34 Steps to Become the MOST Badass Bad Boy Around (in just 15 Days!)

Gentlemen! What-sup? Hope you are all doing Good. So the other day I was a casual conversation with a Friend of mine, Nothing special, just those regular Talks. The conversation came to a point where she mentioned “Nice Guys”. Now to be very honest I always wanted to know the perspective of Girl regarding the term “Nice Guys” and Why do most of the girls hate Guys that are too Nice. (And Love those who are the Most BADASS bad Boy)

So I asked her the same question. I Don’t remember the exact words but it was something like, “Umm. Would you date a Nice Guy?” and She was Like.. “Where did that Come up?. Well … I don’t know. Do you know my best friend Josh? He is such a Nice Guy, He is so Nice with me but I don’t know, I just can’t see him as my Boyfriend / Husband but that does not mean that I want to lose him” And I was totally blank because of WTH. I mean, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. She said She liked the Guy but she couldn’t date him, I mean Seriously!!! It made me really curious and for that reason, I dig deep into the topic.

Research Process…

I searched the web, crawled through different Blogs, watched tons of youtube videos on the topic, and last but not the least, I asked myself as well. I was like, “Hey Nyazi, you have been in this game for a long time now. What do you think could be the reasons why most girls don’t date / Marry Nice guys?” and my mind answered, “Why do you need an answer for this question?” which lead to a better and more refined question which was “How can you become the Bad Boy that every girl wants?” Because hey! Nobody wants to know why girls don’t date/marry nice Guys. Nobody has time to know about stuff that isn’t about THEM!

I wanted to provide even more value because everybody was already writing and creating videos on “How can you become the Bad Boy that every girl wants?”. And I don’t mean to hate on any of those creators but you can not find anything new in any of those videos and articles. You will find nothing more than the same old 8 or 15 steps to transform you into a bad boy. But with the help of a little more research, I came up with a better version of the Topic, “How to become the most Badass Bad Boy around!”. Yeah Boy, it’s not about becoming just any other bad boy. It’s about becoming the #1 among the Room filled with Sexy A#$ Bad Boys. 34 Steps Guys that can help you to become the most badass bad boy in Just 15 Days!

Who is a Nice Guy?

Nice Guys are Men just like you and me who aren’t as much Nice as they seem to be but they Are called Nice guys because it’s just about the name which is given to them. I will be writing an entire article on the Traits of a Nice Guy and Why you shouldn’t be one of them but for the sake of giving you an idea, Below are a few characteristics of Nice Guys that separate them from BADASSES:

Characteristics of the Most Badass Bad Boys:

  • Nice Guys are Afraid of Speaking up for themselves. If they like somebody they won’t tell it straight to them on their face because they are afraid of rejection. They don’t have the courage to go up to the girl they like and tell what they are feeling. In-short they are a Pu#$y. And as they say, “If you are a Pu#$y, you will get Fuck#$” for sure!
  • Nice Guys are afraid of taking responsibilities. They want to stay in the follower zone. They just can’t lead. Actually, they don’t want to lead. They want an easy way out for everything. And if they make a mistake anytime in their life, you will never see them accepting it whatsoever. Instead they are gonna blame others for what they have done.
  • Nice Guys can’t wait. Now some of you might be thinking that in Point Number # 1 I said “Nice guys are afraid of approaching and talking to the girl they Like” and Now I am going against my own statement by saying “Nice guys can’t wait”.. Well nOW Situations are different. Let’s say somehow a Nice guy ends up getting her number and they started talking to each other. Now coming towards the term “Nice Guys can’t wait” Which means that They will be wanting to say each and everything to her and discuss every matter of theirs. In short, They need everything quick right at the spot. Nice guys are Desperate MoFos.

But hey!

If you are Nice Guy then you know what? I’ve got your Back because these 34 Steps that i am about to discuss can change your life for good. And 15 days later, assuming that you follow all of the 34 steps that I am about to tell you, I guarantee that You are gonna become the Chick Magnet which no girl can Resist (But I don’t want you to misuse your powers. Choose the girl you like, spend time with her to see whether she is the right one for you and Once you are sure, Meet her parents to talk about the Marriage, because thats what Badasses Do!)

1: Don’t Ask for Permissions!

Don't Ask for Permissions!

My God! I am so sick and tired of those who are always asking for each and everything from her. I mean who are you? Don’t you have your own choices? I am talking about the men who are like, “Umm sheila I am confused can you help me? Ok, so should we go to Starbucks or McDonald’s?”, “Umm. Should we go to a movie? Um.. today or tomorrow?”, “Umm… Jasmine, I was wondering if we could figure out someday in this week to maybe go for a coffee together?” Shut-up Fu#$ Yourself.. Grab your balls, come on try to reach them. I am sure you won’t be able to find them because you have lost that asset of yours in your journey to becoming the sweetest Pu#$y around.

What under God’s Sky you think you are doing? Why do you need permissions for each and every freaking thing from her? Why can’t you just plan anything on your own and then be Like, “Hey Jasmine, we are having a Coffee tomorrow at Starbucks, umm.. 8 Pm, you in?” Such a Badass statement! and I am sure that it is going to instantly attract the Hell out of her because you know what? You are being a MAN here, the real Bad Boy, You know what I am saying.

Yes, My Friend! Bad boys are planners. They plan stuff and then convey it to others respectfully. They make an offer that others can’t reject and thats exactly what I want you to do. But one thing that I don’t want you to do by any means is that I don’t want you to be disrespectful in your journey to becoming a Bad boy. Remember guys! Bad Boys respect girls more than any other Male specimen and thats what makes them ultra-attractive!

2: Most Badass Bad Boys are the Leaders!

Have you heard about a Bad Boy who isn’t a Leader? Well, I am damn sure that you haven’t because You will never see a bad Boy following others. Now I don’t want you to create your own way all the time even if everybody is going in the Right Direction. What I want you to do is to initiate and take the first step. And trust me guys in order to be a Bad boy you don’t need to be doing just the big things. Sometimes a Bad Boy does little things which separate him from others.

