24 Essential Grooming Hacks Every Guy Needs to Know

Hey There! Hope you are doing well. So today we are gonna talk about something that I have been wanting to talk for So Long on my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi). You Guys wanted me to cover Beauty Hacks for Men aka Grooming Hacks for Guys / Men. How to Treat Open Pores? What to do If your Hair is Frizzy and You are getting late? What to do if you don’t have a Trimmer and you got a Rough beard? How to Increase the Life of Your Razor? And a lot more.

And I started researching to find the most appropriate answers to your Questions and then implemented those solutions on myself because I had to double-check whether the solutions actually work or not. It took quite a bit of time because I wanted to cover the answer to maximum questions in a single Article. Not because I was too lazy to write separately about each one of those But because of the fact that answer to almost a maximum of those questions was quite simple and really short so I decided to write a single detailed article covering all of them.

And here I am finally with the end result… “24 Essential Grooming Hacks Every Guy Needs to Know” Including hacks for your Hair, Skin, Teeth, Bad breath, and bad odor as well. With that being said, let’s hop into it, shall we.

1: Grooming Hacks for Guys: Get Rid of the Frizzy Hair

So your Hair is all Rough and Frizzy and you are getting late. Maybe you have to attend this important meeting or you wanna go to this Date with the Love of your Life and you want to look your best for that. You got the Best clothes on, your color matching game is on point and you have your Face washed and Moisturised as well… Don’t you worry gentlemen, because I am gonna take the responsibility of this Frizzy Hair Problem?

Simply Grab Some Hand Lotion and apply it to your hair. Be Nice and gentle and get your hands through your hair to make sure that it reaches every single hair on your head, And thats it. Your Rough hair with all those Frizzes is now managed and Looking on Point. Now blow dry your Hair or Comb it, the choice is yours. Problem Solved ✅

Talking about Hand lotion then you can also use it as your Styling product if you don’t have any … It will keep your Hair nice and Shinny plus will also provide low to medium Hold as well in case you are wondering.

2: Beauty Hacks for Men: Protect your Skin From Oil and Dirt While Sleeping

You are one Handsome Dude who takes care of his skin. And You make sure that his hair is on point but when we are sleeping we do not realize that our Hair is full of dirt and Product and something needs to be done about that otherwise those Oils and product remains can come to the Face leaving the traces and all those Harmful chemicals. As a result, you start seeing Acne’s problem and it just isn’t good for your skin at all.

But you need not worry anymore because the solution has arrived at your Door itself. Grab some sort of Head Scarf or a beanie to Wear while you are sleeping. With this Grooming Hack, you are gonna be able to prevent the hair coming on your Face hence no oil or dirt will actually touch your Skin. Which means you are not gonna get any of those Oils or Harmful chemicals transferred. Problem Solved ✅

3: Grooming Tips and Tricks: Moisturise your Face the Right Way

Moisturising is a crucial Part for your Skin because it hydrates and makes it look healthier for a longer period of time But do you know that You have always been moisturizing your Face, less effectively? Ok, Let me explain.

Our Face has Pores and when we apply any product, it gets absorbed. Open Pores means that more are the chances that the product gets absorbed effectively. Now comes the real question? How to make sure that you Get your Moisturiser to work most effectively? Simple! open those Pores. How? Heat up your Skin which will allow the Pores to open. Now apply the moisturizer of your choice based on your Skin Type and You are Good to Go! Problem Solved ✅

4: Grooming Hacks for Men: Reduce Swelling and Puffiness Under the Eyes

Next up in the List of Grooming Hacks for Guys / Men is something very special. Alright, So It happens to all of us. There are days when we end up sleeping late at Nights. Maybe you were working on your project or office assignment or due to any reason you couldn’t sleep on time the last night and Now your Skin is punishing you through Puffiness and Swelling under your eyes. What you can possibly Do to solve this problem?

Apply Cold to your Skin! You can do this By placing 2 Steel Spoons in the freezer for about 30 minutes and then apply it under your eyes and in case you are wondering how to have some extra benefits out of it then apply it all over your face for about 5 minutes. What it does is that It closes the Open Pores which reduce the chances of dirt to get into your Skin which ultimately reduces the chances of getting any sort of Acne or Zit. Problem Solved ✅

5: Grooming Tips for Men: Exfoliate without Exfoliator

Vitamin C Helps in Skin Lightning

It happens, my friend. Sometimes your Skin looks super rough and Deadly and the only thing you can do to make it look fresh and new is to exfoliate it. It is recommended that you exfoliate your skin once or twice a week at least. But let’s say you don’t have any exfoliating product at the moment to treat this Dry skin problem. Don’t you worry Gentlemen because Your Boy Nyazi has got your back?

