18 Signs You are Toxic to Others (Identify your Negativity)

Hey Guys! How’s everything going? So, in today’s article, we will talk about toxicity. And we shall also try and identify some signs that you are toxic to others.

So Guys, have you ever wondered what it is like to be a toxic person? To be very honest, at times life isn’t as pleasant to us as it should be. And due to a couple of circumstances, we end up becoming the kind of person that we never wanted to be.

We start to develop some negative traits, traits of a toxic person, which then lead to our own downfall. I know what you all are wondering at the moment.

You want to become a positive person. Right? Somebody who is the light in the room, the best personality, whom nobody hates. However, before discussing tips to change yourself, let’s first try and identify ourselves. Shall we?

After all first step of improvement is realization. Guys! Today I will help you all realize whether you are really a toxic person or it’s just overthinking that is making you think that way.

So without any further ado, presenting, Signs that you are toxic to others/Signs you’ve become a toxic person. Let’s get started!

Signs that you are toxic to others/Signs you’ve become a toxic person

Note that: Even if you are seeing these signs in your personality, this does not assure that you are a Hardcore toxic person. Sometimes life is exhausting and due to some negative circumstances, we tend to behave weirdly. These toxic traits can be the result of any of these weird behaviors as well. My goal with today’s article is to help you identify your negativity. And then finally change yourself into a very positive person.

  • You can’t see people achieving more.
  • You are manipulative.
  • The only thing you care about is your own happiness. Thats it.
  • You are Never there for those who are always there for you.
  • You are always disagreeing with others.
  • Nobody can expect emotional support from you.
  • You Love to Gossip.
  • Negativity and Pessimism is a part of your character.
  • You joke about others but don’t let others joke about you.
  • You can’t listen to another possible point of view.
  • Lying. You do this all the time.
  • Nobody stays with you (people tend you leave your company sooner or later).
  • You never say sorry. When you say, you keep highlighting that YOU’VE said sorry.
  • You Blame others for your mistakes.
  • Holding on to the Grudges is one of your favorite things to do.
  • You often become brutal when arguing with a person (verbally).
  • Even your compliments are toxic too.
  • You always judge others.

And thats it. This is the list of signs indicating that you are a toxic person/signs you are toxic to others. Let’s get a little deep into each of these “Toxic person traits”. Shall we?

Gentlemen! Today is all about, “18 Signs You are Toxic to Others (Identify your Negativity)”. Without any further ado, let’s get straight into it. Shall We?

1: You can’t see people achieving more

You can't see people achieving more

Suppose that you are sitting with your friends discussing random things. And all of a sudden a friend of yours point out this recent news about this boy Alex. He has secured this very good position in a multinational company. Great for him, isn’t it!?

But you don’t seem to be much impressed by Alex. In fact, you are trying to convince everybody that why Alex wasn’t a deserving candidate. You, my friend, are explaining how Alex manipulated others and secured the job via cheating.

Leave the situation of Alex aside and tell me about other instances. I’ve seen you doing the same exact thing over and over again. You just don’t like those who achieve more. And thats the reason you’ve always hated somebody who’s made it big. But why is that so? Are you jealous of them? Or are you trying to hide your inferiority by throwing shade at others?

No matter what the case is, What you are doing is a toxic thing to do. This will eventually burn out people around you. Gradually people will identity your negativity and they will start to leave you one by one. Do you want that to happen? Then please stop talking shit about high achievers.

2: You are Manipulative

The next one in the list of signs indicating that you are a toxic person/signs you are toxic to others aka Traits of a Toxic person is, “Manipulation – You are Manipulative”.

This is pure filth. Alright so we can divide this point into two parts.

In the first scenario, the person who you are manipulating (making them do things that they don’t want to do) don’t realize that you are manipulating them. For example, you are using your brainpower to suggest to them things that at the moment they think are the best possible option.

Yes, later in the life they will definitely realise that you were using them for your own good.

In the second scenario, the person who you are manipulating realizes that you are using them, making them do things they don’t want to do, but they are still doing it because

  • They are intimidated
  • They don’t want you to leave

And you are using one or both of these powers to make them do things that they otherwise hate to do. Maybe this is your best friend who wants to add this new fellow into the group but you are not talking to him because you don’t want him to be a part of the squad. And now you are manipulating your best friend in order to stop him from adding this group fellow.

