26 Etiquettes for the Modern-Day Gentleman (Modern Manners Part 2)

I’ve already talked about Etiquette Rules/Modern Manners (11) in Part 1 of this Article.

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So without any further Ado, let’s Hop Straight into the Article and Discuss the Modern Manners that will transform you into a Modern-Day Gentleman. Make sure to Share this Article using the Buttons that you will find somewhere on the Screen. Don’t forget to Pin this Blog for More Men’s Lifestyle, Fashion, Grooming, Clothing, and Self Care related Content that Your Brother tries to Curates for you on a Regular Basis.

The Door Matters

I’ve talked about this before as well But I Felt Like I haven’t Done justice to it. So Yeah, What Do you think about Doors? I mean, Should you be Holding Doors for Others? Is it one of those Royal and Modern Manners that a Gentleman must-have?

Well, The answer is Yes and No. Basically it all about Adapting to the Situation. Let’s Just say you are with someone who is Elder than You. Maybe you’ve gone outside with your Father, Mother, or Someone who is at a Respectable Level near You. Or Let’s just say you’ve gone out to eat with your loved one, your better half.

Now in the above-mentioned situations, It would be better if you Hold doors and Let your companion go first by using words like, “After you”, “This Way Please”. It shows that You care about their existence and Most importantly you respect them.

However, If you are with your Buddies or Colloquies or Someone who is Younger than You, It is meaningless to Hold Doors. I mean, Why would you Hold doors for your Friends? It looks weird. Isn’t it? You do this sarcastically only when you are with your friends. And it makes no sense at all when you are with somebody younger than You. So Don’t do it. You should, however, Never close Doors on somebody’s face. Hold the Door until the person coming next to you Holds it. Yeah, there you Go. I am so Proud of you My Boy!

Take Care of your Hygiene

take care of your hygiene

What comes into your Mind When I use words like Etiquettes and Manners? Royalism? Being a Badass Gentleman? Walking on the Road with a Stick in your hand and Suit on your Body? Well, that’s what Movies have Shown us and there is nothing wrong with that. But Being a Gentleman starts with something as little as taking care of your Hygiene.

Look at your Nails, They are surely not to the best looking, Polished, and Perfectly Filed nails. Right? Why are they Not? Can’t you just buy a pair of Nail Grooming Kit to Groom your Nails? How much time will it take? It takes Less than 10 Minutes and You are Done with your Nails Looking 10/10.

What about your Hands and those Cracked heeled feet? Can’t you use a Pair of Pumice Stone and Some exfoliating Cream to Take care of the Later and Just some basic Body wash and Moisturiser combo to make the Former Look Good? It’s super easy to do and takes almost no time at all. Below is a list of Things that A Man should Do to Become the Most Hygienic, aka, Most Naturally Attractive Gentleman in the Room.

Key Points:

✌️ Never go out with Smelly Armpits that aren’t Shaved. Always Use a Deodorant.

✌️ Your Teeth, they get noticed too, A Lot actually! Brush them regularly and Floss daily as well.

✌️ Take care of your Nose Hair, Use a Nose Trimmer to Make them not come out of your Nose making you Look like a Beast

✌️ No one wants to Sit with a Gentleman that has All the Modern Manners and Etiquettes in the world But has Bad breath. So Take care of that in the First Place before even trying to make an Impression.

✌️ Shower Daily. You Must!

✌️ Clip your Nails on the Regular Basis and As I told you before as well, Use Nail File to Give that Shine and Maybe Apply some Vaseline to add that Sexy Shine to your Sweet looking Nails (once in a while). Perfect!

✌️ Take care of your Body hair. Chest and Back hair Need your attention. Remove the Later and Play with the Former the way you want. Trimmed is the best, in my opinion.

✌️ Use a Good Cologne. Check out The Only 15 Fragrance Tips a Guy Would Ever Need! for More.

