26 Etiquette Rules for a Modern-Day Gentleman (Modern Manners Part 1)

Brothers! I hope you all are Doing Good. So Today I am about to share with you a List of Classy Manners (as the title Suggests), Some Etiquette Rules that We seem to forget nowadays. This is Part 1 of the Etiquette Series.

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So the Inspiration for today’s Article was the Trailer of The King’s man (Manners Maketh Man). The Trailer was released just about a couple of months ago and Damn, It was a Banger. The movie is yet to release (the predicted date of release is 2021) but People are already Going Crazy about it. And We all know very well, the Significance of Kingsman When it comes to Style and Fashion.

The Revolution in the Gentleman’s Fashion World that was introduced by the Kingsman is a Topic of its own. People Love the Way Men are shown in that Movie. It had all of what could ever be idealized by a Man. Class, Calmness, Manliness and Not to Mention Unlimited amount of Sexiness in the Form of Maturity in the Characters.

With that being said, Time has Changed Now, and with the change in time and our way of thinking, comes a new Question on the Surface Level. What are the Manners for the Modern World? or Do we have an Etiquette Guide for a Modern-Day Gentleman? that he can look at, learn, and get inspired?


I’ve done my research and I’ve found a Bunch of Articles, Teaching you about Manners and Etiquettes that You all should in your Character in order to Get yourself Known as a “Modern Day Gentleman”. But Guess what? You do not Find a Complete Etiquette Guide. An Entire Freaking (Pardon Me) List of 26 Etiquette Rules for a Modern-Day Gentleman. A-List of Classy Manners that Every Man should be aware of.

And I guarantee You that If You Prepare yourself to Learn these Simple and Easy to adapt set of Etiquette Rules, Your Attractiveness, Manliness, Hotness, Personality Score and Not to Mention Class Level will reach 10x Above what it is at the moment.

With that being said, Let’s put everything aside and get right into the Article. Gentlemen! The title of the Post is, “26 Etiquette Rules for a Modern-Day Gentleman (Classy Manners)”. And without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Etiquette Rules: #1: Eat as if you are a Pro At it

Etiquette Rules #1: Eat as if you are a Pro At it

When You are at Your Home, with no one around You then However you wanna eat, You can. You wanna Not use All the utensils? Alright. You don’t want to Use multiple Plates? Ok. Do Whatever you wanna Do But make sure that You are developing a Habit around it. Let me explain.

What Happens is that when We Do Something Over and Over again that makes us feel comfortable and Relaxed then We tend to Become lazy in that Domain. We start to Not put in any effort to maybe increase our Productivity or as in this case, “Decency”. And that’s exactly what you see Men, be it your Friends or Family Members.

We are so already comfortable eating without washing our hands, taking care of the Plates, Utensils, Fork, Knife, and Spoon, using Just one of these for all the Purposes. We just don’t want to Upgrade and Actually Learn How to Eat Like a Gentleman.

You see People talking about How to Dress Like a Gentleman, How to Talk like a Gentleman and even, How to Walk like a Gentleman But very Few People are actually Concerned about How to “Eat Like a Gentleman” which is equally important.

You need not worry about it my Friend because Your brother has got your back. Below is a List of Some Basic Etiquette Rules that You Need to Keep in Mind When it Comes to Eating Like a Pro (Remember that: these Rules are Just some Basics and You can always Mold them to Fit your Cultural Background.

Key Points to Note:

πŸ‘‰ You Are Super Hungry? Relax! We all are Super Hungry at times But you need not Show it to the People Sitting around You. Try to keep it to yourself. Try Not to Make Silly Faces and Try your Best to Not freak out or repeatedly ask when the Food will Arrive.

πŸ‘‰ Finally, the Food Arrives and You are now like a Lion who is about to attack his Prey. Calm Down! Make sure that All of Your Utensils, Fork, Knife, and Spoon are where they Should be.

πŸ‘‰ You can always ask Gently for a Pair of Fork and Knife, In case You’ve been provided with the Spoon Only But You need Fork and Knife for what has been given to you to Eat. Learn about the Names of All of the Utensils that could be Possibly Used to assist you in eating like a Pro.