For instance, lets suppose that You are stuck in a traffic jam, theirs is this junction where cars are jam-packed with each other and you see no way out. You can see very clearly that there is No Traffic Police officer over there to direct people to get out of that traffic Jam. Do you know what a Badass Bad boy would do in this situation? He Would come out of his car or Bike as a leader and perform the duty of Police officer to help people find their way to get out of that severe traffic jam. Such a Macho thing Right?

Bad boys are leaders! They know how to lead and not to mention, they are very well aware of the fact that there has to be somebody who leads the whole team to the Right path. Most People are afraid of being judged and thats one of the reasons they don’t take a step forward as a leader. They are afraid of making mistakes or maybe they don’t want the spotlight always stays on top of a leader. But you should not be thinking like that.

3: Dress like a Bad Boy!

Bad Boys Don’t wear Big baggy clothes that make them look Like Uncle Gary. Bad Boys are always looking sharp and Classy! They are well aware of the importance of a Custom Fit, no matter what type of outfit they are wearing. Be it trousers, jeans, khakis or formals. Bad Boys never go out of style and they for sure, never look Baggy!

Talking about some specific Bad boy outfit choices then My Ultimate choice would be a Black leather jacket, be it a regular one or a Motorcycle jacket, a Sexy Black fitted T-Shirt, A Rugged pair of Denim jeans, Boots, sneakers as well. And don’t forget to wear hoodies that don’t have too much patterns and designs on top of it, Nice rugged yet simple leather Belts, a Pair of black jeans, etc!

Now one thing that I want you to know is that in order to become a bad Boy you must feel like a bad boy. How to feel like a Bad Boy? Immense confidence guys! You need an ultimate feeling of confidence in order to feel and look like a Bad Boy. And for that reason, I recommend each and every one of you to wear “Your custom Bad Boy outfit” Now you all might be thinking that what is a “Custom Bad Boy Outfit”?

Bad Boy Outfit Components:

It could be anything actually. Maybe for you, it is khakis paired with a Polo shirt, formal pants with a henley, or whatever. The key here is to wear something that makes you feel confident in your own skin. Guys, I recommend you wear clothes that fit you properly, not too tight, not too lose because when you will wear fitted clothes you will receive compliments from people wherever you go. And among all those Sexy fitted outfits there will be a single outfit that gets you maximum amounts of compliments, hence making you want to wear that exact same one again and again. And thats how you choose “Your bad boy outfit“.

4: Bad Boys are Strong (Emotionally)!

“You ain’t gonna impress nobody by crying in front of them”.. I am sure you have been there, everyone has been there. I am talking about the times when we all wanted to grab somebody’s attention by telling them about the shit you are going through in your life. My God! What are you doing? Why are you crying in front of others? I Don’t care if in front of you is a Girl you Like the most of your best friend but thing is, you aren’t supposed to be emotionally week because bad Boys are strong!

Bad Boys Know that Life throws shit over every freaking person in this entire world. Some people can’t bear those challenges while others leverage the hardships to become a better version of their own-self and they are the ones who succeed. Don’t cry over things. What’s gone is gone. What’s currently in your life needs your care and attention. Bad Boys are very hard to break because most of them have been through extreme depressing shit in the past which has made them this strong.

Remember Guys that I don’t want you to do risky stuff which can get you in trouble. It ain’t the right way. What I want you to do is that I want you to face all the challenges that you are going through currently or those that are about to come, with a bright smile. Be Strong and Face life’s problems like Samurai Jack. (Yeah! Samurai JACK was the most badass Bad boy around, Who else agree to this? Do let me know in the comments down below)

5: Bad Boys do what they Want to Do!

If you have heard somebody saying “Bad Boys do what they want to do” then they were being 110% correct because if you want to be called a “Bad Boy”, the first thing you need to do is to make your Mind capable and strong enough to be able to pursue your dreams. Do you want to become a businessman? Go for it! Do you want to become the most freaking renowned painter of the entire country? Go for it! The key is to work hard and you are gonna achieve, no matter How difficult it is.

Don’t hesitate in pursuing your passion, Because thats what Pu#$ys do. They are afraid of not working hard enough to make their passion for their work. They are afraid of proving others wrong and guys, I don’t want to sound like a motivational speaker but thats whats the truth is. There will be problems in your way but again, Life puts in filters to separate all the regular dudes out there from the ones who succeed, the Bad Boys!

Let’s say you are sitting in a Group of Friends and you wanna go somewhere else. Let’s say maybe your wife / Girlfriend is calling you because you promised her to take her to the movie. But you don’t feel like telling your friends about it because you are afraid of them judging you and calling you a pussy. Well, I want you to ask a simple question from yourself … “What do you want to do?” … and the second question Now .. ” Will Doing what you want to do can potentially hurt somebody?”, and the third, the last question… “Can you afford to fu#$ your desires just for the sake of your BOY SQUAD’s happiness?”

6: Bad Boys Don’t Compare!

Bad Boys Don't Compare!

“He is so Good looking, I wish I had His Nose ☹️”, “Omg! His Voice. Why can’t I have his Voice? God is So Un-fare”, “Hey Jessica! Do you think I look better than Ali today?”, “Hey Sheila, I have been working a lot on my body just to look better than Shahveer. What do you think, Hows the progress?” Gentlemen! What the Hell you think you are doing? You are portraying yourself as a Pu$$y by comparing yourself with all the other boys out there and Devaluing yourself to the worst limit by comparing yourself with every other Guy out there. Do Not Disrespect yourself because you are perfect the way you are.

Now I don’t want you to stop taking care of yourself and become Lazy AF but what I want you to do Right Now is to grab yourself from the Balls and say to yourself.. repeat it after me. “I have the potential to become the most perfect Sexy Badass around!”.

Stop comparing yourself with others and let me tell you a healthy alternative. You can Start comparing yourself from your own Past being and what you gonna wanna do is that you wanna set goals for the future. But don’t stay at just one single goal. You wanna break one and then you need to start your quest to achieve the other one! And your goals could be related to anything heathy like let it be fitness Goals, hitting gym 5 times a week, drinking 12 glasses per day, etc.

7: Spend Money on Yourself!

