30 Ways You Can Become More Confident as a Man!

Ok, so before moving on towards the article, I would like to give the title credits to themaneffect.com. (Yoo My dudes at The Man Effect! You are doing a great job. Carry On). So, yeah, today we are going to talk about confidence. How you being an alpha male can become more confident and even more in control of yourself. So the inspiration for this post came from a YouTube video that I was watching the other day. It was teaching 5 steps to become more confident. I analyzed those steps and No Doubt all of them were 100% authentic. They do make you look and feel confident. I searched the Internet to learn more about this topic. There were articles titled, “20 Ways to Become More Confident”, “15 Ways to Become More Confident as a Man”, etc

Ok, so don’t get me wrong but all of the points shared on those websites were not unique. So basically, I was unable to find a proper list of steps or ways You can become more confident. And that right there was a huge problem. Because we don’t have time to scroll through multiple websites, videos to collect the required data on a topic. So, what is the solution to this problem? Well if your query is about men’s fashion and lifestyle. Then you need to go nowhere else because your boy Nyazi has got you covered! And for this specific issue, “Confidence for Men” I would love to say “Welcome” to all of you. Now without any further adieu, let’s start the discussion for “30 Ways You Can Become More Confident as a Man!“, shall we?

1: Eye Contact

So, Let’s say you just entered the room full of dudes. You are out there standing and thinking to yourself (How can you establish yourself as alpha here?) Well, guess what? The easiest way to do it is to make sure that your eye contact game is strong. Yoo! It’s not always about the girls only. There are times when you have to make an impression in a boys’ community. For all those situations, let’s assume that you are walking pass by a group of dudes. You need to make sure that you are looking at them in the eyes. (Not in the creepy or seductive way but just to show that eye of the tiger). But make sure that you are not looking at them in the eye and the averting because it shows a lack of confidence on your behalf.

And in case you are in conversation with somebody. Do make sure that you are looking at them. That’s a sign of respect and it shows that you are interested in talking to them. It not only shows you as a competent and confident person. It also portrays that you have got good communication skills too. But again, Don’t be creepy. It’s fine to look away for a second and observe what’s going on around. In fact that right there is another sign of confidence (That you haven’t surrendered in front of that person completely).

2: Walk with Confidence

Ok, so I have been talking about this on a lot of occasions here at That WoW Man. That you need to learn how to walk like James Bond. That man is a symbol of confidence, attractiveness and ultimate maturity, at least for me. I’ve written a whole article on this topic, “007 Tips to becoming “No Time To Die”, James BOND!” and in that post, under the heading, “Showing Dominance” I discussed the right way a man should walk.

Your Shoulders, they need to be broad. I know that they stay recessive all the time. But hit them with a WOW Man hunter because they need to rise! Push them a little bit back and Up, Yeah that’s perfect!

Your chest needs to out. Now make sure that you are not getting it too much out. Or else you are gonna end up looking very weird. You just got to get your chest out a little bit. Just enough to kill the sloppy posture of yours and that’s it.

Please don’t walk with your hands inside your pocket. My God! Do you know how recessive and submissive you look with your hands in your pocket while you are walking? I can’t even measure your level of recessiveness.

Your steps should be medium. Not too big, not too short. Just enough to showcase your sexiness.

Walk with confidence, Gentlemen. Think of yourself as a confident dude. One who is sexy and perfect (I repeat, not proud but perfect). Yeah.. you see that smile, that shines in your eyes! Now walk while having that same feeling inside, THAT’S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

Coutesy: 007 Tips to becoming “No Time To Die”, James BOND!

So, Yeah! You need to take small steps and don’t forget to walk at a certain pace. No need to walk too fast or too slow because both of these look weird and unattractive. And what’s unattractive can never look confident. What’s not looking confident is never gonna help you become more confident. In short, own your step like a boss.

3: Workout

workout is necessary

Am I a joke for you? I mean I have been talking about working out in almost all of my posts. My main goal all the time was to make you look better than your own self. Don’t you want to look good while standing in front of the mirror? Don’t you want people to appreciate you because you have got your veins popping out? (9 Golden Steps to Getting Your Veins More Visible!) If your answer to all of these questions is “Yes”. Then make a promise to me. While standing in front of the mirror. Come on, say it loud, “I will never miss even a single day. I will go to the gym daily, except Sundays”. The person you are looking at in the mirror is more confident. I promise, people will appreciate you for your sexy body and that’s how you become more confident!

