Skin Care For Men: Do’s and Don’ts for Better Skin

Bros, I Hope You All Doing Good. So I Posted this Article Not Long Ago titled, 13 Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid in 2020. In the article, I tried to Cover Mistakes that Most Men in the Following Year. But there was Something that I felt Like was Missing. I Do talk about Morning and Night Time Routine in various Places But Never Have I written a Post Dedicated to this Single Topic. So Today its all about Skin Care for Men (Basic Version).

Its a Beginner Guide for those of You Who’ve Just Got into the Skin Care. Chances are that you are Super Pumped However you are in need of a Direction to Start with. A Step by Step Men’s Skin Care Guide to Lead you to towards a Much Better Skin.

I am Damn sure that You’ve come across a Lot of Men’s Skin Care Tips and Kits. However all of that seems to be too complicated, isn’t it? You need basic tips that Work. I know that You don’t want to get into those Complex DIY Masks and Crazy Chemical-based Grooming Routines (For Now).

Although some of those Work very well But as a Beginner, all of that Seems to Look too complex to you. I Know for Sure that You definitely Want to Improve But You need an easy Start. You are Looking for a No BS Step-by-Step Skin Care Routine. Congratulations! You’ve been heard.

Today is all about that. We will be talking about 11 Do’s and 11 Don’ts for a Better Skin. I will try to put it all into the Perspective By Explaining it to you in the form of a Story. Below is a Quick Trailer of What you can Expect to Learn in this Article.

Quick Trailer:

Do’s of the Skin Care for Men

1: The First Step is to Identify your Skin Type (2 Easy Ways. You Choose)
2: How to Find out whether you have a Sensitive Skin or Not
3: Basic No BS Step-by-Step Morning Skin Care Routine for Men
4: Men’s Skin Care Tips to Get Better Looking Eyes
5: How to Protect your Lips

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Don’ts of the Skin Care for Men

1: Do Not Touch your Face
2: Bar Soap is Bad for your Skin
3: Popping Zits and Acne is Like Injecting Bacteria inside Your Own Self
4: Biggest Men’s Skin Care Tip: ???
5: Harsh Objects are Damaging your Skin

Read the Article For More… (6 More Don’ts Included)

Gentlemen! Its the Basic Men’s Skin Care Gems and Mistakes. Under the Title, “Skin Care For Men: Do’s and Don’ts for Better Skin”. So without Any Further Ado, Let’s Get Straight into the topic. Shall we?

Do’s of the Skin Care for Men:

Do's of the Skin Care for Men

Alright, So there is this Boy Named Ahmed and He is Gonna Walk You Through all of this. First of All, I will be telling you What Ahmed Does throughout the Day. And Note it Down that He Just Started Doing it From Yesterday. Yes! He has decided to Take Care of his Skin for whatever Reasons. Maybe He Wanted to Impress His Crush.

Chances are that Ahmed always wanted to Look Like Jason But He was never able to do that. The main reason was the Glowing Skin of Jason. But Not anymore. Ahmed is Determined and He is gonna Follow a Skin Care Regimen. But Just Like you and Me, He can’t Do Much. He is a Busy Guy and Doesn’t have time to Try those Complex Masks and Apply Tons of Products.

So Below are a couple of things that Ahmed is Going to Do, Step-by-Step. Make sure that you have access to Your Pencil and Notebook because What Ahmed has learned is dangerously Useful. You don’t want to miss it.

1: Identify your Skin Type

There are Basically 2 Easy Ways to Identify your Skin Type. Let’s Talk about the First One. So, for that, You need to Cleanse your Face with any Mild Face Wash. Once Done, Wait for 40-50 Minutes.

Now that 45 Minutes ~ are Over See How your Skin Feels. Focus on your Cheeks, Chin, Forehead, and Nose. If your Skin Feels Dry or Parched then you Have a Dry Skin.

However, If you have a Noticeable Shine on your Nose and Forehead Only But your Cheeks are Relatively Dry and Parched then You have got a Mixed Skin.

And If your Entire Face is Shining and Oil is Coming out from everywhere then You, My Friend, Have an Oily Skin.

Bloating Paper Method:

The Second Way to Identify your Skin Type is to Use a Bloating Paper. All you need to do for this one is to Grab a Bloating Sheet and tap it Gently all over your Face. Now Raise the Paper against the Light and Observe.