Bad Boys Spend Money on their Own-self. I know that a lot of people will come to me saying, “Yoo Nyazi why do you want us to become a selfish guy who spends money on his own self only?” Well, have I said something like that? My statement was, “Spend money on yourself” and the reason I am a big preacher of taking care of yourself and spending money on your own being is that we are too busy in pleasing others and fulling other people’s needs. What happens next? We are left with no money, in the end, to spend on ourselves.

How can you expect to look Hot AF without investing in yourself? I mean you got to buy new clothes, accessories, Glasses, Gym membership and more or less something that makes you unique (Will talk about it later in the article).

Why Do you need Money to Become the Most Badass Bad Boy Ever?

In short, you need money to work on your beard, your hair, skincare, etc. I mean how under God’s Sky are you expecting to Look DOPE AF without saving some cash for your own needs? It’s ok to make your Girl happy by buying her Nice gifts and I am not stopping from your doing that at all. I am just saying that a Badass Knows that His girl is important but his own self is also one of the most important aspects of his life that are gonna stay with him for his entire life. Let’s face it Guys if you won’t spend money on yourself, personal grooming, and all then a day will come when your Girl is gonna say to your face that “Billy. You were much attractive before. What have you done to yourself?”

My God Gentlemen! I can’t see that day coming, I don’t want you to face such a messed up situation and as they say, “Precautions are better than Treatment”, I recommend all of you to take some time and money out to invest on your own self because thats what Bad Boys do!

8: Don’t say Sorry all the Time!

This is something that I myself have been doing and what bothers me the most is the fact that still, I am unable to overcome it .. I am a people pleaser. I want everyone around me to stay happy and just because of that you will see me say Sorry even if I am not at fault Hey! Why are you looking at me like that? I mean nobody is perfect. I know that being a Lifestyle Educator I am supposed to portray the best possible image of a Male specimen But what’s more important for me is to keep things transparent with you, as much as I possibly can.

Now that does not mean that I have quit. I haven’t, at all! I am still trying and trying hard to quit my habit of trying to please everybody and if you are someone who is also like me then I would recommend you stop Saying sorry to everybody for no reason because you know what? Some people are Shit and they don’t deserve your valuable time and attention. You need to get them out of your life ASAP!

Now I don’t want you to be a Pu#$y who never says sorry. I just want you to realize your worth because thats definitely something you are forgetting lately in the race of pleasing everybody.. Summing it up with a single sentence, “You are the Most valuable Person you will ever Meet So take care of Yourself and your self-respect”

9: Stop Thinking Too Much!

Stop Thinking Too Much!

Overthinking is gonna take you No-where. It’s like an endless circle that has no escape. Trust me Guys you are never gonna end up getting answers to your questions and the only thing that will gonna happen is that you will be left with even more unsolved questions and this whole thing is gonna deeply affect your mind so bad that You will start thinking of those foolish questions as if they are the questions of Life and Death.

Stop it Guys! You need to stop overthinking because if you will waste your time thinking too much about every freaking thing then when will you take a step? If you will spend the whole day thinking about whether you should wash your face with “A” Face wash or “B” then you will never be able to choose the Right one.

Fuck t man! Just try both of this one by one and go with the one that performed best on your skin. Don’t take things too much seriously. Let’s are honest, nothing in this Life should be taken on a serious Note because according to me, life is the name of an adventure, and as they say. “Every adventure has its twists and turns”

“Bad Boys don’t waste their time thinking over little things. They have a clear vision. They have the capability to make big decisions in no time!”

Enjoy Life, fail, Learn your lessons, and move on like a Bad Ass! Do you know what separates Pussys from Bad Boys? It’s their Speed! Its the way they make bigger decisions in a very less amount of time. Now I don’t want you to skip your research but what I want you to do is… I want you to accept the fact that It’s not always about thinking way too much. Sometimes you need to think and then some times you need to let things go. Give your Gut a chance as well. What will happen in the worst scenario? You will fail? You know what? That isn’t a failure because you have just learned another method that isn’t gonna lead you to success.

10: Stop Hiding your Flaws!

It’s Ok to Straighten your hair once in a while if you have got Curly Hair but if you are doing it to Hide the fact that you have got Curly hair then. You are looking that Door? That one which has written “EXIT” on top of it? I want you to open that door and get out of this page because I can’t let you stay here. We all are a group of Bad Boys who never, under any circumstance or situation Hide our Flaws.

Embrace what you have been given by the Almighty God (ALLAH)… I swear I haven’t seen a bad boy who wears a Baseball cap because he has big ears! He does that to Look good, to Look macho, to send out that sexy college boy vibe! Bad Boys are firm believers of Honesty and they know they are worth more than any other person in this entire world. Flaws? Ok, I have them and I am super cool with it.

Bragging is a trait of Pu#$ys and weak boys. They are the people who don’t have enough time to actually work hard and improve their Life and so the only thing they are left with is Lying. They lie about their self and their current situation because You know what? Nice Guys or Pu@#ys are Lazy AF.. They can’t work hard AF to change their State. Embrace what has been given to you because doing that set you to the path where you can become the most badass bad boy.

11: Smell Sexy

We Humans can end up smelling like a Bag full of Sh#t and trust me Guys nobody Likes a person who smells bad. And as I have said before as well, a thing that separates Bad Boys from all other Male specimens is the fact that “Bad Boys take great care of themselves”. And bad Odour is something that needs your attention.

Use Colognes, My friend!

There is a range of sexy A#$ perfumes available in the market that you can buy and make use off to not only kill your bad odor but they will also make sure that you smell like the Most rugged and Manly Stud out there who’s the sexy smelling body is screaming “BADASS” So damn loud! Now there is this perception that Bad Boys only use perfumes/colognes/fragrances that are super intense and manly but I can’t agree with this statement anymore.

If you want to become one of those typical Bad boys then you should surely go with this advice but My Boy we here are talking about becoming best of the best. And you can only achieve that level by wearing colognes that you believe in from the depth of your heart. It could be just a single fragrance, maybe 2 or more than 5. No matter what kind of fragrance it is that you find sexy, if the one that you are wearing Right Now is something that makes you feel ultra confident then that my friend is the Fragrance that is gonna make you the Most Badass Bad boy around!

