Stylish Bedroom Essentials: 18 Items Stylish Every Guy Needs!

Hello and Welcome to the Stylish Bedroom Essentials! Today we will talk about a couple of items which (in my opinion) every stylish guy should have in his bedroom.

Alright, so why do every stylish guy need these items?

  • It makes them even more Stylish
  • It helps them maintain their “Stylish Guy” Image/Ora

So Yeah, thats it. By Placing these items in your bedroom you will get superpowers. And these superpowers will help you become even more stylish. Imagine bringing your friends home and they are looking at your bedroom, saying stuff like, “Damn! This Looks Sick”.

Thats exactly what we are looking for. We are looking for a 1-2 level upgrade in your Level of Style. They are calling you stylish? They will start calling you super stylish with the help of these stylish bedroom essentials/items.

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into it. Shall we?

Stylish bedroom Essentials/Bedroom Essentials List for a Stylish Guy

  • A Modern Bed
  • Some Cool Frames (1-2)
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Ceiling Lights
  • A Wardrobe Space
  • Bedside Lamps
  • What’s on top of your Bed?
  • A Full-Size Mirror
  • A Humidifier
  • Scented Candle
  • Nice Curtains
  • Sexy Rug
  • EDC Box or Tray or Drawer
  • A Badass Clock
  • Alarm Clock that looks Cool and does the Job
  • Some Decoration Pieces
  • Temperature Regulator
  • Cleanliness & Decency

And thats it. These are the essentials that every stylish guy needs to have in his bedroom. Let’s discuss each of these in detail, one by one. Shall we?

1: A Modern Bed

A Modern Bed

First thing First, You need to have a stylish Bed. Why?

Look, you can have multiple items in your room. Right? These could be the paintings, decoration pieces, etc. But before all of that you need to place the primary piece. A Bed. A Furniture item where you have to sleep every single day.

There are beds available in different designs & sizes as well. Now you have to decide (after keeping in mind your preferences), the size and design that you want to place in your room.

Obviously, you need to consider the design of the walls, ceiling, etc, before making a decision. You can’t have a purple-colored bed in a room that has a golden shade of ceiling and walls. It just does not makes any sense.

Any regular guy who needs a bed just to sleep can do that. But you can’t. Because you are a stylish dude. You need a bed that looks super aesthetic placed in the room. And for that reason, you need to consider a lot of things than just getting something to sleep on.

Big Frame or Short Frame? Again, it depends on the size of your room and your preferences. What do you have in your mind? Imagine that! Imagine how you want your bedroom to look like.

Do you want a minimalistic look? If Yes then you can get a medium size bed. Maybe get a foldable bed. Thats stylish too, given that it matches the overall vibe of the room.

Keep these three things in mind, other than that, let your imagination play its card:

  • Design should be modern
  • Size should be appropriate
  • Bed should not disturb the symmetry of the room

2: Some Frames

The next one in the list of Stylish Bedroom Essentials/Bedroom Essentials list for a Stylish Guy is Frames.

But what kind of Frames?

  • Simple
  • Subtle
  • non-human/non-animal

I know that the third one is a bit weird for me to say but look, you see everybody doing that for like forever. People have been placing their photos, paintings of random human beings or animals in their rooms, and although thats completely fine to do Hey! thats too much overrated (in my opinion).

What about having a frame that contains a Nice Abstract painting design of a valley or I don’t know, maybe some random arc of colors?

Again, as long as you are not including the “Human” or “Animal” theme, you are being very unique and modern. Stylish Guys go for something thats classic yet modern both at the same time.

Having a nice landscape scenery (with natural views), a refreshing painting of some architectural design that matches the overall vibe of the room, will also add to the sexiness of your bedroom.

You may also go for the modern art paintings that consist of random colors or maybe go for some cool quotes mixed up with fine drawings (no human, no animal) or art pieces. These will also add to the class of your room.

How much of these do you need?

It really depends on the size of your room and the rest of the items that you have in your room. You can’t just stuff your room with a lot of paintings. But on the other hand, you can have one side of the room filled with 5-10 frames (of small size) with one heading on top saying, “Wall of Frames”. That can be a really cool idea.

