20 Things a Man Should Never Do with His Money (Irreversible Damage!)

Gentlemen! I Hope You all are Doing Good. In case You are wondering what you should be doing in these social distancing days then I have a Suggestion for You. I’ve compiled a list for You Guys in which I’ve discussed a couple of things that You can do during this Pandemic. These will make sure that you stay Productive and Active and they won’t put much burden on your shoulders so I definitely recommend you Guys to give it a read later (22 Things to Do While Social Distancing!). Alright, So what according to You Are the things that a Man should never do with His Money?

Wasting it on Useless Things? Not Saving enough of it? What Else? Don’t you worry Gentlemen, You need not to think about it Much because your brother has got you covered. Guys, today we will be discussing a couple of things that a Man should Never do with this Money. But before getting into that, I want to talk a little about Money and Why it is super important for every Man to Make good Amount of it.

You need Money to Spend on yourself, to improve your Skin (by eating healthy and buying Good quality Skincare products), to Improve the quality of your hair (Diet + Products), to Buy Good Clothes (Quality clothes, Not specifically the expensive ones), to support your family and in general to Live and Peaceful Life.

Spoiler Alert: An entire article talking about Money and Why A Gentlemen Should be making Good Amount of Money will be out soon.

So are you ready to find out about those 20 Things that I picked for you guys?, things have the Power to Potentially ruin your peaceful Life?, things that you should avoid if you want to live a Financially stable Life? Gentlemen, These are the, “20 Things a Man Should Never Do with His Money (Irreversible Damage!)”. So without any further ado, lets get straight into it. Shall we?

Dealing with Friends

Hey! I know that Ali is your best friend and I know that He sure will give you the money that you need Right Now. But guess what? I will recommend you to not ask Him for money. Why? Alright, So Let’s say due to some reason You fail to return the Payment on the Date you guys mutually decided. What Now?

Chances are, by that time Ali also needs money and for that reason He might say some harsh words to you to get his money back or He may call You again and again asking for his Money Back. And this whole thing can lead up to a fight between you two and worst case scenario, You may end up losing your Friend.

And even if the return date isn’t arrived yet, Still, maybe the behavior of your friend changes towards you or maybe You start feeling little things. I mean, Brain can quickly take things on the negative side even if they are not, right?

On the Flip side, Let’s say You are the one who is giving Money, Well, if you can give him as much time as he wants then Ok But if you are also on a tight budget, then I will recommend You to not lend him any money and instead help him out by finding ways to get him the amount he needs. He might get hurt a little in the start but your friendship will not be affected in the Long run, whereas on the flip side, once the transaction is made, your friendship is on stake. If you Ask me personally, I will recommend you to never let Money get in between your friend. If both of you guys agree on not a specific date and You won’t mind delaying it, then Its ok, otherwise, Umm, No! Not a good idea.

Buying an Expensive Vehicle

I am looking at You my friendAhmed. How much Money have You got in your bank account at the moment? $14000? Good. What? Which car are you going to purchase? This Brand New “A” which costs $13500”? Why? I mean, It will take up almost your entire savings.

Alright, I know that You wanted to buy this car so bad But guess what? You can buy a much cheaper vehicle and that will be Ok. Something that costs, $2000? Get a Motorbike! Or a Mini car! I don’t know. Hey! I don’t want you to spend all of your money on some stupid vehicle which in-fact is a liability. Is it over Now with the expenses? No! Regular workshop checkups, Insurance, maintenance, Fuel, etc.

Except all those Hybrid and these electric technology cars, all of the expensive cars are full on money eaters. You have to pay a huge amount for the fuel on regular basis and what will you do when all the money in your bank account will end? You will have to take credits to bear the expenses of your car? OMG! I can’t even imagine that time. Taking loans and taking money from somebody is one of the biggest liabilities you can ever have on your shoulders. Stay away from it.

Alright, this one I learnt from My Boy Jaspreet at “Minority Mindset” (https://youtu.be/BkCmAfliYlM). He always talks about this:

“If you can buy 5 if them? Then You can afford 1 of them”

Guys, That’s how you calculate your affordability. Spending on expensive stuff and then their maintenance is not something that a Money Savage would do. Are you not a Money Savage? You are! Right? Then Pick a Budget vehicle. It will cost you less upfront plus the maintenance cost will also be much less. So its a win-win.

