30 Little Clothing Tricks for Guys that Make a Huge Difference!

Guys! Wassup? I hope you all are doing good. Ok, So I have a story for you today and I am very optimistic about it that it will surely inspire you and motivate you to level up your style game. So It all started back in 2014 when I met my best friend Muhammad Zaid. So in the initial years of our friendship, things were pretty normal. You know the entire group of ours use to hangout, checkout girls, even do certain nasty stuff like catcalling, etc. And my Lord we had no shame back then. Years passed by and I don’t remember the exact month or date but it was in 2017 that we realized that we are doing nothing but wasting our time which made us rethink about our lives and change certain things about it (which fortunately included the addition of “respecting girls” as well). But it wasn’t only about changing our inner self. So basically my friend, Zaid, came across this YouTuber called Alpha.M (You know him, right? Everybody in the men’s fashion world knows him.) Zaid used to watch Alpha.m the entire Day and he didn’t only watch those videos but he implemented all those clothing tricks for guys, fashion tips of guys and everything else that Aaron teaches all of us.

Fast forward to 2020 and today, he is Master Baby, my friend knows the art of color matching. He knows what kind of hair and beard style would look good on him and along with all of that he knows a lot of clothing tricks for guys that can make you look super attractive and you know what the best part is? All of these tricks require little to no effort at all. And their impact? It’s huge! I am not talking about a 0.5 raise, No baby! You can easily expect to go from a 5/10 to 9/10 In like no time.

What? You also want to grab those clothing tricks and implement them in your life just like my friend did? Do you want to look HOT AF too? Worry no more because today we are gonna talk about 30 Clothing Tricks for Guys. 30 Little Clothing Tricks for Guys that Make a Huge Difference! Do you want a make a difference? I am sure you do. So without any future ado, let’s hop into the topic, shall we?

1: Not your Regular Tuck-in

So finally you decided to tuck in your shirt or T-shirt because I know, I know that you’ve watched those memes lately where they show a guy wearing a shirt and that same exact guy wearing a shirt tucked-in and everybody is Just choosing the option B. I get it! First of all, I want to say you to burst all those myths and stop watching all of those wannabe fashion gurus who say that “Tucking in your T-shirt isn’t cool. Slobs do that”. Man! Who is making the standards here? No Body! All of us are just giving our impression to what think can look great on guys and with that being said, What myself and tons of other fashion YouTubers and bloggers believe is that there is no boundary to fashion and your sexiness while you are wearing a T-shirt that fits you right and slides inside your jeans.

Secondly, Man! I am sure that you are tired of that old super decent tucking in style, right? Don’t you worry guys because your boy, Nyazi, is here for you once again with a super sexy tucking style which I named “Yoo Tuck-In”? I call it Yoo Tuck in because when you will be rocking this tucking in style every dude out there would be like, “Yoo Bros, the Daddy is here”.

How to do the Yoo Tuck-in? Simple! Grab your shirt either from the left or right and slide it in your jeans with the help of 2 fingers. Now let the shirt float as it is. What that does is that It shows the viewer your belt which adds another dimension to your outfit plus you are not keeping things super decent because the shirt is just partially tucked in from one side. From the back? Just tuck it a little in from the center using the same two fingers formula (Remember Yoo Tuck in Works for Henley and Polo Shirt only). You want one for full sleeve shirts as well? Presenting, Pro Tuck-In! What’s that? This one, you will have to tuck your shirt from the front center and you wanna do the same thing for the back as well. That’s it!

2: Take Care of your Belts

Guys! Belts have the power to make or break your entire outfit. You could be wearing a shiny and super funky buckle belt just by replacing it with a casual, funky belt but not that much shiny you can take your appearance from 4/10 to 6/10. Stop! I know why you are unable to utilize the power of your belt. I mean, just look at it yourself. It is worn out completely! The strap and the buckle both, you need to get a new one, ASAP.

Guys! talking about formal and semi-formal belts, you can always polish it to make sure that they stay new for the maximum amount of time. In the case of casual belts, Just make sure that you are putting it at a proper place before going to bed. Just by talking a little care of these bad boys you can instantly take your style game to huge numbers!

