20 Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good (110% Attractiveness)

Guys! Today’s Article is All About Skinny Guys. SPECIFICALLY: Style Tips for All of you Skinny Guys out there to Look Good.

Not Long Ago, I talked about Style Hacks for Chubby and Bigger Gentlemen. You guys made it a Success. Thanks for Showing so Much Love.

However, There was Something missing in the Equation. I talked about Chubby Guys But What about All my Skinny Brothers?

There are Plenty of Skinny Gentlemen out there who are Struggling to Gain WEIGHT (I am sure you will get there SOON). But, What should you do until you get there (In terms of Style and Fashion)?

And that Question (2 questions basically) Triggered me to Do my research…

  • How Can Skinny Guys Look Attractive?
  • What are Some of the BEST Style Tips for Skinny Guys?

I Did my research around these 2 questions. And Finally, I am here in front of you with “20 Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good (110% Attractiveness)”.

Guys! in today’s article, I’ve tried my best to cover almost all of the KEY tips and tricks which if a Skinny guy keeps in his mind, can definitely increase His sexiness by 110%.

Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Attractive:

  • Wear An Undershirt
  • Make Use of Compression Pants or Underpants
  • Go for the Collared Shirts Instead
  • Roll Up Your Sleeves
  • Wear Lighter and Brighter Colors
  • T-Shirt Sleeve Hack
  • Focus on the Fit (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Wear Horizontal Style Striped Shirts
  • Wear Sleek Shoes
  • Always Prefer Crew Necks over V-Necks
  • Leverage the Power Of Layering
  • Take care of the Symmetry
  • Wear MINIMALISTIC Accessories
  • Wear Ginghams and Check Shirts
  • Purchase Broader Jackets and Coats
  • Ever Thought about Wearing Epaulette Shirt? Go for It!
  • Long-Sleeved or Short-Sleeved? Hmm…
  • Tuck in Your Shirt
  • Cover Your Long Neck (For God’s Sake)
  • Grow a Beard (If You Can)

1: The Undershirt

The Undershirt

Guys! there are many benefits of wearing an Undershirt. It acts as a Sweat Rag, absorbing all the sweat coming out of your body.

Let’s say you are out attending a Special meeting, wearing a Sexy Shirt paired with Nice pair of Pants. Things start to Heat up and your sweat glands are out of control already.

If you were not wearing an undershirt then all that sweat would have been visible over your Shirt and that would look really Gross. But Thanks to the Undershirt that you are wearing, You are Saved for Now.

Other than Saving you From Looking Gross, Undershirt also provides a feeling of Comfort to your Body (just the way Your underwear makes you feel comfortable).

It gives you the Bulk Effect

So the other day, a friend of Mine who is really Skinny was looking a bit Different. Initially, I was not able to tell what was different about him that day but later on, I realized that He was looking a bit bulky.

Upon asking He Said, “I am just wearing an Undershirt that I Just Bought Yesterday”

“Yes! Undershirts Do make you Look Bulkier”. And Guys, I recommend each and every one of you to Buy an Undershirt, one that fits you Nice. And Just By doing that You are already One Step Closer to your Of Looking Attractive!

2: Wear Compression Pants or Underpants!

Compression Pants or Leggings are something that I recommend each and every Skinny dude out there to wear underneath your Pants. Why?

There are basically tons and tons of benefits that they come with. But Today’s Article is Not About Compression Pants and Its benefits. Let’s Leave it for Some other Day.

Quick Fact: Compression pants are able to promote Blood flow and improve the Oxygenation of Muscle Tissue

Wear Compression Pants or Underpants!

Coming towards the Skinny Guy problems. So, we have already talked about utilizing the power of undershirt to make your upper body look fuller. Compression pants / Underpants work the same way.

They add an extra layer of fabric underneath your jeans making your thighs and overall legs area a bit bigger and thats what we want.

