16 Easy Ways to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Hey! You look a bit worried today. What happened? Are You Depressed because You have to wear cheap clothes all the time? I know it hurts and You know what? I’ve been there. I Know How It Feels Like. People are Shit. You are being judged on the basis of your Clothing. But What If I told you that there is a way to make your Cheap Clothes Look Expensive? Today we will talk about a couple of Style hacks that will help you look good on a Budget.

Earlier, I didn’t know anything about color matching. Or How to match a shirt with your pants, shoes, and stuff like that. In short, I was someone who wanted to look good but lack of knowledge and Shortage of money were the reasons due to which I wasn’t able to Look Good on a budget.

But as they say, “Time changes for everybody. You just need to wait for Yours to come”. Congratulations! It’s your time Now. You as well can Look Great without having to Spend tons of Money. And You, My Friend, can make your Cheap Thrift Store Clothes Look Expensive

Always remember, You don’t have to wear Flashy Clothes to Look Expensive. Modest and Classy is the New Expensive and thats Thats Exactly What we are gonna focus on Today.

The key is to wear clothes that look expensive but aren’t. Gentlemen! It is about Looking Rich when you have a Limited Cash in your Pocket. Under the title, “16 Easy Ways to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive”. So Without Any Further Ado, Let’s Get Straight into it.

1: Think again about your Shoes!

invest in Classy shoes

If there is something that can actually make or break your #OOTD then it is no doubt those pair of shoes that you are wearing. Gentlemen! are you kidding me? And it’s not about cheap shoes here. Even if you are wearing a formal shoe worth $500 over shalwar kameez or trousers, you can’t imagine yourself looking good at all.

The point here is that you need to understand your outfit first and then you need to put on a Shoe that matches the Vibe of your Outfit. You just can’t throw on any type of Shoe randomly and expect it to do wonders. Things don’t work like that.

Now coming towards the point that why am I stressing a lot over the Shoes only. Basically, an outfit starts from the Shoes actually and then goes up to the Top. You wanna Make your Cheap Clothes Look Expensive or Do you want to Look Good On a Budget? Focus on Shoes first. Wear a Nice outfit with Sandals, Your outfit will be ruined.

Wear a sexy Custom fitted Suit with casual shoes, your Suit will look like Sh$t. Why? Shoes my friend. Invest in a Good Pair of Shoes and you are gonna end up looking good overall. There are tons of choices to make, You can go for Chelsea Boots, sneakers, Oxfords, Double Monks, etc and the list goes on.

Last but not the least, you must know How to take care of your Shoes because your outfit ain’t gonna look expensive if you are wearing Nice matching shoes that are worn out.

Tips to get Fresh Looking Shoes All the Time:

  • Let’s say Your Sneakers or any kind of Shoes that you are wearing, has Stained and you are worried a lot because you have to go out while wearing those Pair of Shoes. No Problem my friend because you can use Antibacterial Wipes to remove all those stains. The reason is that Alcohol removes all the stains from your Shoes almost instantly so you are left with your Sexy Pair of Shoes that Look fairly good Now!
  • If your shoe is made of Canvas or cotton then you can just throw it in your Dryer But make sure that you tie it through properly through the laces and thats pretty much it. What it does is that the dryer is gonna soak all the moisture and you will be left with the beautiful and new like looking Shoes.
  • And How can I forget my Favourite, Leather shoes? For all of you who are worried because your leather shoes have started to look old and worn out, I have a solution that can do wonders. All You need is some Coconut Oil. Take a cotton pad and dip it into heated coconut oil. Rub the oil-soaked cotton pad on your Shoes. What it does is that it nourishes your Shoe, giving back the life that was taken from it.

2: Invest in Outerwear

Let’s say you are wearing a Good pair of T-shirts with Jeans. What? Do you want to look Expensive while wearing this Outfit? Billy, I am afraid to say that, it ain’t gonna happen. Why? Because your outfit is too simple! On the Flipside if you put on some Nice flannel or Check shirt or any matching shirt. It will give you that X-Factor that is Super Classy. And thats exactly what we are Looking For.

Ok. Think about it. You have 4 cheap outfits thatYou’ve bought from a Thrift Store. Thats cool, No Worries at all. But the thing is, as they have been bought from thrift stores and in most cases, items that people buy from thrift stores are fairly cheap and the low quality.

