Hair Care for Men: 21 Tips to Have the Best Hair Around!

Today, we are about to Talk about the Hair Care Tips for Men. How You Guys can Take BEST Care of your Hair, How to Improve the Quality of your Hair and Much More.

So last month I had attended this Debate Session which was held at my university. I was joining as the Host.

My outfit was supposed to be supporting the role that was given to me on the occasion. Till this Point, everything was going Alright.

My face was looking fresh, so was my hair as well. But just when I was about to style my hair, I somehow couldn’t end up getting my desired hairstyle

And That pissed me off. The more I tried to fix the mess, the more it became worse. What I learned from that incident is that my hair health is not good at all.

I mean if my hair looked Ok (APPARENTLY) But They were not as healthy as they should’ve been. Or maybe it was my Bad hair day.

What are Bad Hair Day?

These are the days when you couldn’t get your Hairstyle on Point. It’s Like, Some days you wake up and Bang! you already look like a Super Model.

While on other days it’s just ok…

And then comes the most depressing part of the Equation, the Bad Hair day! Suppose that You’ve prepared for this very special meeting but your hair said, “Oh! No. I am not going to Support you Today. Sorry :)”.

What is the Day today? Is it Monday? or Tuesday? It is, the “BAD HAIR DAY”.

Am I going to tell you some sort of Magic Formula that is Going to magically finish each and every Bad hair day from your Destiny?

Oh No!

Today, You and Me together are Going to talk about Some of the Best Hair Care Tips for Men. These are the Tips that You Guys can use to Get Good hair for yourself. And that equals Less Bad Hair Days. Makes Sense?

Let’s Get Started!

Best Hair Care Tips for Men / Get Good Hair for Guys

Below is a List of the Tips & Tricks that we are About to discuss in today’s Article. Note Down the Tips (HEADINGS) in you are in a hurry. You can always come back to learn more about them (Under the heading of Each of these):

  • Do Not Forget to Apply Argan Oil Every Single Day
  • Oil Masks are Very Important (Yogurt + Coconut Oil + Egg)
  • Do Not Shampoo your Hair Every Day
  • Too Much Hair product is Bad for your Hair
  • Protect Your Hair From WATER
  • Quick Solution for the Oily Scalp (Use Dry Shampoo)
  • Get your Haircut Done every 3 Weeks
  • Change your Shampoo and Conditioner as well
  • Get Rid of the DANDRUFF ASAP (Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo)
  • Shorten your Hair (And Get Rid of MOST hair problems)
  • Purchase a Trimmer
  • Easily Solution to get rid of Cowlicks
  • Avoid Hot Showers
  • Purchase a Pocket Hair Product
  • Change your Hair Product
  • Special Way to Blow Dry your Hair (Head Down Trick)
  • Take a Note on the Humidity
  • Stress Less
  • Avoid Hard Water
  • Style your Hair Before Going to Bed
  • Learn to Style Hats

And with that being Said, Let’s Get Straight into the List itself and Explore each of these individually.

1: Use Argan Oil

First Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Use Argan Oil”

Use Argan Oil

Argan Oil Gentlemen! This Premium Quality Oil is Jam-packed with tons and tons of Benefits.

Rich in vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants, I recommend each and every one of you to purchase one for yourself.

The fact that it has Vitamin E in it, ensures that this Oil is gonna Make your Scalp super healthy.

Plus if you are experiencing slow hair growth lately then you need not worry about this problem as well because Argan oil is gonna take care of this problem of yours as well!

It plays a role in the prevention of Hair Breakage and Split ends as well. To sum up the benefits of Argan Oil I would like to say that: It gives Shine to your Hair, makes your Scalp healthy which results in the stimulation of hair growth, Helps with Inflammation.

And It also Plays a Role to Solve the Problem of Dandruff as well!

What’s the Best Way to Apply Argan Oil?

Some people on the internet will recommend you massage your scalp once a week with it. But what worked for me personally and for a couple of friends who I suggested this method, is to use it as a Pre-styler and Heat protectant.

