Men’s Bedroom Essentials: 16 Must Haves for a Self-isolated Guy!

Gentlemen! I hope you all are doing good. These days I’ve been thinking about launching a couple of new series for you guys. Like for instance, one that I recently thought about will include myself talking about a couple of tools that have the power to impress anybody. And while I was adding points to that and writing down tool number #1 that I was about to write about in the first place, I got an idea. Something suddenly hit my mind and I thought why not start a series where you guys will know about men’s bedroom essentials? And due to the situations these days I had to give “Bedroom Essentials for a Self-isolated Guy” the Number # 1 Spot.

If you have been following me for a while then you would have already checked out my guide, “Men’s Wardrobe Essentials” in which I listed a couple of clothing items you need to look hot as hell throughout the whole year (Men’s Wardrobe Essentials: 52 items Guys Must Have in 2020).

So Yeah, what comes in your mind when You hear the Phrase, Bedroom Essentials for a Self-isolated Guy? Should that include everything needed to make a Person feel cozy and relaxed? Or should it have items that Keep a Person Productive as nobody knows when this whole Social distancing is going to be over (14 Things Guys Should Do Once this Social Distancing Period is Over!).

You need not to worry, Gentlemen! Because your boy has done all the research work for you and after a whole day of thinking and evaluating. I’ve made a list of 16 Items. Some of these will ensure that you have a comfortable and cozy experience while you are in your bedroom. While some items are included to ensure that you do not end up getting super lazy and Sloppy. Because that’s the last thing you want to be.

Guys, this is the Episode # 1 of the Series, “Men’s Bedroom Essentials”, “16 Must Haves for a Self-isolated Guy”. So without any further ado, lets get straight into it. Shall we?

Temperature Regulator

It can be a set of heater and air conditioner or any other technology that you might have the access to depending on your area and financial situation, that has the ability to regulate the temperature of your room. Guys, you need to be able to control the temperature of your room. Because that’s one way to ensure that You are sleeping properly and Staying all sane these Days.

Guys, we all are already very tensed due to this whole Stay at Home thing going on. Even if you have somehow managed to make it a habit of yours, still there is no doubt in the reality of the fact that we all miss going out, hanging out with our friends, etc.

These situations combined with a crappy weather situations may lead to even more anxiety. And I am sure you don’t want that to happen.

That’s when an Air Conditioner comes in. Summer is Knocking the door. And If you live somewhere in the Asia or in any Middle Eastern country then you will probably feel me when I say, “Summers are knocking/banging the door”.

Bedroom being the room where most of us spend most of our time in, need to be the best place with the best weather conditions. And that’s why you need some sort of temperature regulator in your Bedroom. Which you are able to, I don’t know, control through your phone or some sort of remote control. Yeah, thats it.

A Desk Setup

Desk setup in Bedroom

Now that We have already turned on the AC and things are getting super comfortable, what’s next? Should You lay down and Fall asleep? Well, it depends on the time and I am sure It isn’t the right time to go to sleep, yet.

You guys need to do something to stay Productive and Most importantly to keep your financial situation Stable. Their are many ways you can Make Money and even if Making money is not your Number # 1 concern, Still You should have a setup to aid you to get your assignments, project work or some sort of Business stuff, done.

I am talking about a Desk Setup. A Combination of Desk and Chair that sits well with your needs. Ok so Do You need a Super High-Tech desk setup? Again, depends on your needs.

If you are somebody who has to do a lot of work in a Day then in order to help you with that, maybe You need a more advanced setup. Otherwise, a Simple desk-chair duo will do the job.

You may have started reading some books these days to Kill the time. And I will recommend you all to do your reading on that desk. Especially not while you are laying on the bed. In-fact, In my opinion, you should train your brain to use your bed only when you want to go to sleep. Laying on the bed, using Mobile phone for hours and all should be avoided as that could develop into a Habit which can then lead to Sleep deprivation (Because People get addicted to using their mobile phone for hours and when You do that while laying on the bed then you find yourself not being able to sleep till, I don’t know, mornings).

Guys, I don’t want you to disturb you sleeping cycle. In-fact you should be utilizing this time to correct your Sleep cycle. In case you have developed this habit of laying on the bed, using the phone, until like 3 in the morning. Then getting up at 6 and rushing towards the shower. Because you have to attend your class or some meeting in the office at 8.

A Comfortable Mattress

Guys, I know these things are like obvious and we often take them for-granted but guess what? You should be picking the right type of mattress for you. Maybe you sleep better on a rigid mattress. Maybe you require a comfortable and springy mattress to sleep properly, who knows.

