How to Spot a Fake Alpha Male? (13 Clear Signs to Note)

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about the real vs fake. Yeah, boy, we are about to go deep into the topic and try to differentiate the wannabe alpha male figures from those who are the Alphas in real life.

Ok, I understand that Alpha, Beta, Sigma, etc, all of these are just terminologies that we have given and in reality, they do not exist. But at the end of the day, there are still men out there who consider themselves alpha males when in reality they are not even close to what they think they are.

Let’s for the sake of this article label “The masculine men” as the alpha males. And while keeping that in mind, let’s now separate all the fake masculine men from those who are actually very masculine in real life.

My goal with today’s article is to correct the standards for masculinity, on the basis of which a person is judged, ranked, and then called, alpha or beta.

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the list of signs of a true alpha male/signs differentiating a true alpha male from the fake one.

Spotting a true alpha male/Signs you are not alpha but a beta male/Things that separate attractive men from those who aren’t.

  • Complimenting a Guy (Alpha vs True Alpha).
  • “Self-Appreciation” (Words say it all).
  • Acting tough for no reason (Clear sign of a fake alpha).
  • “Job isn’t for me. I will become a businessman instead!”
  • Everyday behavior (Real one vs The Fake Alpha).
  • Respecting just a specific kind of people (Wealthy).
  • Not taking responsibility for their actions (Clear cut sign).
  • Talking shit about people behind their back.
  • Getting into the fights for no reason.
  • Making others uncomfortable (Not caring about the surroundings).
  • Criticizing others all the time.
  • Want to spot a fake alpha? Head over to his Social profiles.
  • Justifying mistakes.

And that’s pretty much it. The above-given signs are what you need to keep in mind whenever you are planning to spot a fake alpha. Chances are that there is this person who claims to be an alpha male. Hmm. Great! Let’s find out. Use the above-given parameters and you are surely going to get an answer.

Or maybe you are told by this dude, some of the best characteristics of an alpha male. And now you want to see if those characteristics really make you an alpha male or they are just the traits of a fake alpha.

No worries my brother as I’ve got you covered. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into the list of clear signs to differentiate a fake alpha male from the real one

1: Complimenting a Guy (Alpha vs True Alpha).

Complimenting a Guy (Alpha vs True Alpha).

“Hey Dude! You look great” – Ali.

Guess what? Ali is an alpha male and he has passed this test. Look, these fake alphas have this factor of ego in themselves which is constantly stopping from them appreciating other dudes.

Instead they try to point out other people’s mistakes, making them feel bad about themselves.

Real alpha males however pass the compliment. If they think that a dude is looking good, maybe because his shirt looks nice or whatever, they say it to his face.

Not like the fake alpha males who think that the compliments are made for themselves only and get jealous instead of complimenting them.

2: “Self-Appreciation” (Words say it all).

Fake Alphas are all about self-appreciation and most of the time they are always seen exaggerating and staring lies!

I know a bunch of dudes who are always telling me stories about how every girl looks at them all the time. Guess what? In reality, they just have this thing in their head!

Ok, I am not saying that they aren’t attractive or something but you don’t have to exaggerate the situation too. Fake Alpha males want to be the center of attraction and for that reason, they always start talking about themselves only, how they get compliments all the time, and how every girl is their fan.

In reality, appreciating yourself all the time in front of people, is more toxic than a positive thing. Fake alphas often repel people away from themselves because of these constant self-appreciation talks and then they are like, “They all are jealous of me”.

Nah, Bro! They aren’t jealous. Instead, they just want to stay away from you because you are always talking about yourself only, in which most of the things you state are clear cut lies”.

3: Acting tough for no reason (Clear sign of a fake alpha male).

Acting tough.. Ah! This one is on top of the cringe list.

Imagine being around this dude who not only talks about himself only but he acts super tough as well. Ughhh!

A fake alpha male will always be acting tough. He will be doing things like:

  • Making his voice deeper and louder.
  • Walking overconfidently.
  • Being serious all the time.
  • Having that un-needed attitude clearly visible on his face.

Guess what? All of these do nothing good for you. Instead, all of these things repel people away from you. So you think that by acting tough, you are actually going to be famous and people will be like, “He is such a mysterious and serious aka attractive dude”. Nah!

The truth is, this seriousness, and being fake, molding yourself, and appearing like a tough dude, all of this makes you look super unattractive and ugly. Trust me on this, you are only going to attract more people like you who are indirectly craving attention. And then you guys will be walking around looking like a group of people who are the fake alphas, desperate for attention!