So basically there is no restriction as to how many of the frames you need. It depends on the size and your style preferences. But keep in mind that “More is not great”. Keep it organized and subtle because thats sexy and stylish as well.

3: Bluetooth Speakers

Every stylish guy needs Bluetooth speakers in his room for the obvious reasons and not so obvious reasons as well.

After a long day at work when a guy comes home, he has to relax, sit down and just feel good. Right?

Playing some light music can definitely do the trick here.

So basically having Bluetooth speakers help with the overall ambiance of your room. Chances are that you’ve invited Ali and Ahmed over today. You guys maybe have to do some work. What about playing some music after that? Or maybe playing some music during that work to set up the mood. Hey! There is a friend of mine named Hamza.

My Dude can’t do the work if there is no background music hitting his ears. So for all such types of friends of yours, these Bluetooth speakers will act as a blessing.

Another Scenario (Audio Books and Productivity)

The above-mentioned reason was quite obvious and common. However what if I told you that having Bluetooth speakers in your room can really help you become 10x more stylish and productive as well?

I have talked about productivity before as well on various occasions. And guess how having Bluetooth speakers can help you become more productive?

Audiobooks or Notes in general.

Chances are that you’ve started learning about this new concept. You’ve read some articles related to that but now you are tired and you don’t want to read anymore. What can you do now?

You can definitely watch some YouTube videos around that topic. Or You can just sit back relax and play those Videos on your Bluetooth speakers and let that information seep into your brain!

That’s a great idea. Isn’t it?

So yeah, thats how you can learn more in less time with the help of your Bluetooth speakers. And thats exactly what productivity is all about. “Doing more in less time”. Voila!

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4: Cool Lights

Cool Lights

We’ve talked about having the Bluetooth speakers already. Let’s take the style game of your room to a whole another level. Shall we?

Lights! Thats all you need now. Imagine having badass ceiling lights in your room. And No! You don’t have to like “The DJ Stuff” to like the concept of different colored lights.

Imagine these lights changing colors with a lovely genre of music playing in the background. Now, thats Nice!

Ok, let’s leave its connection with the speakers aside.

Imagine having a Nice ceiling light. A base color that matches the overall vibe of your room and not just that, but the room furniture as well. Now, thats cool. Isn’t it?

You can have the base color to match the overall room’s vibe and with the help of the app, you can change the colors. This concept is super modern and stylish both at the same time. And in my opinion, every guy needs to have these cool lights installed in his room.

5: A Wardrobe Rack

Next in the list of Stylish Bedroom Essentials/Bedroom Essentials list for a Stylish Guy is, “A Wardrobe Space”.

I know that you have this cupboard that came with the Room. But we have no idea of how much space it contains. Chances are that it is big enough to store all of your clothes, shoes, and other stylish gadgets that you have (being a super stylish guy that you are).

In that case, you can skip this point. But wait! Today’s article is all about style upgrade. Right?

Even if your wardrobe is big enough, why not getting that wardrobe rack just because it looks super stylish and adds a lot to the beauty of your room?

You can for sure store a lot of other stuff in that cupboard. Maybe store your books over there or other items that you can. Think about it and you will come up with thousands of items to place in that cupboard. Or just let it stay the way it is and with the passage of time, you will get the idea of what to store in that.

If you do not enough space in the wardrobe then I will 100% recommend you to get a stylish wardrobe rack. This rack can store your shirts, pants, jackets, and whatnot. It also has a circular space to store your shoes!

And Hey! The Guy who had enough space in his wardrobe! I have an idea for you. Given that you have a bunch of shoes, you can definitely place most of your shoes in the cupboard and the rest of the shoes (4-5) can go on the rack. These 4-5 are the shoes that you are planning to wear in the current wear.

6: Bedside Lamps

I know that I should have talked about this one right after the Bed. But Hey! This list is not absolute. All of these items are what you need. Get them one by one (in the arrangement given) or randomly. It’s up to you. But at the end of the day, all of them almost are of equal importance.