And it shows up clearly. But you know what? If you have a Nice pair Leather jacket, Pea coat, Suede Jacket, or Suit jacket then you need not worry anymore. Because just by throwing on any of these you can make your cheap Clothes look Expensive.

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Invest in edgy items, my friend. I have seen people who always go for simple clothing items just because they are afraid of How will people perceive and think about them because of those edgy clothing items. I recommend you purchase a Nice denim jacket because it can go with anything. Shalwar kameez, Formals, casuals, etc You name your Clothing style and Denim Jacket will already be there to enhance your style.

3: Fit is very Important

You can find thousands of videos on youtube on this Point. Every fashion blogger has blogged about this and almost every fashion influencer has shown the power of Whats called, “Custom Fitted”. Wear clothes that fit you nicely.

You can never look good and expensive in clothing that you have bought for $3000 if it does not fit you properly. Yes, you can definitely feel the difference, the feel of the fabric, and stuff like that.

But You still are gonna Look Bad. Why? Because you don’t care about the Fit. On the Other hand, Let’s say you have bought 5 outfits that aren’t that expensive and the quality isn’t much good. But they Fit you Nicely and You’ve matched them Properly. And Need not to Say But you are gonna Look a Million Dollar worth in them.

All you need is a good tailor to make your Cheap Clothes Look Expensive. You need to visit him/her and get all your proportions measured and written down. The second step is to hand over your outfits to him to get them fitted according to your proportions.

And once the final outfit arrives from the tailor, it’s the time that you actually try it on. Oh My God!, Gentlemen, you look amazing. I bet nobody will ever be able to guess the actual price of your outfit because you have made it look so perfect on your body which has automatically increased the worth of it. And that’s exactly How you Look Good on a Budget.

In short, I recommend each and everyone one of you to get your clothes tailored before wearing them because Just by getting them tailored you are gonna look 10 times more expensive and thats what we want.

4: Less Patterns = More Expensive

Patters, especially loud ones are not Classy

Patterns are cool, they actually make you look less Chubby (if you know exactly how to utilize subtle patterns) But we a not talking about hiding our physique here. I know that some of you will disagree with me on this one. Because of the ultimate love that some people have in their hearts for patterns and Shirt that has something drawn on them. I don’t know maybe on the shoulder or Chest and the worst scenario, the back Region.

Gentlemen! What are you doing to yourself? Don’t you want to look expensive without spending tons of money on clothing pieces? Patterns are Good but the sad Part is a Simple and plain Shirt looks 10 times Classier than a shirt that has patterns on it.

Invest in simple and classic clothing pieces!

For instance, Go for a Plain White or Black or Maroon T-shirt or Polo Shirt or Henley or Full sleeve shirt maybe but the key here is not to go with the one that has tons of patterns on it.

Because its actually very difficult to match them with jeans and shoes which ultimately means that you can’t end up making multiple outfits while that Shirt being part of them, Right? So why investing in a clothing piece that will not let you make multiple outfit combos? After All, we are looking to Get Clothes that look expensive but aren’t. And we can’t Do that If we can’t pair the Items with Multiple Pieces.

And same is the case with Pants that has patterns and embroidery on the Back pockets on any other part of it. My God! What are you doing my friend? Why would you ever buy a pair of jeans that have Pokemon printed on its back pockets?

It looks really weird and third class as well. You should rather invest in pants that are simple, plain, and subtle because just like Shirts, plain pants help you make more outfit combinations which ultimately means that you are gonna make more of your cheap clothes look expensive.

5: Look Good on a Budget: Don’t Dry Them

So you want to make your cheap clothes Look Expensive but you have been washing them Cheap in the Dryer? Ah! How can you expect your $2 T-Shirt to be able to bear the Dryer’s drying action?

Now, this is a problem that has a kinda complex solution but once you will start implementing what I am about to tell you, I am sure that you will surely get used to it. So without any further adieu lets get into the solution Right away.

You need to let your shirt dry under the natural Sun Light. It will allow the water to evaporate at a slow pace. And then after some time, you can put your clothes in Dryer without any Tension. What that does is, it eliminates the damage that the hot dryer does when you put your freshly washed cheap clothes into the dryer. Ok Gentlemen, let’s face the truth.

Cheap clothes are made of cheap fabric which shrinks when you wash and then put them in the dryer. So you do you want your Shirt to shrink so much that it ends at your belly button?

