4 Genius Tips to Get the Most Glowing Skin!

Hey Guys… Hope you all are Doing well … So Let me ask you one simple question before starting today’s Topic… If you are Somebody who is here to Know some sort of quick magic trick that is gonna make your Skin Shine Bright like Some sort of I don’t Know, Shining Plastic, overnight then My Friend i am sorry to say, But this article is not for you… Because there is not a single trick under the God’s (ALLAH) Sky that can do this and Anybody who Claims that He knows such sort of “TRICK” is a Liar and you must never believe him whatsoever.

I would want to mention one thing here… You need to follow the rules and steps religiously and Stick to them properly to actually see some results … Consider it some sort of Disclaimer and its very important to become disciplined when its about your Skin because its a Blessing that you must always take care of and Trust me on this Once you see the results, that motivation will be enough for you keep Going on! So With that being said, Without Any further adieu let’s get right into Today’s Topic!

Step 1: Essential Nutrients/Substances!

Now this is something that is gonna stay with you for a longer period of time due to the fact that “You are what you eat” So better food means better You. And before mentioning anything here, i would want to Start off with Water! and i am pretty sure that I don’t need to stress anymore on the Importance of water and the positive things that it does to your Body.

It is good for your Skin because it soaks all the dirt and harmful stuff that is making your skin rough and ugly… Once all those harmful materials are no more part of your Skin…. eventually your Skin Start to Look Fresh and Glowing. So, I recommend that you drink 12-15 glasses of water at least per day every day and You Skin is gonna thank you for this in Later years..

Pores… You might have heard about this Term if you have ever searched about Skin care routine on the internet or in general. We all have Pores in our Skin.. The Only difference between a person who has great looking fresh skin and a person with rough and unhealthy skin is the width of Pores and How the appearance of those Holes.. Later One has Open Pores that look ugly and are clearly visible as well which harms the overall appearance of your Face! So Our aim here is to Shrink those Pores to the most possible Limit! Now that we know our mission lets get into some of fixes that are super easy and any one can try them to get results.

Vitamin C: (Oranges, Lemon, Tomatoes, Guavas, GrapeFruit etc)

Vitamin C is very essential for your Skin… It boosts the production of Collagen and Elastin which play a vital role in Pore Shrinking Process!

Alternatively, You can choose to buy Vitamin C Serum as well which is available at any nearby medical and Cosmetic Store. Apply it on your Skin and massage a little bit and thats it. You are good to go!

Niacin (Vitamin B3): (Chicken, Peanuts, Tuna, Turkey, Eggs)

Niacin or Vitamin B3 is another very crucial ingredient for your Skin’s health.. And you must add Niacin Rich Foods in your Daily diet to make sure that you are getting enough the anti dot for your Skin. Just like Vitamin C serum, You can purchase Niacin Serum as well… Talking about Serums then Gentlemen presenting the last but not the least….:

Hyaluronic Acid: (Leafy Green Vegetables, Citrus Fruits, Lemon, Oranges)

You must add this Super helpful sexy substance in your regular Diet as well because it helps to add That magical Glow in your Skin that you’ve always been wanting to have.

You can purchase Hyaluronic Acid Serum from the Nearby medical store. Once you have it in your Hands.. make sure that you wash them and then hold the Acid Back again in your Hands But this time take some of it and apply it on your Face. Bonus tip here would be to Spray some Mineral water right after the application of Hyaluronic Acid on your Skin.. It will work like Magic, i kid you Not.

Step 2: Take Good Care of your Skin!

Your Skin is a Gift from God! (ALLAH). And you my Friend don’t know the potential of a Good Looking Skin yet… It can make you Look Super Sexy and the only thing you need is a regular Skin care Routine! And when I say super sexy i mean a 10/10… But No! It’s not that easy.. You need to take great care of your Skin in order to see any minor results and with time if you keep taking care then God (Allah) will bless you With the Best looking Skin ever! Yeah!

Ok So let’s suppose you are super pumped and Determined to actually start to take care of your Skin on a daily basis… Now you might have this question in your Mind that “What to do?”… Their are like 3 things that worked for me and i hope will definitely work for you as well.

“Build your Skin Care Routine”

Taking Care of your Skin doesn’t mean that you need to apply dozens of Cosmetic products per day to keep your Skin looking new and Fresh. Its just about washing your Face twice a day with a good face wash based on your Skin type. Wash your face followed by applying moisturiser on your Skin. If you have dry skin then you are not supposed to Use a Face wash and moisturiser designed for people who have Oily Skin.. .. Take your time and Do the required Research before purchasing anything because I don’t want you to spend money on something that doesn’t even works.

Last but not the least, You need to exfoliate your Skin at least once a Week (or twice). What it does is that it removes all the dead Skin cells from your face making the remaining skin looking Fresh like a New born baby which screams “Moisturise Me” So there you go… Apply moisturiser an you are good to Go!

Sun Screen!

A lot of People still have this Myth in Asia specifically that Sun Screens make your Complexion Dull. And it is totally Foolish and we need to stop believing any of such kind of Myths Right Now! Because Sun Screens are a Gift for us that protects our Skin from Harmful Ultraviolet rays that are coming from Sun because otherwise These Rays penetrate in your Skin and Destroy the Skin cells causing Sunburn and other Skin Problems as well..