πŸ‘‰ What Should Your Eating Speed Be? It Depends on the Situation But a general Rule Would be to Eat Not too fast or too slow but to Stay somewhere in the Middle. Eating/Drinking Slightly Slower with Proper refined body language and Calm Posture sends up an Immense amount of Signals of Sexiness and Manliness as well.

πŸ‘‰ Do not Forget to Make use of a Handkerchief or a Tissue Paper to clean off the area around your mouth in case You feel like You’ve accidentally ended up with some food particles over there. Do not forget to Put a Napkin on Your Lap as well.

πŸ‘‰ Try not to Make Loud Noises While Eating and Do not forget to take care of the Size of the Bites as well. Again, Neither too Big, Not too Small, Should Stay somewhere in the Middle.

Etiquette Rules: #2: Learn to Deliver Sorry, Thank You, Excuse Me, Please, Like a Gentleman

So Guys, one of the Manners of the Modern world that I Find Most Men Missing out On is the Art of Delivering words that Make a Difference. Alright, So let’s Say You’ve done something wrong, maybe you were passing by somebody and You accidentally Hit that Person with your Shoulder or maybe you Stepped on that person’s Shoes.

Technically You haven’t made a Mistake Because it happened accidentally. But it is what it is. His shoes are not Dirty or Maybe his Documents fell off that he was carrying in his hands. Now it’s your Job to Say, “Sorry” to Him about what you Just did, unintentionally.

In a Room Full of People or during a One on One conversation if a person compliments you over your Looks, Dressing sense, or for whatever thing, You Must say Thank Him/Her. Let them Know that It made you feel good. Saying Thank You can totally change your image in someone’s mind, given that you say it with the Right amount of Confidence and Enthusiasm.

Word, “Excuse Me” is equally important too. You must learn to Say it when needed with Accurate Tonality. And not to mention, the Power of Please is undeniable. You can whatever you want, given that You’ve learned How to Say Please at the Right time.

The Word “Please” has the Power to End a War or at least a Conflict. So which one of these Powerful Words helped you out the most? Do You Have a Story to share where Using these Words made a Big Difference, taking the situation somewhere when it was going in an Unpleasant Direction in the first place? Let me know about it on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi).

Etiquette Rules: #3: Yawning, Burping, Sneezing, Coughing, Farting

Etiquette Rules #3: Yawning, Burping, Sneezing, Coughing, Farting

You should Do that in Public, Especially those Loud Burps and Farts. Coughing, Sneezing, and Yawning? Well, they Somehow fall into another category. Alright So let’s Say You are sitting around People and You accidentally Burped loud, without covering your Mouth. You are super embarrassed at the Moment and You don’t know what to do.

Well, that happened because You haven’t trained yourself to Act like a Gentleman in Public. A Gentleman Never lets Burps and Farts ruin his Reputation. Yeah, it sounds funny but it is what it is. One of the Solutions to those Accidental Burps and Farts is to Practice lowering the Sound of your Burps and Avoiding Farts completely except for when you are alone by yourself in the Toilet.

Get yourself trained to Put your hand on your Mouth while Burping even if You’ve already trained yourself to lower its Noise. About Sneezing, Coughing, and Yawning? Well, you got to put a filter on these as well.

Put your Hand on your Mouth, Put your Hand on your Mouth, PUT YOUR HAND ON YOUR MOUTH! Every time you are about to Yawn, use your hand, and do the same when You are about to Sneeze. Try Lowering the Sound you make while Sneezing. Don’t exaggerate it. Yeah! You know what I am talking about. Don’t you?

Coughing is not considered as one of the Bad manners But again, A Gentleman should never Cough in such a way that the water droplets fall on someone else and then You get told to “Put your hand on yours! Don’t you have manners?”

Don’t you have Manners? Yes, You have them! And Yes you will show it to them! You will make them Fan of yours, for How Well mannered You are.

Etiquette Rule: #4: Guide to Walk like a Gentleman

Guys! I’ve Written an entire Post Talking about How to Walk like a Gentlemen in which I quoted the example of James Bond. The Way he walks, the calmness, and the immense Amount of Confidence he carries with himself while walking is incredible. And I want you all to do the same. Below are some Important Tips that will surely prove Handy.

