15 Genius Tips to Deal with Toxic People that are Part of your Life

Bros! Today is All about Toxicity. How to deal with Toxic People or How to Successfully Avoid Them. But Who are toxic People? Why Do you need to Avoid them? What if the Toxic Person Who is Bothering you is an Important Part of your Life?

Before digging into that I want to ask you Guys a Simple Question. Do you Guys wake Up and Feel Tired? Do you want to Wake Up and Feel Energetic and Ready to Conquer the World? If Yes then Do Checkout, 14 Tips to Wake Up, and Not Feel Tired (Practical Ways).

Why Do We Need to Talk about Toxic People?

Do you want to Deal with Toxic People the right way? Listen, They take away your Mental Peace Just the way you Takeaway the Spotlight wherever you go. But Why the Heck do you Need to Avoid Toxic People?

And Why Should you Learn to deal with them? Look, there are times in everybody’s life when time isn’t blessing us with Flowers only. Before every Bright Wave, comes a Dark time. There are many types of Dark times. Some are Due to Our own carelessness and Mistakes. While others are due to certain People.

People who are all about negativity and Spreading Hate. These are the People sole Motive of Whom is to Take Joy out of Other People’s Stress. They seek Fun in Other’s dependency on them. Manipulation, Dominance, Extreme Control is what they practice every single day.

They know that You can’t Speak Loud at them at the moment. They realize that you are very recessive at the Moment and You can’t Stand Up for yourself. Most Importantly, They Know that You are Weak and can’t do much about this entire Bullying Session.

Enough is Enough! You, My Friend, Need to comeback Stronger. And You are not alone this time. Gentlemen! Your Brother is Here with you. And we are gonna fight back much strong this time. Today is all about Haters, Low-Key Bullys Who mentally torture you for the Sake of their Mental Peace. People who are an important part of your Life but Still Choose to Play with our Emotions.

Bros, Title of the Post is, “15 Genius Tips to Deal with Toxic People that are Part of your Life”. So without Any further Ado, Let’s Get Straight into it.

1: Get your Mind Fixed First

Get your Mind Fixed First

Ok, So Let’s say that there is this person who is a part of your family. Maybe he was not like this Before and Now for unknown reasons has become this way. You are sharing space with Him and a couple of other people and He is always against your Will. And you know what the worst part is? He is in authority So most of the time things go by His will.

Now, this is a crazy situation. And I am pretty sure that you have been handling this entire situation for months. Your Mind has been exhausted already. Maybe You are going crazy already. You need an escape, Specifically, your brain needs it at any cost. What to do Now?

Always remember that You can’t Win a Battle without having your Brain Fixed. How to Fix your Brain in this situation? Friends!

You just can’t Replace your Friends with anything. And in times like this, there is literally nothing that can help you recover But Your Friends. Plan a Hangout and Say whatever there is in your heart. Spit the Bitter truth out and I am sure they are gonna say, “Yeah Same” to everything that you just said.

It will Help You Fight the Tough times giving them a Hit from WOW Manhunter Right on the Face. You might as well want to Video call them and Share your Thoughts. Go for a Walk and Share everything you have in your heart with your Friend during that time. This will help you get your Mind Fixed, Keeping you Sane during the Tough times.

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2: Don’t Keep the Crap in your Mind

You, My Friend, are One Handsome Guy. You take care of yourself, your hair, Skin, health, Clothing and Grooming as well. Everything about you is 10/10. And I’ve checked out your Diet Plan as well. It says “Healthy Stuff Only”. And I am very Proud of you for that.

Then why do you Keep the Crap in your Mind? I Mean, these Toxic People who are an Important Part of your life, Say a Lot of Shit to you. Chances are that they are Saying Extremely Offensive stuff to you that Might make you want to Kill yourself. Ok, But All of this is Nothing But a Load of Crap. And This Load of Crap has No Place in a Mind of Guy as Handsome as you.

Listen to Them, Let it all go inside from one ear and Leave your Brain from the other Ear. After all why keeping Bullshit in Mind when you can keep Intelligent ideas in there. Do you want to Know what you should Keep in Mind Instead?

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Keep in mind all of the Above Given Hacks and Tricks. These are the tips that can make you stand out from the Crowd. Listen to what these Toxic People have to say, Forget it and Keep Hustling. Hustling What? Next Point is all about that Only.

3: Start Something of your Own

Start Something of your own

Hustling Keeps your Mind Engaged. It keeps you Busy in More Productive, Self Improving stuff rather than Focusing on negative Shit that is going on in your li. Do you want to Know the Best Ways to Deal with Toxic people? Start Something of your own.