Grab a Lemon and Cut it into half. Take one half and Put some sugar over it. Apply this all over, gently rubbing through each and every part of your Face. Sugar works very well when you need it as a Scrubbing or exfoliating agent and Vitamin C coming from LEMON Makes sure that your Skin gets the Glow and Freshness. Problem Solved ✅

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6: Grooming Hacks for Guys: Oily Hair and Summer Days

Gentlemen! Oily hair and Summer days is a situation when your Hair looks super greasy. They look all wet and unmanageable to the limit that You just don’t want to own your hair anymore. Calm Down, my Friend! It happens to all of us because of Summers in Asia plus Oily Skin when combine ends up in these types of problems.

Quickest and the easiest solution to this problem are, Applying Dry Shampoo! “Dry Shampoo? It’s So gay” No it isn’t. Nothing is Gay if you yourself are not Gay. Dry Shampoo works like Magic for oily and greasy hair. You need to apply it to the roots of your hair and gently rub your Fingers through.. What happens is that it soaks all of the Oil making your hair Looking Less oily and More manageable. Look gentlemen you aren’t supposed to wash your hair twice a day with Shampoo and in those situations, Dry Shampoo will prove very handy. Problem Solved ✅

7: Beauty Hacks for Guys / Men: Oily Skin and Summer Days

Things aren’t going well at all my friend. Summer is not going to spare your Skin at all and you need to take appropriate steps to make sure that you Look sexy all day long. Ok So picture this… The sunny day it is and you are going somewhere, your skin is oily and things are getting worse. What will you do Now?

Well if I was you then I would definitely carry some Wipes with Me. Wipes are the best solution to the Oily Skin problem. Gentlemen! Number 7 in the List oaf Grooming Hacks for Guys is, Wipes!. You put them in your backpack or pocket and when you start to feel that things are getting out of control then Instead of using the Regular Tissue paper or Gym towel, just take one of those Wipes out and Gently remove all of the oil and Sweat from your Face. Problem Solved ✅

8: Grooming Tips and Tricks: Adjust your Beard without a Trimmer

You have got no trimmer and its too early in the Morning, no Barbershop is open at the moment. Now, this is a problem that needs to be taken care of because those Strangling and Rough strands of hair popping out of your Face are gonna affect your Overall look and can play a vital role in reducing the Beauty of that Sexy face of yours. What could the solution possibly be of this problem?

Grab a Mirror and a Nail Clipper from your Mama’s or Girl’s Drawer or whatever and take a deep breath first. Now use that clipper to balance all of the extra hair that you feel are popping out making your beard look unmanageable. It’s simple and will take you no time. Look into that Mirror, You are now looking Date Ready, My God, So sexy you are! Problem Solved ✅

9: Grooming Hacks for Guys / Men: Your Brand New Shoes and Blisters

Grooming Solution to Blisters with New Shoes

You, my friend, are a Stylish Man! You know how to dress according to the occasion. Great dressing sense, 10/10 Great. It’s your special day tomorrow and for that purpose, you purchased these Brand new shoes. BTW, Nice choice. The Shoes look amazing on You. But do you know? New shoes often end up causing blisters on your Feet which is very painful.

But don’t you worry My Friend because your Boy Nyazi here at thatwowman.com has got your Back! Grab some Deodorant or Lotion from your Drawer and Apply it on your feet, especially on the areas which come in contact with the shoes and end up getting blisters. Now you can wear those Brand new shoes of yours with No tension at all because Now you are going to get very little to No blisters at all!

What happens is that Blisters are caused due to Friction between your Feet and the shoe surface. What Lotion or Deodorant does is that it works as a great Lubricant which reduces the Friction to the limit that you end up getting the least blisters possible. Problem Solved ✅

10: Grooming Hacks for Men / Guys: Treat Chapped Lips

Stylish Men can’t have chapped Lips.. they just can’t take it Because they Know how to Look perfect and they know it very well that Lips play an important role in their overall sexiness. Their hair, Skin, dressing, everything is almost always on point. And in case you are thinking that they are blessed with genes that don’t let their Lips get chapped then I am afraid to say that You are wrong.. They are all human beings as well, sh#$y things happen to them also. But the only difference between a Stylish Guy and the rest of the Men is that they Know How to solve their problems..