🀝 Your Shoulders, need to be broad. I know that they stay recessive all the time but Hit them with a WOW Manhunter because they need to rise! Push them a little bit back and Up, Yeah that’s perfect!

🀝 Your chest needs to out. Now make sure that you are not getting it too much out because that way you are gonna end up looking very weird. You just got to get your chest out a little bit, just enough to kill the sloppy posture of yours and that’s it.

🀝 Please don’t walk with your hands inside your Pocket. My God! Do you know how recessive and unconfident you look with your hands in your pocket while you are walking? I can’t even measure your level of recessiveness.

🀝 Your steps should be medium. Not too big, not too short. Just enough to showcase your sexiness.

🀝 Walk with confidence Gentlemen. Ok, think of yourself as a Confident Dude, One who is Sexy and perfect (I repeat, not proud but perfect). Yeah.. you see that smile, that shines in your eyes! Now walk while having that same feeling inside, THAT’S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

Some Other Scenarios

But What If You are walking with a Bunch of People? What should you do then? The first and the most important thing to care about then is to “Match their Pace”. Do Not walk too Slow or too fast, compared to them. But let the roles shift. Let them match your pace too. And that can be done easily by suddenly walking Slow or Fast, just so that they can copy your actions to match the Pace.

When Walking into a Mall or an Apartment or maybe in a Board Room, Let your Companion walk first. Direct them to Lead by Saying, “Please” and use Gestures to invite him to go first. This is yet another Very Powerful Method to influence others and Command Respect.

1: 11 Tips to Become the Leader of the Group of Friends (Command Respect)
2: 12 Tips for Guys to Command Respect in any Given Situation!

But You just can’t stay this Formal when you are with your Best buddies. But again, you got to keep the respect element intact and try to match their Pace. Walk alongside them and By Doing that you are sending out a Signal that whenever they need You, they need to do nothing but look at their Left and they will see you just there, for them, all the time.

Let’s just say You decided to Go First. What about the Doors? Should you enter into the Room and Not care about your companion who is at your back when it comes to Doors? I mean, Obviously, he will grab the Handle But waiting for just a Second until you are sure that he grabs it and that the door isn’t closed on his face, can go a long way when it comes to gaining respect and authority.

Etiquette Rules: #5: Talking Etiquettes

Etiquette Rules #5 Talking Etiquettes

You can Never become a Civilised Modern Day Gentleman Unless and until you have mastered the Art of Conversations. So Do you have to Slow or Fast? Whether Your tonality Should give out Dominating Vibe or a Recessive Vibe?

When to Talk and When to Stop and Just Listen? When Should You Cut someone who is already Talking and What is the importance of Not letting anybody Cut through your Turn?

All of these questions are very important when Your aim is to become a High-Value Man with Enough Conversation Manners for the Modern World. Alright So starting off with Speed then You should always try to talk Slow but Not too much.

Stay Calm

It’s Just Like Having an Essense of Calmness while talking to Somebody, no matter who It is in front of you. Sit back, relax, and Don’t Get Too Much excited. But Make sure you are Also not being expressed, Less. Your Expressions are very Important in Building the Right Pace for the Conversation to Flow.


And You’re Tonality should Again have the Essence of Calmness which will then Show How Dominant you are. Combine that with a Touch of Expressions and meaningful Sentences and you are already ahead of the game.

Speak with a Purpose

Always remember that a Gentleman Never speaks without the Purpose. Respect Others and let them Complete their Sentences. It will not only help you in gaining their Trust but Listening Carefully and Observing them Will give you answers to the questions that you may not be able to get otherwise.

How to Interrupt?

Do it By using Phrases like, “Sorry for Interrupting, Don’t Mind, I am So Sorry, However”. This will make sure that the person you are speaking to, is not offended which is very important for you to keep the conversation going in the direction that you want it to go.

Always Remember Guys, Politeness is the Key and Even If you keep everything Aside and just focus on Giving respect to others while talking to them, this Alone will lead you towards an almost 90% “Yes” Ratio.