12: Don’t Expect Too Much From Others!

I know for a fact that this is one of the biggest Flaws found in our society. “I gave him $1200 when he needed them so bad and Now that I asked for a simple favor in return, he refused to do so. He is such a Mo$Ro#n”, “I helped her by making all of her assignments, did her projects as well and now that I asked her for some time so that we can go together to have some coffee, She refused it right on my face. She is such a Bitch!”…

My God! What are you doing my friend? Why are you expecting too much from every single person? Now you know what? Nice guys Become too Nice and sweet with every single person too quickly and when they don’t get anything or let’s say something that they somehow were expecting in return than what happens is that they get mad at that person for “Not Returning the Favour”.

WTH! I mean if you wanted a favor back then the best option was to never do good to that person in the first place. Like a Badass, you should help people just for the sake of helping them and Not to get benefits in return. Bad boys aren’t selfish. They spread happiness by good to people for no freaking reason. Thats what life’s all about. People are sad you know. They are sad, they are stuck in their daily life problems and if you are somebody who can bring a smile on their face then you definitely are one of the most badass Bad boys in the Whole Room because I am damn sure that all other bad boys are too busy being selfish where you are standing there shining bright like a Diamond!

13: Learn To Say No!

I want all of you to grab your balls while standing in front of the mirror and say to yourself, what I have written in the above paragraph. Yeah. It’s all about saying, “No”.. We all have been there. Those Shitty situations where We kept silent because everybody else was also not saying any word against it so we also decided to go with the flow. But I don’t want you to shut your Mouth because you are not someone who waits for others to take a step.

You are the leader, the Man of the House, the best of the best and I want you to say “No” to the person who is trying to harass you, Say “No” to your Friend who is continuously playing on you, Say “No” to the girl who is cheating on you, Say “No” to any freaking person who is crossing his limits and hurting you while doing that.. You need to appreciate your importance because you are among one of the most special human beings who landed on this planet since the start.

And if you won’t realize it then everybody else is gonna take you for granted and they are just gonna eat you up. But not anymore because your Boy Nyazi is here for you. I want you to stand for yourself and give a loud “Shut Up!” Call onto the face of each and every person who is trying to force you to do something. Boys know very well how to control their emotions and fear. They surely Know, how and when to say “No!”

14: Workout!

Guys, I have made a mistake and I feel very bad because of it. I am writing this one at number #14 where instead I should have given Workout the Number #1 Position in the list because you know what? Workout has the power to change your Entire freaking Life. Yoo, My boy! I know that you have been blessed with a handsome face but the one thing that separates a Bad boy from every other dude out there is that rugged and manly physique, it’s those Veins, the vascular system popping out of his arms, neck, and legs. It’s the strong shoulders that are built perfectly.

It’s all about the hard work that you put in while you are in the Gym. But I get questions from tons of boys saying, “Hey Nyazi! we have been going to Gym for about 2 months now and we can’t see any improvements whatsoever!” and I am like, “Do you believe 2 months are enough to change your entire freaking life?”.. You know what? I want to ask the same question from all of you as well. Do you think building discipline is that easy?

Their is No Match Boy!

A person who goes to the gym every single day and he have been doing the same exact thing for the last 4 years and you, on the other hand, joined gym just 2 months ago, workout 3-4 days a week and after 2 months of that Shitty A## hard work Now are expecting to break the records of that former dude? Go play with your Barbie Doll My Friend because it ain’t gonna happen.

Lift the Shit out of those Weights. Learn about different exercises and then what I want you to do is that I want you to set goals and then break them like a Freaking Badass… Hey there my Bad Boy! Going to the gym and working out is not just about having a Good body. In my opinion, it’s about building and setting up a discipline that has the power to conquer any problem that a person can come across. Be it some sort of mental stress or any physical problem. The gym makes you strong, both physically and mentally. And thats one of the reasons Gym going Badass Bad Boys are super strong internally and externally. They can handle breakups and other shit that life throw towards them, better than other dudes.

15: Have a Hobby!

“umm.. I don’t Know, i don’t like to do anything in my free time. I just sit in my room and relax.. Oh Yes! i am watching peaky blinders again.. what are you doing these days?” Shut Up Pu#$y you don’t deserve to get an answer. I mean what the hell Man?! You, a Slob, who stays in his room entire freaking day, has no passion or hobby or expertise and then you ask all the times, why do girls Friend-zone you?

Let me ask a question .. “Why should the girls not Friend-Zone you?” “Because I look good!” Then take your good looks and go to your Home because my friend there are many handsome AF boys out there who are much more interesting than you who are gonna get her and you will be standing there feeling bad for yourself and then discussing her with others in bad Words.

Look! I am your brother, I don’t want you to get depressed and for that reason I want you to study yourself a little bit. Why don’t you make a list of things that you want to do in your life? Why not choosing one of those things and then practicing/researching related to that and finally saying it to everybody that. “Hey, I know how to paint!”, “Hey! I am a great photographer, here’s my work…”?.. Bam! thats how you impress a girl, Gentlemen! Thats what separates Bad Boys from all the other Nice Guys. It’s all about Having a Hobby and being an interesting person.

16: Don’t show Too Much Care!

Don't show Too Much Care!

Hey Boy, listen! I am not sitting here being a Love Guru but I definitely know for a fact that Nobody in this entire world should care about anybody else way too much. And when I say way too much then I am talking about the situations where it’s clear that the other person does not clearly want your care and attention but you are forcing your care upon them just for the sake of impressing them or to get your name in their Good books.

But you know what actually you are doing by forcing your care? You are losing your self-respect. You are giving them a chance to take you for granted. And I don’t know the specific details of your situation but I am damn sure that you will not gonna be the person who she will consult while making a decision on any matter because she knows that you will always be there, pampering her and you know supporting her, no matter what. In-short you mean nothing important for her.

Do You want to Know the Reality?