Here i would like to mention one more thing …. Purchase Sun screen based on the Country and City you Live in. If you living in a Super Hot City Like Karachi then SPF-15 is gonna do no good to your Skin.. You need at least SPF- 40 or above to see the results.. So these are little but very important things which can make or break a deal in the World of Skin Care.. “Always buy Sun Screen that is right for the Environment You Live in”

All About Masks

They Do Work! They can actually do wonders for your Skin based on the fact that you are using the correct one for your Face. I know that you have seen a lot of Youtube videos and almost each one of those have told you about a new kind of Mask which involve mixing a plenty of ingredients and applying them on your Skin in the form of Mixture paste.. But I am not going to recommend any of it.. I believe that everyone has a unique skin type and i am gonna leave 2 different masks that I have used myself and almost everyone who I have recommended this to, has given me a positive feedback..

1: Gram Mask:

You need Gram Flour, Some Yogurt and a little Bit of Rose Water. Mix these and apply it onto your Face and Leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it off and that’s it! Do this every Sunday and Your Skin is gonna become super fresh and Dirt Free!

2: Clay Mask:

My mother told me about it and not that it’s the only reason I am recommending it to you but Hey! Mothers knows the best! And same is the case here.. Clay masks are very Good for your Skin because they have Bentonite in them which is very essential for your Skin. It reduces Pores and improves the overall appearance of your Skin as well by soaking away the dirt and pollution and Excessive oils as well!

You can either purchase something like L’oreal Mask Jar and you can also go for natural solution to this problem would be using “Fuller’s Earth” (Multani Mitti)..

Take Some Multani Mitti and Mix it up with Rose water. Apply it on your Face. Leave it for 20 minutes and you are good to go!

Step 3: Exercise Yet Don’t Stress!

exercise for skin

Stress has killed millions and you my Friend are not an Alien, are You? Stress slows down your Metabolism and blood flow that cause Dark Circles, speeds up the Ageing Process! In-short it makes you Ugly and you don’t want it Right? So take it easy on your Life buddy. What is going to happen is going to happen anyways, just do a healthy amount of work and Leave the Rest to God (Allah). He will Take care of you!

So if you can just Takeaway one thing from here then hands down it would be ….“Don’t ever Stress it up” I know that Things are tough right Now i agree but Again i have seen people in the worst conditions and still smiling! So My Friend Smile and Say “ALL IS WELL!”

Exercise! Not specifically Gym! It can be anything, ,maybe Going for a Run or walk maybe… Morning walk in the Park where you see Sun coming straight up, they are just amazing. But! Those rays give you Vitamin D plus your Eyes feel super relaxed by looking just at the Grass and green leaves and flowers plus running and walking over there, it’s a Gold Tier combination! that does wonders for your overall health!

Going to Gym and strictly following a regimen will not only make your Skin healthy but it will give you Confidence as well… and Will reduce your Stress also plus most importantly it improves Skin health! So what’s stopping you From going to Gym? Your Friend Moris who has never been to gym ever and looks like some Bulky Animal? No! You Don’t have to listen to him.. Its your Life.. you are the decision maker… And Exercise is something that is gonna stay with you Like forever!

Step 4: Don’t Do this!

I have listed almost everything that you should do to make your Skin look and Feel healthy… Now I am going to state some of the things that You should Stop doing if you want your Skin to look good!

Don’t Touch your Face again and again!

Just Don’t.. I mean why do you keep touching your Face all the time? Stop! It makes your Skin rough and just like you are not supposed to touch your Hair all the time because your hands have bacteria and dirt which damage them … same goes for your Skin as well… in fact Skin is even more sensitive! So Say it to yourSelf… “I Will not touch my Face all day Long” ever again!

Don’t Ever Pop That Zit/Acne

Yeah i know it’s satisfying… That Zit.. You want to Pop it real bad Right? because you find it satisfying and you believe that if you will pop that Ugly looking Zit of yours it will be gone forever, Right? Wrong! The opposite happens. When you Pop a Zit or Acne, the bacteria spreads all over all which makes that Zit popup again! So what you got? Nothing!

Change those Dirty Pillow Cases!

Ok By Dirty Pillow Cases i don’t mean that you have pillows filled with Mud … Actually, When we talk about Grooming and Skin care then even a single bit of dirt and Oil remaining on Pillow cases or anything which your Skin gets in contact with directly, matters a lot… So what actually happens is that when we sleep with our face on the pillow all night.. Our skin screets Oil which gets collected in the Pillow cover… And if you Don’t change those Covers / Cases at least once a week then trust me my Friend your Night time Skin care routine goes in vain… So make sure that you wash your pillowcases or change them once a week and the same is the case with bed sheets as well.

With that Being Said, I would like to conclude the Topic By saying that.. Your Skin is a Gift from God (ALLAH) and If you will not take care of it properly then you are gonna see Acne, Zits, Dryness, Unhealthiness and Open Pores clearly visible on your Face… And I am sure you will not love that look at all on you.. And I guarantee you that if you follow the above mentioned 4 Steps then Your Skin will actually Shine Bright Like a Diamond, Just the way you Deserve it to be.


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