16 Psychological Tricks To Stop Procrastinating (Like Seriously!)

Hey There! I hope you are doing Ok. But Wait? How can you be doing Ok and reading this article both at the same time? I mean, You definitely are facing a hell lots of problems while trying to focus on something. Maybe, you want to kill your laziness and that phase of “Lack of Motivation” which you are in, all the time. Chances are, that, you find it way too hard to make a decision and for that reason, you choose not to make the decision, then at the end of the day you find yourself guilty of not making a decision and this cycle continues. I mean things are getting serious, right? (You need a Proper guide that tells you How to Stop Procrastinating).

You are becoming a piece of shit who is lazy AF and finds an easy way out, choosing things that make you happy at that moment, while avoiding the long term benefits. But Wait! I mean, what am I doing over here? Guess what? I have been planning to write an article on the topic titled “How to Stop Procrastinating” for like 3 days now and do you know when I started researching data on the topic?

Yesterday’s Night. Yeah, I delayed my work! I wasted 2 days and no, I was not studying or doing anything productive on those days. Those were just regular, you know, chill out kinda days and I was busy watching random YouTube videos. Guess what? My exams are going on and I delayed my research so that I can study and guess how many hours I gave to studying? “1 Hour”. A whole 1 hour in 2 days. Isn’t it great?

So basically what happened inside my head was that I thought, “Yoo, Nyazi, my boy, You can do the research on your blog post when exams are over. You need to give time to studies”. Every time I opened Google to search for articles, my mind said, “Nope! Go to study, Billy” and No! I never ended up studying because my mind was having another battle in another room which said, “Ohh. I will study later, its enough time. Let’s just watch something cool for now” And that’s how I procrastinated, I did nothing productive, neither researched nor studied, all of the time was spent watching random YouTube videos.

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But now, I am finally here, right in front of you and I swear to God, I have collected some really authentic information on “How to Stop Procrastinating” and I did that in just a period of 1 night. Now some of you might be thinking that “Yoo. He procrastinated himself and now he is trying to teach us, how to stop procrastinating. It makes no sense!” Well, guess what? Nobody can teach you the actual essence of “How to Stop Procrastinating” if he himself is not a procrastinator.

I mean, one needs to go through the process to actually understand how that particular thing works and with that being said, before giving out “16 Psychological Tricks To Stop Procrastinating”, I want to tell you about 3 different phases that a procrastinator experiences. Why? Because in order to cure procrastination, you need to first identify the phase of procrastination that YOU are in. It’s Like “Identifying the Disease” before “Trying to Look for the Cure”. Makes sense? Let’s get right into it.

What is Procrastination?

Look, I ain’t a psychology major and I can’t explain things to you like a professor. But it makes me feel sorry for you. Because, Damn! Gentlemen! What are You doing to yourself? You are not taking care of yourself. It hurts me to my core because I am here trying to teach you, “24 Proven Ways a Man Can Look Younger Than His Age!”, “12 Instant Tips to Make you Look More HANDSOME!, etc and what you are doing? You are being lazy AF. But Why? Ok, don’t you worry, my friend, because I am not like any other style guru out there who gets mad at his readers for not obeying him. Fuck it! I know why you are being lazy and demotivated. I realize that it’s just another bad habit that you and I together will try to break.

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“Procrastination can be defined as, Delaying things and Pushing them to the last minute. Why? Because Either you are being too Lazy, afraid to try new things or you just can’t make a decision/You don’t want to take responsibility for your actions” And that Right there is How a Procrastinator Defines Procrastination. Ok, Just one last thing before we actually Dig into “How to Stop procrastinating”, The Three Different Stages of Procrastination. Given Below:

1: Thrill Seekers (Lazy AF)

types of Procrastinators

“Yoo! I must do my homework, Right Now! But, wait. I can do that at Night as well Because I have to submit it tomorrow morning, right? Yeah! Let me Just read the Message real Quick. *Scrolls through the Instagram for like 3 Hours*” And that keeps on happening until you get to the position when you have no time left. “Wait. I can do this assignment in 1 hour as well. So let’s just Sleep for 2 Hours. And now, you are left with just 40 minutes and you are feeling like a Piece of Shit. The Pressure level on you is like 10/10. You will not be able to do the work with the same efficiency and Skills that you have because of the Pressure and yeah! You will get bad grades, and you will think of yourself as a loser. Great, Right?