Gentlemen, Heat coming from your Blow Dryer can cause a lot of damage. It burns out all the essentials Oils and nutrients that are important for the betterment of your Scalp. And thats where Heat Protectant comes in handy.

You can use some Sea Salt Spray as well as a Heal protectant. But what I have found is that nothing can beat Argan Oil in this.

The Right Way to Apply Argan Oil

  1. Take some amount on your Palm and rub it gently to activate the Oil.
  2. And then Apply it on your Hair. Make sure to apply it properly, covering every part of your head, including hair and scalp as well.
  3. And finally, Now you can Blow Dry your Hair without any worries (I will be talking about The right way to blow Dry as well in one of the later points).

2: Apply Oil Mask

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Applying Oil Mask”

Men are really afraid of taking care of themselves. The reason I am saying this is because still there is a perception that men are meant to stay as Raw as possible.

“Rough look is the Best!”

You don’t want to go for a Keratin Treatment? OK Sure! You Don’t to Book your appointment to get Scalp Treatment Done?

Don’t worry because I am not recommending that as well. Guys! I am not forcing you to spend your money on moisture treatment or to get the Detox Done. But what I want you to do is to spare some time out of your busy schedule to take care of your Hair!

And This Process is really Simple. All you need are Just 2 Ingredients (MAXIMUM 3) and thats it.

Recommended Oil Mask

Ingredients that You Need are as follows:

  • Some Coconut Oil
  • 1 Egg.

Mix these two properly and Apply it on your head. Apply it Properly all over (Cover Scalp + Hair). And let it stay there for about 20 minutes and then you can wash it off.

You can also add Yogurt as well in the mixture which will moisturise your scalp leading to much better hair Health.

3: Stop Shampooing your Hair Every Day

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Stop Shampooing DAILY”

Some of us still believe that the more you shampoo your hair the better (and HEALTHIER) they are going to Look.

Whereas in reality, Shampooing your Hair daily can remove all of the essential oils and nutrients that are very ESSENTIAL for your scalp. And that leaves your hair dry and unhealthy.

Shampooing your hair 2-3 Times a Week is Enough (For Most People)

Avoid going to the places where there is a Lot of Dirt. Because let’s be honest, you can not have a Head full of Dirt and Not wash it for 2 days. Thats gross.

And if you are an Asian like me then you know it already that we Men here in Asia sweat a lot (And they have Oily Skin and Scalp as well).

So we can take this 2-3 times a week to 3-4 times a week. But rest of You Guys, Chill!

4: Do Not Apply too Much HAIR PRODUCT

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Stop Applying too much of the Hair Product”

Let’s say you bought this New hair Product that suits Your Hair Type. Thats great, but it does not mean that you have to apply tons of this product!

“More product = Better hair,” Said nobody ever. Apply the Optimal Amount of Product in your Palm and Rub it nice enough to activate it. And then finally Apply it on your Hair.

Make sure that your fingers reach every hair on your head. Excessive Hair Product is Just Going to make your hair Look Greasy and thats it.

This means that More hair Product on Monday is going to make sure that On Tuesday you are waking up with Oily / Frizzy Hair. And that definitely means You need to take a Shower / Apply some shampoo to your Hair (to clear out this Mess).

And thats Bad. You don’t want to make your hair product, a reason to Apply Shampoo on your Hair, Every single Day.

5: Protect your Hair from Water

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Protect your Hair from Water”

Ok so let’s say You wake up with Hair looking super sexy. I get it, Gentlemen. I know this feeling. But You got to Shower Because your BODY NEEDS A WASH!

Protect your Hair from Water

Chances are that, if you take the shower and get your hair wet then they might not look as good as they were looking before.

What could you possibly do to solve this problem? PROTECT YOUR HAIR FROM WATER! But How?

Shower Caps

Gentlemen, I know that you might find this product super feminine but you know what? You Got to do what you Got to Do. At the end of the Day, it will be you Who will have the best Hair Around.

No Body is Going to come and See what you are Going to get such luscious strands of Hair. So Do what you have to do. People See Results. Charm them!

6: Use Dry Shampoo for Oily Scalp

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Use Dry Shampoo”.

