18 Genius Style Hacks for Plus Sized Guys (Updated!)

World of Fashion is very versatile. You will see a fashion blogger wearing horizontal stripes and recommending it to his followers. On the other hand you will see another Blogger wearing vertical stripes or maybe Big oversized Graphic T-Shirts and calling it the real Style which every body should Follow. So which one is Right and which is Wrong? Gentlemen! Its a very tricky question because Style and Fashion has no limits. Everybody can have their own unique personal style and look great while carrying it. However their are some basic some basic Fashion and Style rules that everyone must follow in order to be called a Stylish Guy.

But if you are oversized and believe that Fashion isn’t your cup of Tea or if you are fed up and want to surrender and quit on style then Wait my Friend because today is your Day. You are super Hot and you know what? Today we are gonna talk some tips and tricks that are gonna make you Look good even if you have some (or more) extra weight on… Some of the them will help you to create an illusion that will make others believe that you are slimmer a bit than what you actually are not…. “18 Clothing Hacks for Plus Sized Guys” So without any further adieu lets get into the Topic.

1: Wear Pants Higher (High or Medium Rise)!

Their is No rocket science in this Point. Ok so Picture this, You are a Chubby guy who is planning to wear this cool new pair of Jeans. Thats great. So you decided to buy dark washed jeans that were according to your Dimensions and Now you are going to try it on. So if you are thinking that what could the right spot where the belt area lies… then you need not to think anymore because your Problem is solved Now!

Wear High Rise or Medium Rise. What it does is that it lets the viewers not see your big fat yet cute bellow… Because let say you are wearing them Low Rise then you know what others are gonna see? Your belly, very clearly…. Now what you can do in opposite is that, “Wear High Rise or Wear Pants Higher… Its because the higher the jean or your Pant is, the higher are the chances that your belly stays hidden and it creates an illusion that the fat is very less on the Mid area where actually you have lots of fat.. So automatically you look Slimmer and a lot more sexier!

2: Wear an Undershirt or Vest!

You might be thinking that you have been told that Wearing more clothes is gonna make you look thicker and more full which means you are gonna be perceived as a lot more big and plus sized However things aren’t like that.. You know what? Ok you might have some sort of Medical condition due to which your chest Fat is more than normal dudes. But if things aren’t that way, and that Chest Fat is nothing but Man Boobs then thats Bad and you need to solve it ASAP! How?

By Wearing Undershirt! Undershirts are designed to be wore under your Flannels or Regular Shirts and even T Shirts. You can also choose to wear a Vest which does the same Job. What it does is that it presses those Man Boobs and gives an illusion that they aren’t that much prominent. So when you wear a Shirt on top of your Vest or Undershirt you appear Sexy like Other dudes who do not have Man Boobs.

3: Layering is the Key!

layering is an art to hide love handles and Man boobs

When i say that Layering can make anybody Look Sexy then trust me My Friend i am not lying at all Because those Flannels on Top of your regular T Shirt always look 10/10… It gives you that instant Cool Vibe which makes you look super attractive. Now lets say you are worried about the fact that Layering might end up in making you look even More bulkier then You need to keep in mind just one thing… “Make sure that you are layering Thiner fabric Stuff”..

Choose the T shirt made out of a Thin Fabric and on top of that wear Flannels which are also not Thick And in case of jackets i would recommend that you avoid wearing jackets that make you look wide like let say Bomber Jackets… Instead you can go for light weight Leather jacket or suede jacket as well which is more structured hence gives you more definition which you are lacking due to that Belly of yours or i don’t know fat pilled up on different areas of your Body..

The Number # 1 Reason i recommend layering to all the Plus Sized guys out there is that it does a great job in hiding those Love handles and Man boobs as well. Like let say you are rocking some Regular T Shirt and that on its own is looking good on you.. But hey! Whats that? Those Love handles and Man Boobs are prominent and things are getting worst Now… What to do to solve this problem? Its simple. Throw on some Nice pair of Leather jacket or Flannels that Fit you Right and thats it.. you my friend are ready to rock it.

