can be made into a successful business, they start working on it.

I’ve seen young men giving their best to whatever they are getting into.. But ALAS!

There is this one thing about most young men that pisses me off. It is that they give up too soon! So the business idea isn’t giving any fruitful outcome, Hah? Oh, so you want to give up? Oh, you’ve already given up. Great!

What else can I say? I’ve seen you giving this idea the best that you could have given and now that you are just a few miles away from reaching the hill of success, you are giving up. It breaks my heart.

Seriously boys, seeing young men so passionate about whatever they are getting into and then seeing them quit too soon, breaks my heart!

Young men in their 20s need to learn to stay consistent and most importantly, to stay patient. Patience is something that is going to take you out of every problem out there.

3: Comparing yourself with others.

What happens when you start comparing yourself with other people?

You start getting an idea of what’s going on in other people’s lives and how they are better than you. Right?

You see them making it big and now you want that to happen to you as well..

Ok, but what if I told you that the key formula behind success is “Hard work” with the appropriate “Research”, only?

With this formula in mind, I want you to stop comparing your life with someone who you are following on Instagram. Because at the end of the day, you never know if he is actually living that life or it is all just a fake presentation.

Comparing yourself with someone else? It Makes no sense to me!

If you are comparing yourself with someone who you know personally then stop doing that as well. Because at the end of the day, doing that is only going to induce the seed of overthinking in your mind. This overthinking is going to pump you into doing things that include anything but progress.

Start learning about the area that you want to grow in. Let’s say you want to improve your looks. It should involve learning about skin, hair, and your body, instead of looking at this good-looking friend of yours and hating him (it happens automatically I know) for being that handsome.

Even If you appreciate him for his looks and want to actually yourself with him just to improve your looks, still this is bad. Because you both are 2 different individuals. Your skin, hair, body situation can possibly be totally different from his skin, hair, and body situation.

The same goes for the business and success as well. Learn the basics, implement what you’ve learned, learn more, implement that too, keep repeating these steps, and thats how you are going to eventually reach the heights of the sky!

On the other hand, the comparison is going to divert your attention towards jealousy. You are going to spend more time making plans to bring this person down, instead of learning to take yourself to the top.

4: Losing it to the addictions.

Losing it to the addictions.

Gentlemen! We are discussing the worst mistakes that guys make in their 20s, and one of these mistakes that I personally hate the most is, “Losing it to the addictions”.

“Thinking that it is cool” does not gives you permission to do it. I know that you’ve told me that smoking is cool. You think that doing drugs is trendy in the young generation but let me tell you something, all of them (including you) are going to regret it later in life.

You need to start focusing on what actually matters. Do you think smoking makes you look cool? Trust me, it does not. You’ve been lied to, just to get to buy their product. That’s it.

Smoking and drugs have a lot of negative effects on your skin, hair, and your overall health as well. The same goes for drinking alcohol as well.

5: Not considering your body an investment.

“Smoking is not cool, doing drugs isn’t cool too.. You should be doing all the positive things instead that are really cool!”. But what are those things?

Gentlemen! I am talking about you working on your body to make it look good, and to feel good about yourself. Following are a few things that you need to start doing ASAP!

  • Get yourself a gym membership.
  • Start eating healthy food.

Most guys in their 20s ignore both of these things. Yes, they go to the gym but they are either too busy talking with their homies or they are just not doing it right with the weights. Learn how to lift the weight, before going for it.

And now let’s talk about the actual game-changer, your diet! Guys, you need to start eating the right food that is good for your health. Eating healthy food will improve both the outer and inner condition of your body, and that’s really cool.

6: Choosing the “HYPED” career.

Next up in the list of worst lifestyle mistakes men make in their 20s is, choosing the wrong career.

Congratulations! You’ve been given a chance to choose your career path. But wait a minute! What the actual freak are you doing?

I think you’ve made a huge mistake (one of the biggest mistakes that guys make in their 20s). This career path that you’ve chosen for yourself is actually not good at all. Why?

Ask this question yourself. Do you really wanted to pursue this career or you have made it a “forced passion” of yours?

I know that everybody on the internet is doing it. Be it coding, making TikTok videos, etc. This stuff is highly trending these days. But what about your actual passion?

You always wanted to become a writer. No? But writing isn’t cool. Right? Oh, come on! Writers make a lot of money and trust me on this, even if the writers won’t be making enough money by writing books or blogs, there are a bunch of other work opportunities for writers out there because they know how to connect with people via words.

Pursue the career that’s your actual passion because that’s the only thing that you should be doing!

7: Learning one skill only.

Learning one skill only.

So you’ve learned this skill and you believe you are going to live your entire life off of the earnings that you are going to make selling this single skill of yours? Cool.