I am sure you don’t want that at all. What Natural sunlight does is that it dries out the maximum amount of water from your shirt, obviously at a slower pace, thus reducing the risk of Shrinkage. Afterward, when you put your shirt in the dryer, No shrinking action occurs whatsoever. And that’s How You Look Good on a Budget

6: Iron them Properly or Just..

iron your clothes

You Know what? Let’s get that Straight. Suppose, A gentleman is wearing a white Shirt with Dark wash jeans and white sneakers. Simple and Sick combo Right? But he made a mistake. There are wrinkles all over his shirt and just because of those wrinkles, his shirt is looking as if he is wearing that same shirt for the last 5 days. And if you think that you can ever Look expensive in Clothes that have wrinkles on it then my friend you are wrong.

Because Wrinkles ruin the class of your Outfit and if you are wearing relatively cheap clothing then it is gonna affect the overall look even more. It’s fair to say that you will be looking like a Slob just because of those Wrinkles. Gentlemen, You can easily remove those Wrinkles and instantly take your outfit from a 3/10 to a solid 7.5/10 where all you need to do is to iron them carefully.

Now some of you might be saying that “Yo Nyazi we don’t have time to iron our clothes, the process takes a lot of time” I gotcha Bro. Why not investing in a Steamer? I Mean its a one-time investment that is gonna benefit you for a fairly long period of time.

It will not only save you tons of time but will also allow you to remove wrinkles from your Suit jackets and Coats as well where on the other hand I know lots of people who hesitate to iron their coats and suit jackets. So for all of those friends of Mine, Steamer is definitely a Product of Need!

7: Wear a Watch!

Watch is a timeless accessory that adds up a lot to your personality. Guys, I am a firm believer in the fact that what we wear does have a lot of effect on our personality and the way people perceive us. I have been through situations where I was wearing some accessories (Earrings and stuff like that. You know all those edgy yet weird kinda accessories which most of the people stay away from) just for the sake of Fun and one day a friend of mine came to me and said, “Yo! Fuck Boy what’s up” and I was like, “What??”

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Thats one of the reason I Now think twice before choosing my Outfit because a Gentlemen is always aware of what people are thinking about him. Trust me Guys, you can never find a better accessory than a Classic Watch.

If your goal is to look responsible, Simple yet fashionable, Timelessly Classy, Ultra Handsome, and Super Expensive then I recommend you to start wearing a watch. I don’t care which one you Like, Leather strap or Steel one, Analog or Digital (I personally love Analog and believe that they are more classy), as long as you are wearing a watch that hugs your wrist smoothly, you are looking classy and Expensive. Period. And this No Doubt is one of the effortless ways to Look expensive while wearing cheap clothes.

8: The Button Trick

I came up with the Name on my own because of the amount of time I have given to this single trick when I first heard about it. When I tried it for myself, I was completely blown away because of the level of change and Value it brought to my outfit. As the name suggests, it definitely has a thing to do with the Buttons for sure. Shirt buttons actually. Gentlemen, Let’s accept the truth here.

Cheap Shirts come with even More cheap buttons and when your goal is to look good on a budget then You should definitely avoid wearing at least these buttons. Those Cheap buttons obviously do not match with your shirt’s overall vibe and not to mention make it hard for you to match your shirt with other clothing pieces that go into making a complete outfit.

Now, thats a problem that needs to be taken care of. And the solution to this problem is very simple actually. Button trick Gentlemen.

All you need to do is to purchase a Set of Nice pair of buttons (You can get them for a dollar or two) and then what you gonna wanna do is that you wanna replace all those Cheap A#$ buttons of your Shirt with the ones you just bought. Thats it! What? Yeah, it’s as simple as that. Trust me Guys you are gonna thank me a lot for this one later.

9: How to Make your Cheap Clothes Look Expensive: Wash Less!

We all are damaging our clothes by washing them again and again and again for no reason at all. Ok, now some of you might be saying that “Nyazi we don’t wash them just for the sake of washing them. Its because there are stains all over them and they stink as well” But what if I told you that you are ruining the Look and texture of your clothes by washing them?

I mean its always great to wear a Clean and freshly washed pair of Shirts or Jeans but here we need to think critically. We wash our clothes because there are stains all over? Cool! Why not we avoid going to the places where there is a lot of dust, increasing the chances of stains (Ok if you are a model who has to go to the Mountains and Sand every day to get his shoot done then you can disagree with me on this one but what about the rest of us?)