4: Healthy Eating

I have no choice but to laugh at you. If you believe that without having a healthy diet plan you can look good. Hey, Look! Look at him. That guy over there, Bilal, He thinks that he can become more confident while eating hamburgers and extra cheese pizzas! Why can’t you quit all those dirty food items? I know that they are delicious. But Hey! its never too late. You can make this promise to yourself, just right now. And I guarantee you that if you opt for a healthy diet plan. (Which I will share with you in just a few days) Then you are not only going to look better. But you will be feeling like you are at the top of the world. And that right there is a sign of a super confident dude!

5: Dress Well

Imagine, a person walks inside the room full of sexy boys. No doubt, my dude is sexy and all but just look at him. I mean, he is dressing like a slob. Then he expects to be called the best-dressed dude with god-level confidence? Oh, Come on! It ain’t gonna happen, my friend! You have got to dress nice. Wear fitted clothes. (Not too tight, not too loose, not too shiny, not to bore) You sure as hell will get compliments. As those compliments will act as validation base and confidence booster.

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6: Focus on the Grooming Too

You have dressed nice but your skin is looking like a piece of shit? Oh WoW! And now you think that it’s completely Ok? Hold on, Champ! Because you are going a little too fast. I have talked more than 2 times in this article that “Compliments play a Huge role”. If you have great skin, every dude out there will be like “Damn, that dude has got great skin. I wish I had that type of clear skin” You know what it feels like? It feels like gold. It feels like platinum and most importantly it feels like confidence surging through veins! And you can never get such compliments if you don’t have a proper grooming routine.

Wash your face 2 times a day with a good quality face wash based on your skin type. (Make sure that it doesn’t have paraben in it, facewash that has salicylic acid will do wonders!)

Exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week with a high-quality product.

Apply moisturizer every time you wash your face.

Rub your face gently. And while washing off the water, use soft tissue or towel so that you don’t end up damaging your skin.

Don’t ever pop your acne.

Drink a lot of water

Keep your lips moisturized and exfoliate them as well with the help of honey+sugar combo.

Apply under eye cream to fight aging

Courtesy: 80 Things a Man Should Quit Before Entering into 2020

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7: Calm Down

calm down to look more confident

Wait for a second, Billy! I know that you know each and everything and you want to impress people with your skills but wait. Relax, my friend. that’s what every confident and attractive man does. You don’t want to go wrong, right? I mean, it’s not only about double-checking your information (that’s necessary too) but its also about talking and acting slowly. Sit back, relax and deliver your message with open body language that suggests acceptance. Your tone must have that sense of “I DON’T GIVE A F*CK” vibe. Because if you will sound like as if you are way too much into pleasing. For this, people are not going to consider you as much important as they should. So it’s better to take a deep breath and stay poised and elegant. Yeah, that right is how you become (and look) more confident!

8: Work on Building Good Habits

I have already written a popular guide which talks about “80 Things a Man Should Quit Before Entering into 2020“. It’s 2020 already? Don’t worry! Its never too late to quit bad habits and Its also never too late to learn good stuff. I mean, how many of you guys are sick and tired of your own self. Because you have nothing to do in your life anymore? I know that almost everybody is on this list. Hey! Listen to me! If you open your notes and write down some good habits. They could be related to finance, health, career, etc, just write them down. Commit yourself to make those habits part a part of your life. Now that journey will not only kill that boring vibe out of your life. But it will also make you a better, confident and more attractive person as well.

9: Have a Hobby and Practice it!

How many of you guys have a hobby? (16 Hobbies for Men that Girls Find Most Attractive! (2020 Edition)) Ok, I realize that we all are busy wasting time on social media. Because of that, we have quit all of our hobbies and good stuff already but again, its never too late. Pick something that you love to do and stick to it. Why? It will make you feel good about yourself. It will keep you busy too and at the end of the day. You know that you can spend your time doing at least something productive. And not just scrolling through the news feed of Instagram. (Follow your boy Nyazi @worldofnyazi on Instagram too). We all know that as you feel good about yourself, you become more confident too!