Rule Number #6: A Hypocrite can Never become a Gentleman

He just can’t. I mean, How can you expect to become an Ideal Male Specimen when you are lacking in one of the Most important Personality traits named, “Integrity”? I Consider No Man who is Two-faced (Hypocrite), a Gentleman, and I am sure most of you will agree with me on this.

In Life, we go through many Situations and We see People Doing Mistakes onto which we say things Like, “A Man Should Abide by X Rule and Y Rule, etc”. “I’ve Never ever Seen a Man who is successful, Happy or Some other thing, who does X or Y”. Great!

And then You see him doing the same exact thing which according to Him a Man should never do if he wants to be successful. You see him Doing things which he Considers Wrong. Come On! Confront Him and He will have enough sentences of Explanations to Prove you Wrong. He will have enough dialogues prepared to make his actions fall under some other category.

From this Entire List of Manners and Etiquettes, I consider “Not Being a Hypocrite” as one of the 5 Most Important Manners which a Modern Day Gentleman Must have.

Etiquette Rules: #7: You Must Know How to Deal with Anger

Etiquette Rules #7 You Must Know How to Deal with Anger

Anger Management is a Very Vast Topic which I will be covering in some other Post But for the sake of today’s article, I will Just touch it a Little. Alright, So What do you think a Gentleman would Do when he gets Angry?

He shouts loudly? Does he hit His head on the Wall? He Starts Punching the Wall as they Show on the Television? No! He Stays Calm, Poised, and Thinks about Ways to Get the Problem solved. Look, We all get into Situations in Life where We Freak Out But the Difference between a Common man and a Gentleman is that, Later Specimen Knows How to Be Angry.

“What? How to be Angry? What is that?” Being Angry is one thing and Your reaction to that is another thing. Learn to Control your Anger and Maybe let it Out while You are Running or While you are in the Gym. That will not only make you feel relaxed but will bring in some good results for you as well. Learn to Use Anger for the Purpose. Try practicing calmness and “Show Anger when you Must”.

Having a Control over Anger and Not letting your Anger make you do things which you regret later, is a serious Problem that A Large percentage of Men are Still struggling to find a Solution of. The answer to this Lies in your own self. It’s all about Leveraging your anger to Do productive things. Once you keep doing it again and again, You will enjoy Doing it. Think of Anger as a Challenge, the only solution to which is, “Staying Calm”. Again, it’s not about learning, it’s about practicing. And I hope one day you will perfect this art.

Etiquette Rules: #8: There are Etiquette Rules for Standing as Well

In a Lobby Full of Boys, Have you ever witnessed a Guy standing straight uptight, Looking Badass? (34 Steps to Become the MOST Badass Bad Boy Around). Have you Ever Seen Somebody who is Giving a Presentation with his hands Outside his pockets and Himself Standing Tall? I am talking about the Guy who Stands, Putting his Body Weight equally on both his Legs. That One Guy who Stands with His Chest out, shoulders Broadened and moved back, Himself Looking Poised and Elegant.

Thats exactly How a Classy Man Stands. Look Guys we here are talking about Manners for the Modern world, Right? And We just can’t complete the List talking about How to Stand like a Gentleman. It’s because most men in today’s World may walk with Confidence but they Still don’t know how to Stand Up straight. They either Look for Support or They have their hands in their pockets or maybe they are seen biting their nails. The key here is to have an immense amount of confidence in yourself while You are standing, Doing nothing.

Arms Crossed is Cool Too. But Standing with your Both hands hanging down is yet another Manly way to Stand. Again, Chest Slightly Out, Shoulders Back and Weight equally Distributed on both the Legs. Your feet should not be too much apart, nor they should be too much Close. Gentlemen! for this one as well, it all comes down to Practicing again and again until you reach the level of Perfection.

Etiquette Rules: #9: Sense of Humor

What Comes in your Mind when I say the Word, “Sense of Humour”? Fart Jokes, Dad Jokes, Laughing on Silly Stuff, Making another laugh on your own self, Sarcastic Humour, Dank Memes, Dark humor, etc There are many Possible options to Look at when we are talking about Sense of Humour. But have you ever thought about that One specific Sense of Humour that is Known to attach with the Name of Gentleman?