Again, Buy compression pants that Fit you Nice. They should Not be too Tight and Also Not To Lose. Perfect Size of Leggings will ensure 2 things:

  • Comfort
  • Bulkiness

And that’s Exactly what you need to Look for when going to Shop for Compression Pants.

3: Choose a Collared Shirt Instead

Next Up in the List of Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Thoughts on How to Look Attractive for Skinny Guys is “Go for a Collared Shirt”.

Ok, so let’s say you have to attend a really Special meeting tomorrow and you still haven’t decided what to wear.

Let’s Say, You have 3 Options to Choose From:

  1. Nice Fitted Black T-Shirt and Light Blue Denim Jeans.
  2. White Shirt (Big Collar) and Fitted Pants
  3. White Shirt (Smaller Collar) and Fitted Pants.

Which one of the Above Options would you go for?

Before making any decision I want you to answer a couple of questions that I am about to ask.

  • Do you have a thin physique that makes you look Flat?
  • Is your overall Frame Kinda Straight?

If the Answer to both of these questions is “Yes” then my Friend I recommend You to go for the 3rd Option.


Skinny dudes have Skinny necks which appear Longer than most Guys. You don’t want to look like a Giraffe, do you? And for that reason I recommend you to go for the Third option.

But Why Small Collar? Small Collars make your Neck look broader and Fuller. It’s just how the illusion works my friend!

4: Roll Up Your Sleeves

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Next Up in the List of Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Thoughts on How to Look Attractive for Skinny Guys is “Roll Up Your Sleeves”.

“Rolling up the Sleeves is for the Muscular dudes only?”

If thats what you are thinking then I am afraid to say that, You are Wrong my friend. Do you know what happens when you roll up your Sleeves? Ok, let me give you an example which will clear up the things in a better way.

Picture this. It’s Your First Day at the University. And the only option you have (in terms of Clothing) is a Light colored Shirt. Plus You are worried Because You want to Look Good (And You are Not a Muscular Dude).

Look at me, Do You want to Look Good Today? Let’s Get into it!

  • Wash your Face with a Good quality face wash.
  • Apply moisturizer and Now Put on that Shirt.
  • Open the button of your Sleeves and roll it up to the Elbow in such a way that your Elbow is not displaying. Thats it.

But Why Just till your Elbow? There are 2 Reasons for that:

  • 1 # The extra fabric that, rolling up is taking with it is gonna get collected in the Bicep area, ultimately making your arms look bigger
  • 2 # It makes your Veins more Visible. So when your sleeves are rolled up till that elbow bone, it applies certain pressure over your Arm (Forearm) thus making your veins appear which indeed is a sign of Sexiness.

Some More Tips to Get Those VEINS to Show: 9 Golden Steps to Getting Your Veins More Visible!

5: Wear Lighter Colors!

Next Up in the List of Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Thoughts on How to Look Attractive for Skinny Guys is “Wear Lighter Colors!”.

Colors Play a Huge Role in deciding how you are gonna look in front of others. Colors are a key ingredient in determining your personality and you can’t deny them while deciding your #OOTD.

I talk a lot about the art of color Matching and how every color is unique in its own way. Guys! I’ve been emphasizing on the Importance of Colors and their Role in Making you Look Good Since FOREVER.

And for All my Skinny Brothers, I would recommend going for Lighter colors or Lighter tones of Darker colors.

It’s because of the fact that Darker Colours (they perform well for Fat dudes) absorb more light. However, lighter colors reflect light, ultimately making you look a bit larger.

Note That: You don’t Always have to Wear Brighter Colors Only.

Keep in Mind that Your end goal is to Look good, look stylish, and not just to LOOK Big. So to look good along with looking bigger, you need to appropriately match jeans with your Bright Shirt.

Gentlemen! Experimentation is the Key. You will make a lot of mistakes in the process. Everybody does. But the solution lies in trying and trying again.

Match different color combinations and only that way you will end up making the perfect Bright Colour Combo which not only will make you look big but will make you Elevate your Style as well.