It could be a Business. You can Start Delivering a Service. Home-based? Maybe. Youtube is your friend. Just go over there and search for Ideas that are related to your Interest. You can Start Something of your own in Programming Niche. Learn Graphic Designing or Content Writing and then offer your Skills on Freelance websites.

If you have some investment saved then Invest it to Create a Blog on a Topic that You find most comfortable writing about. Look at me, Toxic People will keep doing what they are doing. It’s your Job Now to Divert your Brain into Something that one day is gonna Turn the table Around. Keep Hustling My Brother.

4: Spend Less Time Around

You, My Friend, Stay about 12 Hours every single day around Toxic Family Members/Friends. This means that you have to listen to their Toxic statements and Blames for around 12 hours every single day. It’s too much!

What to do about it? It’s Simple. Engage yourself in an activity that keeps you away from them. Bros, I know that sounds like a Coward’s Plan But think of it like an Escape Plan. It will protect your Brain, its sanity, Yourself as a Person as well. You want to Keep Doing it until you have achieved the Level where tables turn.

I don’t know, maybe Get your Friends to Join a Gym and Plan a Jogging session with that too. It will subtract like 2-3 Hours from the total Toxic time. What Else? Internship Baby. Start an Internship or Look for a Job maybe. Ok, So you have started something of your own, maybe be a Startup. In that case Look for a Job where You have to do a particular amount of work in Whichever amount of time you can. Complete that Work and after that Resume Working on your Startup.

Give a Good Progress to your Employee and Then you can discuss these terms with him as well. You delivering the work before time and He letting you Do a Bit of your own work as well. I am sure He will agree to it.

You can Plan something with your Friend as well. Maybe start something that You do at His place. Start a Youtube channel or whatever it is at his place. And this is How you stay away from Toxic People.

5: Identify their “I BOW BEFORE YOU”

Identify their "I BOW BEFORE YOU"

Every Person in this World goes weak in front of Something. What is that Something? It is Different for Everybody. Your Job is to identify the weakness of the Toxic person in your life. Chances are that They shut up in front of a Wealthy Man. Maybe they Talk less in front of a Person who is established and Makes a good amount of money for himself.

Look, I am not here to judge People But it is what it is. You see most People Bow before Money and Feel no shame in accepting that as well. So what are you waiting for? You’ve Started something of your own, Plus you have been Doing a Job as well. Keep Shut and Keep making progress until you reach that level.

The Best way to deal with Toxic People is to Make a Comeback. Stay under the shade and Rise as an Established personality. What will happen next? Their Toxic Personality will Slowly fade away as they Now have different thoughts about you. They consider you a Trustworthy person Now. Their thoughts regarding you are totally Different Now. Call them Gold Digger or whatever But they will Not say anything Toxic to you Now. Welcome to the Dark Side of the Earth, My Friend ๐Ÿ™‚

6: Make yourself Independent

Nothing can Replace an Independent Man. My Goal with This Blog is to help you all become Not Only the Most Sexiest Men but Independent as well. No Classy Man is dependent on Others. And You, My Friend, have to Come to this List as well. Look over there. All of these Classy Men are waving at you, Calling you to Join.

So Yeah, Be it a Toxic Family Member or any other person in your Life who is Toxic, Hit them with Your independence. Let’s say, There are a couple of things that only they can do for you. Maybe you are dependent on them for a Particular Event of yours. Chances are that they have to manage everything related to your marriage.

And They release that You can’t do anything without them. They have realized that You will do anything for that. Now, this is where the Cruelty and Brutality begins. They will say harsh words to you, shout at you and even Blackmail you as well. Why? They know that you are dependent on them.

This, My Friend is one of the worst situations one can ever be in. It can make things Lot stressful for you. Mental Torture, anxiety, Depression? Yes Sir!


๐Ÿ‘‰ What Now? What to Do to Protect yourself from this Shit? Sit Down and Talk to yourself. Say to yourself that What are the things that you can Do. Think of ways to Do things by yourself. If you can’t do the task on your own then think of Alternatives.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Once you’ve made a List of Alternatives, things will start to get a lot easier. You Might have to put some extra pressure on yourself But at the end of the day, it’s much better than bearing the Toxicity of these Cruel AF Toxic People. Free yourself, Buddy. I am with you and I believe you can Do better.

7: Just Don’t Be Like Them

Don't be like them

Bros, You have Been Fighting all of this Shit and I am Proud of You for Being Successful till Now. But, Are you really Ok? I mean, You Look Ok. But Do you really Are? These Toxic People have been saying Shit around you.

