Hygiene for Men: 13 Powerful tips to become Handsome & Attractive

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about Hygiene for men. We are going to be discussing some of the most powerful hygiene tips that will transform you into a super handsome and attractive dude.

I am sure you want to stick till the end because each one of these tips is really powerful.

Look, the thing is, we all ignore a lot of things. These are the things that we do consciously and unconsciously, that make us look bad or let me rephrase it for you, yeah, “Unhygienic”. It is kinda the same thing. No?

You, my friend, deserve to look handsome and attractive but it isn’t happening because people have been noticing your hygiene mistakes and due to that they aren’t able to get to your attractiveness level. All that they can look at are the mistakes that you are making in the hygiene


But not anymore. We are gonna change it for you once and for all. Gentlemen! In today’s article, we will be talking about 13 of the most powerful hygiene tips for men that guaranteed will transform you into a super handsome & attractive dude in a limited amount of time.

So are you ready? I am sure you are. But wait a second. Since we are talking about attractiveness here, I have a list of reasons behind this thing that has been happening to you on the daily basis. Apart from the hygiene thing, there are a lot of things that can affect your attractiveness. Read more about that here: 12 Brutally Honest Reasons you are slowly becoming Unattractive.

Let’s not wait for any further and get straight into the list of hygiene tips for men to become more handsome and attractive. Shall we?

Hygiene for Men: Powerful tips to become Handsome & Attractive

  • Trim down the body hair.
  • Clean the area around your ears.
  • Cracked lips are just Ugh!
  • White gunk on the tongue.
  • Feet nails & feet overall.
  • Sweat is a problem & here’s a possible solution to that.
  • Your phone is also a problem.
  • Towels & Sheets could be the problem too.
  • Wash your hands and stop touching your face.
  • Keep the toothbrush far away from the toilet seat.
  • Proper “Down there” care.
  • Flossing is a must.
  • Cleanliness is everything.

With that being said, let’s get straight into each one of these to discuss them in detail now. Shall we?

1: Trim down the body hair.

Trim down the body hair.

Look at yourself, my friend. I agree that your hair growth has become pretty good. Your chest hair is POPPING but guess what? They are a little too much.

Don’t get me wrong and please do not point your finger at me. I am just saying what I felt like saying. You have got pretty good growth and your chest is full of hair now.

Does that look super hygienic? Probably not.

Talking about chest hair, you got to trim them down to give it a little decent look. Ok, let’s say you’ve properly taken care of the chest hair. What now? Back hair… Hmm.

Let me tell you something, gentlemen. These back hair need to go. You got to remove them with the help of this trimmer or just shave them off.

Pubic hair need the same treatment. Shave them off!

Guys! You need to make sure that your body hair is properly managed. Otherwise, you won’t be able to look the way you always wanted to look – Handsome & attractive.

2: Clean the area around your ears.

Ahhh! The details gentlemen. It’s always about the details my friend. Ok, imagine being someone who has everything taken care of. You take care of your skin, your hair looks dope and all but there is this one thing that is creating the entire mess.

Hmm.. You still do not know what it is. Right?

I am talking about your ears, gentlemen. Do you remember the last time you focused on cleaning your ears properly? We all ignore our ears even when we are washing our faces. While showering, we avoid washing the ears and rubbing the loofah over them. Why? No one knows the answer to that.

And just because of that, white substances start getting accumulated in the ear canals and at the back of your ear. This white gunk makes you look unhygienic and not to say, unattractive as well.

But we can’t let that happen. Right? I can’t see you getting called unhygienic and unattractive because of this little thing. But I am afraid to say that this isn’t a little thing. It is a sign of the fact that you are the kind of person who ignores the details. I am sure it isn’t the truth but Alas, apparently it is the truth!

Dude, just make sure to take a piece of clothing and clean your ear canals and the area at the back of your ear. Cleaning it off on the regular basis will resolve this problem.

3: Cracked lips are just Ugh!

The next one on the list of Hygiene for Men: Powerful tips to become Handsome & Attractive is “Take care of your lips”.

Ahh, what is that? I am looking at your lips, wondering what did you do to them? You could have taken care of your lips and things would have been just fine but Nah, you choose to stay lazy, and look what has happened now?

They all see you as an unhygienic dude when in reality I know what kind of a person you are. You can be anything but unhygienic. These guys don’t know it but in reality, you are just lazy and careless.

But that ends here. We are going to fix this problem now. So the issue is about the chapped lips. Hah? Maybe your lips are looking quite dry due to some reason. Don’t worry my friend. I have a perfect solution to this problem of yours.