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3: Your Pants Disappoint You?

Guys! Another one in the list of “Clothing Tricks for Guys” include, “Disappointing Pants”. Ok, so I am talking about the illusion that your monster is standing where in reality it’s just because you have tied your belt tight because your jeans are too loose from the waist. Want to solve this problem without having to get a new pair of pants?

Simple. Guys! I have been talking about getting your clothes tailored since like from the start of this blog. Guess what? You can get your pant’s waist/beltline tailored making it which means that you can now wear the same exact pair of pants without having to tighten the belt so freaking much which ultimately means that the illusion of erection will not bother you anymore.

4: Want your Clothes to Last Long?

Guys! Let’s face it. Clothes are expensive and one can not afford to get his wardrobe redesigned every 4-5 months. But you just can’t stop your clothes from getting worn out. They will die eventually. But I definitely have an easy tip for you that you can use to make sure that your clothes last longer.

The good old, “Wash your Clothes Inside-out” method. And trust me guys, It actually works. What it does is that it will reduce the side of your garment that is exposed to the viewer which means that you have indirectly increased the life span of your shirt, T-shirt or whatever it is.

5: Stubborn Zipper?

That zipper on your hoodie or jeans could be super stubborn at times and I know that it sucks. But what can we do to fix this problem? Here comes another clothing trick for guys which includes “Vaseline” or any petroleum jelly of your choice. All we need here is a lubricant that isn’t much visible to the public and reduces the friction which is the main problem in this case of the stubborn or jammed zipper. What you gonna wanna do is that you wanna apply some Vaseline on that zipper and its track. Now zip and unzip the zipper a couple of times to make sure that the Vaseline gets applied evenly. And that’s it.

6: Lose Zipper

Ok, so yeah, I guess your zipper has a brain of your own and let’s accept this, It happens to almost everybody out there. Yeah, I know that when you sit, stand walk or whatever and then you go to the washroom to unzip, Guess what? The zipper is already down! Do you like it? Surely Not. Ahh, we all hate it when others tell us to zip up our pants again and again.

What is the solution to this problem? You will be needing a key chain for this one. Now what you gonna wanna do is that you wanna hook that zipper with that key chain and then anchor it to the button. Now assuring that your pants will stay zipped up all day long.

7: Remove Wrinkles in Just 20 Seconds?

There is a way to remove those wrinkles and you call it ironing or steaming. Well! It’s cool but what if you don’t have any time for that? Don’t you worry, baby, because all you need is a hanger, a spray bottle filled with water? Yeah! That’s right. Now what you gonna wanna do is that you wanna hang your clothing piece on the hanger and spray some puffs of water on to it.

Now wave your shirt/T-shirt a little bit in the air and that’s it. Yes, it is moist but it won’t take more than 5 minutes to dry but when it gets dry, you will see that it has no Wrinkles at all! Note that: This trick works for the intermediate level of wrinkles only. If your shirt is filled with wrinkles like 10/10 then I am afraid that you will have to iron/steam it.

8: Want to Shrink your OverSized Clothes?

Ohh yeah, Baby! You want to reduce the size of your T-shirt/shirt a little bit but don’t you don’t know how? Right? Ok, So come close because this one is super-secret and I haven’t seen many guys talking about it. All you need is heat. You will need to wash your clothes in warm temperature settings and then dry it in warm settings again. What that does is that it relieves stress on the polymers, the component of fabric, making it come back to its original state which is smaller than what you see which ultimately means that you end up with a shrunk shirt/T-shirt. That’s what you want, right?

9: How to Prevent Shrinkage?

All were not created equal. Some of us have problems with the Process of shrinking and they just want their clothes to stay as it is and I get it. I know that its bad to wear a smaller size shirt after the wash. So in order to do make sure that the next wash do not shrink your clothes you will have to use the formula which I have given in the “Clothing tricks for Guys” number #8 and implement it in the “Clothing Tricks for Guys” number #9 but time we will go opposite to what we did in the previous one.