And Toxicity is Viral. It’s very hard to Stay Positive while Living around Negative People. Look, we learn from People, and thats the reason I always talk about Being Around Like-Minded Positive People.

What Happens is that When you Spend time around Toxic People, You find it very stressful. However when you walk outside, unknowingly you Start to Develop their Habits inside you. You become toxic with others too.

No, I am not saying that You are Wrong But Like, your Subconscious mind ha Picked up these negative traits. I want you all to Take a Note of your Daily activities. Write down How you behaved with others. Also write down the changes in your behavior, the way you behaved earlier vs How you behave Now.

I am damn sure that you are changed Now. And thats needs to be fixed too. Positivity is the Solution to this. Watch Content that Made you the way you were before. Learn about your behavioral changes and Before everything, accept that your behavior has changed. Trust me you will thank yourself later for not letting yourself go with the Flow. The world can’t afford to lose a Positive person Like you.

8: Don’t Take their Perspective

You don’t have to listen to what they have to say about your Work, Start-up, Job, Activities, Way of Living Life, Preferences, and Choices. They have their own point of view. You should not let them change you.

Guys! Toxic people have this Habit of Imposing their Point of view on others. They believe that what they are Saying is Right and others are Wrong. Take Suggestions from everybody But when they start telling you why it won’t work, Just Say Its OK.

Think of ways to make things Work. Don’t just sit back and Get dishearten over some stupid Toxic A-Hole who told you to stop doing what you are doing. Their Logic and explanations are a result of their negative patterns. Everything is a failure near them. Please Don’t waste your time convincing them as this will do no good to you. The only thing this will do is turn you into their Slave. And I am sure you don’t want that. Do you?

9: Take Care of Yourself

take care of yourself

One of the Most Important Tips that You will ever come across surrounding the topic, “How to Deal with Toxic People” is to Take care of yourself. Bros, You have been struggling a lot lately. Your Stress Level is spiking and Your Mind is not far away from going into Depression.

But wait. Things are not over yet. They have not won yet and you have not been defeated Yet. It’s time for a Comeback. Time for you to rise above all the Odds and negativity. And what’s the best way to do that other than becoming a better version of yourself?

Are you freaking kidding me? Look at yourself. Your beard hasn’t been lined Up since like forever. You haven’t had a Haircut in a Long time. What have you done to yourself? Your Skin is Looking Rough and your health has got an effect too.

Start taking care of yourself as this is yet another way to Feel Good. Toxic People will Bring you down and they will keep doing that until you become the authority. By taking care of yourself you are giving yourself a reason to live. A reason to live for yourself. Compliments, Other Men wanting to become Like, all this will give you the energy to keep fighting. It will give you to fight until the light of victory appears.

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10: Take them as Motivation

Now that You are Starting to get Stable. And your brain is starting to Think like Normal, I want you all to Know that “Let them Come”. Ohh Boy! You are such a brave fellow. Think of yourself as a warrior who has been wounded. Consider yourself a Legend who has been challenged to Show his Real side.

The best way to Deal with Toxic people/Toxic Personalities, be it your family members or whoever, is to take their actions as a Motivational source. You, My Friend, are very Lazy. I know for a fact that You would have never this determined otherwise. All of this toxicity was necessary to tickle your inner beast.

Think of it as God’s Plan to let the World see the Super Sayan Side of yours. Come On Goku! Show them what you’ve got. Always remember, You have to Free yourself from the cage of these toxic people. And the only way to do that is to become the most authoritative personality. Hustle is the solution to all of this. Work hard, Cry in Your lone time and Kill them with your Victory. I want you to K.O Them with your Success.

11: Do Not React

Do Not React

They Will Make you Shout. Their Ugly games and Foolish Dialogues will make you want to argue with them. And trust me on this, Arguing with them is No Different than Arguing with a Fool. And the worst part is, Arguing with them will Bring no good to you.

In-Fact you will be exhausted to the extreme limits. Keep it in mind that every toxic person has an unlimited level of stamina. Second thing, You can’t win them over. It’s almost impossible to Convince them over certain things. So the best way to deal with toxic people is to stop reacting to them.

Stop reacting to their Dialogues, points of view, thoughts and Perspectives. You find it toxic to listen to them? Strategically escape from the Place and Spend time with positive people instead. Try not to change Toxic people as it will change your Mental State only.

12: Show Empathy after Becoming an Authority

I’ve been talking about this a lot in the Article. And here once again, I am saying the same exact thing. It’s that “Do Not try to change them”. Look, Why are you doing this? You want them to become a better person? They are important to you but you want to make them Less Toxic?

