7 Fastest Ways to Remove Pimples (Get Rid of Acne)

Acne! Those Ugly looking Pimples that are responsible for lowering your Confidence. People have been filling up their Google Searches. They ask for questions Like, “How to Get Rid of Acne?”. “How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast?” What is the Best Home Remedy for Acne?”. “Is their a Way to Remove Pimples / Acne Fast or Overnight?”

Guys! First of All, I recommend You All to Calm Down. Fasten your Seat Belts Gentlemen! Today All of your Queries will be heard and answered.

I’ve done my research. There were Reviews of the Real People talking about the Methods they used and Got brilliant results. And They were able to get Quick results with All those Methods. In Short, All of the 7 Methods / Ways that I am about to Talk about Today are User Proven to show Results Quickly. And the Best part is that they are Almost Very Natural (Except one or two).

And in the End I will Also Discuss Some Prevention Tips to Stop Pimples / Acne From Coming Back Again. This Will Make Sure that You Will Never Have to Write Down, “How to Get Rid of Acne?” or “How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast?”, ever again on the Google.

So Without Any Further Ado, Let’s Hop Straight into the Topic. Shall we? Gentlemen! Under the title, “7 Fastest Ways to Remove Pimples (Get Rid of Acne)”. Let’s Get Started.

1: Get Rid of Acne With This Natural Home-Based Treatment

Guys! First Up in the List is the Home Made Spot Treatment. This is Very Simple and Quick Way to Get Rid of the Acne or Pimples without Having to Eat any Sort of Pills or Visiting the Doctor. I’ve Divided it into three Parts

Get Rid of Acne With This Natural Home-Based Treatment
  • Preparing the Skin
  • Spot Treatment
  • Healing

Preparing the Skin:

First Thing First, You Need to Cold Compress Your Skin, all the affected areas actually where you’ve got Acne. You can Use Ice covered in a Piece of Cotton for the Purpose.

The reason we are doing it is to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the area (Acne). It also shrinks the size of the Pores, Acne, Pimple, or whatever kind of Zit it is.

After the cold compress, you want to take Some more Cotton and Dip it into a Small Jar containing Rosewater. Rub it all over your face gently. This will remove the excess oils and dirt from your Face, Hence making your Face Treatment Ready.

Spot Treatment:

Now Let’s Get into the Treatment Itself. You Will be Needing the Ingredients Mentioned Below:

  • 1 Table Spoon Honey
  • 1 Tbs Lemon Juice.

Mix it well in a container. Now Dip your fingers in the mixture separately. Note that: Each of your Fingers is Going to Target a Separate Acne / Pimple. And Thats the reason they call it Spot Treatment. Apply it On your Face (Acne) and Let it Stay there for About 25 Minutes. Wash it Off Afterwards with a Wet Piece of Cotton.


Get Rid of Acne With This Natural Home-Based Treatment

Third, the Last, the Equally Important Step of the Process is Called Healing. The main function of this one is to Heal your Skin and cool it down actually which gives your Skin appropriate time to fight that Pimple/Acne helping you Get Rid of the Acne Permanently.

Ingredients Required for this Step are:

  • Crushed Mint leaves
  • 1 Spoon Aloe Vera Gel.

Mix both of the Ingredients Properly and apply the paste with Your fingers to just the area where you have Acne.

Pro Tip: Make Sure that you are Doing this Before Going to Bed. Because that way you can Sleep while having the Mixture Applied on your Acne. It gives it Enough time to Fight and Help you Get Rid of Acne / Pimples Fast. For the Best Results Make sure that You are Doing it 7 Days a Week (Every Single Day)

2: Remove Pimples / Get Rid of Acne Fast W/ Fenugreek Treatment

I’ve Done the Research Boys. And It has been claimed that This Treatment Shows the Results in Just 15 Days. I know that it is very Hard to Believe. However, I Do believe that You are Going to get the best results Possible Depending on your Condition. So Without Any Further Ado, Let’s Hop into it.

Remove Pimples / Get Rid of Acne Fast W/ Fenugreek Treatment

The first step is to Wash your Face with Some Cotton dipped into a Rose Water Container. It Will make sure that there is no oil and Dirt on your Face.

Fenugreek Treatment:

Ingredients Needed for the Fenugreek Treatment aka The Best Treatment that Claims to Help you Get Rid of the Acne / Remove Pimples as Fast as Possible are:

  • 1 Tea Spoon Crushed Fenugreek Seeds
  • 1 Tea Spoon Crushed Orange Peel
  • 1/4 Tea Spoon Slaked Lime
  • 1 Egg White

Mix all of the Above Mentioned ingredients properly. Make Sure that they Blend into each other Properly. Now Add 1 Egg White into it and you are good to go. Your Paste is ready to Be applied to the Skin!