Wash and dry your clothes in the low-temperature settings. Putting jeans in the refrigerator is the most loved habit of almost every fashion-forward guy, anyways because it not only prevents shrinkage but also makes sure that the smell fades away and washing jeans less means that you are making sure that you are preserving the state and texture of jeans for a longer period of time. If you don’t want your shirts and T-shirts to shrink then you can always purchase a poly-cotton blend shirt which is pre-shrunk ensuring the least amount of shrinkage.

10: Sales and Deals

First of all, I want you to let you all know that even the millionaires buy stuff when they are in the sale, because, that’s what any intelligent guy would do. Don’t need to starve for months to get your favorite pair of sneakers from your favorite brand. You can get them on sale as well.

What about off-season shopping? Well! If you know about men’s fashion and if you have already developed your style then things won’t change for you at all. Just ask the shopkeeper about the sales and when will the sales go live. It won’t hurt your self-respect, I promise. Talking about online shopping then in order to get the most deals you can subscribe to your favorite brand’s email list so that they can send you the best coupons that can get you up to 80% discount! Another trick that always works for me is to fill in all the information and going to the checkout area, I usually close the window. What that does is that brands will send you emails trying their best to get you back in order to try to get you to hit that “Pay Now” button.

11: Deodorant Stains?

We all hate deodorant stains! They suck, ruining the vibe of the entire outfit. I am sure they bother you as well. Now one way to get rid of this problem is to apply your deodorant the night before or at least 2-3 hours before putting on your the shirt that you are planning to wear today. You can go for the spray deodorants as well but if somehow you can’t do any of these then you can make use of dryer sheets that are used already. Using them to remove those deodorant stains is just super easy. Grab one and rub those stains. That’s it.

12: Collar is Irritating?

Yeah, I know it irritates. Sometimes due to that stiff collar or due to any reason your neck starts getting red and irritated due to that collar and it sucks. Do you want an easy solution to this problem? Apply your ball powder or any talc powder on your neck. Now put on your shirt and Voila! That collar will not irritate your neck anymore.

13: Nipples?

Nobody wants to see your man boobs and nipples popping out of your T-shirt. I know that they have been talking a shirt about you due to those nipples of yours that appear every time you are wearing a T-shirt. Do you want to know a simple solution to this problem? Well! It may sound weird but trust me guys, it works. What you gonna wanna do is that you wanna grab some scotch tape and apply it on your nipples. Come on, 2-3 straps on each of your nipples and that’s it. Now you can wear whatever shirt you want to wear and it won’t bother your self-confidence at all! What? Does the scotch tape keep falling off? What about the bandage? Will that work? Yes, it will definitely do the job.

14: Shoulder Nipples

You can get rid of your nipples easily with the help of a bandage but is it possible to make sure that you get the least amount of those shoulder nipples? Yeah! I am talking about those dents in the shoulder area caused by your hanger. One way is to fold your sweaters and shirts like folding it into half once and then keep the arms together and fold it again and hang it on a hanger like your jeans.

Another solution to this problem is to purchase a couple of wide hangers which reduce the risk of shoulder nipples. And the third solution is to use a soaked towel and apply it to those dents. Now stretch the fabric a little bit from that area and that’s it. All of these can solve your shoulder nipple problems but I would love to know your favorite solution in the comments down below!

15: Dress Shoes and Uncomfortable?

It happens to the best of us. We all get hate those dress shoes that are super rigid and uncomfortable from inside. But thanks to Alpha.m, who came up with a great solution to this problem. All you need are your sneaker inserts and once you have them I want you to put them inside your dress shoes. Now wear your dress shoes and boom! What? You feel comfortable now and you feel as if you are wearing a sneaker? What? Yeah there you go, the problem of uncomfortable dress shoes, Solved!

16: Make use of Pocket Square!

Ever thought a simple pocket square can take his place in the list of “Clothing tricks for Guys” that make a huge difference? Well, basically its because you can utilize your pocket square to level up your style game not just by adding an extra dimension to your formal look only but what about shirts? Denim shirt? Denim jacket? etc? Why do blazers have all the fun? I mean you can always make use of the gold old combo of white Oxford shirt, denim jacket and a pocket square along with jeans! What? I know its kinda unique, kinda edgy but what’s bad in trying it? Remember! You are your ideal and you wanna always keep adding in new things in your personal style game in order to inspire others. It all starts with you.