All you need are the following two items:

  • Sugar.
  • Honey.

You got to mix both of the above-given items and rub them gently on your lips. By doing that you will be able to successfully exfoliate your lips. Apply vaseline petroleum jelly afterward and go to bed.

Wake up in the morning and there you go! You now have better-looking and feeling lips. You need to do this same exact thing once or twice a week if you want to see a continuous improvement. But Make sure to Apply Vaseline before going to bed (on the daily basis).

4: White gunk on the tongue.

White gunk on the tongue.
White Gunk does the same to your breathe.

This white gunk on your tongue isn’t a blessing. In fact, it is something that you need to be removed ASAP.

This white gunk is one of the reasons behind your smelly breath yours. This combined with the plaque on your teeth is the reason why most people do not want to sit with you. But not anymore.

We will be dealing with this “white gunk” today, once and for all. All you need is:

  • A tongue scrapper.

This tool is heavenly. It fixes your problems in no time. Alright, so you have this tool with you. Perfect! Just use this tool on your tongue to remove all the white substance and you should be good to go. Repeat it to make sure that the white gunk does not come back.

5: Feet nails & feet overall.

Feet, my friend. Most of us dudes ignore our feet for no reason.

Imagine having to take off your shoes at this really special place. Everybody be looking at your feet now because they never thought you would have such gross feet. I mean, just look at yourself. You are a handsome dude who is super attractive and has the feet, oh come on!

What can you do about it? Simple. You just need to take some self-care-related steps and this problem should go away on its own.

Following are the items that you would be needing:

  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.
  • Lotion/moisturizer

I am assuming that you are done taking the nighttime shower (very important. It removes all the product from your hair and freshens up your body as well). What you need to do now is to massage your feet.

But wait. First cut their nails. They need to get in shape first before you do anything with your feet. Ok so, now that you have taken care of the nails, here comes the feet.

Mix both the petroleum jelly and the lotion together and apply this mixture to your feet. Massage your feet properly, go in between the fingers as well.

That’s it. By doing this on the regular basis, you are going to experience a huge change in the way both of your feet are going to look.

6: Sweat is a problem & here’s a possible solution to that.

You sweat a lot and that’s a huge problem. Guys! Ok, I am sorry.

I know that you can’t control (really?) the amount of sweat that is coming out of your body but let me tell you something, there are a few things that might actually help you.

Let’s say you have to go to this very special meeting tomorrow and you don’t want the sweat to ruin your impression. Perfect. What can you do about that?

All you can do is to use some sort of antiperspirant in your underarms. What that does is, blocks your sweat ducts preventing the sweat to appear on the surface and It also removes the smell of your sweat too. So you are going to stay fresh with just a little to no sweat at all.

But what if I told you that you take this entire thing to a whole new level? For that, you will have to start eating less spicy food. Spices raise the temperature of the body and for that reason, you end up sweating more. Reducing the number of spices is what’s going to help you get rid of this problem of yours.

7: Your phone is also a problem.

Your phone is also a problem.

Look, I don’t want to pinpoint your mistakes again and again but trust me on this, I have got no other option.

I could have lied to you but that won’t be a good idea. You need to know your flaws after all as that’s how you will identify your mistakes and do something about them.

So, how is your phone a problem? Actually, it isn’t the phone but the germs on its surface that are the real problems.

Germs on the surface of your phone make it harder for you to stay germ-free. You receive the phone calls, use your hands, take your phone near to your face, etc.

All of these things result in just one thing “Transfer of germs from the surface of your phone to your face”. What does that do? Gradually you are going to start experiencing the problems. Your skin is going to show the symptoms and overall things will become a lot less in your favor.

So if your goal is to stay hygienic, handsome, and attractive then you got to make sure that your phone stays germ-free.

But how? Disinfectant wipes are what’s going to help you out. You need to take them off and use that to clean your phone. That’s it.

8: Towels & Sheets could be the problem too.

It isn’t just about yourself only. The sheets and this towel of yours need to get cleaned too. I mean, just look at how dirty these sheets look. I am sure that you haven’t changed them for a while.

All this dirt and grime goes to your face and that’s the reason why these breakouts occur on your face. Please change the bedsheet and the pillowcases at least once a week.

Your towels as well. Hmm. Well, imagine using the same towel for 3 days straight. Smell it… Ok, smell yourself now… Ewww! You smell bad. Right?