Buying Cigarettes and Alcohol

Smoking and Alcohol is Bad

I can not stress enough on the Harmful effects of Alcohol and How it can Dehydrate your skin and ultimately destroy that handsome face of yours. What about Smoking? It is yet again, one of the worst things you will ever try and one of the worst habits You can ever end up developing as it causes many skin, hair, heart problems, Cancer and countless other bad stuff which you don’t want to get into.

“A man Should never buy Cigarettes and Alcohol with His Money (or with anybody else’s money)”. I mean, it will get you addicted and then you will find yourself buying more of it again and again and again.

You will get your Money burnt along with your handsomeness. So what actually you got from all of this? Skin, hair, heart, Lung Problems? And add a whole lot of Money into all of these problems. The Money that You could have invested in a Working business or something tangible that would have earned you decent amount of profits. So yeah, quit Smoking plus Alcohol and Save your Money. Trust me you wanna save it for later.

Buying Cheap Clothes

Gents, I know that You have developed this Money saving Mindset which keeps Telling you to Not spend money buying expensive clothes. But what If I told you that the cheap clothes that you Plan on Buying are not gonna last you for a long time. In-Fact, In the longer run you will have to pay a lot more money because these cheap clothing items will die soon.

Instead You should invest in Good quality Timeless Essential Clothing items because getting good quality essentials means that you can easily pass 3-4 years with them which is really Good when you count look at the return on your investment in the Longer run. So yeah, invest in Good quality clothing pieces because they tend to stay in good conditions for a longer period of time.

More on Clothing that you will definitely find Useful:

Buying an Online Course

Guys, Online Courses are Great and I am nobody to Point finger on any of those Online Gurus. What I am trying to say is that as a Consumer, being somebody who always tries to stay money efficient, I would never purchase an online course, especially in 2020, when everything is available online for Free.

Do you want to make Money online? Search on Youtube and list down some practical ways and then start working on them. Do You want to learn Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom? Search on Youtube and You will find some of the best creators showing you How to use these softwares and guess what? Watching a Youtube Video takes no Penny out of your Pocket.

A Man should never purchase an Online course from His money unless He is 100% sure that what He is buying is something he can not get from anywhere else. In that situation, given that How bad you need that information, maybe its Ok to make the purchase. However I am sure that 99.9% of the times situation will not be like that. Remember, work hard as it is the only way to learn a Skill. Secret to Money Making course most of the time won’t make you Rich.

Faking it

Yes! We all are guilty of this. We all (I did it) Pretended atleast once in our life to be rich when actually we were not even close to that. Guys, It will do no good to your personal image, instead, it will increase your expenses and then You might have to take a loan to maintain your fake lifestyle.

Buying expensive clothes, car, regular things that You can get way cheaper otherwise, just to show others that You can afford all of that is Always a Bad idea. I mean, for how much time can a Person be successful pretending to be someone who he isn’t? Guys! Your truth will be revealed soon and then you will be left with nothing but people looking at you and laughing. Please don’t get your cheeks red by slapping them. If You can’t afford it without putting yourself in Pain or mental stress then do not buy it, no matter what it is. Save money, invest, get return and then When you feel like you are Now capable enough to (based on the Jaspreet’s Principle) then go for it!

Grocery Shopping on an Empty Stomach

Empty Stomach Grocery Shopping

Gentlemen! I’ve heard You. I can hear it out clear what You are trying to say. I know that You are hungry and You’ve planned to eat once you are done doing the grocery shopping with your wife, mother or Sister. Alright, but what If I told you that You might pick up a thing or two from the Snacks corner and that might lead to You picking up the whole box which is not only bad for your sexiness but for your budget as well.

Think about it. You have made a list of items that You plan on Buying and while being in the store, due to your hunger you had to eat stuff and that lead to adding much more in your Grocery cart which means that you now have to pay more than what you thought you would pay in the Store which means that You Now have to spend less money on something else to Balance the equation or else you might end up saving less money at the end. Do you want that to happen? Then never go to Grocery store hungry or unprepared as just by taking care of this You can add up a lot in your savings.

Emotional Buying

Gentlemen! I know that you are a soft hearted person who sometimes gets touchy, emotional and moved. It’s completely alright as These are the emotions we all have to go through in our life but things Start Going in the wrong direction when you let your emotions control your decision making.

