8 Easy Steps For Guys to Get a Better Looking Face (Look Handsome)

Gentlemen! You have got a beautiful Face. But the thing that pisses me off the most is that You don’t take care of it! I mean Look at yourself. I am sorry if I hurt you but seriously my friend you look like a Homeless person who got bankrupt. You NEED to Know the Steps to Get a Better Looking Face. And today is your Day!

Hey! Don’t blame genetics. I agree that Ahmed is 6’1 and he looks great and more attractive because of the fact that he is taller than you, but the thing is, You being 5’9 can look way better than Ahmed just by taking care of that beautiful face of yours. So are you ready to turn yourself 10 times more attractive and better looking than Ahmed? If yes then keep reading gentlemen!

How can I make my Big nose appear smaller because it is really bothering me and reducing my overall face look? My lips are chapped and dry, what should I do to make them soft and healthy-looking? My eyes aren’t attractive enough, I love Zayn Malik’s eyelashes, is there any way I can get his Eyelashes? How can I increase the thickness of my eyebrows? My face looks bloated.

This is what You Guys are searching for on the Internet. Tips that I am Gonna be sharing with you work Universally. Consider it a Guide that is Going to Teach you Some very Easy Steps to Get a Better Looking/Attractive Face. So without any further adieu, lets Hop into today’s topic. Under the title, “8 Easy Steps For Guys to Get a Better Looking Face (Look Handsome)”. Let’s get Started

1: Focus on Symmetry

Ever saw somebody’s before and After Pics with the same facial features? Due to Some reason, They Look Different. Right? I mean in After Pic he is looking a Sex Bomb. But in the Before, he is just like, Nah. Well, I highly doubt that the person has done something to his face which has made him look more symmetrical!

Suppose that you are walking on the road and suddenly you see somebody with a really chiseled and defined Jawline, the most perfect facial bone structure, what would your reaction be while looking at him?

Well! most of the time not even women but men also stop for a while to look at that person at least twice. Its nature gentlemen, we can’t help ourselves actually (But we should). Everybody stares a Beautiful View for a while. Its because our eyes are naturally drawn towards the symmetrical objects.

But the sad part is, we all were not born with the most perfect jawline and the Most Aligned Features. But Below is Some Proven Steps that Guys can Do to Get a Better Looking/Symmetrical Face.

Step Number 1: Go to the Gym

Exercise Gentlemen! You need to go to the Gym. Now some of you might be thinking that “Do we have to do certain exercises for our face muscles?” Well, my answer to this question will be “A Big No!” .. I know that there are some Gurus on Youtube that teach you some facial exercises and they claim that “These exercises actually work, a 100%”.

Now keep one thing in mind, I am not saying that they do not work. But I can Only recommend what I have tried and What I am 100% Sure about.

The Secret Step is to train your Biceps, Triceps, Back, Chest, and don’t ever forget a Leg day. Go for a Hard workout! It will put more pressure on your Face which will help reduce face fat by reducing the amount of fatty tissue accumulated on your face. Less is the of Fatty tissue, more defined and chiseled your Face will Look. And thats what we want!

Step Number 2: Grow the Beard

facial hair help you get a Better Looking face

Facial Hair Gentlemen! Do you know what a Beard does? It hides your Facial Imperfections and ultimately helps you get a Better Looking / Attractive / Handsome Face. In case you are someone who does not have a strong jawline then you should definitely try growing out your Beard. Ok so let me tell you a real-life example.

There was this friend of mine who used to look really childish and Young. I am sorry to say but His face was kinda asymmetrical. I mean, I can’t explain what was wrong about his face. Maybe his jawbones were not that defined or what but the thing is He definitely didn’t have the most perfect bone structure, for sure.

Time passed and both of us got busy in our lives. I happened to see him last Friday, actually met him in person and I was totally amazed to see what he has done to himself! I mean, He was looking So Good, completely changed, Manly Face, My God! Are you kidding me? Now you might be wondering that what under God’s sky he would have done to improve his Looks. He grew a beard!

Grow the Beard if You Can

Ok! I already hear some of you saying that. “Nyazi I am not able to grow a beard, it’s just too hard for me!” I get it, gentlemen! I totally get it. But what’s bad in letting it grow? Guys let it grow for a month or so Plus make sure that you are lining it the Right way.