If their is Little to No Oil then you Have a Dry Skin.

However, If Bloating Sheet Indicates Oil Coming Out from the Nose and Forehead More as compared to the rest of the Face then You’ve got a Mixed Skin.

And Last But Not the Least If the Bloating Paper is Filled with Oil. I mean, It has Oil patches all over, coming out from the Cheeks, Nose, Forehead, then you have an Oily Skin.

2: Sensitive Skin or Not

identification of Sensitive Skin

Second Step is to Identify whether you have Sensitive Skin or Not. This Step is very Crucial because Before Buying Skin Care Products you must know How Your Skin is gonna react to it. Harsh and Strong Products usually Seem to react negatively when applied on a Sensitive Skin. And If you don’t have a Sensitive Skin then Room for Experimentation is Much Bigger for you.

Below are Some Common Things that You Wanna Observe to Find out whether you have a Sensitive Skin or Not:

  • Soaps, Detergents, Fragrances react with Sensitive Skin Causing Redness, Dryness, itchiness.
  • People with Sensitive Skin are Likely to have more problems with Dry Skin in winters.
  • Sensitive Skin Develop Rashes very quickly when it comes in contact with the Trigger which could be something, maybe a Facial Cream as well.
  • People Who Have Sensitive Skin Get Sunburn very easily.

3: Morning Skin Care Routine for Men

Ahmed has already identified His Skin Type. Now What? Gentlemen! Next up in the List of the Men’s Skin Care Tips is something You got to Do and Should never Skip. It’s the Morning Skin Care Routine.

We are Gonna Keep it Simple Though. You wanna Grab 5 Products from the Store. The first one has to be the Cleanser. The function of a Cleanser is to Go into your Pores and Clean all the Dirt and Excess Oil. It’s essential to have a Fresh Looking Skin.

Once you are Done Cleansing (Make sure that you Do it gently in circular Motion), You wanna Use a Towel or a Soft Piece of Cloth to Clean your Face. Now is the Time to Apply Moisturiser.

Again, you wanna Grab a Moisturiser according to Your Skin Type. Our Goal with Moisturising is to Give back the Water and Useful Stuff. The final goal is to Get a Glowing Skin.

Now is the Right Time to Apply a Good Quality UVA and UVB protecting Sun Block. Sun throws off 2 kinds of rays that are harmful to your skin. One is UVA and the Other one is UVB. These rays are responsible for damages like Ageing and Tanning.

So you wanna make sure that the Sun Block you are Getting is best suitable for your Environment. And It should be able to protect you from both the UVA and UVB rays.

4: A Good Quality Eye Cream is very Crucial

eye cream is very crucial

Guys, You definitely Need a Good Quality Eye Cream for Many Reasons. First of All, It Soothes the Skin under your eyes. Secondly, it also deals with all the bad stuff accumulated under your eyes (Eye Bags, Dark Circles).

But Make sure that you are applying your eye cream the Right. The First Step, obviously, is to get a Good Quality Eye Cream. Now you wanna Apply it on the Third finger of both of your hands.

While Applying make sure that you are Going from Outwards to Inwards as it is Much Gentle Movement as compared to the generic Inwards to Outwards. And Yes, You wanna Apply your Eye Cream Before Applying the Sun Screen, Just In Case you are Wondering the Order to Apply your Skin Care Products.

5: Lip Balm with an SPF

Another Thing to Do in the List of Skin Care for Men is to Apply the Lip Balm. Vaseline is Great. And I’ve recommended it over and over again. However, your Lips need Sun Protection too. Why?

Sun Rays can Damage your Lips causing Wrinkles. It can also make your Lips Swell and Cracked. So What to Do about it? Just grab a Lip Balm with an SPF. Applying it your Lips is Gonna Ensure that you are Protecting your Lips not just from getting Chapped But from the Harmful rays of the Sun as well.

It will bring a Soothing Feeling, May help cure Anxiety as well and You feel Good Overall. And Not to Mention you are gonna get Super Sexy Lips as the result. And who doesn’t want that? All of us, of course.