6: Use T-Shirt Sleeves Hack

Use T-Shirt Sleeves Hack!

Next Up in the List of Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Thoughts on How to Look Attractive for Skinny Guys is “Use T-Shirt Sleeves Hack!”.

Because of the fact that T-shirts expose your Physique and in order to look best while wearing them, your body must be symmetrical and muscular (in order for you to Look good wearing it).

But let’s say you are a Big Fan of T-shirt and you want to pair your it with Your Brand New jeans today.

T-Shirt Tips for Skinny Guys

First of All, it must be fitted. Guys I don’t want you to Wear an Oversized T-Shirt. Now some of you might be saying that. “Nyazi you are such an Old Fashioned Guy”. No. I am not an Old-fashioned Guy, my friend.

I talk about fashion and style that is going to stay for a longer period of time. I don’t believe in vague trends such as Oversized or extra Loud patterns on T-shirts / Shirts.

And the same is the case with Over-fitted T-Shirts. Guys, what are you trying to do here? You want to Look like a sausage or what? Hear me out! Wear a T-shirt that sits properly on your Chest and shoulders and tappers down to the Stomach area, creating a V-shape effect.

Plus, Even if you are a Super muscular Guy if your Sleeves don’t end at your Bicep area in such a way that your Triceps are exposed properly (Not Too much, And Not too Little), then forget about looking good in that T-Shirt. So Wear T-Shirts that end at the Right spot on your Bicep.

And last but not the least, a Lot of You have asked me whether they should “Fold their T-Shirt sleeves or not” and my answer is “Yes”.

Doing that gives a definition, sort of a new dimension to your T-shirt which is sexy and more or less it slightly adds up a little bit mass to your arms as well, making you look good while wearing that T-Shirt.

7: Focus on the Fit

Next Up in the List of Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Thoughts on How to Look Attractive for Skinny Guys is “Focus on the Fit”.

Nothing Pisses me off more than a guy who is wearing a clothing item that isn’t fitted or tailored according to his body proportions.

Oversized Shirts, Jeans, or trousers will only make you look bad. I know that most of us follow what celebrities do. And when our favorite Singer comes up on our TV screen, wearing an Oversized Shirt with Baggy trousers, we immediately think that “Wow, So Cool!”.

But trust me guys, it isn’t cool at all.

They can carry that look and not because they can look good while wearing anything. Because they are celebrities and they can wear ugly clothes getaway while wearing them because of their “Celebrity Status”.

But for the rest of the Dudes out there including you and me, Fitting is a Blessing that we should never take for granted. Make tailor your best friend and get your Jeans tapered and Shirts fitted according to your body proportions.

For all the Skinny guys out there, if you think you can get away with wearing Skinny jeans just because they are called “SKINNY” and you are “SKINNY” as well. Then I am afraid to say that, these two things are not related at all. You wearing skinny jeans will look like as if you are walking with no legs but sticks instead.

I recommend Slim Fit jeans and if you feel like they Look baggy on you then get them tailored according to your body. But remember that they are not supposed to be too Tight.

Wear Ties that are not that Much loud and big. Go for sleek ones because you don’t want your Collar and tie to cover more area or mass. Because thats gonna make your Neck look smaller, thin and not to mention, tall as well. Avoid that.

8: Wear Horizontal Stripes

Wear Horizontal Stripes

Next Up in the List of Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Thoughts on How to Look Attractive for Skinny Guys is “Wear Horizontal Stripes”.

Striped shirts can be used to cast an illusion over the viewer’s eyes. If you have read my article, “Tips to make Fat guys look Slimmer and Sexier” then you already know by Now the Power of Stripes and How to use them to Enhance your Appearance.

However, in that article, I talked about wearing “Vertical Stripes” and how Vertical Stripes can make you look thinner, More Straight which indeed was an Advice for My Big (Chubby) Brothers.

However, for all You Skinny Heartthrobs out there, I Would recommend Going for Horizontal Stripes. These make you look wider and that means you are gonna appear big.