Main Reason For Procrastination?

2: Avoiders

“Umm, So They want me to Start this New Business but I am really afraid. I mean, I am afraid of not being able to Do a Good Job”, “Uff, I have been assigned the hardest Work. I don’t know How can I do this in the given amount of time”, etc and There are many such situations where you choose to turn down a task or delay just because you are afraid to start it. You think that it’s just too much for you, a big project or a Couple of Smaller projects come in line Now you need an easy way out of the Situation.

Guys, it’s all inside the Mind. A Procrastinator or anybody has two different systems working inside his brain. Limbic System (which controls/triggers emotions) and Prefrontal Cortex (Makes decisions) and the Procrastinator choose to choose His limbic system’s Decision over the Prefrontal Cortex’s decision. What does that do? It means that a Procrastinator lets the Instant Gratification and Fulfilling emotions take over the Long term Value. As a result, you put down the benefits for the sake of instant happiness or satisfaction.

Avoiders just can’t Start a Project because they Find it hard to Cope up with the Adrenaline which is secreted by the body when they have to make a Decision or start that Project. The experience a Fight or Flight situation and they choose not to do anything but Choose the Dopamine Hormone which is secreted when you do something good, instant gratification thing. All in All, You choose to watch a Youtube video, play a Mobile game, etc overdoing that big project, Just to feel good.

Main Reason For Procrastination?

3: Indecisive

These are the Guys Who are just can’t make a Decision or They are afraid to take responsibility for their actions hence they find it hard to initiate a task because they are always thinking and thinking and so on. They are like Overthinkers who just can’t get to the decision and that becomes the reason their Task is delayed.

Ok, so let’s get to the Scientific explanation of this whole thing. So as I told earlier, there is a Limbic system and a Prefrontal Cortex. It is believed that a Procrastinator who is “Indecisive” is not Doing it just to fake things with himself. The reason behind is the lack of Volume or Power of Prefrontal Cortex and what that does is that it creates an easy way for the limbic system to take the lead which as a result makes it super difficult for you to choose any option other than “Emotional Instant Gratification”

How to Seriously Stop Procrastinating?

But! Enough is Enough. I just can’t let that happen. No matter you are a “Thrill Seeker Procrastinator”, “Avoider Procrastinator” or an “Indecisive Procrastinator”, Today we are gonna Discuss “16 Psychological Tricks To Stop Procrastinating” and these Tips will solve your Habit of Procrastination no matter who you are (Thrill Seeker, avoider or Indecisive). So without any further adieu, Put Every Distraction aside and let’s Hop into the Topic, Shall we? (Later? No! You have to read this, Right Now!)

1: Your Mind Lies

your Mind lies

Your mind does lies when it says that you are unable to do this. The mind cheats when it says that the job you are trying to do is way too hard for you. Your mind deceives when it gives you chills and comes up with thoughts like, “It’s so hard. You can’t do it”. Trust me, my friend! Ok, so I know that a lot of you will be thinking that, “Ok, So that’s your Number #1 Tip? to think that you can do it. LOL” Yeah! I know that it sounds way too simple but I just can’t make things complex when they are not. I mean, really, the Number #1 problem lies inside your head, it’s that “I can’t do it” mindset. And the only way to fight with it to say “F.U” to your thoughts and get right into the task itself.

Do you want to know the reason behind these thoughts? Your brain was not born coward, it’s you who made it this way. You always thought of yourself as a week dude, you compromised your self-esteem and chosen instant gratification over the short term hard work which would take you the heights of the sky in the long run and now look at you. You have taken yourself to the point where you appreciate each and every “I can’t do it” thought. Well, guess what? That first time you believed these thoughts, you said, “Hello” to carelessness and not challenging yourself and your abilities. For that reason, you delayed stuff.

Whereas, the reality is totally different from all this shit. Again, it’s all in the mind and if you for once say, “Stay Silent” to your brain and start doing what you don’t want to do then eventually you will find it very easy to complete the task. Keep doing it for every project and a time will come when you will become the “Productivity Ninja”. My boy will be doing completing all of his tasks without saying “maybe later” for any of them.