How to see whether you are lining it the Correct way? It’s really easy. All you need is a Measuring scale! Put that scale on top of your ear and then take it to the corner of your lower lip. Everything above that needs to go away!

Remove the hair on your cheeks because they are gonna portray a rough and more asymmetrical Look. Gentlemen what you are doing while lining your beard is that even if your jawline isn’t that strong still the boundaries that you are making via razor are gonna throw an illusion on to the eye of the viewer that you have got a bit structured face.

In case you have a round face, which is asymmetrical of course. What I want you to do is that along with Lining your beard, do make sure that you let your chin beard grow a little bit more as compared to the rest.

What it does is that it elongates your face creating a V shape or U shape symmetry (depending on How you decide to keep your chin beard). One thing to take away is that You need a beard that breaks the pattern of your asymmetrical face, giving you a more symmetrical appearance which indeed is super Sexy.

Step Number 3: Wear Glasses

Glasses adds Symmetry which is crucial to get a Better Looking Face

The Next Step for Guys to get a better Looking Face is “Wearing Glasses”. Alright, So How many times have you seen somebody wearing glasses and Not looking Good? Well, it would have happened just in a few situations and the reason most would have been the Guy wearing glasses that are not according to his Face shape.

I know that your face is asymmetrical. Your jawline isn’t strong enough and for You, this will work like magic. But first You need to be able to understand your Face shape (I will be making an entire post about different face shapes and which beard styles are gonna look best with your specific face shape and then accordingly you can the type of glasses which will definitely look good on you).

But for now, if you can take away just one thing from this Point / Step then I want you to take away the fact that “Wear Glasses that are symmetrical”. I am talking about square-shaped glasses or any other glasses that have edges more defined, that is built on a specific shape. Round Glasses, However, is for those who have the Most Perfect Jawline.

Step Number 4: Get a Haircut

I can bet on this Gentlemen. Take a homeless Guy who has hair grown out wild and what I want you to do is to get him a good haircut, shorten his sides a little bit, and make sure that you get enough volume to his hair by appropriately trimming the upper part of his hair as well. Now compare before and after shots of that Guy.

I am 1000% Sure that more than 6/10 people are gonna be amazed by how amazing that Dude is Gonna Look.

But Make sure that You are Getting a Haircut According to Your Face Shape. For most of the people, Short Sides Work very well. Plus adding up the volume on the Top Adds up the Spice to the Already Hot Gravy.

But your Situation could be Different. Ask your Barber for Haircut Suggestions. And Yes, If you are somebody who goes to the barber once in two months then you are making another Mistake. Every 2-3 Weeks is an ideal way to ensure that you are on the Right Track to getting a Better Looking/ Attractive Face.

2: Slim Down your Face

healthy Food is Important for Attractive Face

“I have tried my best to make my face slimmer, I have been chewing gum as well but nothing seems to work”. If you think that by only chewing gum for about 5 hours per day you are gonna get the most perfect jawline then I afraid to say that you wrong. You are so wrong my friend because what’s gonna really affect your facial structure is the change in your Diet.

I can’t tell you the importance of Diet and How just by changing it you can gradually with the passage of time, change the way you Look. It’s not about your face only but let’s say if you want to build muscles, still you will be needing an appropriate diet plan because otherwise, you won’t see any results at all.

You need to avoid foods that have sugar in it, be it bakery products, packaged foods, Soy, Corn, Gluten, etc. On the other hand, what I recommend to all of you is that You all must be Drinking at least 12 glasses of water per day

And last but not the least, Say no to Salty Food! Salt gets accumulated on your face and it is no doubt the main cause of water retention which causes swelling on your face. You don’t want that at all, Right? You want to Look More Handsome and You definitely want to get a Better Looking / Attractive Face. Right?

Consume less salt! Yeah, thats it. Avoid deep-fried food items that have lots of Oils in it because they increase the number of fatty tissues which results in more fat on your face. #SayNoToJunkFood.

3: Focus On Your Skin

Your Skin gentlemen is a game changer! You can’t expect to Look good while having a Crappy Skin that Has Acne All over. I have written a detailed post where I talked about some tips that you can implement in your daily life to Have a glowing Skin and takes not more than just a few days.