See, Nobody in this entire world cares for such a person who is always available. I want you to think for a minute about what the Hell are you doing with your life. If there is a person who cares and thinks about you way too much then would you care about them in return? I don’t know about you but what maximum people will do is that they will take that person for granted. Your Boy is selfish when it comes to you because I want you to become the most badass Bad boy and in order for you to get that spot, you need to realize your worth and acknowledge that if there is a person who you should be caring for, way too much then it should be none but You!

17: Wear Dark Colours!

Where on one side I am talking about doing what you want to do and stuff like that but on the other side I want you to take notes about some of the Clothing facts that are proven to make you look and feel more like a Bad Boy. And one of those is “Wearing Dark Colours”. Guys, in my last article I discussed some tricks to help you look more intense, mysterious, and expensive, and wearing darker colors and opting monochrome Look was also something that I included in the list.

Guys! Dark colors give you that Dark Knight vibes, those Christian Grey Feels. Here I want to clear one thing that, I don’t hate bright colors at all. You will see me rocking almost all the colors and I have a special place for bright colors in my heart but on days when I want to look my best, my first choice is always Either Black or any other darker color because I know that “Dark Colours are a sign of mystery” and Bad Boys are all about being mysterious and having that Cool College Boy ORA. And thats the reason I want all of you to have a Cool black leather jacket in your Closet because it is the most badass Bad Boy clothing piece you can ever have.

18: Be Spontaneous and Unpredictable!

How many Predictable Bad Boys have you seen so far? I am afraid not even a Single because Bad boys really don’t have one answer for a single question all the time. Be it any sort of situation or a question as I just said, you will always hear a different approach or move from a Bad Boy’s side. Their words and verdict are never the same.

It’s just like going to a doctor and expecting the exact same medicine for the flu. It ain’t gonna happen. Yes, you are gonna find similar tablets but never the same. You always get different medicine because a Doctor has lots of medicines in his Mind and just like that, Bad boys are full of ideas and they really are very spontaneous. They are quick and take no time to make a decision. “Hey, where to go today.. lets we go Islamabad MONAL for a lunch. But it will be too late. What should we do?”.. A bad boy replies, “I am waiting for you in the car. We are going to Islamabad”. Everyone else.. “*Shocked*”

You are getting my point Right. I mean a Bad boy is a person who gives you a Barbie Doll on one of your birthdays and then surprises you with a Car on the Next one and on the next one he could be you a bag full of chocolates… Unpredictable right? Become unpredictable, mysterious.. I want everybody to stay busy in predicting your next move because they don’t know exactly what you are gonna do now! They really don’t know what your answer will be this time.. Stay mysterious, let them think About You and your moves! Because, that Sexy, and thats How to become the Most badass bad Boy.

19: Sense of Humour!

sense of humour

A Bad boy has the power to impress any girl out there because whether we are talking about this girl who is super Hot or whether she is drenched with attitude, if you are able to make her laugh then she is gonna be impressed, no strings attached, whatsoever. But again don’t be that Guy who cracks jokes just for the sake of cracking them.. You are the Badass Bad boy and you know what? Girls get disgusted by so many “So called Funny dudes” just because their sense of Humour doesn’t match with them… Cracking Dirty Jokes is not the key, instead it is gonna repel her away and You should also not crack same old jokes because she will instantly get to Know that you are just trying too hard..

Instead, you should try to remain as natural as possible and the best way to get this Kind of Humour is to see the comedians who make people laugh without cracking vulgar jokes. That will give you an idea of How they are thinking and How they come up with such awesome comedy without hurting anybody while still being able to make everyone Laugh! Bad Boys who this art very well. They know how to make a girl laugh and they know definitely know the importance of this Skill. I mean nobody can deny this because if not more then at least you are gonna get an 80% increase in your attractiveness just by having a good sense of humor.

20: Open Body Language!

That Closed posture of yours is just sending out a negative Vibe. It’s portraying You as if you are super introverted and afraid of each and every freaking person out there or that You are a Gay. Do you want to portray anything like that? If No then My Friend you need to think again about your Posture and Body Language because that area definitely needs work to be done from your side.

Walk Straight like a Lion. Yeah. Those Shoulders are supposed to be broad, chest out, But hey I don’t want you to feel proud about yourself. It’s More about feeling confident and walking like a Sexy A#$ Bad Boy! You Know how a Bad boy walks? (Well we are gonna discuss this Point later in this article so stay tuned!).. Do you want to Sit like a Bad boy? Bloody Simple! All you need to do is to first think of yourself as if you are somebody who has is super satisfied and the Sexiest BadAss out there. Yeah, I want you to think of yourself as if you are Bruce Wayne or Christian Grey and then Only you will be able to Sit like a Bad Ass. Ok, Fuck Both of these.. Have you saw James Bon Siting?

My God! Perfection Muah… I want you to do the same. Again, Relax your body and sit confidently. Legs wide open (Not too much because you don’t want people to consider you a Creep, Do you?) and of course one hand on Your Knee or Thigh and another one on the chair. Look! the main thing that I want you to focus on is your inner self. If you are feeling confident then no matter where are you sitting you are gonna sit like a Freaking BadAss!

21: Speak the Truth!

Now, this is something that is pretty obvious for a fact that Bad Boys need not hide the truth because they aren’t afraid of anybody! Bad Boys know that no matter How worst the situations become, Truth is something that is surely gonna get take them out of it. I have seen people, Pus#$ys lying all the time and then blaming the situations for their loss. Do you know what the truth is?

They are afraid of people judging them, so what they do instead is that They Lie, They lie More and they Keep on Lying and one day when their lies get exposed then they hide themselves somewhere because they don’t have the courage to face people and confront them so the only freaking situation for any social Problem they have is “Hiding”.. But my question from you is?

Why lying on the first Place when you can just say the Truth? Don’t you worry guys. I Know that its hard to get rid of this Habit because Lie comes with a certain degree of comfort that is hard to leave. And thats what separates Bad Boys from All the other dudes. So If you have got the Guts to tear apart the habit of lying then i guarantee you that You are already on your Way to making your name into the list of Most Badass Bad Boys!

22: Work Hard for Your Passion!

Work Hard for Your Passion!