Value YOUR and OTHER People’s Time

One of the Manners and Rules that You can See your Parent Generation Seem to Obey the Most is “Arriving on Time”. Is it because they have nothing to do? No! This isn’t the case. It’s about Discipline, my Friend. It’s all about the Care that you have for someone else’s time. I Mean, the person who you’ve given a Specific time could be waiting for you and there you are Sitting somewhere Else, not even worried about the fact that you are late already.

This Kind of Behaviour needs a Change. Alright, So you see Men talking about this on various platforms that They can’t help it. They are like, “Coming on time is Just Like Impossible for Me”. But Why? Can’t you come on time to that Morning Class which You Would have come if You had woke Up early which could have happened if you’ve slept early the night before?

Look at yourself, my friend. You have removed Gems like Discipline, Principles, Etiquettes, from your Personality and Now you are expecting to accomplish great things? You can’t do that. To Become a Gentlemen in this Modern world you need to Have some Modern Modern Manners in your character. You need to have some Classy Manners in order to have that Extreme class in your Personality. And among those Classy manners comes, “Discipline and Arriving on Time” in the top 5 List. So are you ready to indulge in Discipline in your Life?

Put That Phone Away

put that phone away

Please Don’t think of me as a Boomer who wants you to do everything that your parents want you to do. I am just trying to state some facts which Millennials should Do in order to Become Modern-day Gentlemen.

Look, there is nothing bad in using your Phone when you are sitting somewhere, not talking to anyone else in person. But why would you not put your Phone down While Driving or when someone is talking to you? Or maybe when you are walking by the Street? Do you want the truck to hit you?

In the Former cases, You can get into some serious conditions, an accident maybe, if you won’t put your phone down. And Not to mention it is a great Disrespect for anybody if you are Using your Phone instead of Paying attention to what they are saying.

Be Nice to Everybody

This is Probably the Most Talked about, Yet one of the things that people forget most of the time. Why can’t you just be Nice with People instead of Playing games to get things Done? I mean, You can be Nice and Influence people with that Only, Doing nothing Else.

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No Matter who it is, Be it a Janitor, a Waiter, Your Friend, Your Brother, Your Father, Some random Guy you Just meet, Your Boss, your Junior, etc. Be Nice to them and I Promise that Just the Best of the best things will come to you in return. But always remember to Be real. Don’t just fake Being Nice to trick somebody into doing things that you want them to do.

Be Genuinely Nice My Friend. It shows up.”Being Nice will eat you Up”, “When you Be Nice to people, they start taking you for granted”. Are these your Concerns? Well, this is yet another Dimension to this Story and I do believe that this Needs to be discussed, But in another Article dedicated Just to the topic, “How to be Nice Meanwhile assuring that Nobody uses you during the Process”.

But for the sake of this Article, Just remember to Never treat People Poorly and I know for sure that Good things will happen to you in the Upcoming Future.

Basic Electronic Etiquettes

phone etiquettes

Brothers! This is something that I personally Hate a lot and will never recommend any of you to do. I’ve been using this term again and again, “Modern-Day Gentleman Needs to have Modern Manners” and there is a reason behind it. We have Modern Problems Now that we didn’t have before. You can either choose to face that problem Gentleman or you can close your eyes and Start Ignoring others until they get dishearted and Stop calling you. Below is a List of Manners and Etiquettes related to Calling.

Key Points:

🙏 So You are Calling Somebody and He isn’t answering. But you keep calling Him again and again and again. You are getting Mad Now. Oh. What If he isn’t actually you? If he is actually busy at the moment? Why can’t you think about it this way?

🙏 Call/Text them once or twice and wait for them to answer. If they don’t. Stop calling them and wait for them to reach out to you.

🙏 And If you are someone who isn’t Picking up the Call, then Please at least let the other person know that you are Busy or whatever. Don’t make them Go Mad and Please Don’t Waste someone’s Time.

🙏 If you’ve promised someone regarding something and you’ve failed to complete your Promise then Just say it to them after answering their Call. Ignoring and Not replying to them isn’t the right thing to do

Personal Space Etiquettes

Personal Space can be divided into Two Parts. The first one, The Physical Personal Space. And this has been around for years, whether we are talking about Modern Manners or Classic-Evergreen Etiquettes. People Do care about this and there are just a few of Us who Stand too close to somebody.