Ok picture this… you wanna attend a meeting in an hour and you woke up with super chapped lips. What could you possibly do? I have a solution for this. Grab your Tooth Brush and gently rub it over your Lips. What it does is that it removes all of that Dead Skin that was causing the problem, and Now you are left with Soft and Smooth looking sexy Lips. Problem Solved ✅

11: Grooming Tips for Guys: Remove Blackheads Quickly and Weirdly?

Weird is cool. I know it and You should try it as well. Most stylish men aren’t afraid to try out new things. Be it New color combinations or new skin products. Because they are always in search of betterment and one needs to change things in Life to change the current state. But for now, let’s suppose, You are having a couple of Blackheads on Your Nose which are bothering you a lot because you have a date and you need your skin to look perfect today.

Its a Problem but not a problem that can’t be fixed. Don’t you worry gentlemen Because You need not go anywhere to get these Blackheads removed? Number 11 in the List of Grooming Hacks for Guys / Men is here to Rescue You. All you got to do is to grab a Bandage or Duck tape and Apply it on your Nose. Let it be there for 15 minutes or so. Tick Tock Tick Tock.

15 ~ minutes passed. Now remove the Tape or bandage (whatever you applied) nice and Slow. There you go! I bet 90% of those Blackheads are already Removed Now. Liked this Hack? Share it with your Friend as well because your Problem is Now Solved ✅

12: Grooming Hacks for Men: When you Don’t Have a ToothPaste

Grooming Tips and Tricks without Toothpaste

It happens very less that you don’t have a Toothpaste but what’s wrong in imagining? So let’s say you woke up and you enter your bathroom, all happy and suddenly you command your hand to grab Brush and Toothpaste and You find out that there is no toothpaste in the Wrack…

Gentlemen! No! Stop. I don’t want you to freak out because you are a Stylish Guy and Stylish Guys needs must always Remain Calm… Instead, you can just grab Some Baking Soda or Charcoal powder and dip your Brush in one of these, and thats it. Brush your teeth with these Compounds, Once done, wait for a minute or two while Baking soda or charcoal still applied on your teeth. Tick Tock… Tick Tock.

2 Minutes Passed. Remove the powder and Thats it. White teeth gentlemen! These compounds are so powerful in whitening your Teeth that I can’t even tell you. Specially Charcoal. Hey, why do you think that they use Charcoal in Those Peel off masks? yes! Exactly. Because it has the whitening property of Gold Level. What Do you think about This Grooming Hack for Guys? Do Let me Know about it. BTW, Problem Solved ✅

13: Grooming Hacks for Guys: Treat Stinky Feet with Shampoo

I am already hearing “WHAT?” from all around because you might be wondering that How can something like a Shampoo be able to kill the stinky Feet odor or prevent your Feet or Snickers from Smelling bad… Its simple guys because we aren’t talking about any other shampoo… it’s my favorite, Dry Shampoo!.

Ok, so one way is to wear some regular sock or No-show Sock because that way you can solve the problem of stinky feet. But Hey There are the days when you don’t wanna wear sock maybe because its hot outside and you don’t feel like wearing anything extra between your feet and shoes or whatever the reason might be. And for those special days, you can consider trying Dry Shampoo.

Guys, Dry Shampoo is considered very important in the Men’s Grooming world because of the fact that it can help give volume to your hair, absorbs oil (as I told you in one of the initial points) and Now For the Stinky Feet! Just Grab Dry Shampoo and Spray it on your Feet before wearing Snickers and thats it, you are good to go. This time when you will take your shoes off, you are not gonna be embarrassed because of that Stinky smell, I promise. Problem Solved ✅

14: Beauty Hacks for Guys: Green Tea Spray

Cool! This one is super effective, actually a gift for those Who have Oily skin. Let’s suppose you wanna Go out and its sunny day. You already what’s gonna happen next. Oil, sweat, and all that mess. but you don’t need to worry if you have green tea bags in your Kitchen because we are gonna discuss a unique way of getting benefits out of Green tea without even Consuming it.