So the next time when you are going for shopping, do keep in mind that you are buying:

  • Brighter colored shirts
  • With Small Collars
  • And Horizontal Stripes

9: Shoes!

Shoes are one of the most (if not the most) Important Parts of your Wardrobe. They can make or break your Look in seconds. You wearing a bomb suit that is (10/10) can look 4/10 if you are wearing sandals with that outfit.

Style Starts from your Feet

Picture this, You are a Skinny dude who has to go on a trip tomorrow. All of your friends are going and among those is Your Crush as well. My Friend, I know that you will do your best to impress her to make her to LIKE you.

You have heard that When you go on a vacation where there are mountains and such adventurous locations, Boots are a Must. But you know what? You need to think about that once again because Sneakers and More Sleek choices of Shoes might work the best For you.

Hey, Look! I am not stopping you from wearing boots or Big shoes but again, choose to go for Sleek ones. You might want to Go for SLEEK and SLIM Versions of Boots. These will make You Look and will also fulfill your desire to Wear Boots.

10: V-Neck or Crew Neck?

Next Up in the List of Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Thoughts on How to Look Attractive for Skinny Guys is “Choose Crew Neck Instead”.

Do you want to look like a Flat piece of a Cardboard? Do you want to Look like a person who is suffering from Malnutrition? No?

Then I don’t understand why you choose to wear a V-Neck Shirt, every Single time. And especially the Deep V-Neck Shirts. You are making a Huge mistake Gentlemen!

Listen, You are a Thin dude and I am sure your neck appears longer and thinner as well. Right? And these V-Necks Make Your Neck Look Even Longer (and thinner).

I recommend You Guys to Go for Crew Neck T-Shirts Instead because they are round plus they carry most of your Neck area in between them, making it Look Kinda Thick.

11: Leverage the Power of Layering!

My Skinny Brothers, Why Do you want to Go Out Wearing Just a Pair of T-Shirt and Pants? I mean, You already know that You have Not that Much Mass on Your Body. And I am sure that wearing Just a Pair of T-Shirt won’t help you in your Goal to Look 10/10.

Layering. Thats the answer to all of your Unsaid Questions. Let’s say You are wearing a Nice Fitted T-Shirt. Great. but what if you layer, umm, let say a nice Horizontal Striped Shirt over that T-Shirt?

It will add an extra dimension to your Outfit plus it will make you Look less thin and Sexier at the same time. And the possibilities are endless my friend!

You can layer the Shirt over the Henley. The sweater on top of the Shirt will look great as well. Add an extra layer of let’s say a Hoody or Pea-coat and You are gonna Look Unbeatable.

Combine that with a Thick fabric Pant (Maybe Corduroy or Denim) (Why thick fabric pants? Because of the fact that you need to balance the Symmetry) and Damn! You are gonna Look Deadly equivalent to the Atomic Bomb!

There are Sports jackets, Blazers, Truckers, Denim jackets, etc that you can use to layer. Maybe add a Scarf as well to make things more interesting and to add more spice and texture to your Overall outfit, as I said earlier, possibilities are endless gentlemen when we talk about layering.

12: Practice Symmetry

Next Up in the List of Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Thoughts on How to Look Attractive for Skinny Guys is “Practice Symmetry”.

Ok So by Now, you know that Layering helps in adding a whole new Dimension to your Outfit. Most importantly, It makes you look a bit bulkier as well.

Let’s Say, You wanna Plan your Outfit for tonight. Chances are that this is a very Special and You want to Look Your Best. Cool, Got it! Let’s talk about the options Now!

Supposedly weather is Cold outside. Man, I love winters because of the fact that you can layer many outfits and you actually get to try different kinds of Clothing pieces that you can’t wear in Summers.

Put on a Nice Fitted Black T-Shirt and over that wear a Leather jacket and to make things, even More, spicier, wear a Nice Hoody as well! Cool! Man, you are looking super dope. But WAIT! Before wearing your same old pair of Jeans, I want to direct your attention to ONE MAJOR PROBLEM.