Guys! That’s very Creepy. And if someone has told you that doing this is gonna make you look attractive, then sorry to say But you’ve been tricked.

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And now comes the real Deal, the Second part of the “Personal Space Etiquettes”. Brothers! Why Would you not let them Enjoy their, “Me” Time? I mean, You Know that there are times when you want to Spend time with nobody else but yourself only.

These are some of the most important moments for anyone as you Grow because of that. You become mentally Strong, You think about stuff that you can’t think about when there are a whole bunch of people around you. In short, We all need some time alone and Then comes Yourself, bothering somebody, to Not spend all the time with you.

WOW! I mean, Why would you do that? How can you be mad at somebody who is asking for something which is included in his/her basic rights? Give them their “ME” Time and don’t force them to Kill their Productivity Hours to Spend time with you. It is a very mean thing to do. I Don’t know about the Ancient Book of Etiquettes But Modern Manners consider this almost a Sin that You should never commit.

Have No Expectations

have no expectations

Never, Ever, Make others Feel Low By giving them Your Money or By Helping Somebody and then raising that topic again and again. Look, I know that you love to mention you’re Good deeds in front of people and maybe you are Doing it just to inspire others. But It isn’t the right thing to do. I mean, the person who you helped is standing next to you and there you are sitting talking about How you helped Him in getting out of some specific situation.

This is Bad. What? You expect back from Him Now and for that reason, you are raising that topic again? Man! This is the worst thing that you can Do. Hey! Do things not to get back favors from others. Do it just because you had to because you are a nice person. Trust Me! You demanding it back takes it all away from you.

You don’t have to make somebody your Slave by helping them Financially or by any other means. Respect them and Just forget what you did once for that somebody. Do that and good things will come to you automatically. Even if they don’t, At least you will have a feeling of accomplishment when you will think about yourself in the future. You should be proud of yourself for not doing things to get a Benefit in return, especially in this world full of Fake People who do things just to get something In return.

Road Etiquettes

Modern Traffic Needs Modern Manners? Well, Partially Yes and a Dominating No. Alright, So Below is a List of Etiquettes and Manners that You Should Have in Order to Be the Most Gentlemen-Line while being on the road.

Key Points

🚙 Over Speeding is Never the Most Classy Option. Doing that will Only bring You Damage and No! Over Speeding and Stunt Driving will Not make you any attractive (According to Most Girls)

🚙 Look at your Mirrors, Right and Left Both. Keep Some Distance while crossing or overtaking.

🚙 Never take Someone else’s Parking Space. Yeah, I am talking about the situation where someone else was just about to park and you put some extra force on the Peddle to take his place. No, Don’t do that.

🚙 If You get to know about the fact that there is some sort of Construction Going on ahead then Let others Know about it as well. Don’t let them Go through 1 KM Drive to Find out that they just wasted their Gas only by going forward on that Route.

🚙 You are Gonna See Many A$$Holes on the Road. The better option is to Drive Safely and Ignore them. Do not Abuse anyone, no matter How irresponsibly they are Driving. Wardon is there and He will deal with them. Just focus on yourself and Your Drive only.

🚙 Do Not try to Impress somebody by Driving fast as if you are some Formula 1 Racer. You are not and No there is No track. Your Actions may result in an accident. And that isn’t Cool and certainly Not the Most Swaggy Incident. Right?

Friendship Related Manners

friendship etiquettes

People are very Short-tempered Nowadays and You need to Think twice before saying anything to Anybody including your Friends as well. Below are Some Manners and Etiquette Rules when it comes down to Friendship. Follow these to Keep your Friendship intact.

Key Points

🚶‍♂️Do Not Insult your Friend in Public. Even if You are Shouting at him or Kinda Joking around with Him over something that he Did wrong. You wanna teach Him a lesson? Do it Not when everyone is around. Never let your Friends Feel Down.