Alright, Gentlemen, the thing is, we see a lot of ads on the daily basis and if you start reacting to all of them and start buying the products that they’re showing then at the end of the day you will be left with a very Less amount of money in your bank account.

You should have the ability to control your emotions and not let them take over you. Let the mind do its Job. You’ve seen something that has affected You? Cool! Do Not forget that once you’ve invested your hard earned money in it, the Money is gone, not coming Back. So at-least think about it for a second time and question yourself, “Is this purchase worth enough? Am i getting enough value in return?” If Yes then Go for It. Otherwise, No, because this is something, A Man of Intelligence would never do with his Money.

Buying Expensive Items

Well, Their is nothing bad in buying expensive stuff. In-Fact I myself am a Fan of Buying expensive things that come With a Decent amount of Value. So Let’s say You’ve decided to Buy this really expensive product. Cool.

Guys, below is a list of questions that You should ask yourself and If The answer comes out as a “No” then I don’t know about You but a Wise and Intelligent Man will never Buy that thing. The Questions Are:

  • Do you actually need it? How badly you need it?
  • Is it worth the Price tag?
  • Can You buy it somewhere else for a better Price?
  • Are you getting a Good deal buying it Now or you can wait some time to get s better deal on it?
  • If it is intended for Pleasure then Will You at-least get the same amount of enjoyment in return for what You are paying for?

Unplanned Expenditures

“I don’t know where My Money goes every single month. I will get my Paycheck after 10 days but what will I do until then?” And this would have never happened if you had already made a list of expenses and areas where you need to spend your Money On in the Given month.

Guys, this is very important because if you manage to count your expenses and then assign the appropriate amount of money to all of these expenses while taking some cash out to save it, to invest in the Future then this is something that you are going to be thankful for to yourself. And yes, If you are not capable of Doing this on your own then you can always take help from a financial advisor or ask somebody who is Good at dealing with the money.

Paying without Bargaining

Negotiating and Bargaining

Please, if you are somebody who is a strict believer of the mindset that a Man should never negotiate then I am sorry to say but you are wrong because guess what? If you end up saving $5 just by trying to save up $8-9 then whats bad in it? You can then use these extra $5 to buy other items and in the end, with the help of bargaining, you might end up getting a discount on other stuff too.

Guys, do you think bargaining and negotiating makes you look cheap and stupid? No! Things get nasty when you bargain to the extreme limits and offer $2 to someone who wants to sell his item for $100. Thats bad but overall negotiation, if done right, can save you a good amount of money which You can then save to buy something good for your hair or skin or whatever. It makes You Look intelligent and attractive as well. Being a good negotiator is super Attractive and I want you to be the one.

Useless Expenses

Alright, so for this one I want you to analyze your daily life and look for things You are fine even if you do not have them. Like, you can always get yourself a Coffee from a Local Store or maybe you can Get yourself a cup of Coffee at Home as well that is made with the Coffee blender that you purchased on a Discount.

These Small things that we do thinking that, “Ahh, This is not even a purchase” add up to make a big amount. These exactly are the things a should never do with this Money. A man should save it up and look for alternatives that won’t affect the quality of their lifestyle and at the same time save him quite a bit of Money. Its because he knows that you get big bucks only when You know the art of collecting pennies.

Buying an Expensive Watch, Unless

A Man should never do this with His money. Buying an expensive watch in the first Place, Ok, Let’s Say you always wanted to buy an this super expensive watch. Maybe you love watches and want to collect a couple of them to add to your watch collection. Now that You believe you are earning enough money and Its ok to reward yourself with one of those expensive watches then why Not?

And Who am i to stop you? But their is this one advise that I would like to give you. its that. Consider Buying an expensive watch that You can sell at the same price or more as that way you are actually getting yourself an asset which You can use and when you want, you can sell it to get a profit out of it. I know that sooner or later chances are that You might lose the charm that You use to see in this watch when you bought it. And that’s the reason I want you to buy watches that you can then sell for good price in the future If You want to.

Buying Trendy Items

Until and Unless you are deeply in love with your oversized trendy shirts, you should Never Buy them. And same goes for almost all of these Hype beast clothing items that everyone suddenly start buying. Prices for these items are usually very high and Value that You get in return is a lot Low.