Guys! You before Applying this Mixture Make sure that your Hands are Washed. Its Because I Don’t want you to be healing and Damaging your Face both at the same time.

Now Apply the Mixture and let it stay for about 15 minutes. Wash your face and thats it. Guys If you are Opting for this Home Made Natural Way to Remove Pimples and Get Rid of the Acne then you wanna Make sure that you are Doing it Daily for the whole 15 Days.

3: Remove Pimples / Get Rid of the Acne Fast (Sea Shell Powder)

Remove Pimples / Get Rid of the Acne Fast (Sea Shell Powder)

This one is My Favourite Because of its Simplicity. It requires Not a List of Ingredients Like the rest of them.

You Need:

  • 1 Tea Spoon Sea Shell Powder

Add water into it to get a semi-thick Kinda paste. Apply it All on your face, covering all the areas properly.

Now Let the mixture stay there for about 15 minutes and then wash it off with clean water.

Bros, this method to Get Rid of Pimples / Acne is Not Only Simple But Also very Effective. Thanks to Fittuber for Introducing me to this One. Do check out his content. My Guy makes Fitness and Ayurvedic related content on a regular basis.

4: Remove Pimples / Get Rid of the Acne: Papaya Juice

So Basically this one as well as a Spot Treatment. And It works very well too. Especially for those Who are a Fan of Papaya Juice Instead of Honey + Lemon Juice Mixture. Alright, So I’ve broken it down into three Parts. Which are:

  • Get Rid of the Acne: Step 1: Preparation
  • Remove Pimples Fast: Step 2: Spot Treatment
  • Get Rid of the Acne: The 3rd Step: Healing


The First Step is to Cold Compress Your Skin. You will need a Take a piece of ice covered in Cotton for that. Press it Gently against all the Acne Affected areas.

Now Take the Cotton Bud, dip it inside Rosewater, and tap it over all the Acne affected areas to clean all the dirt and excess Oils.

Spot Treatment 2:

Remove Pimples / Get Rid of the Acne: Papaya Juice

Surprise! This Spot Treatment can be Done in Two Ways

  1. Using Tea Tree Oil
  2. Via Papaya Juice

Tea Tree Oil: You wanna Dip your Fingers into the Tea Tree Oil. Apply Just a Little on the Acne, again, through the 1 Finger, 1 Acne technique.

Let it stay there for about 15 Minutes. Wash your Face Afterwards.

Papaya Juice: Alternatively Do the Same thing but this Time you wanna Dip your Fingers into the Payapa Juice. You Can Easily get Papaya Juice By Crushing it. Wash your Face After 15 Minutes and You are All Set.


Ingredients that You Need for this Step are the same that You used in the First Spot Treatment. And they are mentioned below:

  • 1 Tea Spoon Crushed Mint
  • 1 Tea Spoon Aloe Vera Gel

Mix the Ingredients Well and Apply it just on the acne-affected area via the same 1 Finger, 1 Acne Technique. Let it stay there overnight and wash your face with clean water in the Morning And thats it!

5: Remove Pimples Naturally / Get Rid of the Acne Fast: Tomatoes and Garlic

This method is Very Popular on the Internet. And People Seem to get positive results too. Guys! Although I am Not a Fan of Home-Based remedies But Guess What? Some of them really Work. And one of these is this One. The Popular Garlic-Tomato Paste. Below are the Ingredients that you Will be Needing:

Remove Pimples Naturally / Get Rid of the Acne Fast: Tomatoes and Garlic
  • Tomato
  • Garlic
  • Of Course

You Wanna take a Quarter of a big Tomato and 1 Glob of Garlic. Peel it off and put the ingredients in a Blender (Make sure that you have washed and dried the Blender properly). Blend it to the limit that everything gets mashed up to form a Paste. Once you are done making the Mixture, it’s the time that you apply it over your face.

But before that Make sure that your Face is Properly Washed. Now Take Some Rose Water, Cotton, Dip the Later into the Former and Rub gently on the Face.

Now You wanna Apply the Mixture on your Face and let it stay for about 15 minutes. Wash your Face and You are all set!

You need to do keep this treatment daily in order to see the results. And if you do as I Say without missing a Single Day, I guarantee you that Your acne will be gone. Plus there will be no pores or marks left behind.