Well, you wouldn’t have smelled this way if you would have taken care of your towels. They need to get washed on a regular basis if you don’t want them to smell bad aka if you don’t want them to transfer their odor on your body.

9: Wash your hands and stop touching your face.

It is super basic but it is what it is. And apart from the fact that it is super basic, still, people seem to ignore it, almost all the time.

Let me tell you something very loud and clear, about 90% of you all have dirty hands right now. Why? It could be because of the trillion possible reasons.

Chances are that you haven’t been washing your hands the right way recently. Or maybe you choose not to wash your hands most often.

No matter what the reason is, but these hands are dirty and they can transfer the germs to your skin! It can get severe if you place these hands against your lips or your mouth.

Ahh! Please, stop touching your face. Can you? The reason here is exactly the same. The germs on your hands get transferred to your face and they then cause infections and other problems too. If they get inside your mouth, they start messing things inside there and again, result in a bunch of problems.

So it’s always a good idea to wash your hands properly and try your level best to ignore touching your face.

10: Keep the toothbrush far away from the toilet seat.

Keep the toothbrush far away from the toilet seat.

The next one on the list of Hygiene for Men: Powerful tips to become Handsome & Attractive is to keep your toothbrush away from the toilet seat.

I know that it is a such thing to talk about but hey! Look at me for a second and think about the times you’ve thought about taking care of your toothbrush?

In reality that isn’t “toothbrush care” but your own care!

Keeping your toothbrush close to the toilet seat causes a lot of problems. With every flush extra bacteria and germ gets transferred on the brush and these germs and bacteria then cause a lot of problems, that include diarrhea, and some skin-related issues as well.

So it’s always a good idea to take extra care and put the toothbrush in a safe place. The same is the case with the position to place the toothbrush. Most of us put the toothbrush on the ground, be it your sink or whatever. Instead, you should store it in the holder upright.

11: Proper “Down there” care.

Ok, now some of you might be wondering that how is taking care of your private parts related to looking handsome and attractive. Well, let me explain.

Remember that confidence is a big factor determining how handsome or attractive you are. Dudes who have 0 confidence are so unattractive, I can’t even explain that to you.

Most guys don’t wash their butts. In fact most of the time they even end up forgetting about the presence of that area XD.


Stop that. You need to take proper care of that. The skin over there needs to be cleaned, and moisturised too. Hygiene? Oh, come on. You don’t want to have stinky balls that smell very bad. That is going to ruin your confidence and that’s how “not taking care of the area down there” results in you being viewed as an unattractive dude.

12: Flossing is a must.

Food gets stuck in the teeth. I am talking “in between the teeth”. Ok, I know that you brush your teeth on the regular basis. But is that really enough? I don’t think so. You got to add the Flossing part in your routine as well.

But how?

Let’s talk about that now.

Suppose that there is this dude named Ali. He brushes his teeth properly 2 times a day. But he feels like he is missing something that needs to be done on the regular basis. Maybe he wants to take his oral care game to the next level.

He has bought a bunch of stuff for that.

  • Electric toothbrush for effective brushing.
  • Mouthwash for germ control.
  • A really good quality toothpaste.

But he is missing something. And that something is a “Floss tool”.

Guys! You got to floss your teeth if you really want to take every little food particle out of your mouth that might end up staying there otherwise causing bad breath and other problems too.

So yeah. But what is the right way. Hey! First of all you need to use the floss tool. Once done, you can now brush your teeth properly, and that’s it.

Doing that will take out all the hidden stuff out of your teeth and brushing will be even more effective and the brushing session will remove a lot of stuff this time.

13: Cleanliness is everything.

Cleanliness is everything.

Last but not the least, probably one of the most important ones in the list of, Hygiene for Men: Powerful tips to become Handsome & Attractive is “cleanliness”.

In order to look hygienic you got to look clean. Alright, you take shower on the daily basis but what if I told you that everything related to you need to look clean or things can go in the opposite direction, no matter what?

That’s 100% correct.

If a person is dressed up pretty good but his clothes aren’t ironed properly or maybe if his clothes have dirt on them then their is not chance that others are going to respect you, take you seriously, or most importantly, consider you hygienic.

You need to take proper care of everything that is somehow related to you if you really want to take your hygiene and attractiveness level of the next level.

Your accessories, clothes, etc, need to be cleaned. With that being said I would like to conclude today’s article. So what is your take on today’s list of Hygiene for Men: Powerful tips to become Handsome & Attractive? Do let me know about your comments, suggestions, feedback, on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will come back to you ASAP,


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