So Yeah, Why do you need a Bedside Lamp?

  • Ambiance
  • To read (when you don’t want to turn on all the lights and just the lamp)
  • They make your bedroom look super stylish

You can match up the light of the lamps with the ceiling lights and this will create a super sexy ambiance. Definitely 100% super stylish, just the way you are.

Things you need to keep in mind before buying the bedside lamps

First thing first. Get two of them. Obviously, you need 2 of them to place on each side of the bed to sort of creating coherence.

Secondly, they need to have a perfect size. You don’t want to buy a lamp that looks super big, large, and bulky. Instead, go for the one that matches the overall vibe of your room.

While doing my research I came across this really amazing article written by Chrissy at The title of the article is, “4 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN A BEDSIDE LAMP, & WHY I CHANGED MINE…“.

In the article, she discusses several factors which one must have in his mind before buying the perfect bedside lamps for his room. I recommend you all to check that in case you are looking to buy the perfect bedside lamps for your stylish bedroom.

7: What’s on Top of your Bed?

What's on Top of your Bed

We’ve already discussed the Bed itself and the bedside lamps as well. But what about the other components of a comfortable & stylish bed?

You just can’t have a cool looking bed and sleep on an average mattress. Nah Dude.

Hey! I don’t want you to buy the most expensive mattress out there. Get the one that is super comfortable. After all, the more comfortable your mattress will be, the better sleep you are going to have in the night. Better the sleep, the more stylish and handsome you will be!

And it just does not end there. Along with the comfortable mattress, you also need super comfortable pillows and pillowcases, Yo! They must be soft and comfortable as well.

Guys! Like I said before, these are the investments that are going to stay with you for a long time, especially we are talking about the mattress and the pillows. So choose wisely!

8: A Full Size Mirror

Next in the list of Stylish Bedroom Essentials/Bedroom Essentials list for a stylish guy is, “A Full-Size Mirror”.

You can’t argue with me on this one. What did you just say? You have this amazing, good size mirror in your bathroom. Hmm… Bro! We are not talking about the good size. We are talking about the Full Size!

Let’s Imagine

So you have this crucial meeting today, and you got to look super good today. Great! I see you! You’ve used the blow dryer pretty well. And Hey! Your skin & hair looks good too (Click Here for better-looking skin, Click here for Better-Looking Hair).

But wait a minute. I know that your clothes look stylish too but wait a minute. Have you seen yourself in the mirror? I think the belt does not match well with your shoes. What? You have seen yourself in the mirror but you still have not noticed this mistake of yours..? Well, it’s because you have not seen yourself in a “Full-size Mirror”. And thats because you do not have a Full-Size Mirror.

Solution: Get yourself a Full Size Mirror and Place it somewhere in your Bedroom!

9: A Humidifier

Hey! We just discussed the benefits of looking perfect before leaving your bedroom. But what if I told you that your skin & hair looks good, but with the help of this simple tool, you can make them look even better?

Especially for those who live in a place where it’s cold outside (most of the time), a humidifier can do wonders! It can heal your cracked & dry skin, and add a new life to it.

About the Hair:

Dr. Engelman agrees that a humidifier can help bring on healthy hair. “A humidifier can help hair retain its natural moisture instead of it being pulled [from the strands] into the environment,” she says. What’s more? She explains that extra moisture in the air won’t just benefit the strands, but will also help your scalp to maintain the optimal level of moisture.


It makes you look super stylish and advanced as well. Your friends who will walk into your room seeing humidifiers will start considering you a style guy who knows a lot about beauty and style. And one more thing, they may now start taking style & beauty advice from you from now on. Don’t worry, you can always learn a thing or two from your favorite blog ( and then deliver it to them. Consider this knowledge as your very own 😉

10: A Scented Candle

A Scented Candle

They make you feel relaxed and surely they help in reducing your stress as well.

Plus sometimes you just want to light up your bedside lamps and the candles only to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Having scented candles in your room makes you look super stylish and unique. It really adds to the overall ambiance, making things look superior.