Please Note it Down: One thing I want to mention here is that you should never ever Pop your Pimple/Acne because by doing that the Bacteria is gonna spread all over which will make things even worse.

6: Remove Pimples Fast / Get Rid of the Acne Permanently: Recommended Method ⭐️

Remove Pimples Fast / Get Rid of the Acne Permanently: Recommended Method

Guys! In the Very Start of this Article, I told you that we will be discussing 7 Methods. All Natural except one or two. And this one is one of those Un-Natural yet Super Effective Method.

It’s like the ultimate solution for your Acne Problem. And You know what? Nobody has ever complained about this Method. This One is Recommended by doctors, Loved by Acne affected people and It is No Doubt My Favourite Method as well. Guys Presenting,

Benzoyl Peroxide Technique

This is not just a method it’s a Lifestyle changing technique. So First of all you wanna make sure that you wash your Face Daily, Once in the morning, then in the afternoon, and Once before going to bed. But here’s the catch, You have to throw away your regular face wash and instead trust Benzoyl Peroxide Soap to do its Magic.

About the Benzoyl Peroxide Soap

You can Find many Benzoyl Peroxide based Soaps in the Market from any Medical store, one of which is “AcneStar”. Apply it to your hands and let the foam come out completely. Rub your hands on your face while making sure that you are actually rubbing your hands on the face while having the foam in between the two of them…

Keep doing it for about 30 seconds and then wash your face with Clean Water. You wanna do this step, 3 times a day to actually see the results. One more thing. Before going to bed and after washing your Face at the night, you wanna apply Benzoyl Peroxide Gel as well. One more thing that I want to say here is that before trying this method out you should at least consult a doctor regarding this because again.

Consult a Doctor First and I am Not One

BENZOYL PEROXIDE soap and Gel are Medicated products and you must at least consult a doctor before using it.. however again I have seen people using these Products without doctor’s recommendations and they have seen positive results and I am talking about almost all of them!

But YOURS’ skin might be different. But again! I want to assure you that this method actually works. I have gone through about 5 Life changing stories of different people who were really depressed because of the swear Acne that was growing out all over their Face. One of them wanted to commit suicide as well. However, God had planned something for them, something better! And they discovered Benzoyl Peroxide somehow that changed their lives forever.

7: Treatment Number # 7 (Not actually a Treatment):

Consult a Dermatologist. Look, there is a Specialist for everything. When your heart is not functioning properly, you visit a Heart specialist. When you have something wrong going on in your Bones, you visit an Orthopaedic doctor.

The same way you need to take care of your skin as well. When all of the methods and techniques fail to work for you then you must not lose Hope in First Place. Stand up, Breath Deep, and Say to yourself “I will be Alright again!” and I promise you will.

Your Boy Nyazi is always here for you. Call that Dermatologist. He is there to help you and things aren’t that complex at all. It’s just that you haven’t yet found a solution to your Very minute problem that is causing the acne breakout. Healthy Skin is a gift from God. Respect that and visit a Dermatologist to get its problems fixed and become Sexy and attractive again!

Tips to Prevent Acne (Stop Pimples Coming on the Face)

Tips to Prevent Acne (Stop Pimples Coming on the Face)

Up-till Now we have discussed all the treatments that are proven to be the most efficient in Curing your Acne. Now is the Time to talk about Some Pimple Prevention Tips.

I am Sure you Guys would definitely Want to Stop Pimples from Coming on your Face. But What Actually can you Do about it?

Let’s talk about all of the things that you need to add or subtract from your Daily life Regimen in order to make sure that you never get any Skin related problem ever again. Remember that these tips are applicable for everybody whether you have been affected by acne before or Not. So without any further adieu lets get right into it!

1: Prevent Pimples / Acne: Tip Number 1: Appropriate Face Care

This is something that you must be like, never doing if you don’t want to get Acne. Look, things are really Simple. if you don’t take care of a thing, it goes away and leaves you. And the same is the case here. If you don’t take appropriate care of your Face and Skin then you are gonna see it backlashing and showing aging signs and wrinkles along with Acne as well.

Proper Skin Care Routine:

Now let’s talk about the Appropriate Face care routine that you should be following which starts off with washing your face at least 2 times a day. Once in the morning and once before going to bed. But it’s Not like you are washing it with any regular face wash.