4: “Job isn’t for me. I will become a businessman instead!”.

"Job isn't for me. I will become a businessman instead!".

Fake Alpha males consider doing job as something that will take away the imaginary crown from their head.

Look, Ok, I know that Job keeps you stagnant, and doing your own business is much better in terms of productivity and for sure it brings better results given that you stay consistent and keep working hard throughout the entire process.

Having that said, every businessman who had to pay his bills in the initial phase of his hustle, did a job! No matter what kind of the job it was, he did it with his heart and soul, fully involved in it.

It is what it is, my friend. In order to fund his startup, to pay for his stuff, he needed money. Look, he did what he had to.

And there you are sitting carelessly, not doing anything because you think that Job isn’t for you. You believe that you are a King and no one can command a king.

With that being said, guess what? You have to work hard in order to actually run a business that pays your bills and makes you able to buy the luxuries that you always dreamt of buying.

What do you have in your arsenal?

  • no skills.
  • no discipline.
  • And you have got no passion for almost anything.

With the above-given characteristics, you are thinking about being a businessman? Hey! You are definitely not an alpha male because alphas accept reality and they work super hard to achieve their dreams. They are not afraid of getting their hands dirty during the process.

5: Everyday behaviour (Real one vs The Fake Alpha).

I am not going to go into the details of a behaviour of a real and a fake alpha male but the one thing that clearly differentiates a fake alpha male from the real one is his attitude with the people around.

His way of talking, and the ora that he creates, talks a lot about who he really is.

Look, if this dude has made this toxic sort of full of pressure, kinda vibe around himself then he for sure is a fake alpha. Toxic people, like himself, make it difficult for others to breathe freely. They are always being rude and super serious with you for no reason. They do that because according to them, being alpha = being rude to others.

Do you really believe that you can dominate others just by being rude to them? Nah Boy! It takes a lot more than that. In order to actually dominate the area, you need to have the skills, the personality, and a lot more as well. Your rude behavior makes you toxic only, and that for sure is far away from being a real alpha male.

Real Alpha males on the other behave nicely with others. They are always being Nice and welcoming and this makes them look super attractive, unlike the toxic, fake alpha males.

6: Respecting just a specific kind of people (Wealthy).

So, whom do you respect the most?

Ok, so you consider just the wealthy men, worthy of appreciation? Guess what? You are totally wrong.

I mean, yeah, I understand that being wealthy isn’t easy and that person would have worked a lot to get there but on the other hand, you can’t respect a specific kind of people only.

There are a bunch of other people as well who aren’t wealthy but still, you should be respecting them because they are human beings and every human being deserves respect.

You might want to stay with those with who you do not want to interact due to some reason but valuing people on the basis of money only, isn’t as well the right thing to do. Trust me, this isn’t what the real alpha males do.

Real alphas are nice to everybody. They treat others with kindness and for sure respect everybody. Money should not be the judging factor behind it!

Ok, you might be thinking that, what should you consider while choosing a company/your surroundings?

  • Hard work.
  • Dedication.
  • Supportive.
  • Uplifting.
  • The Quality of being Nice.

These are the things that you should consider while being part of a group of while deciding whether you should stay in a group or not. If people around you are lazy, and they just don’t let you grow, no matter what, you better quit.

7: Not taking responsibility for their actions (Clear cut sign).

Not taking responsibility for their actions (Clear cut sign).

Alpha males don’t make mistakes…

But what if they do? I mean, the reality is that we all make mistakes. But what we do, once we are done making mistakes is what separates us from the fake alpha males.

Fake Alpha Males – Put the blame on someone else.
Real Alpha Males – Take responsibility for their actions and try to fix the problem.

Aren’t we getting the “coward vibes” from somewhere? Yeah for sure. We are getting the coward vibes from none other than the fake alpha males. These are the men who make mistakes and try their best to blame others for the mistakes that weren’t even made by them.

This is such a dirty thing to do. But fake alpha males don’t think that way. All they have in their head is that “Alpha males do not make mistakes” and in order to save their reputation they start putting blames on other men or situations. Nah! You should not do that because you aren’t a fake alpha male. You are the masculine man, somebody who accepts his mistakes and then makes efforts to correct those mistakes or just simply learn a lesson and move on.

8: Talking shit about people behind their back.

The next clear sign that differentiates a fake alpha male from the real one is “Backbiting”.

Fake Alpha males are busy talking shit about people. Reason? Jealousy, Habit, or whatever. And the worst part is that they see nothing in that. You will hear them saying things like, “They are really bad!”, “You can’t about bad people in good words”.