17: Never Wear the All-Sing Look

Guys! Please, I know that I have just said that your fashion and style starts with you. But that being said, some things are always a sin in the world of fashion and one of these include wearing all a single look. I am talking about wearing clothes in one color. If it is grey then all grey and if it is white then all white. I mean, why? You can do it with black only. All black!? Boom! Great. All White? Sucks! Sucks to the most basic level of style.

18: Take Care of your GiG Line:

What is GiG Line? It is the line between your placket and flies. The line with the shirt buttons when it continuously plus the line that is parallel to your zipper, you combine both of these and call it GiG line. Now what happens is that we don’t consider small details like this while dressing up and ignore that the GiG Line is aligned straight or not.
Guys! Always make sure that your GiG Line is straight and you can notice yourself the change in your overall appearance just by implementing this single trick from my bag of “Clothing Tricks for Guys”

19: Sweater Looking Messed Up?

Don’t worry, guys. As I told earlier as well, we just can’t buy a new sweater every season and sometimes not even because of being old but because of any reason your sweater might look fuzzy and rough. But guess what? Your boy, Nyazi, is here for help. All you need is a simple tool called “sweater shaver”. It is pretty cheap and you can get it from the nearby cosmetic store. Its one-time investment guys and the tool can last you for about 3-4 years easily which means that your sweaters will be looking clean all the time!

20: Want Super Slick Tuck-in?

And I know! I know that you are going for a job interview or maybe you have planned to go to a wedding or any other formal occasion where you must be looking formal and put together. I feel you bro and I know that a muffin tuck is a super irritating thing that can be super irritating at times. Now there are basically two solutions to this problem. One is to tuck your shirt inside your underwear and they wear the pants. What that does is that it adds an extra resisting layer to your shirt keeping it tucked in.

But we guys have to move, bend and with that shirt can get out of the pants and underwear can do none about it. What’s the solution then? Shirttail Garters! Yeah, they can do the job. Attach one end with the shirt and the other end to the socks. That’s it! You will be getting the sexiest tuck-in of your entire Life. Better than your friends! Better than anybody in the room!

21: What is the Perfect Length of your Tie!

The next one in the list of “Clothing Tricks for Guys” includes your tie length. Now, this is something that I see a lot of you guys doing wrong and it cringes me out every time. There are men who are wearing ties that lie on your crouch and there are some men who are wearing a tie that ends above the belly making them look like some funny cartoon character. So where should your tie end? It should be meeting your waistband, just at your waistline creating that perfect experience for the viewer! Above that? Nah! below that? Are you kidding me? No! Not at all.

22: Lint is a Problem. Right?

Yeah, it is! Ok, so let say you have matched the color of your outfit very well, wearing a white Oxford shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers looking like a solid Eye candy but Wait! What is that? Is that lint on top of your shirt? Ohh! Can I say something if you don’t mind? It ruins your entire outfit. I know it hurts and I want you to get hurt because we guys need to start focusing on the details which in this case is that lint which needs to go away. How? All you need is a lint remover that you can get from the departmental store and that’s it. Roll it over your shirt and bang! Problem solved.

23: Your Henley is Just too Congested!

Clothing tricks for guys just can’t get any better, Yeah! I am talking about one of the sexiest shirts ever made for the guys, HENLEY! But all the Henley were not created equally. Some have their cleavage open while others are congested in that area. What? Yours is congested? Don’t worry! Ok, so what you need to take care is that single stick right below the last button of your Henley. Yeah, you will see 2 of them. Cut one of these (one on the top) and that’s it. You will now have a wider and natural opening Henley making you look dapper and exposing just the right amount of your sexy man cleavage!

24: The Most Sexiest Sleeve Roll Ever!

It has been verified and proved that if you have a shirt and you want to utilize its fullest to add piles of extra sexiness against your name and then rolling up your sleeves will definitely come in handy. And the easiest and the sexiest way to do is that is to use “2-Step Roll”. The first step involves grabbing the sleeve and taking it back all the way till the mid of your bicep. The second step is to slide your fingers under the cuff and fold it upwards evenly, that’s it! That’s all you need to roll your sleeve while making sure that the process is simple, easy and results are sexiest too!