6: Night Time Skin Care Routine for Men

Night Time Skin Care Routine for Men

So the Entire Day Passed. Ahmed had a Rough day at work. But He is very happy because He did his Best. And He hopefully is gonna get the reward of it very soon. However, What about His Skin? Should he Go to the Bed ASAP? Of Course Not.

I know that Ahmed is super tired but he now knows the Importance of Nighttime Skin Care routine. And there you Go. See He is going to His Bathroom to Complete His Before Bed Skin Care Regimen. Below is the Basic Nighttime Skin Care Routine for All of you guys out there who are New to the World of Self Care.

All You Need are 4 Products. First thing First, Its the Cleansing Time. You came Home after working Maybe 6-7 Hours. Chances are that your Skin Looks tired and there Could be Dirt inside your Pores. We must remove that.

And Cleansing is we need for that. The Next Step is to Moisturise your Face with a High-Quality Moisturiser. Now Make sure that your PM moisturizer is Different from your AM moisturizer.

Guys, In the Morning your Skin has to Deal with Different Sort of Problems. And for that purpose, you need somewhat Strong or More of a Different Kind of Functions. However, Nighttime is best for healing and you need such kind of Properties inside your moisturizer.

After You are Done Moisturising, You wanna Apply the Eye Cream just like you did in the Morning and The Final Step is to Apply the Vaseline. You don’t want to Apply Lip balm at this time because you are Not Going out so you don’t need protection against the Sun. Thats it.

7: Exfoliation is Must

Gentlemen! You need to Exfoliate your Skin once or twice a week. Alright, So your Skin is made up of Cells. However, they have a tendency to die quickly. And dead skin cells on the Face Look bad and You must do something to remove it off.

Exfoliating is done just for that purpose. Alright, So here comes a question. “Should everybody be using Exfoliating Products? Yes and No.

Just as I Told you Before, We all should be using Exfoliating Products as they make sure that our Skin Looks Fresh all the Time. However, Most Exfoliating Products have Visible Harsh particles. And they are There for the Purpose of Friction, small particles to remove the Dead Skin Cells.

But If you are somebody who has Sensitive Skin then I would recommend you use a Chemical exfoliator instead. It is much Gentle and Friendly to your Skin as compared to the Former Physical Exfoliator.

Summary of Men’s Skin Care Kit:

Below is a List of Products that you need to have a Good Looking Skin.

  • Cleanser / Face Wash
  • Moisturizer AM
  • Moisturizer PM
  • Eye Cream
  • Sun Screen with an SPF based to the Area you Live in
  • Lip Balm that has an SPF too
  • Vaseline because nothing can top it

8: Take Care of your Neck and Ears

Take Care of your Neck and Ears

Guys, next Up in the List of Do’s of the Skin Care for Men is Your Neck and Ears. Hey! When was the Last time you Applied a Cleanser on top and Back of your Ear? I am sure You have to take some time for this one because Most Guys tend to forget that They have Ears.

And they also forget that Ugly Looking Ears have an impact on your overall personality as well. So What should a Man Do to get better Looking Ears and Neck?

Simple. Just Apply the Same Cleanser that you Apply on your Face on the Ears and Neck as well. However, make sure that you are Doing it Gently and Carefully Because you don’t wanna Fill up your ear with Chemicals that you don’t know whether are Safe to go inside or not.

Stay Subtle and use the Loofah to clean both of your Ears and Neck as well. Do Not Forget to Apply Moisturiser as well afterward. Do this and You are Gonna See a Massive improvement in How both of these Body Parts are gonna Look after some time. Imagine getting Compliments for Having Glowing Ears and Neck. Damn Boy!

9: Scrub your Lips Once a Week

You should Not Just be Doing the regular Lip Care Regimen of Applying the Lip Balm. You need more. All of them are Doing that Now. So here’s a Secret men’s Skin Care tip for you. “Scrub your Lips”.

Yes! You need to Exfoliate / Scrub your Lips as well. It will remove the Dead Cells and Bring out the Sexy Fresh Skin which will improve the Appearance of your Lips by 2x.

Below is the Quickest Way to Make a Lip Exfoliator from the Comfort of your Own Home:

  • Add Some Brown Sugar
  • And Coconut Oil into some Sort of Utensil
  • Mix these two and Apply the Mixture gently on your Lips
  • Make sure that you stay Gentle. Do it for 3-4 Minutes

And You are Good to go. Your Lips are Gonna Look Super Sexy with time if you keep Doing it Regularly.