Take 2-3 Teabags of Green tea and put them in Hot boiling water… let tea dissolve into the water… Now take this tea water that you need to put in some sort of spray bottle And spray it all over your face. What it does is that it reduces the chances of Being oily all day because it acts as a great antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory body as well. Problem Solved ✅

15: Grooming Tips and Tricks: Make your Hair Look Fresh at Home

It’s Cool to let your hair grow… In fact, I do recommend that at least once you must let those Sexy Hair of yours grow wildly… and in those days its less often that you visit a barber with the same frequency that you visit in normal days… Ok, that might not be a situation for you. Suppose you are in a place where it isn’t convenient for you to visit a barber and get your HAIR DONE. But your Hair isn’t that much messy that you urgently need a cut and the only thing you need to fix is the sides that are touching your ear maybe or the hair on the back of your head needs to be fixed a little…

So for all those little things I have a solution for you called “Mirror in the Mirror”.. Grab a Mirror and put it in front while you standing with your back facing the mirror. This way you can easily trim your hair from sides and back as well… Line it properly to make them look fresh and New. Problem Solved ✅

16: Grooming Hacks for Guys: Pop Acne and Zits the Right Way

It’s not your Fault Gentlemen. We all want to pop that Zit because we want that to go away right now. Our brain tells us that by popping out that Ugly Looking Zit it will never come back and everything will be fine again like before…. sounds cool right? Wrong! Popping that Zit out increases the chances of Spreading the dirt and Bacteria which caused Zit to Pop up in the first place. Hence you are just triggering the growth of a Bigger Zit…

You must avoid Popping it However sometimes we just can’t control our desire and in that case, I recommend that you Use some Tissue or Wipe to Pop out the Zit. It decreases the chances of Spreading of bacteria, hence causing a little less negative effects. Problem Solved ✅ However again, I do recommend that control yourself and if you want to do something to solve this problem then drink plenty of water.

17: Grooming Hacks for Guys: Greasy Hair Problem

Grooming Hacks For Guys: Talc Powder

Greasy Hair is Worst. They look worst, feel worst and They basically are the worst disaster in the history of Bad hair days.. And things get even worst when you don’t have a dry shampoo as well that can instantly Solve The Greasy Hair Problem. What could possibly be the solution to this problem?

Simple! Use Baby Powder… Yes, gentlemen. You can use baby powder or any Talc Based powder to remove that Greasy stuff and excess Oils from your hair leaving you with Healthy and Nice Textured Hair. Actually what Baby Powder does is that it absorbs all those Oils and you are left with Nice and Soft hair which Now look super Fresh and Not greasy or oily at all. Problem Solved ✅

18: Grooming Tips and Tricks: Make your Razor Last Longer

Your Razor is an Asset that Makes you look sexy all the time. You have beard Grown rough and you wanna line it up? No Problem, just grab a Razor and you are all good! And if you are somebody who loves to Stay Cleanly shaven then Razor is something that would be your most used item from the Grooming cabinet, after Face wash and moisturizer Because I assume that you are Super stylish Dude who Loves to take great care of your skin.

But with every Successful and Sexy looking Shave, the life of the razor is decreasing and unfortunately, you have to throw it away. But here’s a quick tip to extend the Life your Razor (1-2 Shaves)… Actually there are 2 ways to accomplish this…

One is to make sure that you always dry the Blades before putting the Razor in the Wrack again. Actually the water that is left on the Blades destroys the metal, making the blades less effective.. But on the other side if you dry the water through the blow dryer or by blowing the air from your mouth then you will get 2-3 extra shaves with that same razor.

The second way to Increase the Life of your Razor is… Denim! Yes gentlemen.. You need to grab your Old pair of Denim, jeans, or Jacket and Slide the razor across the surface of that. What it does is that it sharpens the Blade, giving you an extra 1-2 shaves. Problem Solved ✅

19: Grooming Hacks for Guys: No Shaving Cream? No Problem

Hey! Things can get worst anytime. Let’s say, due to any reason you don’t have access to shaving cream and you need to Shave off the access hair on your Face or maybe you need to Manscape, whatever the problem is. The main thing is that you don’t have a Shaving cream that is supposed to Solve this Problem…

What can do you to tackle this problem? Quite Simple! Use your Hair Conditioner instead of Shaving Cream. OK, So You need to understand the science behind it… Shaving cream acts as a lubricant that reduces the friction hence causing the smooth shave… and the same is the case with Conditioner. And here I would like to say that I prefer Conditioner over Shaving cream because most of the conditioners available in the market are transparent or at least they don’t show as much as most shaving foams … and when applied to your body or face, they let you see through and that way chances of you getting any sort of Cut are reduced to just a few percent. However in the case of Shaving cream you need to be extra careful. Problem Solved ✅

20: Grooming Hacks for Men: Treat Your Bad Breath

Ahh, Gentlemen, You smell bad. I mean really bad. No.. Not your Body, it is coming from your Mouth! Stop spreading bad breath here and there because you can use a few natural ingredients to Kill this bad breath problem in no time… Its cardamom You guys. Go to your Kitchen and grab 1-2. Put them in your mouth and keep chewing until it gets crushed to pieces.