Oily Skin is a cause of Many Skin and Hair Problems. Greasy Hair is one of them. You don’t want your Hair to Look tangled and Slimy. Right? Well, in that case, you need to do something about the Oils that your Skin secrets which are causing this problem in the first place.

One way is, To take a Shower and use Shampoo but what if you are getting late for a Meeting?

Solution 1: Use Talcum Powder on your Hair (It Sucks all the Oil and Greasiness)

Solution 2: Use Dry Shampoo (My Favourite)

“Girls use Dry Shampoo”. But Gentlemen! What if girls use Dry Shampoo? Does that stop men from using it? I mean there isn’t any kind of rule that says which product is for the Girls and which one is for boys only?

How to Use Dry Shampoo?

Just Spray some amount of dry shampoo on your hair and then style it the way you want. Thats it!

But Hey Don’t try to be over smart and Skip your Shampoo days because of Dry Shampoo. Your Hair still needs that Fresh start which only a Regular Shampoo (And Conditioner) can provide.

7: Go for a Hair Cut Regularly

Go for a Hair Cut Regularly

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Visit your Barber Regularly”

Get your hairstyle refreshed every three weeks, even if you are letting your hair grow, still your hair deserves a Salon appointment (Every 6-7 Weeks in that Case Approximately).

OK. Let’s say you have to attend a really important Meeting tomorrow. Everything is on Point except for your hair.

Indications that your Hair NEED a Haircut

  • They are taking a lot more time than Usual to Style Up
  • And Still Looking Just OK
  • Bad Hair Days are like a Routine thing Now

8: Change your Shampoo and Conditioner

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Change your Shampoo and Conditioner”.

Let’s say you have been trying your best to get your Hair to look Good every single day. You use different oils, masks, etc. But SOMETHING is still there which is a problem that needs your attention urgently.

Quick Question: Have you thought about changing your Shampoo and Conditioner?

Maybe your Shampoo and Conditioner are not Good Enough. Changing / Upgrading them to get Some Specialised Shampoo will definitely Prove Helpful and thats something I recommend you All to do.

9: Get Rid of Dandruff

neutrogena T/Gel (Get Rid of Dandruff)

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Use Anti-Dandruff Products”

Dandruff is a Sign that your Hair Health is not good!

Let’s say you are all set and ready to go on a date and then you notice your Shirt. There are those Big flakes of Dandruff that are spread everywhere on Your Shoulder.

How to Remove Dandruff? (No B.S)

I know that you have tried a lot of products and remedies. And None of them have worked for you. I am not saying that remedies don’t work but it’s just about the fact that a single REMEDY can’t work the same way for different people with different hair types.

“Is their any product that can solve Dandruff problem for all Hair Types?”

Yes, there is. And the name of the solution is, “Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo“. Replace it with your regular Shampoo or use it on alternate days and you are gonna see your dandruff going away in days!

10: Shorten Your Hair

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Shorten your Hair”.

Its Wednesday today and you have been trying your best to get your hair to Stay up but somehow they aren’t supporting you. Unfortunately, I would say that Wednesday is also a Bad hair day for you.

To Make sure that your Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays does not turn out to be the same, I recommend you Guys to Shorten your Hair.

With Short Hair, it is easy to add volume to your hair. This means that your hair will Stay up for a long period of time. Isn’t it Cool? So whatever hairstyle you choose, do not forget to keep them on the Shorter end.

11: Get yourself a Trimmer

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Get yourself a Trimmer”.

So Its 8’o Clock in the Morning and you are already late for your Class. But it’s not just about that.

You have a Planned a hangout as well for today. But theirs a Little Problem. You came out of your Shower and witness your hair being messy and out of control.

One strand is going here and the other one is going somewhere else. Plus your hair is touching your ear as well. In short, it’s a mess that needs your immediate attention.

But you don’t have enough time to actually go to the barber to get your hair fixed. Obviously it’s a Bad hair day! And it’s definitely a situation that could have been avoided if you went to the barber a day before to get it fixed.

Its too late already and You don’t have time for that. What Could Possibly be the Solution to this Problem?