Your chicken legs gentlemen. You have layered a lot of clothes on the Upper portion of your Body which will definitely make your Legs look more slim and thin. And that indeed will make you look bad and unsymmetrical for sure.

So what I Suggest is to Wear Pants that are made out of Heavy material like Corduroy, etc. And also wear Underpants as well which I discussed in Point Number 2.

13: Go for Minimal Accessories

I am a Big Fan of accessories myself. I wear a lot of them. I have some for casual wear and others I wear on formal occasions.

Guys, you can find accessories for ANY KIND of occasion. And trust me, I have never been disappointed by them in making my outfit look Sexy.

But Avoid Big baggy accessories. Guys just like big baggy clothes, their are Baggy accessories as well. Those that are super big and Loud. For Example, Big rings, Thick lockets, and Bracelets that carry a lot of Space.

Imagine this, You are wearing a super big bracelet and 5 rings on a single hand. Accept this, your wrist and Fingers are super thin and these Big rings and bracelets are gonna make them look even inferior and recessive. I am sure you don’t want that.

Instead, Buy Subtle Accessories that are more towards the minimalistic side. Purchase a Watch as thats an Accessory, every Guy Must have in His Drawer. But Just Like other Accessories, Your watches should be minimalistic as well.

14: Wear Ginghams and Check Shirts

Wear Ginghams and Check Shirts

Next Up in the List of Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Thoughts on How to Look Attractive for Skinny Guys is “Wear Ginghams and Checks”.

Clothing has the power to create any kind of illusion that you want and Desire. And for all of my Skinny Brothers, I recommend Ginghams and Check Shirts. Reason? It’s simple! Ginghams are minimalistic patterns, box-like, mostly.

What a Gingham Shirt does is that it creates a sort of swelling effect. If you compare a person who is Thin and wearing a Plain Fitted shirt, with another person who is wearing a nice fitted Gingham shirt. then you can clearly notice the difference.

The later one will have more texture, Definition and kinda look slightly bulkier as well. It happens because patterns / Ginghams carry their own weight as well which when adds up to your physique, elevates the whole appearance, making you Look, Fuller.

The same is the case with Check Shirts as well. You need to go for Check shirts that have design built in such a way that it gives a Wide appearance to your Overall body, thus making you look a little bit Fat. And this applies not just to casual Shirts.

The same Principle Applies to Check Suits as well. A simple and plain navy suit isn’t gonna play any role in casting any sort of illusion. However, on the other side, a Nice checked double-breasted suit will Look much better on a Skinny guy Like You.

15: Pick Up Broad and Heavy Jackets!

Next Up in the List of Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Thoughts on How to Look Attractive for Skinny Guys is “Pick Up Broad and Heavy Jackets”.

Most Skinny Guys complain about Not looking good while wearing a Suit. But Have you ever thought about the reason behind it?

Fit of the Suit is the Base of the Problem.

So Guys always get your Suit tailored according to your Body proportions because thats a MUST!

Talking about Blazers, then I recommend Suit jackets with English Silhouette because it has Shoulders that carry a little more weight as compared to other Suit jackets. And that creates a V-Shape illusion making your body appear a little more symmetrical.

Apart from Suit jackets I recommend going for Truckers, Sports jacket, Motorcycle Jackets, and corduroy jackets as well. All of these are made out of thicker fabric which adds up the volume to your Physique, making you look less Skinny.

16: Wear Epaulette Shirts!

If you are a skinny dude, i recommend that you should always be appreciating Clothing pieces that can add up to your Physique and thats exactly what Epaulette Shirt Does.

I’ve Already discussed several Skinny-Friendly (that make your shoulders Broader, Weighted as well, and How they create a V-Shape illusion) Clothing Pieces in Point Number 15. Epaulette Shirt does kind of a same thing.

One more thing, I recommend you to purchase Shirts with chest Pockets because that is gonna add more mass and volume to your Chest area, which will add up to your Overall Build.