I am gonna talk about some of the main points which I have discussed in that post for all of you to give you an outline of what to do to make your Skin better looking.

Build your Skin Care Routine

1: Taking Care of your Skin doesn’t mean that you need to apply dozens of Cosmetic products per day to keep your skin looking new and Fresh. It’s just about washing your face twice a day with a good face wash based on your skin type. Wash your face followed by applying moisturizer on your skin.

2: If you have dry skin then you are not supposed to Use a Face wash and moisturizer designed for people who have Oily Skin. Take your time and Do the required Research before purchasing anything because I don’t want you to spend money on something that doesn’t even work.

3: Last but not the least, You need to exfoliate your skin at least once a week (or twice). What it does is that it removes all the dead skin cells from your face making the remaining skin looking Fresh like a Newborn baby which screams “Moisturise Me” So there you go… Apply moisturizer and you are good to Go!

Sun Screen!

1: Guys! You Plan to Get a Better Looking Face But on the Other hand You are Not Wearing Sun Screen. Sun Screens are a Gift for us that protects our Skin from Harmful Ultraviolet rays that are coming from Sun. These Rays penetrate in your Skin and Destroy the Skin cells causing Sunburn and other Skin Problems as well.

2: Purchase Sunscreen based on the Country and City you Live in. If you living in a Super Hot City Like Karachi then SPF-15 is gonna do no good to your Skin. You need at least SPF- 40 or above to see the results. So these are little but very important things which can make or break a deal in the World of Skin Care. “Always buy Sun Screen that is right for the Environment You Live in”

All About Masks

They Do Work! They can actually do wonders for your Skin based on the fact that you are using the correct one for your Face. I know that you have seen a lot of Youtube videos and almost each one of those has told you about a new kind of Mask which involves mixing plenty of ingredients and applying them on your skin in the form of Mixture paste.

But I am not going to recommend any of it. I believe that everyone has a unique skin type and I am gonna leave 2 different masks that I have used myself and almost everyone who I have recommended this to has given me positive feedback.


1: Gram Flour Mask:

You need Gram Flour, Some Yogurt, and a little bit of Rose Water. Mix these and apply them onto your Face and Leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it off and that’s it! Do this every Sunday and Your Skin is gonna become super fresh and Dirt Free!

2: Clay Mask:

My mother told me about it and not that it’s the only reason I am recommending it to you but Hey! Mothers know the best! And the same is the case here. Clay masks are very good for your skin because they have Bentonite in them which is very essential for your Skin. It reduces Pores and improves the overall appearance of your skin as well by soaking away the dirt and pollution and Excessive oils as well!

You can either purchase something like L’oreal Mask Jar and you can also go for natural solution to this problem would be using “Fuller’s Earth” (Multani Mitti)..

Take Some Multani Mitti and Mix it up with Rose water. Apply it on your Face. Leave it for 20 minutes and you are good to go!

Courtesy: 4 Genius Hacks to get the Most Perfect Looking Skin

By following the above-given Skincare Routine you can expect to see results in less than a month. Your skin will definitely improve and You, My Friend, will have Glow on your Face which instantly is gonna make your Face better Looking than Before.

4: Take Care of Your Eyes!

Get a Better Looking Face by taking care of your Eyes

It’s all in the Eyes, my Friend! They talk, they really do. All those celebrities and your favorite Stars and their Magical ORA. Next time when they are delivering any dialogue, I want you to keenly observe what they with their eyes.

I am sure you are gonna be amazed to see the number of variations they do to deliver a single Scene. Coming back to the Point, Have you built a proper Eye care routine to set you apart from the crowd? I already know the answer to this question.

“No” For sure. But one more thing that I know that you probably don’t, is that With all those Red-colored eyes and thin eyelashes you are not gonna leave a mesmerizing impression on to the Girl that you really Like!

As I said before as well, Eyes speak Gentlemen, and to make them sing a melodious song we are gonna discuss some steps which if you follow then you are gonna transform your eyes into 2 attraction magnets with the magnetic force of 1000 Volts (Spare me for this on). So without any further adieu lets get Right into it, Shall we?