This also happens in relationships. People often make others do things that they don’t want to do but they still do because they don’t want you to leave. This can include changing someone’s point of view or making them cross their boundaries. This is pure toxicity!

3: You care about your happiness only

The next one in the list of Traits of a Toxic Person is “Caring about your own happiness only”.

At times, the things that we do for our happiness might result in someone else’s sorrow. Ok, I do understand that we all should take care of ourselves and our own happiness, keeping our own selves on top of the priority list.

With that being said, a Positive person never lets his happiness come in someone else’s happiness.

Chances are that you are seeking your happiness and while doing so you are directly or indirectly bringing sadness to that other dude. But here comes a question.

What if you don’t know that you are indirectly responsible for someone else’s sorrow?

Guess what? This won’t make you free from all the charges. For sure, this a lighter kind of toxicity because you are unaware of what you are responsible for. With that being said, it may also come under the category of, “You only care about yourself and your eyes are closed when it comes to others”.

So yeah, always keep your eyes open and always make sure that you are not the reason behind somebody’s pain or sadness.

And if you know that someone is suffering because of you and you are alright with that, then you, my friend, are definitely a very toxic person. I mean, you definitely have that, “I don’t care. I am happy and thats the only thing that matters”. Nobody will stay with you for long if you keep doing what you are doing.

4: You are never there for those who are always there for you

You are never there for those who are always there for you

The next one in the list of signs indicating that you are a toxic person/signs you are toxic to others aka Traits of a Toxic person is, “You are Never there for those who are always there for you”.

Being badass or Macho has nothing to do with that, Trust me. I know that some fake gurus have told you to be selfish and don’t care about others at all. They tell you to fuck all the nice person traits. But that isn’t the truth.

Let’s say, this person Ali always helps you when you go to him for advice. When you get into a problem, you know that he is the person who will always help you. He is a great guy and I appreciate his positivity!

But on the other side, you, my friend are always the most toxic one in the Room. Let me explain. Ali came to you because needed advice on this very important issue. And you were barely interested in what he was saying. Now please don’t argue with me and say shit like, “I was really busy that day”, etc.

I’ve seen you doing the same exact thing all the time. Why do you do that? Why would you do this especially to those who are always there for you when you need them?

Do you think this makes you the coolest boy in the college? Nah, Johny. This isn’t the case. Correct yourself and your character as well. And Hey, Do you really want to become a real bad boy? Then check out this very special article that I had written not long ago. It’s all about being the most badass bad boy ever!

Check out: 34 Steps to Become the MOST Badass Bad Boy Around (in just 15 Days!)

5: You never agree to anybody

We all know that one guy who is always pretending as if he knows and everything. And if that person is you, then let me tell you something, “You are a Toxic Person”. Let me elaborate.

Look into your own self and try to identify this mistake of yours.

Has it ever happened that somebody has come to you to share his new idea and you were like, “Hah, this won’t work, …”?

Ok, That one time, you were correct. However, you could have used better words. Because at the end of the day, the words make or break your motivation.

But hey, You do this all the time! I’ve heard this thing about you that you never agree with anybody. You always look for mistakes and loopholes in other people’s points of view and ideas. But why is that so?

  • To prove that you are the only, “Mr. Know it all” in the Room?
  • To demotivate others from achieving big?
  • or some other reason?

What ever the reason is, but this behaviour of yours is very toxic and demotivating

6: You can’t emotionally support anybody

The next one in the list of signs indicating that you are a toxic person/signs you are toxic to others aka Traits of a Toxic person is, “You can’t emotionally support anybody”.

This is similar to Point Number 4 But with a slight difference, worth discussing separately.

So, let’s say this Person Ali comes to you in order to discuss something that is very close to his heart. He is very emotional at the moment and wants to share what is going through, with you. But here is you, listening to him (apparently), however, you are really not interested in the level that you should be.

But thats, not the case all the time. Sometimes you are very interested, but thats when you want to take interest in others. So basically you work according to your own moods only. Maybe you only show your interest when you need that other person or whatever.

This is pure toxicity. You don’t care about someone’s emotions and when you do, it’s not actually you caring about their emotions but kind of feeding your own wants (and desire to listen to someone’s emotions). They will soon realize this and then you will be left alone because that’s exactly what happens to every toxic person in the end.

7: You love to gossip

You love to gossip

Gossiping and talking behind somebody’s back is not a wise person’s trait. Let’s talk more about it.