Ok, Let me tell you a little secret, 2 tips that you can use to boost your self-esteem. What that will do? It will help you to think positively about yourself which ultimately will help you in saying “F.U” to the thoughts of procrastinating. Below are the tips:

  • Take care of yourself (Clean your room, learn to stay in a tidy place, eat a healthy diet, take care of your grooming, wear nice clothes, read books, obtain knowledge, learn to negotiate, acquire skills related to your field)
  • Meditate (I being a Muslim prefer offering prayers 5 times a day which helps me fight all the negative thoughts and gives me internal happiness and satisfaction which ultimately makes me more positive and as they say “Positivity increases Productivity”

2: Plan your Stuff Before

There is no rocket science here. Do you want to test your credibility by leaving every decision for the spot? You didn’t plan your whole day and something pops up out of nowhere and now you are thinking whether to do the task or delay it for some random stuff (Maybe to play a video game or whatever). What will you choose? Obviously the latter one. And that happens to the best of us because there are very fewer chances of making the right decision when haven’t planned things before.

What a To-Do list does is that it cuts down the thinking process which means that you invest less time in thinking whether to do a task or not and more time in completing your tasks. Because when you think about whether to do a thing or not, you come up with a couple of excuses which then lead to procrastination and we don’t want that, right? So Yeah! Make a To-Do list and write down your plans for the entire day and then do all of that throughout the day. When you will complete all of your tasks then it also kinda boosts your self-esteem, making you think that you are a good boy who is really doing well which on its own helps in killing your habit of procrastination so it’s a win-win situation.

3: Change your Work Environment

Your work environment, the place where the magic happens, the place where you have to do all the work, where you have to sit down for 4-5 hours every single day to take down big tasks. Let’s analyze that for a second, Ok? So what do you have with you when you are sitting on your work table or when you are in your room starting that project? A mobile phone right in front of you? Youtube opened? All the cool games installed, ready to distract the shit out of you? What? No motivational quotes? or nothing inspirational? Damn! Boy, you have got an ideal work environment that can turn even a hard-working dude into a master procrastinator. I mean, I don’t want to be rude but why do you believe that with all those distractions available, you’ll complete the work? How can you expect to “Stop Procrastinating”?

Why having a motivating, inspiring, clean and cozy work environment? To give you a kick start, to give enough motivation/spark to your brain to start your work and we all know that once the work gets started (and when you don’t have any distractions) your chances of completing the task in one go increases which means you become more productive plus Hey, You have finally managed to take control of your habit of procrastination, Yay!

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4: Break it into Small Pieces

break your project into smaller pieces

OK, I know that looking at a big project and getting chills because that is completely fine and it happens to the best of us. But you know what separates a procrastinator from a doer? Its the ability to “Complete the Work, somehow”. Yeah, everybody has its own technique. And here I am right in front of you with the best technique which will make sure that the work gets done plus the least amount of pressure gets on your mind. It’s the good old, “Breaking into Small pieces” method.

Yeah! You have to complete the big project, today. How can you get it done without freaking out and then choosing instant gratification overdoing the project? It’s simple. Everybody can get to do less work, right? So yeah, Break the project down into several smaller pieces and once you have smaller, easier to do chunks, pick one at a time and get it done. And just like that, there will be less burden on you and your project will be completed within the given amount of time. Problem Solved.

5: 15 Minutes Work – 10 Minutes Rest

It’s just about it. Probably the most simple one among the list of “Psychological Tricks to Stop Procrastinating” is the “15 Minutes Work – 10 Minutes Rest” technique which as the name says, involves, procrastinator, to do just 15 minutes of work. OK, So I want you to stay focused and do your job, whatever you are doing for straight 15 minutes without picking up your phone or any other distracting stuff.

After the 15 minutes are over, Now is the time you can enjoy. You have earned 10 free minutes which you can use to do whatever you want to do. You can watch a YouTube video of your choice, maybe go for a walk or you might wanna your loved one during this time, I don’t care what you do in the time. I just want you to come back to work after 10 minutes because if you will not do that then there will be guilt inside you that you have cheated on your own self. Don’t worry, It might sound a bit hard at the start but with the time you will learn to abide by this “15 Minutes Work – 10 Minutes Rest” Rule. Yet another great way to Stop Procrastinating!