4: Colour and Patterns!

Look Gentlemen its all about illusion.. You will see dudes who are short and just by using some style tricks they make themselves able to Look taller and their is no rocket science behind it. Just simple and quick to apply style tricks and you are gonna see instant results. Same is the case here. No matter How much bulkier you are.. by using style tricks you can also be able to look a bit slimmer and attractive.

Talking about Colours then first of All.. “Black” Wear Black my Friend. I can tell you how much i love this colour and How much it can add up to your sexiness, it just blows my mind all the times.. The magic of this colour and how instantly it can turn into a super sexy Stud… Well.. the key is to wear darker colours.. Navy Blue, Black, grey (Darker Shade), Dark brown, Olive Colour, Dark green, etc… These are the colours that are gonna grab somehow dissolve your Bulky physique in them and overall you are gonna look less Chubby..

However if you wear Brighter colours then you are gonna notice that you look more big… and its not just for chubbier guys.. If you are a body builder and want to expose your physique a little bit more than You should wear Brighter colours because they make your physique more prominent and thats what Bulkier Guys should avoid..

Talking about the next part, Patterns.. Yeah i know that those Patterns do look very Nice However you need to make sure that you # 1: You aren’t wearing shirt with too much prominent Patterns and # 2: Patterns are not Horizontal..

What are you trying to show by wearing those Big patterns? I mean do you want to draw their attention to the mid section where all of your weight Lies? No, not at all.. What! Are you kidding me.. Throw off all those Shirt my friend and instead go for shirts with more minimalist and shorter patterns…

Go for shirts with thin stripes which are Vertical.. Because it gives an illusion to the viewer that you don’t have that much of a extra Belly, actually flattening your physique and giving that elongated Kinda feel.. On the other hand, Horizontal Stripes makes you appear Wider and you don’t want that at all, Right?

5: Rugged Shoes!

My Brother! These Sleek and properly made minimalistic shoes, those Classier ones aren’t gonna do any good to you because you have that Cute chubby mass all over your Body and those Shoes are going to make you look even more Big and unbalanced.. And you don’t want to mess with the Symmetry.

Instead go for Boots, Chelsea Boots and More of like Jordan Snickers, yeezys and stuff like that. What you wanna avoid here is that you don’t want your shoes to look super sleek as i mentioned above as well. And for that reason Boots work the best or Snickers.. but make sure that you aren’t wearing those Nike or Puma Snickers.. One that are super flat Which takes me to the Next Part which is..

Shoes with a little bit of heels. Gentlemen, i hate shoes with Heels and i am sure that you and i share the same feeling but ALAS! They can be highly beneficial for those Who are Shorter or Bulkier. Because you know what? Height has a lot to do with your Overall appearance.. Ok.. let me explain..

A person who is bulkier and is short appears more bulkier and more short as well.. however if somehow the same person becomes taller than the weight gets divided more into the whole body which causes an illusion to the viewer that you are slightly less Bulkier and thats what we want.. So the next time you are going for shoe shopping i recommend that you go for the ones with a bit of heels.

6: Fitting Matters a Lot!

This is something that is super obvious not for just for the Bulkier guys but Every guy out there. Fitting matters.. And it does matters a lot. I haven’t seen any good looking and stylish Guy wearing baggy clothes and same is the case on the flip side.. You are not supposed to be Looking like a sausage in those Pants… So whats the appropriate fit for the Plus sized dudes?

Pants should Fit nice and smooth.. No.. Slim fit and Skinny aren’t for you.. You can go for straight fit or Regular fit jeans slightly tailored so that they hug your legs slightly. Taking about ankles then your jeans must be tapered from that area but again don’t go too much tapered because else your legs are gonna appear like cups on that area…

Slim Fit Shirts are what you should wear.. But again make sure they are not too much tight because your Bulk is gonna be prominent and you don’t want that at all.. I recommend that you go for a Large Size of Slim Fit or buy shirt in Large size and get it tailored according to your Body proportions..

7: Don’t Tuck in!