So a friend of Mine really wanted to become a Fashion designer but he left his passion just because He was really afraid of the questions that people are gonna ask him if he goes with his passion, “Ali! All of your brothers are doctors. Why have you chosen to become a Fashion designer?”.. “Yoo Ali, Why under God’s Sky do you want to become a Fashion designer? I mean its so gay!!”…

Fu#$ the Sh#$t out of all of those thoughts and just focus on what you want.. Trust me Guys people are gonna say bad things about you no matter what.. What you think and believe is what’s most important. If you have a passion for Football then Come on! Join the best academy around or train on your own. There are tons of articles and Youtube videos related to almost each and everything. Train yourself and master your craft because thats are sexy!

I want you to work hard to make your passion, your Full-time Job. But on top of everything, I want you to succeed in Life. I want to see You on the Top my friend because out of everything, success is Sexy and Bad Boys are the ones who never lose Hope and they keep working hard, no matter how tough the situations get, no matter how much shit life throws towards them. They Just don’t Quit and That takes me to one of my most favorite Sayings.

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit!

Sir Richard Bach

23: Don’t Get too much intimidated!

Stay Calm! I can’t tell you the importance of staying calm for no reason because My God the amount of Sexy vibes that calmness sends out is tremendously massive. Please Don’t get intimidated, no matter what the situation is. Ok So let’s say You are a Badass who is walking around in the Mall and suddenly you see somebody, it’s a girl who is super Hot. She looks at you and Boom! You start sweating and now you are super confused. You don’t know what to do Now. In short you are totally Blank!

I am sorry to say but you don’t have the right to call yourself a “Badass Bad boy” because a real Bad Boy never gets intimidated. He stays calm no matter what the situation is. The teacher has announced a test that is super freaking difficult? A Bad Boy will stay Calm! Do you suddenly get into a problem which you didn’t expect to come? What will you do? Get intimidated, sweaty, and Confused? No, my Friend! I don’t want you to do this. I want you to stay as calm as possible because you know what? an intimidating Mind can never make the right decision. When you are calm and All ok then you will be able to make better decisions.

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24: Have a Signature Piece!

This is my favorite Point among all of the other points because it is like an extreme level but on other hand, you need to be able to reach a certain attitude and personality standards to actually look good in, what you are calling your signature piece because otherwise, you will become famous for being a Jerk who is nothing in reality but thinks of himself as if he is Everything!

For all of you guys who don’t know what a signature piece is, I would recommend all of my brothers to go and watch 2-3 James Bond movies. Yeah, I am talking about Austin Martin and Tom Ford Suit! You can also take the example of Conor Mcgregor wearing Rolex and dressed in Custom fitted suits all the time. Could be anything that can possibly separate you from the rest of the People. Maybe it’s a certain kind of outfit that you can carry really well or maybe it’s about your name engraved on top of your Leather Wallet or Man bag or maybe a Ring that has your name written on top of it. Examples are endless.

Now that you know what I mean when I say, “Signature Piece” Lets Now talk about some essentials you need to have before considering yourself able to actually rock your own signature piece.

Guide to Get One of the Best Signature Piece

  • Your signature Piece, be it some sort of Outfit combination or color, Must not make you look weird at all. Because otherwise, that Signature piece will become a reason for your insult in the Public.
  • You must remember that your signature piece is an Element of your identity and not something that by any means brings pride in you because Proud is the act of satan, not Bad Boys.
  • You must work hard for it .. If you are wearing a Ring, carrying a bag and wallet that has your name engraved on it then you should be able to answer a very basic question, “Why?” I mean why have you done it. What’s the solid reason behind it? Now the most authentic answer that I expect from your side is that “Nyazi I have been in this field for about 3 years now and I am Somehow an influencer. You can call me a semi-master. I have seen both the good and bad days as well!” In Short, “First work for it and master your craft and only then when you finally think that you have made it, then, go for it!”
  • Change your signature piece from time to time. I have seen people wearing just a single color because they think, thats what separates them from others. Ok, I get it but you know what? Why not try out something new? Because I would rather love to make myself known as “the master of formals” than being called a “Grey shirt Guy”. I am sure you are getting what I am trying to say, Right?

25: Take Care of your Grooming Routine!

That other Dude who is the Crush of your Crush isn’t sitting in his Home chilling and eating burgers, He is the Badass which every girl wants to Date! You know why? Because He is taking great care of Himself, his grooming routine is all set. Gentlemen, how can you forget the fact that You can’t look handsome enough without taking care of that beautiful face of yours. Grab a Mirror and make a Promise to yourself.. Ok repeat if after me. “I will never ever let you Down”… Now that you have made a decision to make yourself a better version of yourself… Let’s talk about some steps that are required:

Skincare Routine Basics:

  • Wash your Face 2 Times a Day with a Good Quality Face wash based on your Skin type (Make sure that it doesn’t have paraben in it. Face-Wash that has Salicylic Acid will do wonders!)
  • Exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week.. with a High-quality Product.
  • Apply moisturizer every time you wash your face.
  • Rub your face gently and while washing off the water use soft tissue or Towel so that you don’t end up damaging your skin.
  • Don’t ever Pop your Acne.
  • Never leave your house without applying Sun Block. Purchase Sunblock based on the area you live in.
  • Take care of your Eyes. Use an eye cream to treat your eyes and Castor Oil to grow out your lashes and eyebrows.

And thats pretty much it guys … Above mentioned points are super simple and just by adding these in your daily life, I guarantee you that your skin will thank you a lot for this! and You are gonna become even more confident in your Skin because now you know that You have got Grooming Routine of the most badass bad boy!

26: Appreciate Others!

Appreciate Others!

Gentlemen Before moving on I want to take a couple of Promises from you which are very crucial if you want to become the Most attractive Bad boy around. Promise me that you will never let Your ego come in the way of appreciating others. And You will never feel ashamed of Saying Sorry if you have done a mistake. You will always accept your mistake and will try your best not to do that again! and last but not the least, Promise me that wherever there is a need of saying “Please”, You will Say “Please”!