6: Hardest Task First

Ok So let’s say you have divided your task into several small parts. Great! But which one of these parts to focus on first? Gentlemen! My recommendation would be, to complete the hardest one first because guess what? Once you will see that your lazy self has completed the hardest part then it will become a sort of motivational factor on its own. Like, imagine doing the hardest question first. What will be your remarks about the rest of the part? “Ahh, that’s too easy. I will do it in 30 minutes” But here’s a catch. You need to be able to control yourself enough not to say that “Now I am left with a very easy task and I can complete it in less than 30 minutes. So what if I allow myself some leisure time? Great” No! That isn’t great at all.

Because our focus here is to utilize the feeling of relief that you get from accomplishing the hardest task first, to cure procrastination but if you take that relief for granted then “Doing Hardest Thing first” is going to go in vain. So yeah, you need to stay focused and keep doing until you are done with your work completely.

7: Your Company Matters

your company matters

People who you hang out with have an influence over your character and I am not kidding at all right now. If you are friends with people who have nothing to do in life but being lazy, people who don’t have goals, hobbies (16 Hobbies for Men that Girls Find Most Attractive!), future plans and they take nothing seriously. I am talking about the “Just-Talk” guys who can’t take action no matter what.

You need to get out of that circle, right now. I know that your friends are your homies and you can’t live without them, Bla, Bla, Bla, But No! You need to rethink about yourself first. How many of the people who you were friends with are still your friends? Maybe just 1 or not even that. Ok, so, first try to change your friends, share this article with them but if they still don’t change then you need to hang out with a better group of friends who are “Achievers” and not “Just-Talk Guys”.

8: Fear of Perfection

“I am not in the right mood to do the thing perfectly at the moment. I will try again later”. “Oh shoot, my mind isn’t working 100% and I don’t want to do the project that isn’t like 10/10. So I will try again later” And that later never comes. Gentlemen! I know that you are sincere with your work, assignment, job or whatever it is that you are delaying but at the end of the day the big truth is, “You are delaying”. I don’t care about perfection and you should also not care about that because the chase of becoming perfect leads to nothing but dirt.

Do you want to get perfect? Do it! just do it! Slowly but gradually you will improve but if you will delay the work and procrastinate just because of your “I don’t feel like giving my 100% at the moment” phase then you will never be able to get that work done. You need to rewire your brain and realize that, doing it is more than doing it perfectly. It’s great to try to do it the best way possible but when this chase gets a bit too intense, its when things get complicated. You don’t want to get in those complications, overthinking and stuff like that, do you?

9: Whats your Right Time?

And if you still want to do the most perfect amount of work that you can do then you need to look for the time of the day you are fully relaxed or when you are the most productive. For me, its the start of the day, after offering my morning prayer. My mind is ready to rock and roll at the moment and I utilize that time mostly to look for the ideas and queries that you guys have and then I initiate my research as well just at that time.

Because, I know that if I will postpone a relatively harder or creative work for evening or late at night then maybe I might not be able to pull that work off and as I told you before, I myself being a procrastinator, also look for small things and gratification choices to delay my work. And Yeah, I have my laptop on my lap, YouTube, random videos, procrastination scores 1, Nyazi scores 0. You don’t want to be like Nyazi in this situation.

10: Train Your Brain

train your brain to develop a habit

No! I am not going to tell you about some scientists who discovered some sort of technique to train your brain. This blog ain’t WebMD or some other health-related analytics-based blog, We guys over here talk about style and how to beat the day’s A@# with the help of magnificent sexy habits and unbeatable handsome looks. We talk about grooming and we also talk about lifestyle tips for men. And here for you under the topic of “How to Stop Procrastinating” I present right in front of you, yet another simple technique that you can use to rewire your brain.

It involves, “Training your brain to Build a Habit to Stop Procrastinating”. How? Start from doing something just a little. Do you want to start jogging in the morning? Start by doing it for 3 minutes for like 3 days and then increase it to 10 minutes and so on. And a time will come when you will be jogging 1 hour straight because now you do not have to build a new habit but you have improved over your habit to make it a part of your routine. Now it is not hard for you to say “No, I will go for jogging and for now Let’s watch TV now” Because you have given enough time to your brain to adopt this brand new thing. You have made it’s level “easy” and slowly you have trained yourself to adapt to it. I am so freaking proud of you.