What are you doing my Friend? Why are you tucking in that Shirt? You are going on a date and wanna look really poised and elegant? Well! That tuck in is not gonna make YOU look poised and elegant because it is gonna make sure that your Belly appears as much as it can.. How?

Your aim while dressing should be to take as much attention away from your Mid area as possible but when you tuck in your Shirt what you are actually doing is that you are grabbing everybody’s attention towards your Belly and that ultimately is gonna make you look Big and Plus Sized and we don’t want that Right..

Instead buy shirts that fit you Right. Build up your Style on the basis of untuck shirts. Get them tailored according to your Proportions, that way you are gonna look stylish as well as less Bulky. Now comes the question.. “Where should your shirt end?” It should end at your Mid crotch section, Longer than that is gonna make you look extra Bulky and Shorter than that it gonna make you look bad as well.

8: Collar!

Talking about Collar then you should Buy shirts with Bigger collars because hey do you want to Look like a Giant? or the guy with Disproportional dressing sense? i am sure you don’t want any of that.. The thing is when you are wearing the clothes that fit you right and the collar is not customised and is just left as it is then it gonna make your neck appear bigger and your face to appear more big and that is not cool at all..

What Bigger Collars do is that they cover your Face properly and thus giving out an illusion to the viewer that your face is slimmer than the actual size of it. Straight Collars are better than Those which are not that much structured and defined.. The key ingredient is same.. Definition….

You want a certain definition in your Shirt and that can not achieved with an unstructured collar.. Those Loose and Rough Collars are gonna do no good to you.. I know that here we are going a little bit too detailed but it is what it is.. We wanna focus on every small detail and when we take care of all of these details and when all of those combine, they show up as a massive improvement.

9: Take the Attention Away!

Gentlemen.. What if i told you that the secret to looking slimmer lies in your Ability to take the attention of audience away from your Mid area? What would you do then? Of course you would try to find out all those tricks and hacks that could be useful in taking the attention away… Don’t you worry my friend because your boy Nyazi has got your back!

First in the List is Pocket Square! A Style gadget that can instantly add up a classy touch to your overall outfit and personality as well. Use pocket squares of different colours and try to match them with your Shoes or Maybe belts as well But the key here for all those Chubby brothers out there is “Add Pocket square to your Outfit”… What it does is that it takes the attention of the audience away from the mid area to itself and thats what we want..

Roll Up your Sleeves! Their is No second option when we talking about rolling up those Sleeves.. Gentlemen.. Everybody knows that rolling up the sleeves can make any guy instantly 10 times more hotter and thats not just for the dudes with Sexy physiques only.. All of the bulky dudes out there can make use of this as well because rolling up the sleeves is a great way to actually taking the attention of the audience away from the mid section and again.. thats what we want..

Accessories Will Definitely Help! Yes they will surely… They will help in giving a whole new dimension to your overall outfit and i have talked about this before as well that no matter how boring your outfit is, just by adding a couple of accessories you can instantly make that outfit super Sexy and interesting! For all those Big and Plus Sized dudes out there, i recommend that you go for slightly bigger and prominent accessories, maybe go for a watch with bigger dial or bracelet that is much prominent, etc

Shirts with Chest Pockets and epaulettes! They add a definition and thats what we need. A little bit more structure and texture… You know what those Chest pockets are gonna do? Those buttons and those pockets are gonna make your Man boobs appear less as well as they will play a great role in diverting audience’s attention. So the next you are going for shopping do remember that instead of Simple casual shirts, go for those with epaulettes and Chest pockets and are slim fit as well.

10: Wear Lighter Fabric Clothing!

Do you want to wear bulkier and thick fabric clothes that make you look even more bulky and Chubby? Certainly the answer of yours will be “No” and i don’t want you to do it… Jeans that are super thick are gonna make your thighs appear big as well and they are big enough already. Instead i recommend that you choose to go for jeans with just one layer .. i mean thin pair of jeans if you find any and if you are unable to find it then go for cotton pants or Chinos and get them tailored to regular fit and appropriate size according to you!