Let me tell you something. The world is changing! Everybody is learning more than one skill because they don’t want to stay behind the game. What race? Forget about that.

You want to live a happy life. Right? If your answer is yes then you need to learn more than one skill. Most young men learn a skill, get a part-time (or some sort of online high-paying work) on the basis of that skill, and that’s it.

They start thinking that their life is successful now! No need to do anything else now because they’ve found their path. This kind of mindset is entirely wrong.

Every man needs to learn more than one skill, if he really wants to live a happy (and smooth) life.

If you are good at graphic designing, make sure that you learn how to work on 3D as well. Try doing the research on other areas related to graphic designing because a person who knows Graphic design + 3 more related skills is obviously going to get more work than somebody who hardly knows how to make good designs.

8: Underestimating “Short” savings.

It’s all about “Making impulse decisions that are mostly wrong”.

So let’s say you’ve managed to save up some money. You’ve been saving this cash for some time now… But wait a minute.

What do you think you are going to do?

So you are telling me that you want to spend this money on whatever you want because you were not able to save up a big amount?

Ahh, Come on! Again, I’ve talked about patience before as well but I guess you were not focusing properly. Guys! You need to understand that every penny saved up, is an achievement. This penny combined with more pennies is going to help you reach your end goal.

Maybe your goal is to start a small business of your own or to buy yourself a nice gear to start a YouTube channel.

Think about this goal of yours once again before spending that “little cash” that you have at the moment. This cash money is going to increase with the passage of time but with this attitude of yours, you are not going to make it big even if you get funds from somewhere else. Why? Lack of patience, gentlemen.

“Patience helps you win the impossible battles”. This is an important message for those who understand and just a mere statement for everybody else.

9: “Young Life is the Fun Life”.

One of the worst lifestyle mistakes I see young men making in their 20s is the fact that they make the statement, “YOUNG LIFE IS THE FUN LIFE” too seriously.

So young life is the only time of your life when you get to enjoy your life fully, hah? And that’s why you are doing drugs, wasting your time, wearing whatever you want to wear (even if it looks crappy as heck), etc.

Gentlemen! You are not doing anything good in your life just because you think that this time is for enjoyment only? Guess what? 3 Years spent on growth right now is going to change your life forever.

You are young, passionate, and very energetic. All you need to do is to correct your direction and everything will get sorted on its own. Don’t waste your time believing such lame statements because every year of your life can be made “enjoyable” if you have enough resources. Work on the resources first and then you spend your entire life the way you want (But no drugs, smoking, and bad stuff because that’s bad for your health plus you don’t want this sexy face of yours to suffer. Do you?).

10: Trying too hard.

Trying too hard.

Ahh. Your energy is remarkable. The same goes for your determination and the “never give up” approach.

But as they say, “Power misused equals wrath”.

I’ve seen young men trying too hard to fix things that aren’t meant to be fixed. They spend their entire energy on correcting things when in reality those things can’t be corrected!

Trying too hard to impress somebody, trying too hard to change a person, keeping this one good friend of yours always around you, and what’s hurt the most is to try too hard to make this business successful… Yeah, I know that you’ve spent more than 2 years on this idea but as I’ve said before as well. Some things are just not meant to work.

Trying too hard and giving your best needs to be separated. You need to use your brain, take suggestions from people (I know that there will be haters and so-called GURUS, giving you crap advice but there are good people out there as well who will give you genuine advice), and most importantly, let something go when you realize that it isn’t going to work in the long term.

I know that it is a hard decision to make but trust me, things are only going to get harder for you so its better to say “Good Bye” before that painful period of time.

11: Judging yourself for every negative thing.

Sitting, Crying, and blaming yourself for every negative thing that is going on in your life = Self-Destruction.

Guy! I have been advocate self-growth. I want you to become a confident man but with this attitude, I am sure you are never going to reach this goal. Yes, there are tips to LOOK CONFIDENT when you really are not feeling it from the inside but in the end, your goal should be to become more confident (inside out).

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Coming back to the topic, so yeah, I would recommend you to open your eyes and see things unbiased. Don’t be too hard on yourself because as we already know, that can become really self-destructive.

Pick the actual problem and even if the problem is your own self, Don’t worry! everybody makes mistakes. The only thing that you need to do is to keep progressing and that’s it.

12: Not doing the research about self-care regimens.

The next one on the list of lifestyle mistakes men make in their 20s is “Not doing enough research about the self-care regimens”.

Wanting to look good is something that is very common these days. But the point here is that you need to learn to take care of yourself PROPERLY.

Hopping into just any celebrity’s skincare routine isn’t what you should be doing. The same goes for the haircare routine as well. Do your own research.