10: Don’t Care About Others

I mean, don’t even think about others when doing something. Now, I am not saying that you can just walk away naked. And don’t give a shit what others are thinking/talking about you. It’s just that, don’t overthink and make all of your decisions what others are going to think about it. If you want to make a Tiktok video? Go for it! If you want to wear Shalwar Kameez today while everybody else is wearing a jeans-shirt, just freaking wear it. And you know what? This “I Don’t Give an F*ck” attitude is actually very sexy and a sign of an alpha male too. Who is an alpha male? A male specimen who is ultra-confident.

11: Trial and Error

try fail and repeat

See what other confident men do. If you think of yourself as the most confident dude out there who needs not know anything more. Then I am afraid to say that you are being a complete douche over here. Because you are never too educated and skillful to not learn a skill anymore. Observe confident and ultra charismatic men around you. See how they walk, how they talk and how they carry themselves. Note down the points. Then try to do all of what you have noted down. Watch God Father, observe Al-Pachino, Sherlock Holmes and deeply observe how they tackle a situation.

Now try to do all that you have learned on the screen. (Except a few things that might get you in trouble like flirting with girls and selling drugs). When you do what they do on the screen, you fail sometimes and guess what? Now you know one more thing that a confident man should not do. And when you keep repeating this process then at the end of the day you will be left with a “Pure Confident Man Formula” which you can implement in your life on a daily basis to become more confident and charismatic!

12: Talk to More People

Do you want to break that barrier somewhere inside you that is stopping you from being social? Do a challenge. Talk to one new person every single day, completely unknown being. What that does is that it secretly kills your fear of talking to new people. It makes you a better social person as a whole. It improves your communication skills as well. And that allows you to understand people in a better way. This increases the chances of you becoming the most likable person in the room. And now apply the simple formula “Compliment = Confidence” Yeah, you see, that’s how you become more confident!

13: Don’t Waste your Time

Ok, so there is this thing inside you that judges your own self. If you will do nothing all day long. And just scroll through social media and watch useless YouTube videos then you yourself will put your image down. I mean, you will think of yourself as a useless person. Because now you believe that you are a guy who has nothing to do in his life. Except to waste time on meaningless things. What does that do?

Whenever a guy walks in who has better hobbies, better communication skills, or even better daily routine than you. Your mind instantly sends you the signal to bow down in front of him. It makes you feel recessive in front of him and you know what being recessive is? It’s a synonym of “Less Confident”. So, Yeah! Value your time and spend it on informative things and experiences. Because you got to think of yourself as a better/confident person first before anybody else makes their point of view about you.

14: Have Goals

A person who has goals in life immediately becomes more valuable in a crowd full of dudes. Not only girls but boys also think good about them. I mean, imagine that there is this dude who wants to become a businessman. And he is currently struggling to get there. What will you think about that Guy? You will have a respect for him deep down, right? And that respect will come out when you will meet him, Right? The respect that you are showing him is a compliment on its own. You know the rest of the part. (Compliment = Confidence)

15: Wake Up Early, Meditate and Go for a Walk

meditate, wake up early and go for a walk

These three should be done in the same sequence (in my opinion). Ok So it’s like, a person wakes up early in the morning. (Which makes you feel good about yourself for no reason) You meditate. (which reduces stress, I being a Muslim offer Namaz-e-Fajr) And then you go for a walk which heals your eyes, activates your body and brain too. Now what this combo does is that it gives you a fresh start of the day. Envigorating the start of the day gives a positive boost which raises spirits for the day. A good mood is directly proportional to feeling good. And when you feel from inside, it shows up on your face in the form of confidence. Yeah! That right there is yet another way to become more confident!

16: Good Amount of Sleep

Want to boost testosterone (The MAN Hormone)? Well, a good amount of quality sleep will help you with that too. First, lets about the reality check. How you can expect to feel and ultimately become more confident by completing your recommended sleeping hours (7 hours approx.). It’s all about feeling good and getting better skin and hair. This can be attained just by completing your sleeping hours. Yeah! And when you combine all three of these then it becomes a grand confidence-boosting package. No?