Alright, so this friend of yours has been sharing something very personal with you recently. Maybe he is heartbroken or whatever. And you, my friend, have been sharing his secrets with others now. I know that you are just talking casually and you are not portraying him badly. But at the end of the day, Do you know what he will feel when will come to know that you are sharing his secrets with others?

He shared these things with you because he trusted you and thought that you won’t share it further. But there you are, the legend of the person, sharing his secrets openly with the public. It is toxicity brother.

It is toxic in both cases. Case 1: Your Friend finds out about this. Case 2: The truth remains hidden from him.

In Case 1, he will lose trust in you, and maybe he finds it hard to trust anybody for some time and it’s all because of you. And In Case 2, No-one but you need to know that what you are doing is not what a gentleman should be doing anyway. Keep their promises and secrets as if they are your own promises or secrets.

8: You are always negative and pessimistic

The next one in the list of signs indicating that you are a toxic person/signs you are toxic to others aka Traits of a Toxic person is, “Negativity and Pessimism”.

Ok, I am not saying that one has to stay optimistic all the time. Staying realistic with a touch of Optimism is what you should aim for (always). However, if you always tend to stay on the negative side of the spectrum, thinking negatively and always coming up with something thats depressing then you, my friend, are a toxic person.

Look, you don’t always have to think bad about somebody directly in order to be a toxic person. Sometimes, it’s just your Vibe that is enough to make someone feel your toxicity. Being around a negative person influences your capabilities and your future goals as well. You start to press down your capabilities and shut down your imagination when you are with a negative person. Do you want that negative person to being you? Then stop being overly pessimistic. Thats are very toxic!

9: You Joke about others but don’t let them joke about you

This is really very Toxic. I’ve seen you making fun of your friends to make the crowd laugh. Maybe you did that to impress somebody. I don’t know the details.

But the thing is, alright, as long as you stayed within the limits and your friend was cool with that, it is probably ok. The Problem starts when that same friend tries to pass a little funny comment on you and you immediately start freaking out.

Why can’t you listen to someone else making fun of you when you feel like it’s ok to make fun of them? Thats really dominating plus toxic at the same time.

They are not your slaves. You both are friends and have equal rights to make jokes about each other. First of all, in my opinion should not be passing comments on your friends when you are sitting in public. This is something that can be acceptable when you are sitting in your squad. Making Jokes about your friend just to make strangers laugh is bad, no matter what. So yeah, that’s it.

10: You can’t listen to other possible point of views

You can't listen to other possible point of views

The next one in the list of signs indicating that you are a toxic person/signs you are toxic to others aka Traits of a Toxic person is, “You can’t listen to another possible point of views”.

I know that you’ve come up with this point of view and perspective after deep research. First of all, Kudos to you for having a firm point of view regarding whatever the thing/situation is.

That said, you need to stay open to another possible point of view as well. Alright, I am not saying that you have to change yours to somebody. But please don’t always negative everybody who has something to say that is different from what you just said, or what you believe.

Listen to them because maybe they are saying something that can improve or add to your knowledge. Thats what results in growth and not what you do all the time, I-e, appreciate those who go by your point of views and go against those who share different perspectives.

11: You are a Liar

Ok so have this point of view that it’s ok to lie about things. I’ve heard you talking the other day with a friend of yours that, sometimes it’s necessary to lie about things or you end up hurting the other person.

This isn’t the case. Why are you doing something in the first place, which if exposed can lead to someone’s sorrow? And due to some reason you’ve done it then be the Man enough to accept that, along with the consequences that come along

Lying isn’t the option as it is going to make the situation worse for you. How? This habit of yours is attaching the label of “Toxicity” with your name. And your close ones will feel exhausted because of you. They know that you are a liar and they have to be with you anyway. But this anyways won’t stay long as they are going to leave you sooner or later. Nobody wants to spend their life with a Toxic person, after all.

12: Nobody wants to stay with you

The next one in the list of signs indicating that you are a toxic person/signs you are toxic to others aka Traits of a Toxic person is, “You are always left alone”.

A clear indication it is, my friend. Chances are that either you are on a very hard track (such tracks often make you lonely) or maybe you are a toxic person who everybody hates.

Why do people hate you? See the above given 11 points and the points that I am going to discuss after the one that you are reading at the moment. And you will find your answer.