My Boy Alpha.m Explained the Sleeve Roll Very in his Video (10 Ways Guys Are Dressing WRONG!

25: Belt Buying Hack!

Ok so Yeah! Next up in the list of “Clothing Tricks for Guys” is what I love to call “Secret Belt Trick”. And the reason behind this name is that not many dudes know about it and now that you are about to know it, you can teach your friends as well about it or guess what? You can go with them to the shopping and then reveal it in front of them. What will be their reaction? From inside they will be like “Teach Me Master”.

And Yeah! I want you to be the grandmaster of your friends. So what is this secret belt buying hack? Size up! What is your waist size as of Now? 32? Cool! You should go for 34 Belt size, it will fit you perfectly and once you will reveal it your friends, just as I said, Master, Master, Master is what their hearts will be screaming!

26: What about the Jeans?

“It’s cool to put your jeans in the freezer and not washing it much often to maintain its texture but what else can you teach us regarding jeans?” One more thing! The rule that you all should keep in mind before going for the jeans shopping. Always remember that you have to purchase “Stretch Denim” only. Why? Because you won’t see them getting lost with time or any other shaping error in them. They will stay intact just like you bought them and Hey! They are comfortable too. What else do you need?

27: Still Wearing the Typical Hoodies?

Next up in the list of “Clothing Tricks for Guys” include hoodies. Omg! Leave them somewhere in your trunk of Old fashioned clothing because they belong to the past times. Update! That’s what you need in terms of hoodies. Are you wearing the same old zipper hoodie or no zipper strap hoodie? Leave it as I just said. You need a change in your life, a style upgrade, a hoodie upgrade, I am talking about the Henley hoodie. What! Yeah, the creators of Henley knew that Henley is the sexiest clothing piece that a man can own so they decided to take another sexy clothing piece and merged it with Henley. Boom! As a result, Henley’s hoodie created. Rock them to be the sexiest rock in the room filled with softies!

28: Step Up your Style Game!

I’ve been talking about it since like forever that just like any other field of Life, you need a constant upgrade in your style game as well. You just can’t survive in this world where men are constantly acquiring the latest fashion trends while you sitting and thinking that what your friends will say if you will wear Chelsea boots because none of your friends wear anything except for the sneakers.

Always remember guys! First, they bully you and say that “You are trying too hard” and stuff like that and then comes the stage where they accept you and even follow you. Yeah! You took the step first, you started the change and you are the style leader in your group. What are your thoughts about stepping your style now? What? Do you want it? Then go for it!

29: Layering increases your Game by 2x

You just can’t go wrong with layering. Ok, so let’s say there is this dude who is wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans along with sneakers. Great! But what if I told you that just by adding up an extra layer of maybe a Denim jacket or simple Flannel shirt, you can amplify the sexiness of your overall outfit? Does that sound good to your ears?
Yeah! And it’s not just about Flannel shirt and Denim jacket only. It works with everything. Be it a blazer on top of a turtle neck or denim jacket on top of the hoodie, etc.

30: Workout is Ultra-Necessary!

And Last but not least, “Workout”. Gentlemen! I just can’t tell you the Value of Workout and the Boost in your Self-Confidence brought to you By hitting those Weights 1 hour a day, 5-6 days a week! I mean, I can talk about 100s of Clothing tricks that can make you look sexy but at the end of the Day, it starts with being Naked. How do you look when you are Wearing No clothes at all. Are you super Chubby? Super Skinny? Well, then you need to start working out, change your diet plan and get yourself back in the Shape and trust me, Guys! This will be the best you will give to yourself ever.

Boom! Sexiness increased several folds and with that being said I here conclude my today’s topic, “30 Easy Clothing Tricks for Guys that makes a Huge Difference”. So which one of these is your favorite? Do let me know in the comments Down below! Have any queries or need some fashion-related advice? Hit me up at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and we will discuss it in person. Just you and Me, alright!


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