10: Hydration is the Key

Your Body Needs water and I’ve been telling this to you from the Very Start of this Blog. Why do you think you applied Moisturiser on your Face? It’s Because Moisturiser takes care of the Water content of your Skin. However, You need to drink enough amount of water to Stay away from almost all of your Skin Based Problems.

You wanna drink 5-6 Litres of Water Every Single Day. And If It seems Like too much then you can always start by adding an extra 6-8 Glasses of Water into your Routine. Then you can take it Slowly up to 3 Litres and If your Skin is very Prone to Acne then you should not stop until you reach the 5-6 Litres, Mark.

Water gives your Skin the radiant Glow that Most People can Die for. And in case you are suffering from Skin Problems Like Acne then Water one of the only things that can come in Handy. But Make sure that you are finished Drinking water 3 Hours before Going to bed. I don’t want you to Wake up again and again just to Pee.

11: Sleep 7 Hours Every Night

You wanna Sleep 7-8 Hours Every Single Night to Make sure that your skin has enough time to Heal. Sleeping less Triggers a Hormone in our Body called Cortisol which is well known for being Stress Hormone.

Cortisol Puts your Skin in an Anti-Inflammatory State. Swollen Eyes, Puffiness and Dark Circles are the results of that. These symptoms show that you are Doing something Wrong which in this case is Sleeping Less.

But now comes the question, Do we have any extra benefits that come with Sleeping More? Sleeping 7-8 Hours every night makes sure that your Body Products enough Collagen. Its the Growth Hormone that ensures that You have that Magical Glow on your Face. So Gentlemen! Are you ready to go to the Bed at Sharp 10 or 11 at max right from Tonight?

12: Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

You must have heard everybody talking about this and Your Boy is Gonna Join the Wagon too. How can I not include something this Special into the List of Skin Care For Men? I know that It is not something that you Apply directly on your Face.

But at the end of the day, the effect that it is gonna have is going to Change the Way you Look Entirely.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables have Essential Nutrients and Anti-Oxidants that are very crucial. Anti-Oxidants help our Skin look Fresh and Radiant and Vitamins Play their Role as well.

Needless to Say every Fruit and Vegetable has something that you don’t know but it is Doing something Great for your Skin in the back end. For Instance, Cucumbers have this very beneficial Nutrient called Silica which can Do wonders for your Skin. Oranges on the other Hand have Vitamin C which is Known to Add Glow to your skin.

And with that Being, Here we conclude the list of Dos of the Skin Care for Men. One of these you are Gonna Straight Doing from Right Now?

I Recommend you all to take Note of these Tips and implement them without Skipping a Day. Do you have anything to add to this Basic Skin Care Routine for Men (Do’s)? Do Let me Know about it on my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi) and We shall discuss that.

Don’ts of the Skin Care for Men:

Dont's of Skin Care for Men

Now that We are Done with Do’s of the Basic Skin Care for Men, this is the perfect time to Mention some of the Mistakes that Us Men Make when it comes to taking care of our Skin.

Let’s Consult our Boy Ahmed for this One too. Ok, So Ahmed has been doing all of the above Mentioned Do’s However there are Some Mistakes. Some Skin Care Mistakes that he Makes which need a Fix.

Ok, So Do you want to get into the Ride with Ahmed and learn About these Skin Care Mistakes? Knowing these You will be much careful with your Skin. And as a result, your skin health will improve dramatically. So without any further Ado, Let’s Hop Straight into it.

1: Touching your Face Again and Again

I do this all the time. And I am sure you do it as well. We all have this habit of Constantly Touching our Faces. And Although there is nothing bad about it by any means in terms of Ethics But Skin Care Domain has its List of Disadvantages for the Face-Off.

Your Nails have Germs and So that Bag which you Just touched. Chances are that you are Writing Something and Suddenly you Started thinking about the Solution to some Problem. In one of your hands, you are holding a Pencil and the other hand is on your Chin or Cheeks.