Guess what? You can’t change a person without their consent. If he/she doesn’t want to become a better person, You could be doing anything But the result will always come out to be something worse. Do you want to change them? The opposite will happen. They will make you a Toxic person. And I am sure you are not Ok becoming one. Right?

Ok, So let’s say You have started Becoming an authority. Tables are turning and You have started gaining the reputation that you deserve. Damn! you deserve it. But wait, What should you do Now? Should you be treating them the way they used to treat you?

Empathy Without Authority is a Mistake you will Always Regret!

Oh, Then what is the difference between you two? How can you call yourself a better person if you plan to do the same? The best thing to do is to show empathy. Kill them with Kindness Gentlemen!

And if you’ve become an authority yet then Don’t bother showing empathy. Don’t show extra kindness because it will come out as you begging to get something in return. What will that do? It will make things even worse for you and your mental state. You wanna Stay away from them as much as you can until you become an authority. It’s as simple as that.

Do you want to Identify their Problems? What made this become this Toxic? Relax Champion. You have a lot of time for all of this as well. Just wait and Focus on becoming a better version of yourself first. Because thats the most important for you to do at the moment.

13: You Are Not Alone in This

You are Not Alone in this

I Know that Times is Very Tough at the Moment. You always feel like giving up, Crying, Shouting, and what Not. But relax. Look at Point Number #1 Once again. Share it with your Friends and You will find out that the majority of them are going through the same exact situation.

Its Ok if Ahmed has got a Very supportive family whereas you have got a Bunch of Toxic people who always bring you Down. You have the command of your Life. Be the tough judge and identity your Choices. Do what I’ve talked about in the Above 12 Points. However, in your Mind, you must have this thing clear that You are Not Alone.

I know that your situation is getting worse day by day. Your brother knows that Toxic people are getting stronger with every day passed and you feel Like quitting every single day. But Believe me, you are Not Alone. There are 6/10 People who are going through the same exact situation, even worse!

Do you want to know the secret formula to stop all of this? Strive to become an authority. The magic formula consists of 3 steps.

โ˜๏ธ Start something of your Own
โœŒ๏ธ Work towards independence
๐ŸคŸ Make yourself an Authoritative Figure

14: You Might Have Made This Big

So You want to Know How to Deal with Toxic People? Why? I mean, What makes you think that people around you are Toxic enough to give them this name (Toxic People)? Let me explain.

You do Speak negatively. I Myself speak negatively a lot of times. But does that Make me a Toxic person overall? Will that Make you a Negative or Toxic person? Not at all. Sometimes it’s inside our head. And we start to feel things that aren’t even there.

Chances are that the situations are not toxic to the Level you think they are. Maybe it’s your Mind that has made this all a Big deal. What If I told you that You can easily fix things just by talking to that other person a little lightly? And in the worst-case scenario, what if you are the one who is toxic?

Who knows?

I mean, Again, I am not blaming you. Who Am I Blame you? You wanted to know how to deal with Toxic People and in reaction to that, I started this conversation. Relax, Just write down your activities. What are the things that you do in a day and How do you behave with others. Write all of this down and then compare it with a Healthy Human being’s reaction and behavior in that same situation.

Yeah, thats How you measure toxicity. Don’t worry. I am saying this once again, Consume content that makes you positive and Spend time with healthy-minded human beings. Thats How you change. Your brother is with you.

15: Let them Know that Its Not Ok

Tell them to Stop

Sometimes it’s Your mistake. Why have you made yourself So Down? You don’t speak for yourself and You always seem to be ok with whatever a Person does to you. Toxic People do negative shit and You not saying anything to them or not stopping them will do no good to you.

Sometimes you got to say, “Stop” or at least let them know that it hurts your feelings. Every Man is not a Good Man. Not everybody thinks good for others. You got to let them know that their decision is hurting you, your emotions, and affecting your mental peace as well.

Let them know that this needs to Stop. And It Might work. I mean, Who Knows? You haven’t tried it so How can you say so surely that They won’t stop if you tell them to? Try it once at least.

And with that Being said, I here conclude today’s Post. Today was all about “How to deal with Toxic people”. And a couple of tips and tricks to deal with Toxic people. Title of the Post was, “15 Genius Tips to Deal with Toxic People that are Part of your Life”. What’s your take on it? Do you have related concerns that you want to share with me? Don’t worry, let me know about your thoughts on my Instagram (@worldofNyazi). And we will talk about it over there. And until next time my brothers,


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