Subtle Sarcastic, Cool Humour which arguably is the Best Humour a Man can have. It not only makes You a very attractive person (according to girls) But gives you that Classic and Royal Touch.

While researching for this article, I came Across William Hanson who is Known Very well for being an Etiquette Coach. My Man Speaks Softly, Stands Like a Royal Prince, and has manners that Can Melt anybody. Boy, he has that Subtle Cool Sense of Humour as well that I am talking about and Man it is very attractive the way he Delivers it. Feel Free to check his Youtube channel for inspirational Purposes. You won’t be disappointed.

Etiquette Rules: #10: Etiquette Rules Featuring Social Media

The list of Etiquettes and Manners for the Modern World can’t be completed without at least a heading dedicated entirely to Social Media. I’ve compiled a list of Etiquettes and/or Manners and/or things to keep in mind (in my opinion) while Using Social Media.

Key Points

βœ‹ Do Not Trap Anybody, Do Not Make a Fake ID, No matter what. And Educate yourself to not fall for a Trap. A Gentleman never takes a Step without the research. Do Not Blame anyone else if You fall for a Trap. You should’ve done your research first. Again, “A Gentleman Never takes a Step without doing complete Research”.

βœ‹ Do Not Post Hate Comments. Abuses, Criticism, and any other sort of comment that can demotivate someone. You don’t want to put someone in the State of Depression, Do you? If you have a problem with someone’s Actions, Simple block them and that’s it.

βœ‹ Credit Somebody’s Work and Do Not steal the Original Creator’s Work. If You want to share it, Put appropriate Credits and In case He/She wants you to remove it. Do it Right Away. Do not do anything to others which you don’t want others to do to you.

βœ‹ Post Responsibly. What you Post is Going to stay there forever (Especially If you are an Influencer of some Kind). But again, Even if you are Not an Influencer, What you Post makes an image of yours in front of the People. It gets very usual to change your Image in case you want to. Takes a Lot of time, especially when you have to Spend your Entire with People Who initially saw you doing silly stuff.

βœ‹ Do Not take Screenshots of Somebody’s Stories. Ask yourself, What will be your reaction if they Took a Screenshot or Screen record of something similar posted by you. Yeah, Don’t do that.

Last One for the Day: Etiquette Rules for Clothing

Last One for the Day Etiquette Rules for Clothing

Gentlemen! I’ve written a Bunch of Articles talking about How to Dress Up like a Gentleman. And with the Passage of time I’ve realized that there is No Specific Dress Code to Follow In order to Look like a Gentleman.

There are Gentlemen in almost every culture around the world. But Keep in Mind One thing, “Fit Matters”. A Gentlemen Looks Sleek, Classy, and Elegant which can only be achieved with the Perfect fit. What is a Perfect Fit? Well, this is a difficult question. It varies depending on your Body Proportions and the Fabric that you are wearing. A General Rule of thumb is To Go for the Clothing pieces that are not either super tight and Attached to your Body and are Nor too Lose.

Keep in Mind that,

You should not wear anything that Clashes with your Personality. Over accessorization, Wearing too much Loud patterns, Wearing Flip Flops with Jeans, Wear Clothes of Just one Genre, Staying Old School thinking that Thats the Dress Code of a Gentleman, Being an Old Age Junkie, Not Wearing Socks with your Formal Slacks, etc.

These are just some of the things that You should Never do. Other than that (and a couple of more things) you are free to experiment to Find out what Suits you Better. Wear Different Kinds of Loafers, Try putting on Various Kinds of Sneakers, Cuban Collar Shirts, etc. Break the Rules as they are Made to be Broken Only. But again there are some things that you just can’t compromise on and one of those is the Etiquettes and Manners.

I’ve written an article about Wardrobe Essentials that You need in 2020 to Look Stylish. It has everything you need to Grab for yourself in order to Look Stylish throughout the Whole Year.

And with that being said, I here Conclude Part #1 of My Etiquette Guide. So what Do you think about these Etiquette Rules? Dig them or Not? Can we Apply these Sets of Manners to a Modern Gentleman or not? Do let me know about it on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). Brothers! The topic of the day was, “26 Etiquette Rules for a Modern-Day Gentleman (Modern Manners Part 1)”.

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