Step Number 1: Foods that Help

As I talked about it before as well, You can never expect to achieve a goal without changing your Daily Diet. You need to add a good amount of Vitamin A, C, E, and Zinc in your diet in order to get Glowing and healthy eyes.


A: Sweet Potato, Carrots, Beef Liver, Cod Liver Oil, etc
C: Orange, Lemon, Guava, GrapeFruit, etc
E: Almonds, sunflower seeds, Avocado, Squash, etc
Z: Meat, Eggs, Milk, etc

Step Number 2: Stay Hydrated

Do you want Blurred vision? You want your eyes to get dehydrated with all those dust particles rolling around in your eyes? Or Do you want Bacteria to cause infection in your eyes?

If the answer to all of these questions is “No” then I want you to stay Hydrated whatsoever! If I have said it once I have said it a hundred and thousands of times that you need to drink 12 to 15 glasses of water per day because your body needs that quantity to function properly.

Tears! They are very important. No, I don’t want you to be sad all day long to get those tears out forcefully. They happen to stay in your eyes on their own.

Actually your tears consist of three layers and the most inner layer contains Mucus which helps prevent dehydration Plus in case you are experiencing Blurred vision lately then the reason could be a decrease in the amount of water that you are consuming per day. In short, More water means less Dry eyes and less dry eyes men that ultimately your eyes are gonna look good to the most!

Step Number 3: Eye Care Routine

  • Massage your Eyes with the Help of a Good eye cream.. But make sure that you are being gentle because skin underneath is very sensitive.
  • You need to be sleeping at least 7 hours per day in order to make sure that all of your body’s functions are performing effectively. And this is very crucial to get a Better Looking Face.
  • You might also wanna massage your eyes with the Help of Almond oil. And do apply cucumber slices over your eyes before going to sleep (for about 5-10 minutes). Doing this will Cool down your Eyes. One more thing that seems to work very well is Dipping tea bags in water and then applying it on your eyes for 5 minutes or so. This method is recommended by a lot of people and so far I haven’t seen anybody complaining or saying any bad thing about it.
  • Eyelashes Gentlemen, No doubt are a sign of beauty. Girls and us men as well are attracted more towards the guys with bigger and thicker eyelashes as compared to those who have thinner and Shorter eyelashes. And the same is the case with eyebrows. How to get bigger eyelashes and Eyebrows? Castor Oil! Gentlemen I have been using castor oil for a Year now and trust me It really works. Just pour some Castor oil in the Mascara tube and then apply it as if you are applying Mascara in your eyes. Curl the lashes with the help of Mascara brush (that has castor oil applied on it). You can use the same brush on your eyebrows as well.

5: Lets Fix that Nose!

If you are Somebody who has a big Nose then your appearance is already reduced from let’s say a 9/10 to 6/10. Thats how powerful and impactful your Nose is.

But wait! I don’t want you to go under the scissors to get your Nose fixed because this Blog is not about that. This blog is about You, embracing what you have Got. And then utilizing some tips and tricks to get the most out of what you already Have.

Everybody is created beautiful and unique and just by realizing and accepting it from the depth of your heart gives you a feeling of satisfaction that can’t be bought!

With that being said, have you tried removing those Black and Whiteheads from your Nose? Why not you apply one of those Charcoal masks to remove those ugly looking blackheads that are making your nose appear swollen? You want to look handsome. Right? Then Do It!

beard make your Face better Looking

Beards Can Come in Handy

They have been recommending every Man to grow a beard, maybe a Handful or at least start to grow a beard. You will immediately notice a significant difference in your overall appearance. Your slightly Longer or Wider Nose is gonna appear very less wide just with the help of that beard that you have grown on your face.

Now I know that some of you can’t grow a full beard. But again the thing is what’s bad in giving it a try? Nice beard with perfect lining is always better than an asymmetrical clean-shaven face and if you have a big nose on top of it then things will get even worse.

Ok now let’s say you decide to grow a beard but what you need to keep in mind is that You need to take care of it as well. Use Beard Oils, Wax, and other stuff that they recommend making your beard look great. Treat your beard like a baby and it will definitely make you look more masculine and not to mention will definitely hide your imperfections, such as an asymmetrical (wide or long) nose!