In my opinion, having the scented candles on along with the lamps, helps you feel your own self. You can use this setting to think about what you did the whole day. It is a great setting to think about things. Trust me, you will get tons of unique ideas that you do not get usually, in your regular setups. So Yeah.

11: Nice Curtains

Next in the list of Stylish Bedroom Essentials/Bedroom Essentials list for a stylish guy is, “Nice Curtains”.

Why do you need a Nice Curtains?

  • Nice Curtains that go with the overall vibe of your Room helps make the overall aesthetics look even better

Is there just one need for Nice curtains? There are many. Let’s not put them in a list and discuss them in the regular format.

You need Good quality Curtains to match the overall quality of your Bedroom. Look, you’ve placed a good quality bed in it. The walls are looking sick, so are the lights as well. Bedside lamps are taking the style game to a whole another level. But now comes the turn of Curtains.

Yo! They are really ugly. Make sure that you get the curtains that look good overall and make your bedroom look better as a whole. But beauty isn’t the only thing that you have to keep in mind.

Do make sure that you are getting the curtains that do not let any light pass through them. After all, thats what they are for. To stop the light from coming in.

12: A Sexy Rug

Let’s recall everything that we have by now:

  • A Good Looking Bed
  • Sexy Looking Bedside tables + Lamps
  • A Full-Size Mirror
  • Scented Candles
  • Humidifier

And a few other important components are discussed above. But what If I told you that just by adding a sexy rug to your bed-set you can make things look even better?

This Big Rug has to go down and on top of that, you have to place your bed and your bedside tables. You may want to get a rug that covers just your bed and that would be enough as well given that some area forward also has the rug to make the aesthetics of your room look better.

Getting a pair of rugs, one for the bed, and 2 for the bedside tables, is also a great option.

At the end of the day, the key is to make sure the rug that you are getting matches the color scheme of your room or maybe adds that perfect contrast to it. And secondly, it has to of the right decency and subtleness. You can’t have a super fluffy or bulky rug when the aesthetics of your room are decent and subtle.

13: EDC Box or Tray or Drawer

EDC Box or Tray or Drawer

Ok so why would you need an EDC Tray?

For the obvious reasons Bro. An EDC Tray helps you keep all of your essential everyday carry items in it. You do not want to forget these items in your home. Do you?

Let’s talk about EDC a bit more.

I’ve talked about EDC and all everyday carry essentials that a stylish dude needs. That said, almost all of them were so important that you can not forget them at your home.

Yes! You can place them in your cupboard. But you can easily forget them there as well. So the answer to your question is to place them in front of you, the area of your room where you for a sure visit, before leaving your room.

But should you place all of your EDC items without organizing them? Nah! I thought we were discussing the Bedroom Essentials list for a Stylish Guy!

A Stylish guy never leaves his stuff unorganized. Get yourself a Nice looking EDC Tray or maybe a Box that is right in front of you. Place your keys, wallet, and essential stuff in there, and Voila. problem solved.

Again, make sure that the EDC compliments the overall vibe of your room. Get one that has enough room for all your EDC and some extra space in case you do have to add some more items later on.

14: A Badass Clock

Every Stylish Guy needs a Super badass Clock in his Room.

Yeah! I know that you have the clock on your phone and on your watch as well. But still, you need a clock in your room for the aesthetics and yeah, because it is kind of a must, a tradition almost.

Things to keep in mind before getting a clock for your super stylish bedroom:

  • The clock must be modern
  • It must go with the overall color scheme and architectural design of your room
  • Size should be subtle
  • The design should be subtle

And once the clock that you are getting has all the above-given components, you are good to go. Get that clock and attach it to the Wall.

But where?

Obviously, the clock should be hanged somewhere where it is easily visible. You don’t want to place your clock on top of your bed because that makes no sense. It must be visible to you after all.

15: The Alarm Clock

Next in the list of Stylish Bedroom Essentials/Bedroom Essentials list for a Stylish guy is, “The Alarm Clock”.

Bro! I know that this is kind of a cliché thing to say but having an Alarm Clock is going to make your life much easier and it will make your bedroom look better too.