I am 100% sure that most of these trendy items are gonna lose their charm very soon and then you will realize that You should’ve never made this purchase in the first Place. An attractive and intelligent Man would never do this with his Money. And I am damn sure that you will never blindly purchase trendy items just because of their Hype.

Credits and Loan

Credits and Loan

I have personally gone through this Stage and I can assure you that their comes a stage when You have to repay the Money you owe to the Creditor which at the Moment you are unable to and he is calling you again and again, threatening you. That my friend is not a good situation to be in.

So Yeah, try your best to not take a loan from anybody. Use what you have and earn more to get what You want but do not take help from somebody who is giving it on a short return date especially. Its Because I know for a fact that most of the time a person has to go through a lot to give back the creditor’s money and An intelligent man would never would never do this in the first Place. Giving extra to the creditor just because you want to Buy some shit that You saw an Ad of, is something a man would do with his money.

Stocks, Forex Signals, etc

If you are a regular Youtube surfer then I am sure that You’ve seen those ads in which these Gurus try to tell You How easy it is to make money via day trading and How by purchasing signals you can easily make $500 per day every single day (after purchasing their course, of course).

Hey! Listen to me. Do you have an experience in this field? Do You really believe that you have enough background knowledge of trading and investing in stocks? Are you doing this because you have been told that is it going to make you a millionaire in just a month?

Think about it for a little. If these gurus would have known all these so called secrets to trading then why would they expose it? Its all about trapping people to get them to buy their courses and services and that’s exactly what a Man should never do with his Money!

Buying a Disputed Property

Gentlemen! I know that the property dealer has told you an amazing story about this Gorgeous Looking land where you can build yourself a nice restaurant which will then earn you 6 figures per month. Cool, but How? I mean what about the papers? What? The papers are incomplete? Red flags everywhere Guys.

Chances are that the Dealer is trying to attract your attention towards this disputed property and combine that with the inside voice that says, “Its a Steal! By Investing a little you will become a Millionaire. Go for it!”. I don’t know, chances of success are quite low and even if you end up somehow winning in the end why taking such a huge risk to buy some sort of illegally claimed property when you can pay some extra money to get a Nice property which is 100% legal?

Schemes and Pay to Earn Scams

Guys, I’ve been working online for about 5 years Now and since then I’ve come across various types of Scams. Their are Self-Proclaimed Gurus that promise You a stable million dollar income if you buy their $470 course. Open up your eyes. All they want are their sales. Guys they want you to buy their expensive courses that claim to teach you To become a millionaire but in reality they are selling you the generic knowledge which is already available on the Internet for Free.

And then comes the type of Scams where the person wants You to pay them some money to get into this network where you will be shown ads which will then earn you Money. Have you ever heard about the Freelance scam? Where They want you to Pay some money to get into their so called Gold Club. They make you believe that once you will pay the amount that they want you to Pay, you will get a high Paying Job (or You will become a High ticket closer) Total Garbage! A Man should never do this with his Money.

(Do You want me to make a complete guide where I list down all the possible scams that a Beginner comes across? Do let me know about it at my instagram (@worldofnyazi)).

Keeping Your Money

Keeping your Money

Guys, Do you know that the Value of Money Decreases every year? Which means that If you are keeping your money with You instead of Buying something tangible (which is not going to lose its value at-least) then You My friend need to think about this whole thing once again.

Invest in Gold, or some Land. Its value is obviously is going to see a incline in resulting in an almost guaranteed profit. Still want to keep Your money saved in the banks or in your mom’s locker? Well, an intelligent man would never do this with his Money. So Yeah, choice is Yours. Do You want to see your money getting devalued or You want to make profit out of it?

Do Not Take Money Advice from a Loser

I am sorry. Lets not call that somebody a Loser. A-Not-that-successful-Man-who-thinks-he-knows-it-all. How about this Name? Are you comfortable giving off your money to a person famous for his great decisions when it comes to money? or You will invest with the willingness of A-Not-that-successful-Man-who-thinks-he-knows-it-all? I will go with the former every single time. What about You?

And with that being said, I here conclude today’s article, “20 Things a Man Should Never Do with His Money”. So what is Your take on this? Do you have some more things to add into the list? Send me a Message at my instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will get back to you ASAP.


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