🚶‍♂️Do Not Order a Lot of Stuff when they have to Pay. Consider it a Joke But it is Bad. Everybody has a Budget and You could Potentially Be destroying the Money that he saved for some other more important task. Don’t do that.

🚶‍♂️Do Not Post a Pic With Somebody which She Does not Approve of. Ask their Permission and Post-it afterward.

🚶‍♂️Do Not be mad at them If They say No to something that You suggested. Everyone has their own set of Believes and Preferences. Respect that.

🚶‍♂️Put the Best You can in your Friendship. Don’t be the One who is 0% devoted towards keeping the friendship alive.

Gym Etiquettes

Gentlemen! You are reading Modern Manners, a List of Manners and Etiquettes that aims to make you one of the finest and Classiest Men around. And next up on the List is Gym Etiquettes. Below is a List of Rules/Manners that every man should Know/have while Entering into any Gym.

Key Points

💪 You go to the Gym to Exercise. There is no need for your mobile phone to Stay in your Hand Other than To play the Music or Some Podcast. Notifications can Wait unless they aren’t of an Urgency Level #100

💪 Put the Weights back on the Rack.

💪 Help Others complete their Set but only when they ask for it. Don’t be the Person who runs straight into a person to assist him when He feels like somebody needs Help. Don’t Ruin Somebody’s Set. Please.

💪 Clean off the Sweat that You had on your Body which is Now on the Machine. Don’t make it hard for others to do their Exercise.

💪 Do Not Irritate others by Playing Sad Songs. Gym’s Playlist Needs a Motivation Album or something like that. You can listen to whatever you want on your Headphones though.

💪 Do Not Make Groups, Bully the Newbie, and Be the WANNA-BE trainer. Focus on building your Physique only.

💪 Do not Stare at People. I don’t want to listen to the reason. Just Don’t do that.

💪 Don’t ever give advice to people related to something you aren’t 100% sure about.

When You are the Guest

when you are the guest

Alright So Let’s Say You are Just about to visit somebody on the Upcoming Occasion. Great! It’s always a great Idea to Go visit your Loved ones, friends, Business Partners, colleagues, etc. However, are you sure that you are prepared to represent yourself as the classiest Person over there? Well, Don’t you worry because Your brother has got your back, yet again! Below is a list of Modern Manners and Etiquettes to Keep in Mind while visiting someone’s Place.

Key Points

👞 Always Bring Something with you. It could be anything. A Fruit basket, Chocolates for their Kids, Oreo or Cream Cake, etc

👞 Always Dress Nicely. It shows that you take the person you are visiting, Seriously.

👞 Don’t Go too Early or Too Late. In the former Situation you might end up making the recipient feeling guilty for not preparing things on time and in the Later, You might ruin the essence of their preparations. And it’s very disrespectful as well.

👞 Stay Civilised. Being Casual and Cool is Ok as well However You got to Fake it a Little Bit and Be somewhat extra Nice. This is very important to make the recipients feel special. Remember that, What you will do today will be done by them in the future. So don’t expect to be treated specially by them if you don’t the same with them today.

👞 Don’t go to their Place again and again. Let them Live too. Being a Guest and Visiting people is great but don’t make it a habit of the Weekend.

👞 While staying at somebody’s Place, Note down the Original condition of the Room. While leaving, Clean the Room and Make the bed as well. You don’t want to Bother anybody because of yourself.

When They are the Guest

What are some of the Etiquettes and manners (Modern Manners) to have when somebody is about to Visit you? Check out the List Below to Find out.

Key Points

🗣 Make them Feel Welcomed By Greeting and Receiving them at the Door.

🗣 Make sure that you have a Constant Smile on your Face throughout and tell them How happy you are to Have them.

🗣Clean your Place. Don’t want to invite them over to a Dirty House with Clothes Randomly Distributed all around.

🗣 Prepare Food of their Preference.

🗣 Talk to them. Avoid Awkward Silences and Don’t Just Sit and Listen to them. Even if you are not a very talkative person, Still you got to talk and keep the discussion going.