What I recommend is that While going to Shop for Face wash, do make sure that you always notice 3 Things. One is that it should not contain “Paraben” in it and secondly, it must be non-comedogenic and Oil-Free as well… If your face wash has Salicylic Acid in it then Bang on. You should not worry at all Now because you are buying the best one.

Now coming towards the correct way to wash your face. Gently clean it with water first and then take some amount of the Facewash (Don’t take too much) and rub it in your Hands to the Point that Foam is created. And then finally apply it on your face and gently rub your face for 30 seconds.

What I recommend is that you should use warm water because warm water will open Pores that will make sure that your skin gets the most benefits of the face wash that you are using. Well! after washing your Face clean it with gently with Soft Towel or a Tissue Paper.

Also, Make sure that you are exfoliating your Skin Properly with an Exfoliating face wash once or twice a week. This will make sure that all of the dead skin cells are removed from your Skin because dead skin cells also play a Role in Acne Breakout.

2: Prevent Pimples / Acne: Tip Number 2: Harsh Rubbing

I know that you Love to Touch your Face throughout the day. It’s just like a Habit Now, right? But you know what? Your hands are full of Dirt and Bacteria that when get in contact with your skin, end up in Acne breakouts and other skin problems as well.

But your goal is to prevent and Stop Pimples from Coming. Right? So in order to avoid all such problems, I recommend that you control yourself a little bit and try to not keep touching your Skin again and again.

Secondly, when you are rubbing your face while applying face wash do make sure that you are doing it gently because harshly rubbing or massaging is gonna damage the texture of your skin cells. It’s your Skin man, not your enemy’s. Take Appropriate care of it and avoid touching it throughout the day.

Ok, I am not saying that you need to stop doing it right now. I know that it’s not easy to leave a Habit but you can always start your way to improvement. It takes no money at all. So yeah, Don’t Rub that Sexy Face of yours, Thats it.

3: Prevent Pimples / Acne: Tip Number 3: Use Benzoyl Peroxide

I have told you already that I trust Benzoyl Peroxide when it comes to Skin problems like Pores, Acne, and Blemishes. Because it works like Magic. You can put your Bet on this Product and it will never disappoint you. If you apply the Gel as well before Going to bed then my Friend it is gonna make sure that your Acne goes away with even more speed.

I know that we here are discussing Tips to Prevent and Stop Pimples / Acne From Coming. However, the amount of trust I have on Benzoyl peroxide treatment pumped me to talk about it once again. So it’s just a sort of Appreciation Mention. Never Mind.

4: Prevent Pimples / Acne: Tip Number 4: Never Pop a Zit

I have been there. Yeah, I have been an impatient kind of person. I used to Pop those zits and Acne all the time. And just like most of the People, I too believed that Popping that Out will make it go away.

But things weren’t that simple. Do you know what Popping actually does? It causes a Scar and its super difficult to get rid of it. I learned it the hard way and I really don’t want you to suffer from the same pain that I once suffered from. So Please Don’t Pop that Ugly Looking thing. It’s gonna go! Trust me it’s just for time being.

Actually the main reason you should never pop that Zit is that the bacteria spread all over the Place and You know what? The Sebum Gets insides your Skin, including the inner layers and that causes Even more Acne and Scars, and Holes as well.

5: Prevent Pimples / Acne: Tip Number 5: Stop Eating Junk Food

Prevent Pimples / Acne: Tip Number 5: Stop Eating Junk Food

You might be doing each and everything that I say you to do but if you don’t focus on this Single part then you are not gonna see any results, I challenge you on this One, Because, gentlemen! how are you even expecting to see the positive results when you haven’t yet controlled the main reason for Acne?

Oily and Sugary Foods are one of the main causes Due to Which all of the steps that you take to Stop Pimples from Coming or to Prevent Pimples From Showing on your Face are Failing. What happens is that when you eat Oily Foods then your already Oily Skin secretes even more Oil which indeed leads you to even more chances of Skin Problems and Acne as well. Talking about Sugary foods then they also do the same thing.

Bad Diet has Tons of Disadvantages

These Foods are Complex and Have a High Glycemic Acid Index which leads to more chances of you Getting an Acne Breakout and thats bad, really bad. Instead, you should opt for eating fruits and Vegetables (You can either Eat Boiled Veggies or another alternative is to make Smoothies out of it. Not only it’s Healthy but taste really well too).

Now, let’s throw some Light on The statement of some people who say that “Healthy Food isn’t tasty”. Well for all those I want to say just one word. “Nah” I mean Nah. Dude! what are you even talking about? You are living in the 21st century.