I mean #1 Clothes are cheap and #2 they are being washed a lot of times, Right? Then How under God’s Sky are you expecting them to make you look expensive? Guys! It’s really simple and takes me back to the core of looking good, the one golden rule, “Take care of your Clothes”.

They make you look Classy, elegant, edgy, Hot, sexy, and what you are doing to them? And for the Stinky Smell part? You can throw your clothes anytime in the Freezer or alternatively you can make use of Lemon Powder to get rid of that bad odor, Its not that big of a deal.

10: Go All black

“When in Doubt, Wear Black” And they were in their Best states of Minds when they came up with this quote because I can’t remember any occasion or situation where a Premium Color called “Black” has disappointed me.

Guys no matter you have a Black shirt worth $80 or just $8. If you are matching it with your Mate black jeans and then Put some white sneaker on or F#$ everything just wears Black shoes. My God you are gonna Look super expensive and Hot AF, no matter what.

Now some of you might be facing the problem of Lint on your black jeans or Shirts or Polos, whatever. Now thats the only drawback of cheap Black clothing piece, the Lint grows real fast on it which ruins the overall look of it.

But don’t you worry because Your Boy Nyazi has an Easy solution for this problem as well. You need a scotch tape and then what you gonna wanna do is that you wanna use that scotch tape to remove all that Lint from your Black shirt or Pants. Thats pretty much it. You have successfully turned your Cheap Clothes into Expensive ones and Yes You have managed to Look Good on a Budget. Such a Champ You are.

11: Go for a Monochromatic Look!

monochromatic look is best

So a monochromatic outfit would consist of pieces of one color. This doesn’t mean that you would only wear solid black or solid red from head to toe. No, the joy of the monochromatic fashion trend is wearing different shades and tints of the same color, these are monochromatic colors.

I can’t tell you how much I love the Monochromatic look because of the fact that it removes all the doubts and solves almost every matching related problem of yours. Guys, I want to take your attention to the main problem here. It isn’t bad to mix and match colorful clothing items. In-fact I have written an article already where I have explained the importance of Colours and How just by trying out different colors you are sending out a Playful Vibe which everybody loves.

Understand the Logic Behind Color Matching

You need to understand How the color matching game works, Right? And #2 You want to look expensive while having cheap clothes in your Closet. Almost all the playful and bright or let’s say more of like Unique colors are hard to match with the rest of your Outfit and you require a Really vast wardrobe to make your every outfit look 10/10 if you want to go for a Playful OOTD 7 days a week.

But as we have already agreed on the point that we don’t have enough money to spend on tons of clothing and all we need are some cool tricks to Look expensive while on a Budget. My recommendation for you would be to go for a Monochrome Look. Now we are facing 2 problems here. And just by going with Monochrome, we can successfully solve both of these problems.

#1 Matching clothing pieces that are related to one color Palette is very easy which means you will be able to look good more often without spending a lot of time on the Colour matching part. You are actually being a Savage here 💯 #2 You look expensive in a Monochrome because of that Mysterious Vibe which it adds to your personality and Mystery and intensity is always Sexy and expensive as well. Not everybody out there is mysterious and intense, Right? Fuck everybody, YOU are! what else we need.

12: A Leather Bag (Man Bag)

makes your cheap clothes Look good by wearing man bags

Ever saw a cowboy and thought in your head, “My God what a Manly Man” Yeah one of the reasons for that is all that Leather they are wearing all the time.

And I can tell you for a fact that “Leather makes you Look expensive” (I will make a detailed post talking just about leather and leather accessories real Soon!). Guys the point here is to take the viewer’s attention away from the cheap clothes that you are wearing and Leather Bag does the job very well!

If you see Instagram of any classy Clothing brand of Shalwar Kameez or Jeans You will always see two things in access. Bags and Rugged Shoes! The reason is very simple like I said, they add a Rugged and Manly Feel to your overall outfit making you look more manly and not to mention expensive as well.

Out of all the Bags that have ever been designed for a Man, I love Man Bag the most!. I am talking about those medium Sized bags in which you can carry your essential items as well, giving you another benefit that Your stuff won’t be rolling around in your Pockets.

Yeah! I am talking about stuffed pockets. In short, just by putting on a Nice Leather Man bag not only, you are making yourself look expensive but you are also sending out the vibe that you are somebody who knows how to manage his Sh$t. Always remember, “A Boy takes off his wallet and mobile from his Pocket but a Man has both of these in his Man Bag!”