Oh, come on. Who told you to talk about those “Bad People” in the first place? Can’t you just shut up and mind your own business?

Hey! Yes, look at me. Why are you always talking shit about others? Maybe the only thing thats apparent to you in a person is negativity and his flaws. Why can’t you look at his good habits? I know the answer to this question, actually.

It’s because you are jealous of them and you love talking about them just to degrade them. Let me clear something… Talking shit about others makes you look weak. It shows that you have surrendered and that all you can do with your time now is talk bad about him. Is that it?

Is that the truth my friend? If it isn’t then please stop this ugly habit of backbiting. If you can’t do that, then please stop calling yourself a judge/alpha male. Alpha males don’t waste their time in discussing others. They are determined and the things that they do with their time are either productive or refreshing which indirectly makes them even more productive.

9: Getting into the fights for no reason.

Alright then.

So you are telling me that you have this habit of getting into fights for no reason because you just can’t control your anger. Hah?

Ok, so you think that real men fight and the way of resolving the conflict near real men is to fight.

Hmm.. I am afraid but this thinking of yours is totally wrong.

Real men stay calm and confident. They are not thinking about getting into fights. Instead, they try to make ways to bring peace. Trust me, the more you will try not to get into the fights, the more connections you are going to make.

A person who is always ready to get into a fight mostly fails to make multiple connections. A calm down person, on the other hand, stays conscious and he always finds a way to bring peace, hence he ends up getting in the good books of maximum people and that equals more connections/better opportunities in life.

So, the choice is all yours.

Do you want to be the fake alpha who is always ready to get into a fight? or Do you want to stay calm and find ways to end a fight that results in you being viewed as an intelligent person, worthy of becoming friends with?

10: Making others uncomfortable (Not caring about the surroundings).

Making others uncomfortable (Not caring about the surroundings).

I understand that you’ve been told to do your job, whatever it is, without caring about what others think about you.

I get it.

And I do want to appreciate you for not giving a damn about what others think about you. But wait a minute… What is this that you are doing?

Perfect. So you are planning to sing a song while this dude is trying to sleep? Or maybe you are talking shit about someone when you clearly realize that the people around you are getting uncomfortable due to these actions of yours.

Stop it right now. Hey! You are not an alpha male at all. Who told you that you are an alpha male? Real alpha men understand the fact they are free to do whatever they want, given that their actions aren’t harming anybody.

And there you are, doing the exact opposite thing.. Doing things that make others uncomfortable… Such a shame.

11: Criticising others all the time.

“Hmm.. You have made a mess”.

“Stop right there… You are doing it all wrong”.

“You have made a big achievement but I was expecting a lot better from your side”.

Shut up! What makes you think that you are this perfect teacher who can say whatever he wants to say? Who gave you this right?

Ok, you want to give your bit of advice, go ahead. But nobody wants to listen to your lectures. You just can’t show up all the time criticizing people like that. Live and Let live my friend.

Ahan! So you were told that real alpha males point out mistakes that other people make? Nah, thats not the case. You should instead appreciate others, ok, pinpoint the mistakes as well but please don’t be that one dude who is always suggesting improvements and telling that it can be done much better”.

Just stop this negativity once and for all.

12: Want to spot a fake alpha? Head over to his Social profiles.

What makes you look like a creep on social media, is what you will see these fake alpha males doing on their social media profiles.

  • Bragging by uploading weird selfies with money, etc.
  • Their captions are too exaggerated.
  • They post motivational stories when in reality they are doing the exact opposite.
  • They post stuff that is way too nice when in reality they are backbiting and doing the exact opposite all the time.
  • Posting mean comments, etc, and then saying that this needs to be done.

All of these things are what you will see these fake alphas doing. So does that makes you an alpha male? Of course Not. The real alpha males take care of themselves and upload good pictures of themselves. Weird photos? That’s fine but the overall Vibe should be positive and not indifferent.

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13: Justifying mistakes.

Justifying mistakes.

And last but not the least, probably one of the clear signs of a fake alpha male is “they are never wrong”.

Earlier we talked about putting the blame on someone else. Even if this person does not puts blame on someone else, still they can be very toxic. How?

“False Justifications”. Alpha males can never let other people see that the mistake was made from their end. They are always bringing up arguments and clarifications that just don’t exist in the reality.

In reality they look super ugly while doing that!

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about these signs? These signs that separate a fake alpha from a real one? Let me know about your suggestions, comments, and feedback over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will come back to you in another one,


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