There are Lots of videos that teach you How to make healthy stuff at home with all the things that you have in your kitchen. They are super Yummy and guess what? You don’t always need sugar to make things Sweet. It’s just about developing the taste. You need to adapt to healthy eating and the benefits will follow.

6: Prevent Pimples / Acne: Tip Number 6: Keep your Hair Care Separate

Yeah, I agree that you are a Handsome Dude who has to take care of His luscious and beautiful hair. And I am aware of the fact that You apply different types of Products as well to get the hair you desire.

However, you know What? These Hair Sprays Clays, Pomades, or any other hair products when come in contact with your skin, harm your Skin?? And for that reason, and in order to prevent Pimples and Acne from Coming, You want to Take Extra Care.

Well, The thing is, they were designed to make your Hair better and They weren’t designed while keeping your Skin in Mind. So you should not let those Clays and Sprays touch your Skin because they have Oils and chemicals not designed for your Skin.

Proper precautions should be done to make sure that these products don’t come in contact with your skin.

Secondly, when you Sleep, make sure that your hair is free of all the chemicals because at night when we turn sides than our hair often come in contact with our skin which results in the transfer of Oils from Hair to the Skin which indeed is gonna cause damage and Acne breakouts. To solve this problem, clean your hair from all the product before going to bed.

7: Prevent Pimples / Acne: Tip Number 7: Drink More Water

If you would want to name just one thing that can heal your Hair, Skin, Body, Liver, Kidney, etc etc etc (the list never ends) then nothing can come close to the Great “Water”. If you are drinking 10 glasses Now then increase it to 14 glasses per day or maybe 16 glasses a day because every extra glass that you add to your Diet is going to be a gift for your Skin from your side.

Your Urine needs to be crystal clear all the times and Yes I know that by drinking lots of water all the time your tendency to go to the Toilet increases. I agree with that. However, why don’t you take it positively? Gentlemen, you are removing all the toxins from your body by drinking lots and lots of water. That crystal clear urine is the Proof that You are finally toxin-free at the moment and thats an achievement on its own!

8: Prevent Pimples / Acne: Tip Number 8: Never Forget the Sun Screen

Sun Screen is your Protection from Harmful Rays coming from the Sky up there and until and unless you are living in a place where Sun never rises, you have to Apply Sunscreen, whether it is SPF 15 or 40 or 60 or whatever. I don’t know.

It depends on the area you living at the moment. For all my Asian brothers I can feel your pain. You must be applying Sun Screen of at least SPF 40 or above Because of the amount of Heat Sun showers upon us. And yes! do make sure that you are using Broad Spectrum Sun Screen because thats what is gonna protect your Skin from all the harmful rays of the Sun.

9: Prevent Pimples / Acne: Tip Number 9: Manage Your Stress

Prevent Pimples / Acne: Tip Number 9: Manage Your Stress

Often times we all get stuck in situations where we see no escape. It’s just like a Dead End. And you get yourself stuck which indeed results in stress and tension.

I get it. I know that sometimes we don’t have much control over what happens next. And We can’t actually Free ourselves from such a situation easily. However, you know what? This thing is silently affecting your Skin’s health and will definitely cause Acne, Zits, and Pimples. What will you do then?

Thats gonna Multiply your Depression and Stress. So it’s better to take it easy and Don’t stress over things that you can not control because Hey! What’s the point in taking lots of Stress when you have very little control over things?

Prevent Pimples / Stop Acne From Coming = Less Stress

The best tip that I can give you under the Heading, “How to Prevent Pimples and Acne” is to Relax. And Stay Calm. Try to stay happy and enjoy every single moment of your Life Because you are not gonna get these moments again. And if you waste this time being Sad and depressed all the time then you will be left with regrets only and I can never let that happen to you.

Gentlemen! You are super sexy and you deserve every bit of the happiness in this Life however the thing is, consider it a bitter truth or harsh reality. But you have to struggle for every inch of the happiness that you want.. things aren’t tough always.

Also Checkout: 14 Tips to Not Let Stress Affect your Looks (Look Handsome Under Stress)

It’s never the dark outside all the time. Bright days are waiting for You. and You gentlemen deserve every single inch of that. I am so proud of you. and with that being said, I here conclude today’s Topic, “7 Fastest Ways to Remove Pimples (Get Rid of Acne)”.

Leaving the discussion towards your Side Now. What do you think is Number 1 mistake that people make which leads them to Acne Breakout? Do let me know over at my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi). And I Will See You Guys in Another One,


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