Imagine the combination Guys. Bright colored Epaulette Shirt that has chest Pockets, paired with a fitted pair of Jeans. WoW! You look amazing My Friend.

17: Short Sleeves or Long Sleeves?

Ok, So Before recommending any of These, I want you to assume a situation.

Let’s say, you need an outfit that has the ability to make you look Less Thin. Ok? Cool! Allow me to introduce to the available choices gentlemen. Starting off:

  • Bright yellow Half Sleeved T-Shirt
  • The second option is a Bright yellow Full Sleeved Fitted Shirt

Wait! Before making any decision I would want you to realize the fact that Long-sleeved shirts… when their sleeves are rolled back, that extra fabric is complied on your Bicep area, making your arms look bigger, Plus your veins pop will pop out as well.

However on the other side, Ok you can try out hacks like folding sleeves of your Half-sleeved T-Shirt but still, they can’t come close to what a Full-sleeved shirt is Going to make you look!

My recommendation would always be a Nice fitted Full sleeved shirt for all the Skinny guy out there.

My Second most favorite Shirt has to be “Polo Shirt”. I also recommend Raglan Sleeved Shirt, be it a Polo or a Henley. Raglan Sleeved shirts continue from your Shoulder and end near your hands.

The benefit of wearing this type of shirt is that as a comparison to any other kind of shirt out there, more fabric complies on the bicep area making it look thick and thats what we want.

18: Tuck in your Shirt

Next Up in the List of Style Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good / Thoughts on How to Look Attractive for Skinny Guys is “Tuck in Your Shirt”.

Tuck in your Shirt!

So let’s say you wanna wear your Horizontal Striped properly fitted Bright yellow Shirt with Black pair of jeans.

Nice Combo My Friend! Now what I want you to do is to Tuck in your Shirt. But what you want to make sure is that your Shirt should not be tucked in too tight or too loose.

When tucked in too tight, your physique will be more prominent and you don’t want that to happen because of the super flat body that you got (No one should Tuck in Super Tight, Anyways).

And Not Lose, as you will find no benefit of tucking in by doing that.


Why tucking in your Shirt?

It makes your Physique look a bit fuller, just a little bit. But the main reason I recommend tucking in is that it breaks the Flat and Straight pattern that your Thin body is following because of very little to no mass on your body.

Tucking in your shirt adds a line of partition between your Upper body and lower body, thus adding more texture and dimension which plays a role in making you look sexy!

19: Fill up your Neck

If you have been reading through the article properly then you must be aware of the fact that I have talked a lot about YOUR NECK. And How to properly use clothing pieces to make your Neck look wider and Broader.

Why you need to pay Special attention on your Neck area?

Because you don’t want to look like a Giraffe.

Gentlemen, Skinny dudes usually have a longer and slimmer neck. And When you wear V-Necks or open multiple buttons while wearing any kind of Shirt, it makes your Neck appear even longer. You need to cover it up through Scarfs or by wearing Turtle Necks or High Necks or any other Clothing Item that Covers your Neck or makes it Look Fuller.

20: Let your Facial Hair Grow

Let your Facial Hair Grow
its not about having the most perfect beard.. its about giving it at least a try

Growing a beard is gonna solve lots of your problems like for instance. Let’s say you have a weak face, slightly asymmetrical maybe. My Answer to this and a lot of other problems o yours is to Grow a Beard.

And this Advice is for all the guys, including those who have a strong jawline. Grow a beard, even if once, but go for it, just to see how it may look on their face.

Now I am not saying that you must grow a proper full-fledged beard, you can go for a stubble or 5 o clock shadow as well because chances are that it might make your Jawline and overall face as a whole look even more attractive, giving a more mysterious vibe to it. Who knows.

With that being said, I would Call it an End to Today’s Article. So What are your thoughts about it? I hope that you will find these Tips really effective and if you do, then let me know about it over at my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi)


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