Same is the case with Shirts and Jackets.. Go for shirts with Lighter fabric… And if you are wondering what to do in winters then you can either go for leather jacket or suede jacket that is thin… Don’t buy those big bulky over sized hoodies they look good on no body.. Guys you need to take extra care of your style in order to look good because of that weight you have put on..

11: Don’t Stuff your Pockets!

Your Pockets aren’t supposed to be stuffed with things because their is not room for it gentlemen.. Yeah i know that its cool to put in your Wallet and mobile in your back pocket or side pocket.. Its quite manly to do it sometimes, however it is what it is.. Their is no space for any extra thing to fit in.. And you want that You need to get that Fat removed from your Legs to make them Look sexy and then you can put in your wallet or whatever.

man bags look sexy

But here i would wanna say one more thing When you can buy a Man bag? Man Bags are super cool. You can put your charger, wallet, headphones and other such stuff in there. It makes you look cool, organised and well managed sending out the vibe that you are One gentlemen of a Guy Which makes you 2 times more attractive. who doesn’t want that?

12: Correct Posture!

Your Body has a Language of its Own and no body can deny the power of it. Correct posture can project confidence, inner strength and can make any Guy super attractive.. Correct posture represents a strong and manly character and you want that anytime of the day… Stand straight, shoulders back and chest out.. what else you need? Gentlemen YOU are Now Looking Super sexy!

Walk with confidence, Don’t you worry whether someone is gonna judge you or not for this but you need to walk openly as if you are the best.. What if you are over weight? Don’t you worry gentlemen you are just healthy and a little bit Chubby. Thats completely Ok! Have you heard that just by correcting your posture you can add up to your Height by 1-2 inches? Thats how much important correct Posture is so gentlemen what are you waiting for? Adapt to the better posture from Right Now and you are gonna experience a drastic change in your overall image.

13: Sports Jackets and Blazers!

sports jacket thatwowman.com

No one can deny the amount of sexiness sports jackets and Blazers are gonna add up to your overall outfit and your personality as well. They make you look managed, poised and elegant and i recommend everyone to make use of them.. But again its all about the Right Fit… And again for all my chubby and plus sized brothers out there i would recommend that instead of going for a leather jacket or bomber jacket to layer on the T shirt or dress shirt, instead go for a Nice fitted Blazer because it is much more symmetrical and structured. I have told about the power of structure and symmetry above as well in the initial points and same is the case here.

But their are some rules that you must consider before purchasing a Blazer or Dress Jacket or Sports jacket.. Number # 1: Always purchase the one with Lower stance (stance is the place where the buttons start).. Lower is the stance more it will be able to create an illusion that you are slimmer and thats what we want right…

Number # 2: If its a Blazer with a Zipper or even a Jacket then make sure that you close the Buttons of Zipper, whatever it has.. Again its all about hiding what you are hiding inside of it…

Number # 3: If you have been a fan of Sports jackets and Blazers then you might have heard about the Kinds of it as well. Double breasted and Single breasted… I recommend for all the big dudes that they should go for Single breasted jacket because again you don’t want to pile up more mass because it is just gonna make things even more worst.

Final Words: The main reason i recommend every dude out there to wear a Dress jacket or a coat is that it has strong shoulders which plays a role in creating that V-Shape widening your chest and shoulder area thus making your Belly area recessive which means that you are gonna look slightly less fat.

14: T Shirts and Polos!

Deep V Necks are something that I recommend only for Super Fit and aesthetic guys who are like at least 9/10 with respect to their Physique. However for the rest of us all, Deep V necks are a Big No and talking about Bulky and Plus Sized dudes, V necks on their own are a Big No! Because again, You don’t want to welcome audience’s attention to the mid area and V-Neck is gonna do just that..

However on the Flip Side, Crew Neck is something that is gonna make things better and make you look more covered and hence neutralising the Mid section, so audience doesn’t has to focus on the Mid area..

Now coming towards the Polo Shirts… Personally i am a big fan of these T shirts because they add up so much definition to your regular T shirt and trust me Guys anyone can look good while wearing a Polo Shirt. To be more precise, wear Polos with Collars more defined and again Fit matters.. Don’t go for extra Slim fit and also don’t choose the baggier ones.. With respect to colours, Black again will be the best however you can always go for any darker colour and it will look great on you.