I know that there will be people who don’t appreciate others the way they should be doing. Guys If someone has achieved his goal with tons of hard work then It’s Their Right to get appreciation! And I want you, my friend, to be the first one to appreciate him. Secondly, If someone has really helped you in getting out of a problem or maybe he has given you some sort of favor then theirs nothing bad in saying, Thank you! Let’s say you are stuck in traffic and cars are jam-packed, no way out. And there is this person who reversed his car just to give you the way. You already know what you should be doing. Yeah get out of your car or simply wave your hand towards him. Say “Thank you”!, because, thats what Bad Boys do. They feel no shame in appreciating others openly for helping them.

Sorry, Thank You and Please are one of the Golden Words!

If you have hurt somebody then feel free to words like Please and Sorry because trust me, boy, the ego is very common nowadays. People are becoming more and more selfish and then they call themselves “Man of words, the Bad Boys”.. Freaking idiots they are. You are the real Bad Boy because you know that appreciating others and saying Sorry when its required is a trait that only the real bad boy has. Yoo I am not talking about some regular bad Boy. Its the most badass bad boy around, You know what I am saying.

27: Be Mysterious!

I have covered the Clothing part of being mysterious already but the thing that matters more than Clothing Mysteriously is Being Mysterious. I Mean its pretty much obvious isn’t it? You see a person who is dressed sharp AF, looking like a Bad boy and then he starts talking and throws out everything that is going on inside his mind, His life issues, emotions, feelings, future plans, etc.. Will you ever call him a bad boy? Certainly Not! Ok you can call him innocent and clean hearted but a Bad Boy? No! Not at all.

Now you see these are the little differences between regular dudes and bad boys. The later ones don’t tell their stories to each and every person so openly. They stay silent most of the time, speak less, and observe more. Observation is the key to becoming a leader Because a person who observes more will speak less but you are gonna catch some of the most valuable words coming out of his mouth.

Ok, so the thing that I want you all to learn and take away from this point is, Even if you are super attached with a person at the moment, I want you to control your emotions and don’t spit everything out. Now I know that it’s hard not to share your shit with a person who you talk to all day long, 7 days a week. But Guys remember not everybody is meant to stay in your life forever and even if that person stays with you forever, still there will be a time when you will judge on the basis of something that you shared with that person, once in the past. So its better to talk less.

28: Don’t Gossip Too Much!

“Have you heard about Imran’s New girlfriend… she is really ugly,… You know what. She Uses tons of Makeup to coverup her imperfections, Her acne is popping out every time she washes his face.. hahaha” What is this Gentlemen?! Why are you being such a Pussy? Why you are always talk trash and gossiping about each and every person out there behind their back? Don’t you know How big of Ugly gossiping is and when a Man does it He becomes even uglier! Stop it, my friend .. you are a Bad Ass Bad Boy and you are supposed to set examples wherever you go, examples of determination, Self-worth, and Positivity and Look what you are portraying instead.

In short, you are making people believe that you are a Pu#$y who has nothing going on in his own life and the only thing he is good at is talking about others and most specifically talking trash about others? Well, you don’t want people to think about you like that… So You must stop Gossiping and Backbiting! ASAP!

It is a Habit of Cowards!

Gentlemen, and you are not a coward. You are the Bad Boy… And you have stuff going on in your life and you wanna spread positivity and good vibes all around yourself and the First step you must take to start spreading those vibes is to Stop talking trash about others behind their back. It’s very unattractive. Imagine, if that person gets to know what you are talking about him and then you meet that person… How are you gonna face him? Humiliation? Shame? Thats the only thing you will be left with and You deserve better.. You definitely deserve better! So Whether if someone in your Friends circle comes to you and invites you to be a part of this Ugly activity, you know what you gonna say to their face time… Its. “A Big NO!”… Now You are the real Boss, the most badass Bad boy around!

29: Bad Boys Accessorise!

Now, this is something that a lot of people are afraid of. They don’t wear bracelets, Rings, and Lockets because they are afraid of People judging them and calling them with names like “Gay”, “Homo”, “Cheap”, etc.. Let them BARK because thats what they are gonna do anyway. They are backbiters and they keep doing it even if you change your entire life to become they want you to become. They will never be happy, ever. So why not wearing a Sexy Badass Bracelet and Cool subtle Locket plus that Super Badass ring because by doing that you are gonna make yourself Look hotter and not to mention More badass? I mean Pu#$ys are afraid of doing such things but you aren’t One, Right?

Yeah! You are a Bad Boy who knows that accessories are made to make a Man look good, to help him make his outfit look better. Because at times we don’t know what to do to make out outfit look unique and thats the time when accessories come in Handy. Throw on a Nice pair of Bracelet, a Ring, a Locket, and Bang! You, my friend, are looking like a Savage Bad Boy!

A Nice leather jacket paired with a Cool bracelet is a Look that you will see every bad boy rocking almost every day. And its not just about the leather jacket, you will see bad boys wearing accessories with almost every single outfit. Well you know what? You can also choose to make an accessory, your signature piece as well. Who knows! Theirs no limitations when it comes to looking good as they say “Options are countless”

30: Talk Slowly and Clearly!

Oh Boy! You are not in a completion where you got to speak 100 words per minute. Ok, I want you to do an exercise Right Now. Get up and grab a mirror or move your lazy ass to reach your dressing table. Cool! Now that you are in front of the mirror I want you to talk normally the way you do, fast and unclear, Right? What do you think about yourself while you are throwing out like 500 words per minute? Do you by any means find it sexy? If No then why do you think that others are gonna find you sexy while you are talking?

I am damn sure that you know a guy in your circle who is known Sexy because of his Voice and All the girls love the way he talks. Ok, let’s say it’s his Voice thats making him unique but you know what? If you promise me that from now on you will start to talk slowly and clearly then I guarantee you that by end of this 15 days period, you, my friend, are gonna take your sexiness level from 5/10 to 8/10, no exaggerations at all!

Deep voice and slow-talking has always been considered a trait of Bad Boys. They talk calmly and thats what girls find very sexy. Now keep in mind that I don’t want you to talk super slow. It’s just about slowing slightly down and I am definitely not talking about seizing the process. Another tip that I would like to give you is that, Try talking from your stomach because it makes your voice deep and that again is considered really Hot in the Girls’ Community.