Alright, who am I kidding with. We all know that nobody wants to sleep on a rigid mattress but guess what? I sleep on a rigid mattress. But that’s because I try my best to avoid my back pain that I often get into, I don’t know why.

That said, You need to pay attention to the quality of mattress that You are purchasing. How long will it last? Will it stay as comfortable as it is right Now? If yes then until when? I want you Guys to ask these questions from the shopkeeper from where You plan to order it.

A good mattress means, good night sleep. That means Better Health and More Testosterone which means More manliness, which means more sexiness. Are you freaking kidding me? How can You ignore this opportunity of becoming sexy and Manly?

More on Quality Sleep:

It’s not just about laying on the bed for 7 hours and thinking that you have increased your testosterone… Theirs some more to it. You know those Sleep sessions when you wake up super relaxed and Light? Yeah! Thats what I am talking about. Again. If you are stressing over something then my friend I don’t think so that you will be able to get a good quality sleep… I am gonna give out Some tips that you can apply to get a Quality Sleep (I will be writing a detailed post on this topic as well real soon!).

Don’t Consume Caffeine Late in the day because the caffeine helps you wake up which means that it won’t let you sleep properly in the Night. Hence, avoid caffeine in the evening or At night time.

Increase Bright Light Exposure During the Day and Reduce the Blue Light exposure in the evening / Night .. Put your Phone aside and don’t use it when the Lights of your room are switched off. Using the phone in the dark is gonna have a negative effect on your eyesight plus it is eating your Sleep time as well. You must put all of your Digital devices away at least 30 minutes before going to bed… I recommend that you put your Phone on Table that is far away from your bed because I know that sometimes you want to grab your Cellphone again and again… But if you place it far away then you will have to get up and reach the table to grab your cellphone… Getting up is actually a resistance and a Barrier that is surely gonna Help.

Maintain Room’s Temperature at 60 – 67 Degree Fahrenheit because thats considered to be ideal temperature. Lowering your body’s temperate before going to bed is proven to give you a Baby sleep.

Scented Candles

As we are on the topic of Sleep and How to achieve that quality sleep every single night during this self-isolation Period then I would Love to introduce you to this super powerful tool called, Scented Candles.

Alright so Let’s say You want to add a Bit more calmness to the Atmosphere and I don’t know You want to get in the Mood. You know what I am saying, Like the Mood of Accomplishment or when You want to feel a bit different, relaxed and Kinda productive. Yes thats what I am talking about. Or maybe You want to feel relaxed, cozy and just want to get lost in the feelings (thats a therapy on its own). For all such Kinda situations You wanna Have a couple of scented candles, ideally one on both sides of your bed and one on the Desk.

This will get you in that Vibe of accomplishment, that soothing Vibe. Combine this with a Nicely air conditioned atmosphere and You are already in a state which You should be thankful of. In my opinion, their is nothing more important and Fulfilling then Calmness.

Disinfectant and Hand Sanitizer

Country is Closed but Still You need to go out sometimes. Maybe for a Walk or I don’t know to grab something real quick from the grocery store nearby. I recommend you Guys to use those disposable gloves and Face Mask to ensure that Your safety isn’t compromised.

And when You are back Home, I want you to wash your hands instantly for 20 seconds and If somehow you don’t feel Like washing your hands then You can always make use of the Hand sanitizer which I recommend you guys to include in your list of “Bedroom Essentials for a Self-isolated Person”.

Another thing You need to add into the List is a Disinfectant Spray. Yes, You never Know when someone from your House gets inside and touches anything in your Bedroom, maybe your keyboard. What if that person didn’t washed his hands before touching anything in your Room? For that reason You should always be doing your best to ensure 100% Safe situations. Get yourself a Disinfectant Spray and use it to kill all the germs.

Smart Lights

Smart Lights Are bedroom essentials

The Topic of Discussion here is, items that have the power to keep you cozy while not affecting your productivity. Right? What about Those smart Lights that can be controlled via your phone? Yes! I am talking about the smart lights that you can change the color of as well, depending on your Mood or preference for the day.

Guys, their is no doubt in the Fact that colors have an affect on your mood and mental state. And as I’ve discussed earlier, we need continuous effort to maintain our Sanity and little things like changing the color of Lights can also play a Huge role in setting up the tone to positivity.

Alright so Let’s say you are working on this project on your desk and Its been hours upon hours. You are tired already and bored as well. You should get up and do some eye exercises too because you don’t want your eyesight to get affected because of your work (10 Steps to Improve Eyesight Naturally Without Glasses (in 7 Days!)), But what about your mental State and what if still have a lot to do?

Alright, so I want you to try changing the color of those lights which can prove to be refreshment for your eyes. It can surely reduce the stress on your eyes as well. So why Not?