The first step is to identify your skin type, once that’s taken care of, you need to pick the right products for your skin. Make sure that these products are not comedogenic, or toxic, by any chance because using such products brings more loss than benefit.

The same goes for the haircare routine as well. You don’t want to try just any DIY mask that you see on the internet. Go for the products that are free from harmful chemicals and make sure that you are massaging your scalp for better hair & scalp health.

Most young men just hop into any routine they see on the Internet and that’s how they end up purchasing a crapload of product that isn’t even good for them. Even if this product is good in general, it isn’t for your skin type my brother, and that’s why it is of no use for you.

Research is very important boys and buying stuff without that is equivalent to throwing away your cash.

13: Trying to act/look older or young than your age.

Trying to act/look older or young than your age.

I am not talking about the clothing part only. Ahh. I am talking about the entire lifestyle of such young men who try too hard to either act older or younger.

Have you ever seen a dude who is dressed up in a suit and tie, looking 10 years older than his age? Ok, that can be approved if he is going to some event or something but then comes his attitude. He is faking the seriousness and acting as if he is very mature. My dude is literally copying a 40 years old man, acting exactly like him.

For him, it could be art but for everybody else (in my opinion), it’s nothing but a living cringe content.

The same goes for 25-year-old guys who try to look like 16-year-olds. Dressing, routine, talking style, trying too hard to look younger by acting childishly, etc. All of these make you look like a creep, a stupid person who is asking for attention. And this is for sure one of the biggest mistakes young men make in their 20s.

14: Getting inspiration from your surroundings.

Alright, so according to you, all of these activities are what you’ve seen your friends doing and for that reason, you are doing it just to fit in.

Oh, come on! You have your eyes, brain, and most importantly, you are aware of what’s going on in the world. You can’t just walk up to me wearing a sheer top with super oversized pants saying that, “My dudes wear that too”. Nah!, Jimmy, it ain’t going to get approved.

Boys! You need not copy stuff that your friends are doing. Hey! I have a better idea, why don’t you start inspiring them? I mean, it can for sure happen. You can start dressing better, improving your knowledge, and doing good.

And then they will see you, and maybe end up picking up all of this good stuff from you. It is really a very good idea to become the inspiration for your group. Isn’t it?

If they are not willing to change and they are being toxic instead then I am sorry to say but they don’t deserve a place in your life.

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15: Not planning your day.

Let’s talk about one more negative thing that I Have seen most young men doing these days. They are so confident or careless that they choose to do things on a sudden basis.

Instead, they should be making proper plans for the day. I recommend every young dude to do a general breakdown of their entire day prior. Doing that will really help you as, by the end of the day, you will have this satisfaction that the day was spent very productively.

I am not saying that you have to stop resting and having the Funtime. All I want you to do is to plan your day ahead. Assigning every hour specific work will help you get things done on time, and it will provide you more time to rest and have fun than what you were getting before. Why? Imagine getting a thought about this very important task while you were having fun. What will you do now? You are obviously going to quit your Funtime and start doing that important work.

So in short you killed your Funtime for the work time. By specifically assigning hours to the work, you would have a clear idea of when it would be perfect to have a Funtime without any disturbance!

16: They stop growing thinking that they’ve learned enough.

They stop growing thinking that they've learned enough.

The next one on the list of worst lifestyle mistakes young men make in their 20s is “They stop growing thinking that they’ve learned enough”.

Note it down boys, the moment you start thinking that you’ve learned enough and now it is the time to implement only, your downfall starts. It’s as simple as that.

Most young men are not that mature, and for that reason, they end up thinking that they have learned enough about this specific field. And for that reason, they end up making big moves with no guidance at all. What are the results? They have to face a big loss.

Most of them get demotivated after this loss and game over.

Instead, if you are always seeking help, ask experienced people for suggestions, and do things properly, your chances of facing failure decreases and even if you fail, at the end of the day, I am damn sure that you would be leaving the table with loads of knowledge in your brain pockets.

17: Watching the wrong content.

And last but not least probably one of the most important (indirect influencers) in the list of worst lifestyle mistakes men make in their 20s is to consume the wrong content.

Guys! What you watch, read, and consume shapes you. If you are watching lame entertainment shows the entire day then how can you even think about taking your life to the next level.

The fun factor should be there but please make sure that you are filtering the content properly. Also make sure that you are not watching negative, abusive, or sad content, even just for educational purposes only. Why? Because that content is going to subliminally do things with your brain, making you sad and disturbed. Everything that you watch or read stays with you as a memory, so always remember to make good memories only.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. Do let me know your suggestions, comments, and feedback regarding this list of, “worst lifestyle mistakes men make in their 20s”, over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will get back to you guys ASAP.


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