Stop it, Boys. You are transferring Germs from everywhere to your Face and this may end up causing Acne and other skin problems. You definitely do not want to. Right? You do not want your Hair Product to roll all over your skin and enter into your Pores to cause Acne. Right? So Stop Touching your Face again and again.

2: Washing your Face with a Bar Soap

Bar Soaps

A Misconception that some Guys have is that Washing your Face with a Bar Soap is Manly. Alright Oldie, I’ve already heard your Point. I know that You are Not a Fan of the Self Caring Man Community. But If One for 2 weeks you try washing your Face with a Dedicated cleanser instead of Bar Soap then you are Understand the Point.

The Luxurious Soothing Feeling that a Cleanser can Bring you is Matchless. Bar Soaps on the other hand have ingredients that Mess up with the pH of your Face. And it can cause Inflammation, dehydration, and other Skin problems.

The fragrance has its own negative effect too. And Why Would you want to Wash your Face with a Bar when you have some many amazing Facial Cleansers available in the Market? I mean, Why are you being your own enemies for God Sake?

3: Popping Zits and Acne

It Feels Good, Popping that Zit. It really feels good to pop those Ugly little Acne balls. But Please Stop. I want you to control this weird temptation of yours and Say Hello to the World of Skin Care.

Apart from the weird good feeling Why Would you do that? I mean, Popping and pressing zits pushes the bacteria and Puss deeper into the skin which then causes More acne.

It can also cause Swelling and You might end up Scaring your Face too. Do you want to have a Face full of Scars? I am sure not. So the best option is to keep your hands to yourself and Leave those Zits and Acne Alone.

4: Touching your Face with Germs

Touching Face with Germs

It’s Not Just about your Hands that Have germs But all those Objects that come in contact with your Face need to be observed too. You unknowingly throw on sunglasses and Cell phone against your Face that has a lot of Germs. And as a result, you unknowingly transfer germs from those Objects to your Face.

Does that Mean You should Stopping Listening to the Phone calls and Touching each and everything? No, definitely Not. A must practical Solution to this problem is to Carry some disinfecting Wipes with you.

Just take them Out and Clean your Phone and any other thing that might come in contact with your Face. Trust me, this Simple habit of yours is Going to do wonders for your skin.

5: Sleeping on the Same Pillow Cases

These Pillow Cases of yours are Filled with Germs. I am damn sure that you clean your Room. And the Dust that flies during the Process has to rest on the Pillow Cases and Bed Sheets as well.

Now I know that One solution to this problem is to Cover your Pillowcases and bed sheet with an extra Protective Layer. However, you just can’t Sleep on the Same pillowcases for forever. You got to change those Cases at least once a Week (Twice a Week Would Be Great).

Doing this is Gonna Make sure that You are Keeping your Skin Safe from all the germs that are living on your Pillows.

And You should also be getting New Pillow Cases After like 3-4 Months Because New Ones are Always better. Go for the Softer Material next time as you want the Least amount of Friction to ensure that your Skin and Hair are staying Healthy.

6: Eating Sugary and Oily Foods

Oily and Sugary Foods

One of the Most Skin Care Mistakes that Men Make is that they eat a Lot of Oily Food throughout the Day. With the Rise of Fast Food Culture, tons of Diseases have been gifted New homes, human bodies. Obesity, Diabetes, and Countless other diseases are prevailing, thanks to Oily and Sugary Foods.

And There you are Standing and Arguing that these foods do no bad to your Skin. Come On Now! Who are trying to Fool? I am sure it’s yourself Because everybody knows that Sugary Foods are known to cause diseases Like Eczema in which your skin gets red and Itchy.

It also causes Acne which nobody wants to have. Why Do you think every other Guy in the Room is searching “How to get rid of the Acne” on the Internet? Yeah, the problem is not outside, it’s inside. You wanna correct your Diet before buying any product. Opt for natural foods instead of Burgers and Pancakes and your Skin, hair, body, and Future will thank you for it.

7: Rubbing your Face with Harsh Objects

Boy, I Already Know the Problem in your case specifically. You’ve Been Doing everything Just Fine but results aren’t that great. Yes, you have seen improvements but not to the level that was expected. What could the problem be behind this?

It’s your Rudeness, your Cruelty. I’ve seen you Rubbing your Face like a Monster. I was the Witness of you Rubbing off the Water from your Face as if it was Some sort of Acid.