13: Belts Matter!

We are Talking Clothing Hacks here Gentlemen! We just can’t ignore Belts. Let’s be real here Boys, I can’t tell you the importance of Belts in any outfit no matter what. And the reason I included it in this list is that just by getting 4-5 nice belts you can play with your outfits as much as you want. Enough to make your cheap Clothes look Expensive.

A mistake that I see a lot of Men making is that they don’t actually differentiate between formal belts, casual ones, and Webbed fabric Belts. For Formal Occasions, I would recommend you to go for a Leather bel. But make sure that the color and Shine of your belt matches the color and Shine of your Leather shoes.

However, in the case of casual wear, things are quite lenient and theirs is a lot of variety that you can go for. You might wanna choose Snap Buckle, D-Ring, Box-Frame, or Simple Frame-Style buckle depending on your taste and the outfit of course. Try experimenting with different strap styles as well. Always make sure that your accessories are matching the buckle and shoes are matching the Strap or you can make a Match of Buckle with Shoes as well. The main point of focus is that “Utilise the power of belt to increase the worth of your outfit”


An awesome article made entirely on Belts. Kudos to Antonio Centeno. You have done a really good Job!

14: TUCK in!

Tuck in your Shirt

Let’s say you are running out of time and theirs only one outfit option that you can go for. Well, situations would have been different if you knew the importance of Pre-Planning and deciding your outfit the night before.

Let’s Say that you have a White T-Shirt and a pair of Grey Chinos which you are gonna rock with White pair of Sneaker. Ahh! the Outfit is Nice BTW! You put that on and now you are ready to Leave But wait.

Wait a minute and look into the mirror. I want you to ask a single question from your own self, “Do i actually look good?” Its the dream of everybody to look good and Presentable in whatever he is wearing but there are certain things that separate dreamers from achievers which in this case is “Tucking in”.

What I want you to do is that I want you to tuck your T-Shirt in your pants and then look into the mirror again. What have you done here? You have actually added some texture and definition to your outfit by breaking something called “Long shirt line effect”.

The phrase “Long shirt line effect” is also one of my own creations but the point is that your shirt if not tucked in creates that Sloppy elongated kinda feel. On the other hand, when you tuck in that Simple Shirt, you are gonna notice an immediate change in the overall look. Damn! You have just turned yourself into a Boss who is ready to Win wherever he Goes.

15: Look Good on a Budget: Collars and Plackets

Cheap Shirts come with Lose and Sloppy collars and Not to mention, they look very inexpensive. Guys! one of the main reason a cheap shirt look that cheap is because of its even more cheap collar and Placket. If you happen to see Tom Ford wearing a suit then I would want you to focus on his collars and Placket. The way it stays up all the time makes him look 10 times more sexy and Expensive.

Now some of you might be thinking that “Tom Ford wears a shirt worth $5000 and we can’t afford it”. I Don’t want you to buy such an expensive shirt. However what I want you to do is to copy the best traits from his Shirt which obviously are, Intact Plackets and Stand up Collars.

Gentlemen! I am gonna give to you, a really awesome trick that you can use to make those cheap plackets and collars Look expensive. How? The only thing you will be needing is a product called “Spray Starch” which you can find from any store near you. First, you need to iron the collar properly and then What you gonna wanna do is that you wanna spray that Starch over the collar and Placket of your shirt, and thats pretty much it. Congratulations! You’ve just made your cheap clothes look expensive.

16: Wear Glasses!

I can’t tell you the importance of glasses and How important a Pair of Glasses can be for anybody who wants to immediately change his Face Look. Not long ago I have written an article in which I discussed 8 Proven steps to make your Face better looking. In that post, I included glasses as well because of the fact that they can help make your asymmetrical face more symmetrical and ultimately sexier as well!

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And it does not ends there. In point # 14 in which I gave you an outfit choice of T-shirt and pants with white sneakers, I want you to reimagine the same situation but this time I want you to add a Sexy pair of Glasses in the bracket as well! I mean our aim is to look classy and expensive right? Then why not try out a cool accessory like Glasses and utilizing its power to make your face look better and your outfit more expensive?

Guys! One thing that all of you should keep in mind while shopping for glasses is that the pair that you are going for, should go well with your respective face shape. And with that being said, I here conclude today’s discussion which was based on “16 Easy Ways to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive”. So what are your thoughts on this Topic? Do let me about it on my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi). And I will come to you with another One,


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