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17: Get Rid of the Negative People Around you

Negative people are like energy vampires. You don’t need them in your life but you are holding them in your life for whatever reasons. I mean, it’s cool that Rizwan is your best friend. But the fact that he always stops you from moving forward and doing something productive is a red flag. A flag that is stopping you from doing what you want to do. And what you can do if you practice your skills in the right direction which you are unable to do at the moment. Because Rizwan is demotivating you or whatever. Negative people soak all the positive energy which makes you feel low and Feeling low is directly proportional to feeling less confident but we don’t want that, right? You want to feel and become more confident and that’s why you need to kick out those negative people out of your life.

18: Consume Funny Content

Ay Yoo! Laughter therapy ain’t a joke my friend and trust me on this. Ok, hold up. Are you a confident dude normally but you are feeling low at the moment due to some reason? Don’t you worry guys because your boy Nyazi has got you covered yet again! You need to tune in to some funny content, maybe watch some CoryxKenshion or P4PAKAO and now notice the change in your behavior and how you feel after watching that funny content. You are feeling happy? Relaxed? maybe a little bit? That little bit goes a long way. You feel good now which means that you are ready to get back up once again and fight this brutal world with your strong sword of confidence!

19: It’s Fine to Have Haters

its ok to have haters

Not a single person in this entire world exists who can say that “He has got no haters”. But you know where the difference comes? It’s in the way you react to those people. Its whether you get offended or not. If a stranger who meets you just 2 months ago says that making TikTok sucks then it does not mean that its a law already. Remember that everybody speaks out of their experiences and nobody among us says 100% authentic thing. Don’t get offended and don’t stop as well. Just do your shit and act with that same formula in your mind, “IDGAF” That’s how you feel and become more confident.

20: Have a Control Over your Life

My favorite and the worst one among the list, “having control over your life”. Yeah, Guys, it all comes down to understanding that Ok, God is the best planner and he has got plans for each one of us but you get what you work for and destiny is a thing but at the end of the day you can’t expect to make a million a day without working for it. I mean, don’t act stupid, just don’t. Who are you fooling? Yourself? WTH! Accept your mistakes and face your problems like an alpha male. Fight, grind and hustle to the top, my man. Yeah, that right there is a confident dude. I am talking about your reflection in the mirror, a better version of yourself who knows that he will never stop progressing and he is responsible for whatever happens in his life. I am your fan!

21: Don’t Be a Negative Person

Ok, so this one is kinda related to the Point #20. So, YEAH, I don’t want you to talk shit with whoever you meet. “Fuck Imran Khan! He is the worst Prime Minister” “Life is shit or system sucks” Guess what? You suck, buddy. You know why? Because you have wasted your entire day talking shit about others. Deep inside you don’t have courage even to talk to an actually sensible and successful dude. Congratulations! You are one of those people who talk shit about people when they are not in front of you and when they are in conversation with you, you are busy praising them. HaH! Do you know who you are? You are a follower. And now you are here to learn tips to become more confident? Funny!

22: Don’t Overthink before making Every Decision

Ok, it’s cool to do your research and I am not against that at all. Do you want to do some more research? Great, You are a great person. Some more research? Ok, Now you messed up. Why are you acting like a recessive person who doesn’t have trust in himself and his decisions? It’s ok to take risks sometimes because how can you experience a phenomenal level of growth without breaking you’re already created and perceived thought cycle? Doing unique and what everybody else is afraid of, just because they are afraid to take risks, is something that will not give you enormous gifts in the form of money and excellent performance but will also make you feel and become more confident too.

23: Empower People

empower others

Yoo! Everybody out there is depressed and you know what? Just a single word is enough to demotivate a businessman. What you can do about it? You can empower people and make them feel good about themselves. Show some trust in their idea, give suggestions and if you feel like they can make it big then don’t hesitate to give them a boost up and please don’t expect a return from them because we over here are looking for genuine feelings. Guess what? As I told you before as well, Not everybody is doing. People are busy pulling each other’s legs and when you will break the rules and support them, instead of doing what others are doing, help then it will make you look like an alpha male and you already know that alpha males are perceived as the most confident ones!