🗣 Don’t Do anything that Your Guests may Find offensive. Control your sense of Humour as well.

🗣 Don’t embarrass them over anything.

Etiquettes to Live a Happily Married Life

etiquettes of a married life

Next up in the list of Modern manners is “Marriage Life Manners”. You are not married at the Moment But you will One day or maybe You are. We all stay pretty Organised and Civilised when we are with our Girlfriends but what’s Next? Most Men change after marrying their beloved Better Half and that’s Bad. Thats is really bad! Below is a Reminder Of How a Classy man Behaves with His Wife. And this List of Manners and Etiquettes Couldn’t be complete without this.

Key Points

👩‍❤️‍👨 Respect Your Wife. Her Opinion and Her Stance need your recognition.

👩‍❤️‍👨 Listen to Her Just the way you used to listen to her before when you were not Married. Listen to the problems she is facing and try to make an action plan to solve those problems.

👩‍❤️‍👨 Do not ever make her Feel Useless. She married you, left her home and now she is living with you. Hopefully, you Guys will spend your entire life together and Look at yourself. You are already on your way to Not taking her opinion over the decision making process.

👩‍❤️‍👨 Open Doors for her. Say things Like, “After You Love”. This will make her feel Special and Will obviously put you on top of all the other Men. Look at yourself. You are such a civilized Modern-day Gentleman. So Attractive!

👩‍❤️‍👨 Earn Enough to Fulfil Her Needs. She has needs bro and She wants stuff. Even If she never mentions any of this on your Face but Look at her phone history. She is always searching for clothing items. Is she a Materialistic girl? No! You are a Stupid Old school Guy who thinks that If a Girl has dreams and desires then She is either a Materialistic Girl or a Gold Digger. Grow Up, Billy.

👩‍❤️‍👨 When You are Angry, simply try diverting your attention towards something else. It will help you with controlling your anger that you could have beemed over your Wife.

👩‍❤️‍👨 Do Not Argue with her and Especially when she is mad at you. Try diverting the conversation in some other direction. Thats the best you can do. Arguing and fighting back will bring only negative outcomes.

When You are Under Pressure

You Thought You don’t have a Set of Rules when it comes to Hard times? Oh Boy! A True Gentlemen Stays Calm No Matter what! Hard times Come and Go but One thing is for sure, These times show you the Different between people Who are strong and those who are not that Strong.

And to be very honest, there is nothing bad in being the Both. In-fact we all fall down sometimes and for sure there are times when we don’t want to get up. There have been many times in my own life when I decided to quit fighting and Stay Down. But Guess what? Great things don’t happen to you if you surrender. So in respect of that, I’ve assembled a Short List of Etiquettes, Some Modern Manners that a Modern-day Gentleman must posses to Shine bright like a Diamond above all.

Key Points

🎩 Stay Calm. As Simple as it Sounds, But it is what it is. Staying calm is the Best Possible thing you can do in the Hard times.

🎩 Think about it again. While Staying calm, Note down the Points that You think made the things to go wrong. Use your brain and in order to do that, the first point is very important. Yeah, you heard it right. Stay Calm and try to match the Dots and patterns to make a clear picture in your brain of what could have happened.

🎩 Smile and that will relax you a little bit more. Now dim the Lights, Focus on the Facts and take it like a challenge. Maybe Play with a Fidget Spinner during the thinking process and Think of it as a Mission for yourself. Taking it like that will increase your chances of victory even more.

🎩 Remember that it’s Ok to Lose. The thing that you have to Focus on Instead is “Trying” and “Trying” again. But don’t take Stress of things or else it will affect your physical appearance and Not to mention countless health hazards are also there.

And with that Being said, I here conclude Part 2 of the Series, “26 Etiquette Rules for a Modern-Day Gentleman (Modern Manners) Part 2”. What are your thoughts on these Modern Manners? What is the Importance of Etiquettes near you? Do let me about it on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will See you Guys Next time,


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