11: Forgive Yourself

The number 1 thing that you can do as a procrastinator, is to forgive yourself for your past procrastinating mistakes. I know that you are at “pro-level” of procrastination and you always find it hard to choose to do work over instant gratification but it is not the right time now to say or think bad things about yourself. I mean, what are you doing to yourself? What are you thinking about yourself? I have already talked about self-esteem and how you can make yourself a better person (and stop procrastinating) Just by increasing your self-esteem and your self-image.

So Yeah, just try to cut down on the procrastination and during the process say “Good Bye” to all of your past mistakes. Because guess what? Nobody is perfect from the day 1 and there is always a room for improvement but with all that positive shit, you should not be repeating your procrastination mistakes and say “Its Ok” for all of those mistakes because you over here are forgetting your lazy entity for your past mistakes and not for all the errors that you ever do in your life, in future as well.

12: Punish with a Bet

Ok, so this one is really interesting. Let’s say you find it really hard to complete your projects within the deadline. Now what I want you to do is that I want you to give one of your friends this responsibility. You will be paying him some money or maybe you will take him to dinner if you fail to complete the task within the deadline that you made for yourself. It might sound a bit silly but, trust me, It works. It will create that accountability feeling in whatever that you are going to do and you will have the fear of losing money or whatever the bet is between you guys.

13: Seinfeld Method

Seinfeld Method

This is yet another very fun technique introduced by a comedian named, “Jerry Seinfeld”. He put forth a very cool psychological technique that can be used by guys who face problems while being consistent at anything. So if you also find it difficult to procrastinate during the process, like after getting started, then this technique will help you a lot.

Brad Isaac was a young comedian starting out on the comedy circuit. One fateful night, he found himself in a club where Jerry Seinfeld was performing. In an interview on Lifehacker, Isaac shared what happened when he caught Seinfeld backstage and asked if he had “any tips for a young comic.”

Here’s how Isaac described the interaction with Seinfeld…

He said the way to be a better comic was to create better jokes and the way to create better jokes was to write every day.

He told me to get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on one page and hang it on a prominent wall. The next step was to get a big red magic marker. He said for each day that I do my task of writing, I get to put a big red X over that day.

“After a few days you’ll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You’ll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job is to not break the chain.”

Secondry Source: https://jamesclear.com/stop-procrastinating-seinfeld-strategy
Primary Source: https://lifehacker.com/jerry-seinfelds-productivity-secret-281626

14: Train Your Brain (Part 2)

You thought it was over? Hah! No, it isn’t over yet. I have for you, another super-powerful brain training technique but this we will be focusing on the “limbic system”. Emotional stability/reactivity is something that we procrastinators should be focusing on the most because at the end of the day, if one finds out the way to overcome the desire to quit long term goal for instant gratification then it will become very easy to get the work done more effectively, even in one go.

How to do that? Do small tasks per day. Planted tasks, basically in which you train your brain to Say “No” to instant gratification. And these tasks could be anything, maybe waking up an hour early. Initially, you will find it very difficult to go against your emotions and instant gratification but with the time you will learn to think rationally and analyze the situation before blindly picking up instant gratification.

15: Reward Yourself

Who told you that a reward strategy won’t work in this situation? Hell No! They all are lying. It works 1000%. Do it this way. Work for 15 minutes and then reward yourself by maybe doing something that you really love to do, maybe watch a show or use social media. Do not just use social media the whole day (Unless you have an online business). Keep it saved for your reward time and then see for yourself an improvement in the way you feel about yourself. Your self-esteem? Increased! Is your self worth? Increased! Mission “Stop procrastinating”? Accomplished!

16: Take a Break

its ok to take a break

It’s a necessary step too. Ok, I myself am a firm believer in hard work and not quitting until you achieve your target but you need to draw a line. Guess what? Sometimes you go way too much deep and work with the ultimate level of intensity. Those are the times when you need to say “Ok, Let’s procrastinate” because you need to rest a little. Ok, So I know that some of you might come at me saying, “Yoo! You yourself said that procrastination is bad and now you are going against your own self. WTH” I Know, I Know. But I don’t want you to quit. I just don’t want you to get exhausted and eventually quit. So its better to sometimes treat yourself by procrastinating. Think of it like “Cheat Time”, alright?

With that being said, I here would like to conclude the topic “16 Psychological Tricks To Stop Procrastinating (Like Seriously!)”. So what do you think about the tricks that I shared? Are you also struggling with and want to stop procrastinating? Do let me know about it in the comments down below.


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