You can’t Do anything about it Now. There could be an amazing Solution if you had a Trimmer in your House. But unfortunately, For Now, You have to Go with Your Messy Hair.

Want to Trim your Hair at home when you have No trimmer?

Get yourself a Trimmer to avoid getting into such a Problem in the Future. I myself use it all the time to get my beard fixed and yes for some small head hair tweaks here and there as well.

12: A Solution for the Cowlicks

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Dealing with the Cowlicks”.

For those of you who don’t know what a Cowlick is, It’s basically a group of hair (or a single hair strand) that is not letting your hair look good by standing out from the crowd.

How can you possibly get rid of a Cowlick?

First thing’s first, For Shorter hair, Cowlicks are super difficult to treat. But Hey! Do people even notice cowlicks on shorter hair? Well! certainly not (except a few people who are gonna notice each and every detail about you anyway).

But for those who have medium to long hair, Cowlicks is definitely a considerable Problem. I will recommend you work around with it.

What most people usually do (to solve this problem) is that they try to go against it. But what instead you should be doing is that You need to let it go the direction the Strand wants to go and only then you can get rid of this mess.

Ok, it will be a little difficult for you to manage it at the start but you will surely get used to it with time. You can then use a high hold product to make sure that it stays where you have fixed it.

13: Avoid Hot Showers

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Avoid Hot Showers”.

Avoid Hot Showers

I know that its winters and You love the feeling of Hot water pouring all over your body.

But Hey! Do you know what these Hot water showers are doing to you and your hair health? It’s taking away all the moisture and striping out the essential oils from your scalp that give that are responsible for giving that LUSCIOUS feel to your Hair.

Moderate Showers are OK Though.

It will Not harm your Skin / Hair. Forget the Hot Water Temptation because it is Going to leave you with nothing but negative outcomes. So Yeah, thats it.

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14: Carry your Hair Product (with yourself)

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Carry your Hair Product (with yourself)”.

This Really simple trick / Hack has the power to save you from experiencing a Bad Hair Day. Allow me to demonstrate its importance with the help of an example.


Picture this, You are leaving for a 5-day trip. Great! It’s always a nice idea to take some time out of the hectic routine to relax your Brain. It not only improves your Health but refreshes and improves your mental capabilities as well.

Also, You decided to take the best clothes with you that fit you well because you don’t want to look bad on any of those 5 days.

But you know what? You might get into a situation where your hair might end up looking Messy. Now Thats a problem. Want to Know a Solution to this Problem?

Carry a Hair product with yourself (wherever you go)!

What you will be needing is a small container and some Hair Product. Be it a Pomade or a Putty. And now whenever you will get a Cowlick or your hair feels like a mess, you can easily make use of the product (that you have in your bag) to make your hair look presentable!

15: Upgrade your Hair Product

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Upgrade your Hair Product”.

Just like your shampoo or conditioner, you need to upgrade your Hair product as well. Hey! Your $2 Wax is Not Going to Make your Look like those of David Beckham.

Try out new products, Better Ones. It’s all about seeing and judging whether which products suit your hair type.

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Hair Products (Every Type Explained)

Shoutout to Beardbrand for such an Amazing Guide!

I have seen some people use Just the “Putty” because they think that its the only product that can go with their hair type/hairstyle.

But what I recommend all of you is to “Try out NEW Kinds of Hair Products”. Don’t Just stick with the Putty. Chances are that Hair Spray gets you better results than your Putty. Who Knows?

The Only way to Find out is to try it for yourself!

Note that: With the best, I don’t mean the most expensive. It’s just about choosing the Product that goes well with your Hair. Thats it)

16: Head Down Technique (A Blow-Drying Method)

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Head Down Technique (A Blow-Drying Method)”.

Head Down Technique (A Blow-Drying Method)

Guys! I know for a fact that you need volume on top of your head. Enough volume to a style that Perfect Pompadour or whatever hairstyle you want to Rock.

I Present you All with one of the Best Blow-Drying methods that I’ve Found (It Works for me all the time).

Head Down Technique

For this technique to work, you need to make sure that you are looking downwards with your head parallel to the floor.