6: Get a Better Looking Face by Taking Care of your Lips

Those Sexy Lips of yours can become even sexier if you start taking care of them. No its not just for the females. A masculine Man has his everything put together, looking dope AF! So if your lips are chapped and dry then you must do something about it.

Maybe Use a good quality chapstick. But What I use and recommend is Johnson Baby Petroleum Jelly. Ok, you can laugh about it but thats what works the best for me. I don’t know why but for some reason Vaseline Petroleum Jelly makes my lips darker. kinda weird but it’s true, at least for me.

Another thing that I don’t want you to miss is that You should never forget to exfoliate your Lips every once or twice a week. Its simple guys, no rocket science at all. You need some honey and an exfoliating agent, I recommend sugar for that.

Mix both of these and apply the mixture on your Lips. Rub it a little (Make sure that your hands are washed properly) for about 2 minutes or so and let it stay there afterward for about 10 minutes.

Now wash it off and apply honey or petroleum jelly on your Lips, Thats pretty much it. Do this twice a week and you are gonna thank me later for this one. But nothing can be complete without a good diet. Eat fruits and vegetables. Avoid packaged foods and deep-fried food items and stop smoking. All of these contribute to darker and unhealthy lips.

7: Take Care of your Teeth

Take Care of your Teeth

Gentlemen! Your teeth are an asset that makes you a lot more attractive than you already are. Every thought about smiling? A little more! Smile wide gentlemen Smile comfortably and naturally because those Teeth of yours are gonna take care of the rest.

It is proven that a smiling person is twice more attractive than a person who is serious. Its because the one who smiles more, seems more friendly and approachable while the other one, apart from being more mysterious, is considered less attractive.

What? You have got yellow teeth? My God! What have you done to yourself. Those teeth are supposed to be shining bright like a diamond and what have you done to them?

Surely it’s because of the bad eating habits and excess consumption of sugar and not brushing your teeth daily but don’t you worry gentlemen because below are some tips that you can start using from Right Now. They are proven to whiten your teeth and improve the health of your Gums as well.


  • East and West, Apples are the best! Eat an Apple a day because it not only has tons of other health benefits but it also helps improve the health of your gums while rinsing away all that stain accumulated in your teeth. Eat more onions because they have sulfur in them which fights with the Plague, which causes yellowness on your teeth, thus making them look ugly.
  • Brush your teeth daily, twice a day actually. Brushing can help make you twice more handsome. I recommend you to use Electric Toothbrush instead because it is definitely more effective in getting the dirt out of your teeth. and Last but not least, Use quality toothpaste!

Guys if nothing from above works for you then I would recommend that You must visit your Doctor to get your teeth whitened. If Just by investing a little money on your teeth you are buying tons of confidence in return then whats bad in it?. I do recommend each and every one of you to visit the dentist to get their teeth and gums examined every once in a while

8: Facial Expressions Matter!

facial expressions make you attractive

Theirs still one more powerful tool Which can Helps Guys like you and Me to Get a Better Looking / Attractive Face. Its Called Facial Expressions.

Lean-to master Different facial expressions.


Imagine Looking at a person with a serious face. And Your Eyes are Slightly closed or maybe not but eyebrows raised a little bit. And the additional thing would be Jaw slightly sucked in which will showcase slightly sharper jawline appearance. However, make sure that you are not sucking in too much because it will show as if you are trying too hard).

Slight Smile

It’s just like you are showing your emotions of happiness while keeping the Alpha male status in mind, you know what i am talking about Right? etc

Why your Facial Expressions Matter? (How to use Facial Expressions effectively!)


There is a list of facial expressions that are known to attract others towards you and if you master all of them then you are gonna become a strong magnetic force For sure! With that being said I here conclude today’s topic which was “8 Easy Steps For Guys to Get a Better Looking Face (Look Handsome)”.

What else you think can be added to the list? Which step you think is most crucial? If you have found this article helpful then why not sharing it with your friends because I know that your Friend Ashir really needs it. You can contact me on my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi) if Have any Queries regarding Men’s Fashion, Grooming, and Men’s Lifestyle. And I will See you Guys in another One,


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