31: Walk Like a Badass!

Walk Like a Badass!

Do you know How Badass walks? He walks slow, He walks sexy and most importantly He walks while showering fountains of Confidence around. Guys I have seen so many bad Boys walking Like shit. Ok imagine this, You see a person sitting in the lobby looking really good. His skin looks great, hair is on Point, the outfit is Dope AF. In-short, Dude is killing it by all means. But suddenly he gets up, starts walking and you are like WTH! He is walking with his arms closed and his steps are super small and feminine, My God! a total mess. What do you think about him Now? Badass? Definitely Not!

I don’t care what your excuse is but I want you to start walking like a Badass from Right Now because it is super simple and requires you to put in no effort. The only thing you wanna do is to follow the below-given steps and I guarantee you that within a week you will end up walking like a Bad Freaking Ass Boy:

Tips to Walk Like a Badass

  • Your Shoulders, they need to be broad. I know that they stay recessive all the time but Hit them with a WOW-MAN hunter because they need to rise! Push them a little bit back and Up, Yeah thats perfect!
  • Your chest needs to out. Now make sure that you are not getting it too much out because that way you are gonna end up looking very weird. You just got to get your chest out a little bit, just enough to kill the sloppy posture of yours, and thats it.
  • Please don’t walk with your hands inside your Pocket. My God! Do you know how recessive and unconfident you look with your hands in your pocket while you are walking? I can’t even measure your level of recessiveness.
  • Your steps should be medium. Not too big, not too short. Just enough to showcase your sexiness.
  • Walk with confidence Gentlemen. Ok think of yourself as a Confident Dude, One who is Sexy and perfect (I repeat, not proud but perfect). Yeah.. you see that smile, that shine in your eyes! Now walk while having that same feeling inside, THATS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

32: Don’t Think and Talk about her all the time!

So you like that Girl, Han? Thats great but are you supposed to be talking about her all the time with every Freaking person you meet throughout the whole day? I mean I respect your feelings that you have for her but why are you talking about her all the time? Ok, quick question. “What will you think about a person, a friend of yours who is with you at the moment but he is constantly talking to his Girl and when he is not texting her, he is thinking about her and if not any of these then he will be talking to you about her?” I am damn sure that you will definitely cringe too hard because of all this Shit. Ever saw a friend of yours commenting stuff like “Nice my love 💝”, “AWWW. SO SWEET YOU ARE” under his girlfriend’s Instagram photo?

Yeah, now you know what I am talking about. My Friend if you cringe when a friend of yours is talking to his girl all the time and when he is commenting lovely stuff on her latest profile picture then How can you expect others to not Cringe when you do the same? It makes no sense to me. Guys as I said earlier as well, It’s cool that you like this Girl and Yoo I respect you and your feelings but according to me, the pure feeling of love is something that a MAN should keep only between himself and his loved one. It’s Cool that all of your friends know that Alissa is your Girl but. I don’t want you to broadcast each and everything about your relationship in front of your friends.

Thats what Men with Low Value Do…

And I am sure you are not one. So in case you somehow end up doing such stuff then I want you to sit and think about what you are doing with your Life? Don’t you have other stuff to talk about? Is your Life just about that single girl? Why under God’s Sky you don’t have any private life? Do you want others to Judge you and your loved one? If No! Then as a brother, I want you to stop sharing your Love life with others, Because, thats what all the other Dudes do. But you are not any other Dude, You are a Bad Boy. Most specifically, the most Badass Bad Boy!

33: Don’t Be OverDressed or Overgroomed!

Now this is something that bothers me a lot. I see men with Epic Morning and Night time Routines, Skin shining bright like a diamond, Hair on point, Outfit 10/10 but you know what? Sometimes this too much epic and overly perfect grooming routine is whats Wrong about them.. What? Let me explain.. Now i know that a lot of You guys will be pointing their fingers towards me but the truth is that you will never a Bad Boy who is Not overdressed or over groomed..

Yeah, I know that They say, “it’s better to be overdressed than to be underdressed” But I want to ask you a simple question, “Do you like men with extra perfect eyebrows, nails shining and stuff like that?” Yeah, you know what I am talking about. “Would you prefer such a guy over the dude who is looking Dope with great hair, good skin and sexy hairstyle, in-short not overly groomed or overly dressed?” I am damn sure that any girl will Choose the later one because You know what? No girl wants to date a boy who is too busy taking hell lot of care of himself only. I mean if you are already too much-freaking self-caring and self-centered then where will she put herself in the equation?

Girls like slightly messy guys, Like something near to 10/10 but never an 11/10 because thats not how Bad Boys are. Bad Boys are messy and Sexy both at the same time. So always remember guys in the race of becoming perfect don’t forget that at the end of the Day you need to draw a fine line that separates you from a girl who lives in a salon every other day of the week.

34: Maintain Eye Contact!

Maintain Eye Contact!

Yoo, my Boy, Eye contact is very crucial. Let’s say you like this Girl which you just meet and you want to date/marry her but Before all that to happen in real, of course, you need to know her and let her know you as well, Right? And in order for that to happen, you need to spend time with her right? And for that, You need to talk to her confidently Right? To accomplish that, you need to maintain a Solid Eye contact Right? If the answer to these Rights is a “BIG YES” Then keep reading…

So, guys, I don’t want you to look and behave like a Pussy and you can never portray yourself as a confident stud in front of anybody if you are looking all confused and Not maintaining a good level of eye contact. A Bad Boy knows very well when to look into their eyes and when not too. Don’t ever look at her private parts when talking to a girl. In short, whether you are walking in a room full of Bad Boys or you are talking to the girl you really like, the art of Eye contact is something that is gonna separate you from the rest of the public.

With that being said I here conclude today’s topic which was “34 steps to become the most badass bad boy around” and trust me guys if you implement all of these 34 tips in your day to day life then I guarantee you that after 15 days you will be transformed into the King of the Kingdom full of Bad Boys.


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