Ok, so basically you have 2 options:

  • Set an Alarm on your Mobile Phone
  • Get yourself a Cool Looking Alarm Clock

If you are setting an alarm on your phone then chances are that to stop the alarm, you get up and start using your phone. Maybe you have these notifications and you are just checking them. But trust me, these notifications are going to go very far and you will end up using your phone for about 30 minutes.

You could have meditated or offered your prayers in these 30 minutes and things would have been much better.

So what’s the solution to this problem? An Alarm Clock.

Again, get an alarm clock that matches the Vibe of your Room. Do you really need to have the Alarm clock that wakes you up with the help of the sound? Nah! There are some now available in the market that can wake you up with a Very bright light.

You can consider those as well if you know that bright light can wake you up. Sure those alarm clocks look good and match very well with the vibe and ambiance of your room as well.

16: Temperature Regulator

Temperature Regulator

We are talking about Bedroom essentials for all my stylish brothers out there and Yo! what about the Temperature Regulator?

Get yourself something for the Winters and for the summers as well. You need some temperature regulating device in order to make sure that you sleep well in both the summers and the winters too.

After all every stylish guy needs to have a good night sleep.

And to sleep well at night you need to have a good temperature maintained in your Bedroom. A little bit of cold temperature is what’s ideal for all of us (helps us sleep better).

Below are a few other things that you can do to make sure that you sleep well and stay sexy & stylish!

Tips to have a Good Night Sleep

  • Don’t Consume Caffeine Late in the day because the caffeine helps you wake up which means that it won’t let you sleep properly at Night. Hence, avoid caffeine in the evening or at night time.
  • Increase Bright Light Exposure during the Day and Reduce the Blue Light exposure in the evening / Night. Put your phone aside and don’t use it when the Lights of your room are switched off. Using a phone in the dark is gonna hurt your eyesight plus it is eating your Sleep time as well. 

    You must put all of your Digital devices away at least 30 minutes before going to bed… I recommend that you put your Phone on a Table that is far away from your bed because I know that sometimes you want to grab your Cellphone again and again… But if you place it far away then you will have to get up and reach the table to grab your cellphone… Getting up is a resistance and a Barrier that is surely gonna Help.
  • Maintain Room Temperature at 60 – 67 Degree Fahrenheit because that’s considered to be the ideal temperature. Lowering your body’s temperate before going to bed is proven to give you a Baby sleep.
  • Make a Routine. Sleep at 10, Wake-up at 5 (etc)
  • Check your Mattress. Make sure that your Pillows, Bed, and Mattress are Comfortable

17: Decoration Pieces

Next in the List of Stylish Bedroom Essentials/Bedroom Essentials list for a stylish guy is, “Decoration Pieces”.

There are gazillion different types of decoration pieces out there for you to buy. Again, I won’t recommend you to get decoration pieces that look over.

Sculptures and stuff like that, Nah, I don’t know. I am not a big fan of that genre personally. I think they are overrated and getting those is just like following a bandwagon.

But again, especially the sculptures of Human beings and Animals are super overrated just like the frames and I won’t recommend you to get those to place in your bedroom.

Some recommended decoration pieces:

  • Maybe get a map with a frame
  • Some art piece
  • A Bicycle of a ship decoration piece
  • Some award or whatever

I don’t know. The key here is to make the ambiance and the aesthetics look better and stay in the line of subtlety and decency.

18: Cleanliness and Decency

And last, but not the least in the list of stylish bedroom Essentials/Bedroom Essentials list for a Stylish guy is, “Cleanliness and Decency”.

You can have the best decoration pieces and the most gorgeous sceneries in your room but still, your room can look super bad. How? If the arrangement and the cleanliness are not taken care of.

I recommend you guys to get suggestions from different people and maybe get a suggestion from someone who is somehow connected to the field of architecture. That way you guys will get a better result and all the above-given ingredients will be placed on the right spots.

Take care of what you have and make sure that you keep it neat and tidy. A Dirty stylish bedroom can’t look good.

And with that being said I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts related to this list of stylish bedroom essentials for stylish guys? Do let me know about it over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will get back to you in another one,


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