24: Compliment Others

Ok, So who doesn’t likes getting compliments? I mean, let’s say there is this guy who is dressed nicely and you complimented him saying “You are looking great these days. Keep it up!” Guess what you just did? You boosted that guy’s morale and due to that, he is going to work even hard to achieve his end goal. It makes them feel good too! This ultimately makes you feel good too and when you feel good about yourself then you will feel a magical aura of confidence inside you which shows up! More are the guys whom you give compliments (Genuine ones only) means that more people are gonna think good about you and soon you are gonna end up becoming the most favorite guy of the room. And this brand new image of yours in gonna translate into nothing but an immense level of confidence.

25: Knowledge

I don’t think that I even have to write long paragraphs for this one because Hey! The more knowledge you have, about different stuff, the more are you able to understand things from different perspectives which ultimately gives you an edge in any group you are sitting in. “Yoo, Ahmed has command over everything. He is an all-rounder” That’s what everybody is gonna say about you. You don’t want that? Oh, come on! Everyone wants to become the head of the crowd, the most knowledgeable person because that on its own is a very big compliment and you already know the remaining part of the equation, right? (Compliment = Confidence, God Level Compliment = God-Level Confidence)

26: 1 Good Deed, Every Single Day

1 good deed every single day

I highly recommend each and every one of you to help 1 person, every single day. Now I know that some of you will shout at me saying, “Hey Nyazi, good deeds should not be done to achieve anything out of the” I know, my friend! And I am a firm believer of the same thing too but if doing good is bringing a vast amount of confidence in you then what’s wrong in accepting that? When you help somebody, it makes you feel good about yourself which makes you a positive person overall and guess what? A positive person has that positive aura around himself which not only attracts people but also boosts your confidence as well.

27: Face your fears

I know that you are afraid of presentations, I know that you are afraid of leading a conversation, I know that you are afraid to be left alone and I do know that all of these fears are real! Yoo, You need to face your fears if you want to take your confidence to the limits of the sky and even beyond. Ok, So I want you to grab your balls and say it loud while standing in front of the mirror, “I am gonna give that presentation in front of those 40 students and IDGAF about what happens after that. What the worst thing that could happen? I will screw everything, right? Fuck it! I will give it a try!” Yeah, that approach right there is what I want all of you to have. You know what Nike has to say about all of this?, “Just Do it”

28: Think about your Talent

Guys, almost everybody in today’s world is busy thinking of himself as an inferior being and that is one of the key factors of the lack of self-confidence. Why can’t we put our flaws away for a second and focus on all the good things? Gentlemen! Self-Love is very important and it’s not limited to grooming and style only. You need to think good about yourself and make a list of things that you can do what others can’t and then what I want you to is that I want you to tap your back and say “Well Done” to your own self (That boosts your confidence too!), Secondly, I want you to work on those areas which will make you even better in that domain, obviously, and that’s how you become more confident!

29: Don’t Compare

I know that in one of the Above given points I talked about observing confident men and taking notes about their activities but guess what? At the end of the day, your end goals should always be to beat your own self and nobody else. Because I don’t want you to get in that deep hole of comparison because whoever goes inside that never gets happy, even if he is at the top of the world. Guys, happiness, self-love, and continuous self-growth are some of the most important factors that can help you become not only a better version of yourself but they make you more confident too.

30: Take it Easy

take it easy dude

I want you to keep this thing in mind that, “Nobody becomes an alpha male in one day or a week or a month or even a year. Things take time” and if you have got no time to see the amazing results then you just wasted 3-4 minutes of yours that you spent in reading this article because you are going to quit. I promise you will quit because you can’t wait for enough. The key here is to keep making progress. Some get to that stage fast while others take time but both of these conditions are completely normal. So, Yeah! Just keep working on yourself and your character and one day you will surely become the most trusted and the most confident guy in the room!

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s topic, “30 Ways You Can Become More Confident as a Man!“. So what are your thoughts about this list? Do let me know in the comments down below 👇🏻 and If you have any queries or questions that you want to ask from me then feel free to DM me at @worldofNyazi and I will try my best to get to you and solve your problem.


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