A Dressing Table

You need it. Spoiler Alert: You will see me talking about Dressing Table not only in “Bedroom Essentials for a Self-isolated Guys” but in almost entire of this bedroom essentials series. Why?

Its because you need a Full size mirror in your Room, to see How your #OOTD looks. Are your pants sitting well with the Shirt or not? Etc. Relax! I know that we all are staying Home But why Not dressing nice for ourselves. I don’t know, maybe You can take pictures of yourself and then post then post them on social media to let others know that You are fine and you are already being successful in fighting this whole Pandemic thing! Your style and Sexiness is the proof your positivity gentlemen!

You need a Dressing table to place your moisturizer and other skin care products, Your haircare products and Oils as well, that I always recommend You guys to apply to your hair, especially If you’ve decided to grow your hair out in this Social distancing period (13 Tips to Grow your hair out faster while you are Stuck at Home!).

Guys, what do you prefer to have on your Dressing table? Do you prefer a Full length mirror in your bedroom or a Regular One? Let me know at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi)

Bluetooth Speakers

Guys, I’ve talked about this before as well and Here Again I am talking about the exact same thing. Look at me, You! Yes, I am talking to You. You need to Kill this habit of always being on the Phone and start doing something that actually gives you the results. But from where should you start?

Why Not listening to an Audiobook? But again, you need your Cellphone for that. Right? No! You can always connect your laptop or Cellphone to a Bluetooth speaker set and listen to audiobooks that way. That way You can spend more time without touching your phone and You can do other stuff as well while listening to this important story or book or whatever.

Sometimes You want to play some BGM while working on this really long project as that will set your tone for the work. Bluetooth speakers combined with scented candles and an Air conditioned room will ensure maximum productivity from your side. Yeah! Thats why I added Bluetooth Speakers to the list of “Bedroom Essentials for a Self-isolated Guy”.

Alarm Clock

Alarm clock in bedroom essentials

Yes! I am an Old School Guy who will always recommend you guys to have an Alarm clock (Not the One in your Mobile Phone). And once You have it, make sure that it is placed far away from your bed.

I want you to Set your Alarms for your workout timings and one before you have to start the project and one right when You have to Stop working on that. It takes me to a very important principle here called, “Limitations”.

Guys, I want you to practice limitations in all the activities that You do throughout the day. The reason I am talking about these things here in this article about “Bedroom essentials for a Self-isolated person” is that I want you to learn the art of Putting a Limit on things while You are stuck in your home. It will be a challenge for you in the start to stop things when time is over as maybe a lot will be left. And thats whats the best part about it, is.

It will make you more productive. How to start this practice of Putting limits on things. Alarm clock will come very handy. Put Alarms before and after and start putting limits, today!

Aesthetically Pleasing Stuff

This one is to Add more beauty to the overall frame and Most importantly to add More flavor to the Walls. Maybe You Can paint your walls and then throw on some cool scenery or whatever. Some Wood work combined with a Water bottle and a Plant can give a very aesthetic look to the corner.

The reason Why I included Art Pieces and Aesthetics in this list of “bedroom essentials for self-isolated” is that, I want you to Kinda add more eye pleasing factor to your Room while You are stuck at your Home. Painting the walls and Throwing on some simple art pieces will not only kill your time but will add a lot to the overall look of your bedroom which is gonna stay with it even when this whole social distancing thing is over and thats when You will realize the power of what You have done.

A Gaming Setup

I’ve heard that you have been working on the long projects recently. And things aren’t that pleasing for you. Since you are not able to go out and when you combine all of that with the hectic meetings, video calls and huge work assignments. You are left with anxiety and Stress. Which then lead to hair Loss, skin damage and other problems too which I am sure You would want to avoid, no matter what.

Why not getting yourself a gaming setup? I mean, when You are done doing your projects, you can always change the lights to the warm settings and put the Air conditioning a bit high. Now launch any game according to your preference (Avoid 18+ games however that has nudity and sexual stuff as it can have a long lasting affect on your brain).

You can Always play an online game with your friends with the Microphone turned on. Talk to them and laugh on the lamest jokes together. That’s the essence of friendship and thats Exactly how I’ve planned to keep you Sane and secure through out this self-isolating period.

A Window (Optional)

Window in bedroom

Well, this is optional because this is something You are blessed with or Not. But here some of you might have now a questions that, “How Window is included in the list of Bedroom essentials for a Self-isolated Guy”?. I mean, I get your point that Window is just their and that You can use it to take Pictures.