Now do a little ha-ha on your Palm and smell it. Ahh! Nice. You got great Fresh breath Now! So now whenever you are in a hurry and want to solve your bad breath problem instantly you can always make use of Cardamom to get this problem solved. Alternatively, you can use Mints as well. Parsley can be used also for this purpose and just like cardamom, you need to chew parsley, and with every second passed you will notice that your Breath will start to get better and better… Problem Solved ✅

21: Grooming Tips for Men: Make Your Fragrance Last Longer?

You are getting ready looking super Sharp, have best clothes on. Now it’s the perfect time to apply to Cologne… You Applied it on your palm and neck. Yes gentlemen, don’t hesitate… rub it nice and slow.. Great!. But why not make things even better. How?

Simple. The key role of fragrance basically is to make you smell good Right.. and you will want your Cologne to keep doing its job for as long as possible because you don’t want to smell bad or unpleasant real soon. But Its sunny day out there my Friend and you are gonna sweaty and all those complex situations rise a Question which is… How to Make sure that your Fragrances Last Longer?

And the answer is quite simple. You need to grab some Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) and apply it to all those areas where you just applied the cologne. Now you might be wondering that how can Vaseline help you in keeping that fragrance to stay longer. Actually Vaseline makes it difficult for the fragrance to evaporate with time, Hence keeping it in the same place with almost the same density and increases its Life which ultimately means that you are gonna smell good for a longer period of time. Problem Solved ✅

22: Grooming Hacks for Guys: Shaving Cut? No Problem

Just like I told you in one of the above points, Razor is something that is very important in the Wrack of your Grooming products because it can help you in looking sharp and Handsome. However, sometimes you end up getting a Cut, maybe on your Face or Body or in your Crotch area. Hey, I am not judging anybody.. Even Pros end up getting Cuts. It’s ok… So what to apply over that?

Lip Balm! Yes my Friend you can always use a regular Lip Balm to reduce the after-effects. Basically you need a Seal the area where you got that Cut in order to reduce the chances of Clot formation…

Apply some Lip balm over the Wound and thats it. Yet again just like I told you, Lip balm does an excellent job in reducing the Clot formation chances and acts like a wall, a shield that protects any sort of Dirt or harmful chemicals from entering the Inner layer of your Skin. ( Pores…)

23: Beauty Hacks for Men: Treat Sunburn Easily

I know Gentlemen. Its been a Warm day, Sun’s too harsh and Hey. I can clearly see those Sunburns… Yeah.. just over there, they are visible and affecting your sexiness My God why aren’t you worried about this. You must be freaked out by now. I can’t see you this way. It making me angry. What? You want to Fix this but you don’t know how to fix it? Don’t you worry at all Now because today we are gonna smash this Problem Just Right Now…

Grab some Teabags, 1 or 2, and put them in boiling water so that all the tea gets outside the bag and gets mixed with water. The second step, Allow the water to cool down. When the water temperature goes lukewarm, grab those tea bags, and apply them to Sun Burns. Thats it. You are good to go… ✅

24: Grooming Hacks for Guys: Honey and Its Countless Advantages

honey grooming hacks crazy

Honey is jam-packed with tons and tons of benefits. Need extra glow on your Skin? Honey! Want a Product that can be added as an Excellent exfoliating agent in a mask? Honey! Need something that can solve your Digestion problem along and tastes good as well? honey! Need a Quick fix for lowering Blood pressure? Honey!… Honey honey honey… You are gonna see Honey everywhere because of the number of benefits it contains!

Apply Honey on your Eyes closed. Open your eyes and apply it inside Now. Cool.. what this does is that it helps make the whites even more white and removes all impurities and dirt from the eyes plus helps in making my eyelashes stronger. In-short by applying honey on and in your eyes you are gonna enhance the beauty of Your eyes from inside out. Another bonus benefit of this application is that It Helps in keeping your Vision Intact. ✅

With that being said, I here conclude today’s topic “24 Essential Grooming Hacks Every Guy Needs to Know”. What are your thoughts about it? Which one of these Grooming Hacks You are Gonna Try? Do Let me know about it on My Instagram (@WorldofNyazi). And I Will See You Guys in Another One,


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