Be Gentle Boy. Try to get a Piece of Clothe Made out of Light Material instead. It will ensure the least amount of Friction which means better Skin. And thats exactly what We want. Right?

You should also Stay Gentle While Cleansing. Always remember that it’s your own face that you are Moving fingers-on, not your enemy’s. Plus Those Pillow Cases should be made up of Cotton as that will ensure maximum Skin protection throughout the Night.

8: Washing your Face with Too Hot or Too Cold Water

Too Hot and Too Cold Water is Bad for your Skin

Skin Care For Men Includes washing your Face with a Cleanser. However, there is this one thing that You could be Doing that can possibly Nullify the effects of Your Cleanser. Its the Temperature of the Water coming from the Tap.

Alright, So Let’s Say that water that you are using to wash your Face is Too Hot. What will that Do? It will Strip away all the Oils and essential nutrients leaving your Face Blank.

On the other hand, washing your face with water that is too Cold can close the Pores. And as a result, Cleanser can not properly go inside them to clean the Dirt. Which means that Cleanser will not be doing what it should be doing.

Water that is Either Lukewarm or is at the Room Temperature is recommended for the best Wash. It will ensure that your Skin Care Routines run Smoothly without any Problems.

9: Cut Back on the Dairy Products

I know that You Love to Drink 5 Glasses of Milk and 2 Bowls of Yogurt every single day. However, let me tell you one thing, This Love of yours is Damaging your Skin.

Dairy that includes Ice cream as well is Known for Having negative effects on your skin. Dairy products stand in the Way of you and your Blemish-Free Face. Which of these Options would you Like to Choose?

Now Of course I am not saying you to cut off the Dairy Products from your life completely. The Key to dealing with a Problem is to control it and Not to try to remove it from Scratch. Cutting back to 2 Glasses and 1 Bowl would be a Good Start.

And You can possibly Keep consuming this Much amount While doing other measures to get Great Skin. Who Told you to get rid of it completely? It’s Just about reducing it a little to have a better Skin.

10: Using Harmful Skin Care Products

Toxic Products of Men's Skin Care

All Skin Care Products were Not Created Equally. Some of them are really great. But most of the Skin Care Products available in the market are totally Crap.

You are Better off not using them than to Use them for the Sake of your Skin’s Health. For Instance, most of them are Comedogenic which means that they have the tendency to Clog your Pores which can then cause Acne and other Skin Conditions.

There is a Huge List of Toxic Ingredients that can react with your Skin to cause many problems like itching, redness, etc. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Parabens, etc are present in these Skin Care Products which can bring harm to your Skin.

My Recommendation for you is to not go for the Brand Name But see the Ingredients. Black Paint has this very amazing Article that they have written on this same exact topic. 11 Common Harmful Ingredients in Skincare. They have listed some of the common toxic products that companies induce into their Products.

And Did you know that Fragrance in your Skin Care product can be very harmful to your Skin’s health? It can react and then cause damage that can take long to repair. Therefore always get yourself Skin Care Products that have No Fragrance or Any other Parafum Ingredient listed in its ingredient’s List.

11: Skin Care for Men ➡️ Mistakes ➡️ Cheap Skin Care Products

And last but not Least is a Mistake that I see Most Guys Making when it comes to Skin Care for Men. Guys! You don’t want to Believe that the Companies that Produce expensive products are your enemies. I mean, what makes you think that these cheap Products have all those Premium Products that ensure the best Skin Health?

How are these Companies able to include all the best ingredients in such a Low Price? Answer it. Now I don’t want you to believe that only the most expensive ones are the Best. The most optimal solution to this problem is to Check the Ingredients yourself.

Look for the Toxic Ingredients in the List. Items like Cynergy TK, Phytessence, Wakame, Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, natural Vitamin E are Great for a Better Looking/Glowing Skin.

With that Being Said, I here conclude Today’s Topic. Gentlemen, Today was all about Skin Care for Men, Men’s Basic Skin Care Routine, Skin Care Tips for Men AKA Beginner’s Guide to Skin Care for Men. Under the Title, “Skin Care For Men: Do’s and Don’ts for Better Skin”.

What are your thoughts about it? Do let me know on my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi). And I will See you Guys in another one,


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