Yes! You can make use of that to make Great videos from home in the day time. In case you don’t have a ring light. There are tons and tons of meetings and its always a great idea to setup your video call device right in front of the window to get the best lighting. Given that the background is perfect enough. (I will post an entire article talking about tips to Look great in a Video Call)

Yes it could be a bit depressing sometimes to see the outside world and Not being to go out and Live the normal Life. However maybe You have this very Good friend of yours, Ali, Aslam or Johnathan maybe living in the neighborhood. Isn’t it cool to talk to him via the window? I mean, it kinds sounds old school But its interesting as it can give both of you some time to laugh at each other for being such an Old School. And thats exactly what its all about. Its about staying sane and happy during these tough times.

A Sofa

Next Up in the list of “Bedroom Essentials for a Self-isolated guy” is something that you need both for the aesthetics as well as utility too. Alright, so let’s say you are looking for things to add to your bedroom. You are given options to add an extra cupboard or a Sofa. Which one will you choose?

Well, I will stick to the later one. Given that I already a cupboard that has enough space to contain all my wardrobe items.

Alright so coming back to the question, why sofa? So let’s say you want to play a multi-player match with I don’t know your cousin you or your brother or sister who live with you. Will you grab an extra chair for them?

That’s when sofa comes to its job. You guys can sit back and chill out while playing games. Maybe you want to watch some documentary and You don’t feel Like doing it while sitting on your work desk, maybe you want to feel a bit relaxed. Grab some snacks and Jump on to your Sofa because that’s exactly what it is for.

A White Board

I have one in my bedroom. And I know for a fact that it has played a huge role in make me more productive. White Board comes in handy especially if you are a content creator or a designer. Or whoever who has to skim ideas often or write stuff down right after he gets it in his head.

If you are making videos, teaching people stuff or maybe You want to write down your goals of the day, somewhere in the bold letters, somewhere other than your Notes app that has already a List of your goals which You never visited again. Writing it down on the board and hanging the board on the wall ensures that it stays in front of you. And that’s always a great idea if you really want to accomplish your goals.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains

I’ve already talked about why you need windows in your room but as they say, “With great Benefits comes Some Losses too” (I said that, lol). Same is the case here Gentlemen!

Guys we are talking about, “bedroom essentials for self-isolated guys”. And when we say self-isolated and staying at home in the bedroom almost all the time then obviously there is this fear of being spied on. I mean, ok, it might a bit cliche and Lame but Guess what? Everybody knows that You are home along with everyone else. What if somebody could be stalking you through that window on your left. He could be watching you when You lay down. Maybe he could chance a peak through the regular curtains to check you out when You are changing your clothes.

Anything bad can happen gentlemen and I am not kidding right Now. What should You do to avoid such situations? Blackout Curtains is the best thing you can do to stay as private as you can. And it comes with tons of other benefits too.

If you have your ceiling done properly then that combined with the blackout curtains can help keep the room cold as it has the ability to reflect the hot sun rays. Which also means that you are gonna get way less bill. And you can save up that cash for later use.

Blackout curtains with 3 layers can play a role in the sound proofing as well. This means that you could be speaking loud and nobody will be able to hear you across the window. 100% privacy protection guaranteed. Last but not the least, blackout curtains is a God’s Gift for those who cannot fall asleep in a bright room. These curtains do not let any light get into your room. They assure maximum darkness inside, this way it should be at night for you to sleep better (in my opinion).

A Water Bottle

This one again is Just like “Dressing Table”. It is very essential to have a Water bottle in your Bedroom. As that then sort of puts you in the mood to keep drinking enough water in a day. (Given that you have a big water bottle in your room as well that has enough water for the entire day which is approximately 5-6 Liters).

Alright so Let’s say You just woke up at 3 am. You were a part of horror dream and due to all of this you are drenched in water. Obviously you want to drink water Now. Things would have been a lot easier if You had a water bottle placed besides your bed.

That way You can drink it right when You need it instead of going to the kitchen. Let’s say You have decided to drink 5-6 liters of water every single day. But guess what? If their is a water bottle over there then it gets very easy to complete your goal.

This Self-isolated thing has made us all lazy believe it or not. And even a short barrier like not having a water bottle in front of you, is enough to not start your journey to a healthy life, sexy hair and Bright like a Diamond Skin.

With that being said, I here conclude my today’s topic, “Men’s Bedroom Essentials: 16 Must Haves for a Self-isolated Guy!”. So whats your take on this? Which items You believe should be there in the list of Bedroom essentials for a Self-isolated Person. That said, this is the time to stay home and stay protected. And if you have all of the above given bedroom essentials then I assure you that along with safety your productivity will also stay intact! If you guys Want to ask me anything related to Men’s lifestyle, Fashion and Grooming then you can always hit me at my Instagram, (@worldofnyazi). And until next time my brothers


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