Now their is this one thing that i am not a big fan off personally but its my Duty to put forth everything that i find to sit under a Topic. Graphic Tees or Logo Tees.. One that have design on them, Graphics actually. They tend to do the same Job.. Taking attention away from your Mid section by grabbing all the attention towards themselves..

But Hey! I don’t want you to purchase Logo tees which have lots and lots of Graphics and design on them Because remember you have to grab audience attention and Not make them cringe while looking at you…

15: Suspenders!

I have talked about Suspenders in a Whole another Article before as well where i have discussed the importance of wearing suspenders and How you can make use of them to Take your sexiness to whole another Level! And i am here again talking about them under another topic and i am proud of this gadget more than you will ever imagine!

Suspenders, These structured stripes that gets connected to your Pants and Hold your Shirt intact without wearing a Belt. For all those Chubby Guys, Suspenders can be something that can instantly take their Style game from a 3/10 to 6/10 in no time.. Because of the fact that suspenders gives an illusion that they have contained your belly, that mid section in them and anything that can be contained within something is recessive and recessive things aren’t Big and Bulky so There you go… This is the same science that works behind a Straight and Big collar.. The only difference is that a Good collar can contain your Face within whereas suspenders do the same thing with your mid section.

16: Don’t Wear Belt Super Tight!

That Belt of Yours, You know what? It is playing a vital role in exposing your Chubby physique. How? You wear it super tight right? because i know for a fact that Big dudes always have a problem purchasing pants of their size and here we suppose that you are facing the same problem and wearing belt tight might be a part of the solution.. It can cause 2 problems, Number # 1: It is gonna make you crotch area very weird.. as if your D#$k is standing all the times as if their is air filled in that or whatever …. It looks very inappropriate and Number #2: it is gonna lift your Belly Up thus collecting all that mass on top of your Pants and the end result is a Pile of Fat jumping here and there while you walk…. And you don’t want any of these Right?

So What i recommend is that wear belt lose. Buy pants that are of your Size go to the tailor to get the waist of the pants tailored as well that way you will not have this Right belt problem..

17: Grow a Beard!

Let Say you have somehow corrected everything that you were able to do in order to Look good while being Plus sized. You have your Pants tapered, Shirts fitted. In short everything is on point. But if your Face isn’t looking leaner and Slimmer then everything is gonna go in vain because face and grooming is something that is going to attract audience on the first place.

If you have hair growing out wildly then you need a proper haircut, one that elongates your face.. Choose your hairstyle according to your Face shape. Coming towards the Beard then again you need it to be trimmed properly and for all the chubby dudes out there i recommend that you grow your beard out from the Chin area.. What it does is that it elongates your Face which at the moment is Completely round and definition-less, giving an illusion that you have more of a Elongated face.

18: Comfortable, Cheap and Confidence!

This is my favourite one among all of the Tips. Comfortable, Cheap and Confidence! This is the key scale on the basis of which you should go to shopping. Buy clothes that make you feel comfortable.. I don’t want you to buy clothes that don’t make you feel comfortable and you are just buying it cause all those aesthetic dudes wear them.. Nah! You are different and you are sexy the way you are. You don’t need to copy them as it is to look sexy…

Comfortability means Confidence.. Because i haven’t seen anybody who is not comfortable wearing something and still come out as a Confident Stud!…. Plus always buy Cheap clothing.. Now here let me clear my words… “Buy cheap clothes, not cheap quality clothes”.. I don’t want you to buy hype beasts kind of stuff.. No extra spending or anything like that.. instead save that money to buy more and more items, the essentials to complete your wardrobe that is built super intelligently using the above mentioned 17 tips!

With that being said, i here conclude today’s topic “18 Style Hacks for the Plus Sized Guys”.. I hope that you will use these tips to improve your style as well. Which one of these Hacks you find most useful? Do let me Know in comments down below 👇🏻


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