Now grab your Blow Dryer and start blow-drying from Bottom to the Top. It means that you are blow drying your hair against the Gravity (Your Hair naturally wants to fall down).

This collision of forces ends up making result in most amount of Volume on the Top, making it super easy for you to achieve your favorite hairstyle.

17: Fight Humidity

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Fight Humidity”.

Humid days. These are the days when our skin isn’t looking its best and Our hair is suffering too. Theirs this article written by Isha Agarwal at Skin & Hair Academy. In that, she beautifully Explains the reason why humidity is bad for your hair. She also Discussed about Hair Loss as well.

She Explains how Moisture coming from the humid air damages your hair because of the uneven absorption of water content leading to hair swelling, frizziness, and Hair loss.

Fortunately, We have a Hair Product available in the market that can protect your hair from humidity. It’s the Unpopular one, The WAX.

It locks the moisture inside and reduces the chances of Moisture exchange, making it sure that your Look Good on the Humid days as well.

18: Take Less Stress

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Take Less Stress”.

I have talked about the disadvantages of Stress before as well in which I have talked about How stress can lead to Low testosterone Levels, Damage in Metabolism and increase in acne.

Guys! I Don’t understand why are you stressing over things. If I have said it one time, I have said a million times as well that:

“Stress isn’t going to do any good to you”

It is only Going to interrupts your thinking patterns and negatively affect your skin, hair, and overall health.

Your Body produces a Hormone called “Cortisol” when you are under stress. What this hormone does is that it cancels out the effects of testosterone. In Short, Stress = 1 Million Problems.

Plus it is also known to affect the function and cyclic regulation of the hair follicle. When cortisol is present at high levels it has been demonstrated to reduce the synthesis and accelerate the degradation of important skin elements, namely hyaluronan and proteoglycans by approximately 40%.


19: Avoid Hard Water

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Avoid Hard Water”.

Gentlemen! What are you doing to yourself? Why are you washing your Hair with Hard water? I understand that the water supplies in your House are responsible for all of this Mess but you NEED to do something about it, ASAP!

Two Disadvantages of Hard Water (Regarding Hair)

  • # 1: Hard water makes your Hair scales stand up which will make your hair appear dry and rough.
  • # 2: It gives your Shampoo and Conditioner a tough time. So basically hard water makes it difficult to rinse out the shampoo/conditioner from your hair. In short, these products become less effective when you are washing your hair with Hard water.

You apply conditioner to soften your hair and make them look good. The Shampoo is supposed to clean all the dirt that is collected in your Scalp. But hard water makes it difficult to clean it out, actually leading to an immature cleaning session.

20: Style your Hair at Night

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Style your Hair at Night”

I recommend You Guys to style your hair before going to sleep. Ok, this sounds a little bit weird but I do this all the time and it has never disappointed me especially on the days where I have no plans to shampoo my hair the next day.

“Hey, Nyazi I move a lot while sleeping. How can the hairstyle that I made in the Night stay the same till the next day?”

My answer would be, for maximum days (Like for 90% of the days), moving around is also not gonna affect your hairstyle much. And you can get back to your perfect hairstyle just by moving your fingers and fixing some hair that has dispositioned. So You don’t have to worry about that or consider it a Big Problem.

21: Learn to Style Hats

Learn to Style Hats
Courtesy: RMRS

Next Up in the List of Best hair care tips for men / Tips to get Good hair for Guys is “Learn to Style Hats”.

I assume that you have tried all of the above given 20 tips and successfully reduced the number of Bad hair Days but the truth-be-told, You are still gonna have to face some Bad hair days.

On those Days you can Wear a Hat. Why Not?

My Top picks would be Baseball Cap and Newsboy hat. And when I want to look classy my ultimate choices include Panama Hat and Homburg. These will not only cover your bad hair day but will definitely add to your Style of the day.

With that being said, I conclude today’s topic, “Hair Care for Men: 21 Tips to Have the Best Hair Around!”.

What do you think about these tips? Which one of these you are gonna try for yourself? I will recommend you to try out all of these because of the fact that they all work 100%.

Do Let me Know your Thoughts about it over at my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi). And I Will see you Guys in another one,


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