But yeah, if everyone thinks that you are hard to be with, you are toxic and very negative, then chances are that you are a toxic person in reality. Accept that as thats the first step towards the change.

13: You never say sorry or when you say, it’s just to highlight the fact that YOU’VE said sorry

You never say sorry or when you say, it's just to highlight the fact that YOU'VE said sorry

First of all, tell me something, why do you never say sorry to people?

You clearly know that it’s your fault but still, you won’t say sorry. You are always trying to find ways to put yourself on the safe side. It shows up, buddy.

And even if you are saying sorry, you do it in such a way that, your acceptance and “sorry” feels lifeless and meaningless. You pretend as if sorry said by you, is such a big deal.

It’s like, you are saying sorry as sort of a favor for the other person. Thats bad and toxic, both at the same time. Have you lost your inner self already? You should always say sorry as if you mean it and not as if you are saying this as a blessing or to favor somebody.

14: You always blame others

The next one in the list of signs indicating that you are a toxic person/signs you are toxic to others aka Traits of a Toxic person is, “You always blame others”.

You never say sorry and that we’ve already discussed. And what’s even worse about you is that you put blame on others for the mess that you’ve made.

And this blame game and not letting yourself feel sorry for your mistakes is what makes you a toxic person. Guess what? You should’ve been careful in the first place and even if you’ve made a mistake. Thats is completely alright!

Why do you always bring your ego in the way of saying sorry? We all are human beings. At times we all can be wrong. You haven’t done something that has never been done by anybody before.

Learn to accept your mistakes. Don’t trap others or blame them for no reason.

15: You Hold on to the Grudges

And as we are talking about mistakes, we shall also not let someone else’s mistakes stay there permanently.

Let’s say this friend of yours done something that you never expected him to do. And now you are always pointing out that little mistake that he made like 2 years ago.

You always make him realize the mistake that he once did in multiple forms. By maybe not inviting him or whenever your mood isn’t pleasant. In short, you are being very toxic toward him.

And it’s just about your relationship with him. It is about your nature and this toxic trait of, “Holding on to the grudges”. This will remain the same for every single person that you are going to have to deal with. And you are going to prove toxic for each one of those.

16: You become brutal in your arguments

You become brutal in your arguments

So you are all about, “Believing only what you think is right”. First of all, thats toxic (we’ve discussed this already). And second of all, I’ve seen you becoming very brutal when it comes to the arguments.

For example, the other day, John and you were arguing about this random topic. And when he opposed you, you started going towards the negative side. You started blaming him for multiple reasons. You were literally pinpointing his personal flaws and his past mistakes as well, which he once shared with you.

This is filthy, humiliating, toxic, and bullying, all at the same time. And you must stop doing this right now or you will be left alone very soon!

17: Being toxic even while giving a compliment

The other day, you gave compliments to this person. It was something like, “You look great today, unlike the other days. Wow!”

This is a compliment and an insult both at the same time. I mean, you’ve made that person feel good but at the same time, you’ve lowered down his morale. Why would you do that?

Do you think, this is cool? Is it trendy?

Do check with your believes Tommy. You must think at least once before picking choosing the words as you never know when even your compliments can also prove to be toxic for somebody!

You could have said, “You look great today!”. And that would have made his/her day. But because of your, “Unlike the other days”, you’ve ruined the entire compliment. You’ve sort of made your compliment toxic as well.

18: You always judge others

You always judge others

And last, but not least in the list of signs indicating that you are a toxic person/signs you are toxic to others aka Traits of a Toxic person is, “Judging others”.

Don’t deduce every single person who passes by you. And please don’t conclude the final results by looking at what a person is doing. You are trained for that and for sure it isn’t your job. Hey! Are you Sherlock or something?

You have no right to judge a book by its cover and talk shit about somebody just because, you believe that apparently, it looks as if someone is guilty or something. Keep your imaginations with your buddy and do try to make yourself better instead of breaking down the facts about someone else’s personality.

And with that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of signs indicating that you are a toxic person/signs you are toxic to others aka Traits of a Toxic Person? I do believe that you can definitely identify the negativity hidden inside of you by going through these steps.

And I will soon release an article talking about How to transform yourself from a Toxic/negative person to a Positive Person. That said, do let me know your thoughts about this article over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi).

This was my take on, “Signs You are Toxic to Others”. And I will see you guys in another one,


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